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So here it is, years in the making, a decade of experience crammed into one book. Everything I’ve been working towards in my 10 years in the game is now a self-contained system in it’s own right and I couldn’t be happier.



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So here it is, years in the making, a decade of experience crammed into one book. Everything I’ve been working towards in my 10 years in the game is now a self-contained system in it’s own right and I couldn’t be happier.

For those of you who don’t know our original 10-Second Sexual Attraction (10SSA) book changed everything.

Back before it’s discovery and launch all dating models were using the old model, long tedious comfort stories to try and force a connection with a girl. It would work some of the time but it just wasn’t ON like it should be. The community made the mistake of thinking that each girl could be handled the exact same way, it never took into account the differences you’ll see set to set. Worse still it never took into account that guys are different from one another too. Having us all convey who we are through stories isn’t gonna work for the majority. For many that isn’t a true representation of ourselves.

What did work was 10SSA.

When we all realised that we no longer needed to create formulaic stories but could instead rely upon on our own personalities with 10SSA as the delivery mechanism to keep her excited. 100% natural game without drawbacks.

Of course 10SSA has evolved again, before it fit into a different model, we recommended a stacked attraction followed by a 10SSA mid-game, it was designed to slot in the same place comfort stories would go.

Now it is a complete system. Now you can meet, continue and ‘close’ a sexual interaction with pure 10SSA. We use it in night, day, online, social circle, phone game and days 2’s.

Who Am I?

Most of you already know who I am but for those of you who don’t. I am a 40 year old, pasty and ridiculously, unattractively, skinny. I went through the first 30 years of my life believing that this had relegated me to the Z-list with women. In my head it didn’t matter that I was smart, that I worked hard, that I was ultimately a funny nice guy. I wasn’t Brad Pitt and therefore I was out. It’s funny how messed up my mind set was back then but I bought into the social conditioning, hell I even spent a lot of dollars to get some attention buying a beachfront house, driving a Bentley, all in the hope that it would pay off somehow. It kinda did, I got married but I was still drinking the cool-aid and the worst was yet to come.

Marriage doesn’t automatically mean you’ll work everything out, like I believed.

It doesn’t mean you’ve ‘locked her down’, like I thought I had.

It doesn’t mean that it’s OK to be an ‘unattractive’ guy, like I was.

Of course a messy divorce followed only a few years later and finally at the depths of my despair I found The Community. I realised that looks are no where near as important with women as the attractive traits a man displays but I went further then following their advice because for me this was it. If this failed then I had nothing. Failure, as they say, wasn’t an option.

So I went on a rampage, along the way I met many incredible women, was featured in Cosmopolitan, WealthTV, Playboy Radio and MTV True Life to name just a few, I even created an army of instructors that work closely with me. This became my passion.

What’s New?

So let me get very specific with you, here is what we cover in the new book:

Tease Stacking – Routine Free Attraction Explained

  • Fundamental Needs Qualification – Demonstrate Authority Over Her World & Create Deep Connections In Seconds
  • Hundreds of New Examples – Read The Expanded Examples To Get A Crystal Clear Idea Of How It Works
  • Restarter List – Never Stall Out Again With Our Quick Thread Starters
  • Logistical Checkpoints – We Lay It Out Stage By Stage, Each Step You Need To Take To Get Results
  • Proximity Kino – The New Way To Create Crazy Attraction In 3 Seconds Flat
  • Same Night Texting – Never Get Cockblocked Again

11 Bonus PDF’s – We’ve Created A Bonus Compendium Of Quick Guides To Get Your Ex Back, Build A Social Circle, Turn Friends Into Lovers, Create A Harem, Succeed If You’re Older and Rock Daygame.

What all this means is that you no longer need a day game system, a night game system, a social circle system. We’ve cycled all the old models out and given you the one system that will be all you need to handle any situation. The included bonus’s will teach you how to change our calibration for each circumstance while always using the same system.

That means no more studying, no more changing your whole game up, best of all because it’s a natural game system we’re giving you the keys to effortless attraction by simply letting you be you once you understand the nuances of 10SSA 2.0

Better Yet…

Since you are pre-ordering the system you get $50 off the full retail price and one month free membership* to our new interactive game acceleration system (launches with 10SSA) for free. This is only available to those of you who act now and purchase an advanced copy of the system by doing so you will receive a digital copy of the book the day of release while waiting for your physical copy.

The reason we’re giving this away to you is because if you’re seeing this page you’re one of our loyal VIP subscribers, you’ve been through us through thick and thin. This is our way of showing our support to you. If you’ve been with us for any length of time then this is it. This will finish of your knowledge and leave you with ‘super powers’ that many of us hoped for when we entered the game.

We could be charging a lot for each of these products alone but for our VIP members you can get the whole collection for just $247 if you act now.

We are only leaving this up until we’ve run out of the new Daygame Infield series, we only printed 250 for the VIP run and once we’ve sold em, they gone.

So if you want to see Mehow the master of night game demonstrate is skills in the day time in full HD colour footage then now is the time to act and get it free with the 10SSA 2.0 book today.

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