Abundant Mystic Fall 2013 Series – Edward Mills


There are no mistakes… no coincidences. You were guided here for a reason. Something attracted you to this material. Something here resonates with you. Perhaps you know that you’re a Modern Day Mystic and can already feel the truth and the potential of what is happening here.



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There are no mistakes… no coincidences. You were guided here for a reason. Something attracted you to this material. Something here resonates with you. Perhaps you know that you’re a Modern Day Mystic and can already feel the truth and the potential of what is happening here. Or perhaps you are curious, and starting to wonder if you might actually be a Modern Day Mystic and want to find out more. Either way, the awesome Modern Day Mystics in this series are here to help you reclaim your Divine birthright of TRUE Abundance. For it is only when you are stepping firmly and fully in your abundance that you can fully offer your gifts in service to the higher good.

The Intention of The Abundant Mystic Series is:

To help you reclaim your Divine Birthright of TRUE Abundance so that you can create a life of Personal Prosperity while fully embodying your gifts and offering them in service to the highest good of all!

To help co-create a world of TRUE Abundance you must create and live a LIFE of TRUE Abundance. Begin with your own life. Begin by creating the life YOU want to live. And as you do watch how your life and the your energy and your light shine out into the world sending ripples of change to places and people you are not even aware of. It becomes a beautifully self-perpetuating upward spiral of expanding abundance for you and increasing good in the world around you. That is why the concept of Being the Change You Want to See is so powerful. It is truly a win-win situation. As you change and grow and evolve so does your perception and your capacity to hear and perceive things in different ways.

When you own these powerful sessions you have the ability to listen again and again. Each time you listen – whether it’s the next week or the next year – you will hear something new. You will be a different person when you listen and so you will hear things differently and hear different things. Every one of these Abundant Mystics will be sharing the profound and life-changing secrets have helped them create lives of personal prosperity while serving the highest good of all. And while these sessions will be fun, there will be very little “fluff.” They’ll be packed with the information, insights, processes, tools and techniques that will help YOU create a life of Personal Prosperity and do it while serving the highest good of all.

Trust that when you listen to these sessions now, you’ll hear and put into practice exactly what you need NOW. And that when you listen again, in a month or a year, you’ll hear new things and put into practice exactly what you need THEN! And you can listen again and again, each time learning something new and absorbing the potent, uplifting energy in a new way. Enjoy the series.

Meet the Masters and Take a Look at What They Share With Us:

Breakthrough Your Abundance Blocks

Christie Marie Sheldon

Some of the potent information and processes that Christie will share during this session include:

  • How you were secretly sabotaged and given abundance blocks before age 7 without even know it.
  • Why your previous efforts to clear abundance blocks may have failed.
  • How Wealth Consciousness impacts not only your financial bank account, but your physical, emotional

and energetic bank accounts.

  • Why your energy is the only thing that can fix your money issues.
  • Why clearing these blocks to abundance affects everything you attract to you…love, health, money,

good relationships and joy.

Fearless Living and Abundance

Chris Cade

Some of the other cool topics to be explored include:

  • Why the Love of Money is actually a good thing and not – as some people think – the root of all evil
  • Explore the impact of curiosity in discovering your direction
  • Learn the power in the present moment to ultimately find your abundance
  • Discover how money and spirituality are NOT mutually exclusive
  • Shift your attention and create a huge impact on your life quality
  • Achieve your peak potential and soar to new heights for living an abundant life

Tap Into the Vibration of Abundance!

Carol Look

When you join us you’ll:

  • Learn how to release your energetic abundance blocks and start attracting the abundance you want and deserve
  • Learn how to raise your vibration to speed up the manifestation process
  • Learn how to eliminate energetic static and tune into your inner power so you can live a life of peace and joy.

Clear Your 3 Biggest Money Fears!

Ann Taylor

On today’s call with Ann you will:

  • Embrace the magnificent healing work that will completely eliminate your worries and fears about money
  • See how your lineage affects your beliefs, fears and habits and why is it so important to heal your lineage as well
  • Discover how God’s love can miraculously and permanently heal all negative thoughts and memories from your past
  • Experience how Ann’s healing work affects each and every person individually to shift your consciousness

(it’s based on your unique needs)

Explore your True Livelihood

George Kao

Topics to be explored include:

  • What true livelihood is, compared to your passionate/authentic work (Hint: with true livelihood, you’ll have little to no trouble

successfully marketing your services and products!)

  • Why reflecting, writing, creating as a “solopreneur” — mostly in isolation — profoundly interferes with your accessing your

true livelihood, and your greatest joy!

  • Learn the 7 steps to creating your true livelihood.

Awaken Your NEW HUMAN Abilities for Abundance

Richard Gordon

In this session you will:

  • Connect to the hidden talents and abilities deep within you that are beyond your current understanding.
  • Hear a definition of Money that will surprise and empower you!
  • Discover a pathway to Explosive Self Love!
  • Gain a whole new understanding of your unknown, lost and forgotten abilities.
  • Tap into the amazing power that is already within you that has the capacity to heal you and help you attract

more of what you want.

  • Learn simple, effective ways to raise your vibration to accelerate healing and the manifestation of your desires.

Spiritual Success Secrets

John Gray

Here are just some of the topics we’ll explore:

  • How to define success in a way that empowers you!
  • How to recognize the difference between your Higher Self and your inner sabateur.
  • Why some people seem to have the “Golden Touch” and what you can do NOW to experience it.
  • How to deal with strong emotions in a way that allows you to heal and succeed!
  • How to reconcile any remaining beliefs that money and spirituality don’t mix.
  • And much more!

ABUNDANCE for No Reason

Marci Shimoff

Plus, when you listen you’ll discover:

  • The 2 angels to carry on your shoulder that will get you on the Fast Track to Happiness and Abundance.
  • Why 100% of life is not enough… Go for a full 200% of life!
  • Why your spirituality is meant to be embodied and expressed in the physical world.
  • How to get Happy first and then watch as the Abundance flows!
  • And much much more!

Move into Your Mastery

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer is going to share the specific steps she has taken to step into mastery including:

  • Connecting with your inner master that has all the answers and resources you require
  • Discovering your safe, sane and sacred pace that actually creates MORE TIME and more ease
  • Releasing old beliefs that are holding back your potential.

Break Free From the Limitations of 3D Reality

Meg Benedicte

Some of what we’ll explore on today’s call includes:

  • Clear your energetic density and lower consciousness in the lower 3D human Chakras
  • Heal root chakra issues of primal survival fear and persecution trauma, physical abuse, suppressed rage and resentment,

and issues of not being in the body

  • Accelerate the transition from lower 3D human existence into the higher 5D Quantum Living.
  • And much more!

Secrets to Juicy Living and Abundance


Some of inspiring ideas SARK will explore include:

  • Putting a laser beam of fun into your life transformation
  • How to dive fully into the inspirational playground that surrounds you
  • Opening to the possibilities of dreaming, daring and doing
  • Claiming and creating your own wildly abundant life
  • Loving the practical parts of your transformative practices

PURE QI for Vitality, Health and TRUE ABUNDANCE!

Master Mingtong Gu

Some of what we’ll be exploring today includes:

  • Learn how to access the lifeforce that animates our abundance
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability and balance
  • Become empowered to attract positive changes into your life
  • Enhance other mind-body-spiritual practices you may be following
  • Deepen your connection to universal healing energy

Are You Ready to Experience Miracles?

Brent Phillips

Some of what we’ll explore on the call today includes:

  • How the Formula for Miracles can help you achieve wealth in all areas of your life – financial, relationships, health and well being
  • The Secret behind the Secret and the demystification of the Law of Attraction
  • How to clear out subconscious blocks holding you back from abundance
  • How you can create your own Formula for Miracles

Activate Abundance with Laughter

Andy Dooley

While adding a double dose of laughter and lightness to the field of abundance we’re co-creating

he shows us how to:

  • Activate abundance in 3 easy steps
  • Get rid of that stinkin’ negative thinkin’
  • Create a new prosperity point of attraction
  • Learn the most important part to manifesting abundance

Sonic Healing and Clearing

Mark Romero

This call is packed with insights, tools and processes to open you to abundance.

Some of what you’ll discover includes:

  • How to eliminate the negative effects of energy interrupters such as toxic chemicals, EMFs, Wifi,

and cell phone signals.

  • Specific ways to refine your energy to effortlessly open to higher vibrational levels of health, clarity,

and connection to spirit.

  • How to tune your energy and bring yourself into alignment with your true power and unlimited ability

to manifest an extraordinary life.

Chakra Manifestation Secrets

Anodea Judith

Topics to be explored include:

  • Use the map of your chakras to awaken your abundance
  • Restore your Divine connection and be transformed
  • Embrace the universal spirit to contribute to our global heart
  • How becoming centered in the sacred opens the doors to a meaningful life

Are Tail Enders Blindsiding You?

Dawson Church

Here are some of the topics I hope to get to on today’s call with Dawson:

  • Activate the power of “Gene-Shifting” to increase your health and vitality
  • Discover little known but highly effective genetic healing tools
  • Create positive “neurobundles” that lead to immediate transformation
  • Experience the effect known as “borrowed benefits”
  • Learn why laughter really IS the best medicine
  • And more!

Ignite YOUR Boundless Receiving

Panache Desai

Here’s just some of what you’ll experience when you listen to this session:

  • Forge a vibrational bridge to the infinite energy that lives inside of you
  • Create a safe space for pure openness and discover the true source of transformation
  • Meet the fear, anxiety and self-doubt that block your brilliance with compassion and courage.
  • Increase your powerful vibration and frequency and call more abundance into being
  • Open the vibrational gateway, connect to your soul and fill your life with abundance every day.

Downloading Your Mystical Heart into Your Human Core

Bill Bauman

On this call Bill also explored:

  • Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for some people (HINT: You may be using it from a 3D perspective versus

a multi-dimensional mystical perspective!)

  • Why you should “Bet the ranch” on your Mystical Self and how that will lead you to TRUE Abundance
  • How to reconnect with the light of the Divine
  • How to be in right relationship to the ebbs and flows of abundance in the 3D world
  • How to be IN this world but not be OF this world
  • Awaken the mystical, Light-filled nature of your heart
  • Experience Divine Grace lovingly fill your Heart
  • Recieve the blessings of Your Mystical Heart as it moves into your human core
  • Feel your lower chakras, primal nature and organic body bathed in the Grace of Your Heart
  • So much more!

Awakened Wealth: The 7 Gifts That Unlock Massive Abundance

and End Your Money Struggles Forever

Derek Rydall

In this Comprehensive, Transformational session you’ll discover:

  • The 7 GIFTS THAT GIVE YOU EVERYTHING: Mastering these will unlock the mysteries of abundance and start a flow of good

in your life that nothing can stop (This is a game-changer)

  • THE GREAT REVERSAL: This One Principle is so deceptively simple, yet profoundly life-changing that it will free you from

every being dependent on anything or anyone EVER AGAIN!

  • THE UNIVERSAL BETRAYAL: Why the Universe is set up to fail you if you do this One Thing — and how to turn this around

and make the universe your Silent Success Partner in everything you do.

  • THE GREATEST MONEY MYTH: How you’ve been hypnotized into a false sense of wealth, and how this Awakened Wealth Truth

will set you free from money worries and show you how to manifest true abundance.

  • THE REAL CAUSE OF DEBT: (it’s not at all what you think), and How to Eliminate It Once and For All!
  • Why Most Manifestation Techniques Fail or Even Make Things Worse – and THE REVOLUTIONARY PRINCIPLE that will Get off

That Hamster Wheel of Self-Improvement Forever.

Become Unsinkable and be Unreasonable in Your Vision of True Abundance

Sonia Ricotti

She’ll show you how to:

  • Reprogram Your Conscious Mind
  • Reprogram Your SUBConscious Mind
  • Elevate Your Vibration to Above the “500” Level

You’ll also discover:

  • What has been truly blocking you from achieving the abundance you’ve always wanted (and how to release it once it for all);
  • The one key and most important “state” that is critical to the manifestation process (that no one ever talks about);
  • How the “Maverick Blueprint” is the one key common denominator that all successful people possess

(and how you can possess it too)

Ancient Wisdom for Manifestation

Chief Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree

On this call with Chief Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree you will:

  • Discover the Medicine Wheel (as a diagnostic tool and compass for transformation)
  • Learn The “Three Arrows of Power” – how ALL manifestation begins
  • Discover simple, Universal principles to naturally balance your mind, body and your spirit
  • See how to unlock the vault to all your riches – and invoke Heaven on Earth…NOW!
  • Maintain Inner Peace and Feel Joy in Each Moment…
  • Find clarity about your Life Purpose (who you really are, why you are here, and your unique gifts and talents)
  • Sustain a vibration of abundance NOW!
  • Express your personal power and passion
  • Expand your Spiritual Intelligence, Connect to Your Gift and Stand in Your Power…

Holographic Transformation: Reprogram your Matrix for Abundance

Mashhur Anam

In this Dynamic and Transformational session you’ll:

  • Explore the holographic nature of our universe, and how to use the Hologram to change your world.
  • Uncover algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it. And you’ll discover how to use them

to create the reality YOU want!

  • Learn more about what constitutes holographic feng shui. You already know the importance of clearing clutter from your home.
  • Learn how to clear the vibrational clutter from your hologram and feel the power that activates.
  • See how holographic tools can be used to transform lives, raise our vibration, expand our consciousness, reprogram our

abundance matrix, recreate our relationship patterns and restore inner and global harmony.

How to Become a Wealthy Visionary

Marcia Wieder

On this inspiring and transformational call you will:

  • Increase your value and honor your needs.
  • Tap into YOUR deepest dreams and visions
  • Determine what truly matters to you and learn how to make it a priority.
  • Expand your mindset, heartset and skillset so you are able to create miracles.

Divine Feminine Abundance Download

Mellissa Seaman

This was such a beautiful session and here’s just some of what you’ll experience when you listen:

  • Receive a direct transmission of feminine abundance, wisdom and power.
  • Experience the Kundalan process – a guided experience of pleasure and power that opens your creative channel and shows you

a simple fun way to make your dreams come true.

  • Learn how to use a feminine process, whether you are a man or a woman, to manifest with ease, pleasure, and the total

support of the Universe.

  • Discover and activate the connection between sensuality, sexuality and manifestation.
  • Connect with the wisdom of your belly and its capacity to awaken you to your desires and passion.
  • Experience the delicious fullness of abundance that is available to you in each and every moment.

Your Authentic Kabbalah Blueprint for Awakening Divine Power

Shifra Hendrie

In this Dynamic and Awakening session you will:

  • Learn the secrets of Creation and the Wisdom of the Creator
  • Discover the true nature and potential of these turbulent times
  • Awakne the energy, power and passion of your unique purpose
  • Explore a spiritual connection that is intimate, exciting and profound
  • Experience joy, fulfillment and creativity in the most important areas of your life

How to Make Money Fall in LOVE with YOU!

Morgana Rae

On this call Morgana will help you:

  • Uncover your hidden blocks to abundance.
  • Abolish your financial anxiety.
  • Change your relationship with money from a monster into your “money honey”
  • Reveal your next step to creating wealth.
  • Give you a Revolutionary System for TRUE Abundance you will use for the rest of your life.

Money Wants to Dance with YOU! Say YES!!

Mary Hall

Topics to be explored include:

  • Incorporate the power of multiple modalities
  • Explore the truth of your unique Divine energetic imprint
  • How using versatility is one of the key ingredients to success.
  • Experience Mary’s remarkable ability to quickly hone in on the subtle energies and the core issues you face
  • Learn to gently release blocks and create a freer more joyful life
  • The importance of focus in moving forward to attain your desired goals.

About Your Host Edward Mills

Like you, Edward Mills has heard Abundance defined in many ways. Is it financial freedom? Is it sufficiency? Is it acceptance? Is it limited to one area of life or does it embrace ALL of life? With over two decades of personal, “real-world” exploration, along with over 12 years of coaching and teaching, Edward now defines Authentic Abundance as a dynamic concept that encompasses all areas of life and balances a profound acceptance of what-is with an expansive vision of what is still to come.

Edward understands the unique challenges that Modern-Day Mystics face on their path to true abundance. He uses his own life as a laboratory to experiment and test out tools and processes before sharing the ones that will really help you claim your unique gifts-and offer them in a way that leads to a life of Authentic Abundance. Before joining The Shift Network as the Director of Telesummits, Edward Mills was and still is, a successful life and business coach, seminar leader and telesummit producer.

Since 1999 he has coached, taught and touched the lives of thousands of individuals and small business owners, led virtual and in-person courses and retreats and interviewed many of the world’s top transformational leaders-including Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Rickie Byars Beckwith, John Gray and Bruce Lipton. Edward is the co-author of two bestselling anthologies, Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet and Align, Expand and Succeed: Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success. He is currently writing The Abundant Mystic: The Modern Day Mystic’s Path to a Life of Joy, Love and True Prosperity.

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