10x Landing Pages 2.0 – Joanna Wiebe


Even if you’re new to copywriting… you’ve struggled to make sense of what the hell goes on a landing page… your idea of a campaign is an ad and a prayer… and your history of writing has been accompanied by such side effects as upset stomach, diarrhea and night sweats…



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Even if you’re new to copywriting… you’ve struggled to make sense of what the hell goes on a landing page… your idea of a campaign is an ad and a prayer… and your history of writing has been accompanied by such side effects as upset stomach, diarrhea and night sweats…

The Curriculum


How to use this course to write more landing pages that perform better

MODULE 1: Starting Your Process

How to use Module 1

The conversion copywriting approach and process

Before You Write – Think like a successful copywriter

Conversion Copy – Move the prospect to act

Barriers to Conversion – Fight back with copy

Stages of Awareness – Understand prospect mindsets

Rule of One – Engineer consistently great copy

One Reader – Write for your ideal prospect

One Big Idea – Find your most powerful benefit

One Promise – Amplify your guarantee

One Offer – Match your offer to your reader

The AI Spectrum – Identify awareness and influence intent

Where Does It Hurt? – Identify and kill prospect pain

End-of-module exam

MODULE 2: Finding Your Message

How to use Module 2

Where Do I Start? – Ask the right questions

Surveys – What to say (and how to say it) to find deeper reasons

On-site Polls – Learn what works and what doesn’t on your page

Review Mining – Listen to what your prospects are saying

Usertesting.com – Optimize pages by watching people use them

Interviews – Explore deep motivators with first hand emotion

End-of-module exam

Bonus: Letter-writing exercise, part 1

Bonus: Letter-writing exercise, part 2

MODULE 3: Laying Out Your Page

How to use Module 3

Spit Drafts – Start with your ‘what’ messages

What vs How – Separate strategy from execution

AIDA Framework – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

PAS Framework – Problem, Agitation, Solution

10/90 – Divide your page to connect and convince

Top 10% – Match your prospects expectations

The Low-Hanging Hook – Awareness and the top of your page

Bottom 90% – Exceed your prospects expectations

Hero Section – Lead with what’s right, not what’s fashionable

Decision Management – Limit options to boost confidence

Attention Management – Get visitors to focus on your goal

End-of-module exam

MODULE 4: Writing and Editing In the Awesome

How to use Module 4

Two Simple Steps – Brief yourself, and do quick tests

What’s In It for Me? – Turn features into tangible benefits

Mind-Reader Shortcuts – A grab-bag of ways to join the convo and keep it alive

“So What?” and “Prove It” – Because people don’t believe you

Personality, Voice and Tone – Connect with your targets

Headlines and Buttons – Make them work together

Crossheads – Introduce the why of a section, not the what

Bullet Lists and Mega Lists – Use lists to inspire visitors

Beyond Bullets – How to create fascinations that keep your One Reader reading

Pricing Tables – Increase conversions with comparison

The Close – Lower the risk of taking your One Offer

Videos – Use the right thumbnails to boost plays

Intros & Conclusions – Cut out the fluff and get to the point

Clarity – Edit to make targets pay attention, not think harder

Specificity – Use real numbers to persuade targets

Stickiness – Play with language intentionally

Social Proof – Who’s the right person to deliver the message?

Copywriting Trick – The 7 Deadly Sins

Copywriting Trick – “Blank for your blank”

Quick Consumption – Really simple, really effective ways to make your copy read better

End-of-module exam


All the worksheets, cheatsheets and templates

How to join our private Facebook group

Tools and tech to write 10x landing pages

BONUS: All 7 ebooks in the Copy Hackers library

Bonus: Conversion copywriting clinic recordings

Clinic 1: Tuesday, Oct 11 at 9am Pacific

Clinic 2: Tuesday, Oct 25 at 9am Pacific

Office Hours Recordings

Session 1: Lead magnets

Session 2: Long-form sales pages

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