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I do this once a year and break down numbers from a few businesses…

When you generate multi millions from multiple companies each year you like to break down and see where the money is coming from.



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From Andrew Fox & Peter Parks –

Tuesday 20th January 2015 and I’m catching up on some ‘book keeping’.

In fact I’m a little behind..

I do this once a year and break down numbers from a few businesses…

When you generate multi millions from multiple companies each year you like to break down and see where the money is coming from.

You scale whats working…

…And dump the “dead wood”

Where do the multi – millions come from?

$1,237,775.87 from 1 business in 7 months.. 

Another $1,047,054.40 from another business”


I could show you multiple more screen shots from other companies but you get the point.

I’m a money making machine

So as I begun this process I had to double check my numbers

“That can’t be right…”

But surely as I carried out the ‘financial autopsy’ it seemed….

… I’d stumbled upon something BIG and Ridiculously Profitable without realising it- $634,927.18 from 5781 clicks and where I was going to focus more time in 2015.

While everybody around me was doing webinars and crying..

“Low attendance”

“Poor Conversions”

And high refund rates

….We were actually doing the POLAR opposite and making serious bank.

In fact every time we implemented this new model, it was smashing $10,000’s ever single time attracting customers that loved us.

The most bizarre bit…

“Webinars Are Like Sex…”

If you’re not getting the results you want.. It’s not sex that’s usually the problem … it’s just you’re not doing it right!

In fact as I dissected what we were doing different from everyone else I began to see pattern of why so many failed

…While we kept crushing it to the bank every time

The 7 Major Screw Up’s People Are Making With Webinars And Why You Need To Avoid Them Like The Bubonic Plague

1) Poor quality of Leads

– If you don’t attract the right leads you’re in for a world of hurt. Webinar registrations mean nothing – quality does.

2) Low price point –

If someone listens to you for 60 minutes your prices should be at least $497. We typically sell around $2000 with great results.

3) Bad product quality –

If the product you’re offering is of poor quality it is going to show. You need to have a quality offer that does what it says on the tin.

4) Bribing the customer to buy –

When product owners are throwing the kitchen sink at attendees to buy. Get this x,y and z bonus. If your core offering is good enough you don’t need any of these “tricks” and ultimately it can lead to your downfall

5) Poor pre framing –

One of the key secrets to a successful webinar campaign is how you warm up your leads and webinar registrations PRIOR to the webinar. I’ve spied and studied many marketers pre launches sequences and they are terrible.

6) Lack of Interaction on the webinar –

On the call you will get PRICELESS data and questions from your audience that is crucial to your follow up series. Many product vendors shy away from this . A great sales man will always LISTEN to his audiences objections and over come them.

7) Terrible Follow up Series

Using the “Exposure” model I teach the follow up is so critical to ensuring maximum sales. Again people just think a simple deadline and “buy now” is enough – it’s not – and when you adopt my methods you’ll see an amazing transformation..

The good news is once you’ve identified these costly errors you can literally transform the way you do webinars

“Why my new “Exposure Model”

Results In $101 Per Click”

I’m going to show you exact “5 part” part process I use everything to run our webinar process from “A – Z”

STEP 1: You MUST acquire the right source of hungry hot leads.

This is where you specifically dial in to your product for service.

For example if you have a video service you do not want to target an SEO list. Granted there is a certain amount of “Cross over” within Internet Marketing.

But the tighter you dial in, to your “market within the market” your results will increase exponentially.

Once you have established that you need to “get the traffic”

You have 3 main sources of “getting the traffic”

1) JV partners

2) Buy the Traffic

3) Integrate your webinar into the backend of the product launch

But here’s where people screw up.

If you approach a Key JV partner the wrong way (which most people do) you can literally kiss your opportunity goodbye.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Second method – buy traffic. Can be immensely profitable but you MUST dial in your customer avatar or you’ll end up in the red majorly.

Third method – Integrate with product launches (Either your own or somebody else’s) How to “position” your product to customers so they will be screaming to buy.

Once you get step 1 done its time to..

STEP 2: Work out the best day to hold the Webinar on and how many days to announce it in advance using the correct pre launch materials and sequence

I’ve tested this for over 15 months and have found BY FAR the most successful day to host a webinar.

There is a clinical “3 part” pre email sequence I use and why you must use some pre sell content in a particular format. If you want to achieve that magical “$100 a click” it is critical to have a well thought out presell sequence.

STEP 3; Make sure you have the correct webinar settings or you can lose 30-55% of your sales

So many people make this foolish mistake because they are too lazy to set it up before the call and it ends up costing them $1,000’s.

So here’s some quick tips. You need to ensure follow up emails, absentee emails and everything are put in place PRIOR to your webinar or you will lose a ton of valuable traffic. Ensure your “From” email address is monitored closely because these leads are like GOLD DUST.

STEP 4 ; How to structure the content on your webinar

Webinars have changed a lot over the year. In fact exactly after 9 minutes after on a webinar you can expect a significant increase in the amount of attendees. I’ll reveal exact stats inside the course.

Once you begin the content of the call You need to give away a certain % of the product in a certain order. You also need to know when to give and when NOT to give the order link (Or you’ll kill conversions) When presenting the sales pitch with this “exposure model” you need to ensure it’s spot on or it simply won’t work.

Q& A sessions are also critical and I’ll show you why they will end up driving over 50% – 70% of your sales via your follow up.

STEP 5 ; Followup Mastery

Again I won’t reveal the exact statistics but the number of sales on the follow up can be quite spectacular. In fact – this is where you make the majority if your sales. But you must use a specific sequence. You must send certain content on certain days . Know when to go “soft” and when to go in for the kill. Once you’ve implemented these 5 measures your webinars will ROCK like never before.

Now if your interested

in learning more..

“Introducing the $634k method”

A 24 Page Clinical “step-by-step” document, 6 “look over my shoulder’ videos walkthrough and the FULL Email Swipe series to steal with my permission”

Here’s the best bit about the “$634k method”

It’s incredibly quick and easy to go through – in fact you could literally go through it and start launching your campaign within 24 hours if you are a swift action taker. There’s not 100 pages of “guff and filler” just to make a document look chunky.Because it doesn’t need to be..

24 pages, Six “over my shoulder” walk through videos and email swipes to steal (with my permission) and you’re in business ready to roll

Here’s exactly what you get inside the ‘634k method’ today

24 Page “Exposure Mode” PDF overview.

A clinical overview walking you through the process from ‘A-Z’. This document is written as if I was there with you in person giving away all the stats, swipes, thinking process – the whole enchilada.

Six Detailed “Over the Shoulder” Video’s.

Video 1 – Introduction on the “Exposure Model”

In this video we give the “bird eyes” view of how the process works start to finish A-Z. This will give you an understanding of how the whole process work’s before we fill in the juicy details on the following modules

Video 2 – Where to Source Your Webinar Leads

In this module we tackle 3 main sources of webinar leads. Each have to be approached slightly differently. Joint Venture Partners, Buying traffic and integrating into the back of product launches. Most people totally screw up each of these methods. I’ll give you real life case studies and walk you through them.

Video 3 – Best Day to host Webinar + 3 Email Swipes

In this video we show when to start promoting the webinar, the day to host the webinar . All email swipes included , the thinking behind them. What pre content to give, how much to give etc

Video 4 – Ensuring you have the the correct webinar settings

In this video we cover the exact settings you need prior to the webinar call for maximum ROI. This is where people really SCREW up and lose 30-55% of their sales. If you don’t fill in these settings PRIOR to the webinar starting then you’ve lost before you’ve begun.

Video 5 – Creating your actual webinar content

In this video we show you a breakdown of the content you need to create for your webinar call. Peter and I have extensively tested multiple variations of content delivery on the call and how to position the sales pitch. Inside this we reveal our numbers, the amount of attendees you can expect to turn up vs register.

We’ll cover how long the content should be, when to pitch and how to do a Q&A. Nothing is left to chance.

Video 6 – Followup Mastery

Get this – with the exposure model you can expect to see over 70% of your sales from the follow up of the total campaign.

This follow up series module alone is worth at least FIVE times the value of the 634k method.

It’s so important you use a tried and tested followup sequence or say good bye to a massive volume of your sales.

7 Proven Email Template Swipes

This separate swipe file means you can “cut and paste” and steal my swipes with my permission.

Simply add your own product details, fill in the blanks and you have a military precision launch sequence ready to fire. “If you can read, write and follow video instruction your’re 90% of the way there”

And the last 10% is down to you.

You need to take action on the material and implement it and watch yourself soar.

Why keep selling yourself short, listening to some “Gurus” advice who never tries or tests anything and just regurgitates something they read in a Facebook group that week.

Why waste your own valuable time doing this?

Because when you come into my world I stake my WHOLE reputation on the line with everything

Listen to me – because I’m talking directly to you right now.

I’m a straight shooter when it comes to this stuff.

I co own the second highest product on JV Zoo with over 20,000 units sold

I’ve had 5 Clickbank Numbers #1’s

I’ve generated over $100,000.00 NET commissions as an affiliate in 7 days.

I know what it takes MAKE YOU WIN.

“The Investment Is Pennies On The Dollar To Truly Make It

A No Brainer”

So ask yourself honestly, how much is the $634k method worth to you?

To be able to save yourself the 100’s of hours of testing and headaches to get a duplicatable ‘A-Z” system that’s ready to implement right away in your business.

Remember our entry level product “DNA Wealth Blueprint” sells for $1997.

We deliver premium level material for serious customers.

Well the good news is today… I’m feeling very generous and am going to let you access the “$634k method” at a special introductory offer running until Sunday 25th January 2015.

You’re not going to have to invest $1997

Or even $1000.

Investment to the ‘$634k method ‘for you today is just $497 and you get EVERYTHING you need. Videos, Swipes Files and Step by Step PDF walking you through everything.

Click here to order now

Click Here To Order now for $497

“Listen to Greg Davis –

Over $200k using this system”

“Refund policy – Please read carefully”

The “634k method” is a time tested model that if you implement and follow will yield great results. If you buy the product and do nothing with it then I can’t help you

Our intellectual property is very valuable. We spend several 100’s if not 1000’s of hours refining the system and $10,000’s in paid advertising to create the best system possible. You are getting the results of our hard work at insane value.

Therefore here’s our stance on refunds – to buy a product, not use it and then ask for a refund is totally un acceptable. We do not operate a ‘ sweetie store’ where you can pick and choose what you want.

However if you implement the system in it’s entirety , follow the steps laid out and are not happy I will be happy to do a 20 minute skype call with you and work out whats wrong. If you are still not satisfied I’ll happily refund every penny. Please note I will request proof of your attempt to use the system.

If you are unsure about purchase I suggest you read the F.A Q below and if you still need to clarify anything email us [email protected] and the support staff will forward for my attention

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions…

1) Do I need my own product for this system to work?

Yes – for the system you will need a product to sell. Or you can acquire a license to a product. The other option is to approach a product owner, set up this system for them and charge a % of the profits.

2) I’ve never done a webinar in my life – will this work for me?

Yes – We cater to people that have never done a webinar before. We give you the thought process, the swipe files and we give you a recommendation on the software to use.

3) Does the $634k method give me the content for my webinar presentation?

Ok – the $634k method will illustrate the steps you need to follow to prepare your content. But you need to create the actual content based on these steps. Ultimately you should know your own product /service better than anyone. We are simply helping to show you how to present your pitch and demonstrate to your audience in the best way possible.

4) Is there a price we have to sell our product for on the webinar?

If people are willing to listen to a webinar for 60 minutes they should typically be willing to spend at least $497 bare minimum. We quite often sell at a $2000 price point with great success. Again these are just guidelines from our own testing. Feel free to test on your own dime.

5) Can we get personal help from you to customize our webinar Andrew?

Building out a customized client webinar series starts at $35,000.00 . With my current business interests, my time is very limited to provide “1- on 1 attention’

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