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“What Would Happen if you really Acquired all of the GOALS You Set this Year?”

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“What Would Happen if you really Acquired all of the GOALS You Set this Year?”

Be one of the first to own…

Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System


The Comprehensive

Goal Attainment System

That Gives You Everything You Really Want in Life

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You’ll Never “Try” to Achieve a Goal Again…Now They Predictably Happen

  • You want a car that will get there every day.
  • You want a spouse who will be there for you. Period.
  • You want to look good and feel good. Always.

You want a goal attainment system that is actually going to accomplish what it sets out to do:

You do 1,2,3,4,5 and you get X, Y, Z. Simple enough.

Until today, you found out what everyone else found out…goal setting systems to date…didn’t work. Why?

They all attempt to teach “setting a goal…”

No goal system until today is designed to actually acquire your goals.

It’s like buying an iPhone and then looking at it all day, every day and TURNING IT ON and OFF and ON and OFF and On and OFF… This is square one.

Perhaps you write down, “I want to lose 20 pounds,” and stick it on the fridge.

You don’t need a system for that. You need a fridge, a pen and a paper.

But for a dozen reasons, that simple idea won’t work either, even if you had a system attached to it.
Acquisition! is designed specifically with you in mind.
Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System by Kevin Hogan You would say something like,

“If I could have anyone design a goal setting system for me, I’d want it to be Kevin Hogan and then I would be certain that it would actually work.”

A Goal Setting System that actually worked would be worth $100,000. Perhaps more.

One of the many, many problems in all goal setting systems I’ve encountered to date is the language of goals.
Be Careful What You Say to Yourself

  • Reach
  • Aspire
  • Inspire
  • Optimistic
  • Hope

What do all those words “say?”

The language of 20th Century Goal Setting comes down to one word: maybe.

I hate *maybe.* I’d rather hear “no.” When it comes to your goals…

Maybe = Failure

Evidence? Go back into your goal setting program from last year and see if you acquired more than say 25% of the goals you set for everything that was set for greater than one week into the future.

Survey says? Didn’t happen.

Here’s what’s unsettling…

A lot of people were religious about setting goals and they STILL didn’t happen. You could have done everything from A to Z and wouldn’t have made any difference. You might as well have been hanging out on Facebook. Whose fault?

This time around it IS the developer’s blunder. Why? They didn’t do their homework and sold you something that CAN’T produce for you. It doesn’t work. It can’t work. It won’t work. It looks pretty. Toss it now.
A…Little Better… Language of Goal Setting
Now, go up to the middle level language of goals which has been the language of the last 15 years.

  • Peak
  • Reach
  • Meet
  • Top
  • Arrive
  • Achieve

Well…it IS a little better.

You are directed toward hitting a target with this language.

Seriously, it’s a better group of words that create better imagery in the brain.

The message is that you stood in front of the guru and got to shake hands. He probably has nice hands.

That’s pretty darned good. You made your $10,000 bonus last year. Very nice. You lost 20 pounds though you did gain back 10 of it. Nevertheless, even after you left, at least you had arrived. You hit the top of the hill regardless of what happened next.

That is much better than, “Gee maybe I’ll get there. I’ll keep a positive and optimistic attitude, put it on my vision board and believe it.”

You already know how that story ends…

Translation: Slicker looking goal setting systems with slightly improved language aren’t causing success to connect with other successes anywhere except in people’s dreams.
What is the language of Acquisition? that opens the door to the possibility of success?

You don’t “set” goals per se. You sequence them.

You don’t “hope” for anything. They happen.

You don’t “work on your goals.” You complete projects.


You don’t hope to arrive at the grocery store. You go shopping.

You don’t hope your child goes to school. She goes to school.

You don’t hope you get exercise today. You get down and do 20.

You don’t hope people see you as credible. You are credible.

You don’t hope to be believable. You are the picture next to the word in the dictionary.

Completion and achievement are nice things. But they are really pretty rudimentary. Did you seriously impress by going shopping?

Of course not. Everyone knows you just go shopping!

There is no “wonder” or “uncertainty.” The plan is in place. You put the cake in the oven.

“I hope to have a cake in one hour. I really believe in myself and I know I can have a cake in an hour if I work hard enough at it.”


“We’re having cake in an hour. Be here.” End of story.

Goal acquisition can be a fact as soon as you learn HOW to make acquisition a fact.

“I hope to use the restroom in one hour. I really believe in myself and I know I can have a successful restroom visit if I work hard enough at it.”


“Where is the restroom? I’ll be back in a minute.”

Language can represent what is in the mind or language can create new images for the mind.

There is no hoping, wondering, optimism or pessimism. There is no “negative” or “positive” attitude. There is no aspiration. You do it. Yes, of course you can “achieve” some of your goals.

What I really want for you…is to HAVE what you want in life because YOU CHOOSE it and you ARE in control of your life to the point where when you want something, something is what you get. There’s nothing to “reach for.”
You are going to literally learn to DO and then DO and I promise no one has ever shown you how.

  • You learn the requirements for specific goal acquisition.
  • You prepare for and then meet those requirements.
  • You create the possibility and context.
  • You mold the possibility in the context into “sequences.”
  • You begin.

And then you acquire what you said you wanted.

It sounds super simple and difficult all at the same time. Five years from now you will have used the system and you won’t even think about it any more. When you want something you simply “go to the grocery store.”

This is the stuff no one has ever taught you. None of the gurus. No one at University.

Before you set a goal, you have to create a sequence for it to be all but certain it will happen. Then the language is “real.” The language then represents, “I’m going to the store. Back in an hour.”

If you had no access to a car, fuel, had a broken leg with no crutches and no one to help you get there, you can say anything you want but you are going to watch TV. This has nothing to do with “pretend things.”

You’ve either set the table for dinner or you are eating with your fingers. You can use any words you want but if you aren’t prepared, nothing happens. Takes 3 minutes to set the table.

Goal: AccomplishedMost people never set the table of life.

When you create the setting, the opportunity, the possibility…, by having a car and fuel, healed legs or crutches, or someone to help you, now you can say, “…back in an hour.” And it happens.

No one is surprised when you come back with a bag of stuff from the store. You SAID you’d be back in an hour. Why would anyone be surprised?

You sequenced it years ago. It happens. You do it without even being conscious.

The language changes matter because the new language represents using very different means and different ends. And then it happens.
Language matters because it generates shifts in emotion, priority, drive…and with goals?

Language Precludes Acquisition.

You acquire. You capture. You have. You own. You are. You possess. You are in control. You do. It’s done.

You Learn to Use the Tool of Environmental Triggering to Spark Outcomes You Want When you Want Them

So all you have to do is change your language and you achieve your goals? No.

Of course not. Language only opens the front door to the building of acquisition. Becoming the President of the company in the building takes a few more puzzle pieces set in place.

If the language doesn’t represent using an actual Maserati instead of an old junker, it isn’t processed as real and you won’t get what you want.

You have to make some important adjustments “deep inside” first.

These adjustments are setting the table. And it takes a bit more effort to be able to get pretty much all the things you really want than it does to set the table. But once you have it…you have made the adjustments and you have tested them, you don’t have to make them again.

Five years from now this goal acquisition system will be burned into your Passive Goal Guidance System and you will never set a goal quite the same way ever again.

You won’t need to because goal acquisition will be a default track written in your brain and not something worked on by your mind.

Once you have the formula burned into the neurology of the brain and use it regularly…you have it forever.

You’ll never think of anything in terms of goals or dreams beginning in 2017.

You will simply write it down and every single person says about you, “he’s going to X.”

… and they are right.

They seriously think it is “easy for you.”

They miss the fact that you use effort and sweat when you cut the lawn. The illusion for everyone else is so intense that they believe you are a magician that makes stuff appear out of thin air.

Like the Acquisition program itself.
Make It So
I told a few people in the Inner Circle that Acquisition will be out on April 10. That was right around 5 months ago. It’s scheduled to come in two days LATE! (Gasp!)

“Kevin’s going to finally do that goals program I’ve wanted…”

It was over dinner months ago. They assume it is done before I’ve laid out the Sequences. They assume it is done before I set up the recording time. They assume it is done even though I’m under doctors orders to only speak a couple of hours each day because of bowed vocal cords!

They assume it is done before the cover is created, the copy is written, before the research has been completed and in some cases started. And on and on…

They heard me say, “it will be out.” And then… it is done. The group was right.


Let me say this: THERE WAS A LOT OF RESEARCH AND IT TOOK A LOT OF WORK collecting all of the data, honing new strategies and approaches to controversial requirements for goal acquisition to happen.

It did just happen…but a great deal of energy was expended in getting it to you!

And so it will be when YOU say, “I’m going out with her.”

Your friend says, “She doesn’t even know who you ARE?”

“She will.”

It is the highest form of certainty. It is 100% fact based and it happens. “I’m going to the store. I’ll be back in an hour.” You say, it’s “not that easy.” Correct.

It requires being absolutely prepared, sequencing and effort.

Then it happens.

I hope you don’t mind if I take out some words from your vocabulary and add a few new words so you are able to acquire what you will have.

Your Journey to Goal Acquisition Goals As “Dreams”?

Until now setting a significant goal like adding $100,000 to your income, losing weight and keeping it off, wanting a secure retirement, making more sales, getting a better job, becoming involved with someone you find attractive, or even raising successful kids was all a “dream.”

Some of it was ethereal. Some of those things happened only to people who got lucky.

The metaphor of the dream, of course, is a disaster movie in and of itself. “Living your dreams,” is a common phrase in the American way of speaking. But what most people “dream” about only ends up happening when they sleep. Rarely do the dreams manifest in real life.

The dreams almost certainly won’t happen in real life because the brain capably and predictably reacts to the fact that what you dream about ends when you wake up. The brain will protect you from your dreams. Count on it.

One of the most important cognitions you’ll ever get is that brains don’t think. They react and act on a few basic types of programming, which are all very predictable.

You’ll learn precisely how to harness all of this for the acquisition of your desires and goals in Acquisition.

A Goal Seeking Device?

One old timer suggested that the “brain is a goal seeking device.”

Dr. Maxwell Maltz was 100% correct and he was 100% incorrect.

The brain is a goal seeking and acquiring device for all things related to survival and then it shuts off.

Brains rarely seek goals that have anything to do with anything other than minimum survival.

Here’s what really happens in your brain:

The brain is the control center where genetic code which generates impulses to self replicate is interpreted and acted upon. Genes meet up against decades of behavioral conditioning and interconnecting neuronal networks that are stimulated by external stimuli. This interaction is what causes your brain to either shut off, achieve survival goals or to carry on with “acquisition goals.”

I didn’t say it would sound simple, but it’s what happens.

With proper preparation it will acquire the latter. Without it, there is almost zero chance of goal acquisition.

Maltz thought you could program the brain to get you a new car. That thought was like the belief in 1700 that you could get a man to the moon. You can. But you can’t do it with conventional horse and buggies.

He was ahead of his time in one sense. He observed people surviving in the most difficult of times.

And more importantly, he observed the life changes that plastic surgery did to people. Their lives changed dramatically. It was something that could only have happened in the 20th century going forward. What was missing? He simply didn’t have the technology to cause people to do more than survive.

He understood the role of the reticular formation. The rudimentary pieces were starting to come together. A very resilient and persistent individual could painfully bump along and achieve some goals. But the tech wasn’t quite there.

Survival is Essential and Soon Your Goals Will Be As Well!

Don’t get me wrong, survival is *really* important.

Your genes have literally been self-replicating for 2,000,000 years. It is really hard for you to screw up your survival chances prior to the age of reproduction.

Half of men never reproduced 2,000 years ago!

Today you are walking proof of the success of genetic code “doing its job.”

Genes copying themselves. Simple and powerful survival.

But survival is generally not goal acquisition.

While your brain takes you away from what it interprets as real danger and causes you to eat ’til you are more than full and then causes you to procrastinate…well…those are all survival behaviors.

The brain interprets opening doors that have unfamiliar settings behind them as dangerous. The brain wants you to rest, eat, sleep, attempt to reproduce, rest, get out of pain, rest some more and stay safe until those offspring can reproduce themselves.

The brain spends its time on those activities. If someone is comfortable within those parameters, the code goes as far as to drive the individual to belong to a group, to help others survive, to learn.

Your Brain is Flat Out Amazing

Your brain is remarkable. It recognizes the folly of one’s past failures at anything and does everything in its power to discourage the individual from doing anything similar again. It doesn’t think. It acts upon recognition.

The brain causes survival and it screws up the majority of people from doing anything more than being comfortable in a familiar environment…because it needs you to survive. It is very, very good at the jobs it performs!

Fortunately you and I have a mind which is not the brain.

I’ll keep this really short and sweet. It is important.

Most People are “Sleep Walking Living”

For most people, the mind (consciousness), is shut off most of the time. How often are people “awake” while they are ..awake…?

Many people walk through their life with minutes of conscious activity each day. The majority might be interacting with the world in conscious interaction an hour or two per day.

But there are some people who begin to emerge at a higher level of conscious awareness. They are “awake” a lot more often.

They know they want to achieve, accomplish, acquire and attain because it is sensible and desirable.

What causes them to be special is their mind thinks into the future beyond tomorrow.

Most people are uncomfortable thinking too far into the future and they shut off and return to resting, eating, sleeping.

Your outcome is to be as awake as you can be and take advantage of the brains powerful survival drive and use that potential energy to acquire what you desire.

Write this down: The time is coming after you complete Acquisition!, your goals will no longer be goals. They will be obvious results. You simply will have them. Do remind people that it required effort because it LOOKS LIKE MAGIC.

Every single day the brain makes absolutely certain you:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Rest
  • Use the restroom

It doesn’t make any mistakes. You *do* these things and the brain doesn’t let you not accomplish them. Period. When the body for some reason doesn’t experience one of those things it goes into Great Danger mode and does everything it can to direct you to comfort.

The brain almost always gets what it is programmed to get.

Don’t think this means because you want a Maserati you will get it. That thought vaporizes in the neurology of the brain right after you read it.

There is plenty of new wiring and plenty of rewiring you’ve never seen or done before that has to happen to get that Maserati.

If you tell the brain to add:

  • $100,000 more in 2013 than in 2012.
  • Lose 35 pounds in 2012.
  • Get the right girl in 2012.
  • Have a happy home in 2012.

The brain with standard wiring will get you none of it.

And if you got lucky, the brain would almost certainly do what it could to get rid of the money, put back on the weight, get the girl out of your life and return your home to misery as soon as possible.

That’s what brains do…they follow specific deeply entrenched programs that are very difficult to uproot and change.

The brain got you to this point with no significant change in 2,000,000 years.

Makes sense: The genes in the brain have were copied from genes an ancestor of yours had 2,000,000 years ago.

That…is power.

Comprehensive Goal Attainment System The System Causes the Brain to Be an Ally!

Fortunately there is now, yes, a system to take advantage of that wiring and reroute it to goal acquisition.

Today you can start a process using the brain as an ally not only for survival but for goal acquisition that will indeed predictably cause you to add:

$100,000 more income in 2013 than in 2012.

Lose 35 pounds in 2012.

Get the right girl in 2012.

Have a happy home in 2012.

Acquisition! is replicable. It will work for virtually anyone.

If you can add 17 and 5 in your head and come up with the correct answer, Acquisition! will work for you. If you can’t…it won’t.

I imagine you’ve used a goal setting system of some kind in the past. If that’s the case, forgive the developer. It’s over. It’s past.

It was destined to fail because they didn’t know how to make it so it would work.

That’s the nature of life.

If you tried to work within that old method, you certainly worked hard at your goals and while you probably hit some of the smaller and shorter term goals, most of the bigger 1 – 3 year goals almost never happened.

You are a walking testimonial for how that gurus goal setting system doesn’t work.

But you don’t need or want to “give” that anti-testimonial.

You really simply want what you want in life and want a real way to attain it.

When I set out on my own after having to quit college at 3 years because I ran out of money, I picked up some books and set tons of goals. I failed at just about all of them for the first 5 or 6 years of setting goals.

It made no sense to me. I felt like an idiot.

Typical Goal Setting Systems Don’t Work

I worked very hard still ended up working at a restaurant as an Assistant Manager vs. the goals I had set which were far more desirable than that.

Ultimately, I learned a great deal from being an Assistant Manager for a year. I could have read the book and done what I really wanted to do in life instead. But I was using a “system” that wasn’t going to work except by luck.

It was a cool looking system with a lot of beautifully crafted pieces to the system.

But all the cute in the world didn’t mean it worked. When I left the restaurant business, I went back into sales and fundraising. Other salespeople used it. They made no more money. Their lives weren’t better. These were people who were dedicated. These weren’t the kind of people who buy something and set it aside. They USED the thing! No difference.

The creator of the system was quite a successful man, someone we all looked up to. I don’t know about them, but I figured it had to be me.

I followed the instructions to the letter for years. I was religious. I still have everything and just looking at it still makes me feel embarrassed even though I know that if I would have continued doing that, I would never have hit any level of success.

It just didn’t work, and frankly it depressed me.

I always abhorred working *really* hard and getting no result.

Eventually I set aside the goal setting systems I tried out. Either they were a disaster or I was.

Set Your Goals On Fire!

Finally: A New Approach

I developed a very new and rudimentary approach to goals.

It was far from a system. It was an approach.

Coincidentally, within two years I had tripled my income and then some. I can’t prove the clunky approach in those early days made the difference. Being a bit of a nerdy scientist, I knew that my results were just that. And they certainly didn’t mean much in anyone else’s real world.

But I fine tuned it over time and pretty soon it wasn’t a clunky system anymore. Pretty soon I had attained almost every goal or it’s twin sister. If I set it…there was a good chance it would come to fruition.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve directly observed people I work with typically have their best years as far as income and/or relationship and/or life satisfaction or both having their best years in their careers. All of this happening in a time period when a lot of people were struggling to keep a job.

I also have discovered a few surprising factors about what causes accomplishment when people who are attaining diverse and unrelated goals come together.

What I was doing bore only a small resemblance to anything else others were teaching. It was not the easiest approach. It was not a complete goal setting system. Today, however, it is just that.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not stopping the research just because something works.

Acquisition! is here for you today. 10 years from now there will be another factor discovered. The system will come out in 2.0. Another decade? 3.0

For now, people deserve to have a life they earn.

Why is it that every goal setting system you have used has failed?

How is it possible that such smart people with so many great books and programs thought they had a great system only to find customers and clients left without results from that specific program?

How would you recognize a system that worked if you saw it?

What might lead you to believe that Acquisition: The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System is really different and will actually work for you?

And really, couldn’t you just synthesize four or five other programs out there and pick and choose what seems to make sense and then put your own system together?

Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System by Kevin Hogan

Acquisition! is the product of researching real people in the real world. metaphor: When you want to study fish, you can’t go to the ocean, go fishing, take the fish out of the water, bring the fish into the classroom and observe their behavior. You can only study fish to the end of understanding them by looking down into the ocean without actually entering the ocean and messing up the research.

The Observer Effect

In science this is called “The Observer Effect.”

In 90% of research into everything else in the world, “observer effect” can be controlled. Not here.

The point is that what seems to be “right” or “common sense” is rarely right in general but in particular this is true with goal motivation, achievement drives and acquisition of desired outcomes.

In this case you have someone creating a program based on what has worked for that person.

“How did you do it?!”

Accumulation of History

Writing the process of acquiring your goals into your brain comes right after learning what few tracks you should avoid.

Some people want to go to the moon, themselves, when they have no rocket ship…

The answer to that is that it is not “impossible.” Not much is “impossible.” But you can mess up a life chasing some strange dream that isn’t going to happen. I’m inclined to say, “it just doesn’t work, it can’t work.” But I know that is unsatisfying; so simply consider this:

Le Bron James takes off work from his job as a basketball player…He’s going to show me how to be a pro basketball player. He budgets the entire YEAR. Every day, 14 hours per day. He’s the best. To not only learn from the best but to do precisely what he does will easily make me CLOSE to the best basketball player of the century…won’t it?

Accumulation of History and Goal Acquisition Let’s say it goes further than that. Let’s say LeBron gets the ENTIRE Miami basketball team to take off and work with me as well. Now we have a context. We are playing 5 on 5 every single day. All day.

Let’s also put it out there that every single one of the guys is focused on making me the best basketball player in history.


They whip me into shape. We work out. We practice, drill, drill, drill, drill. We get 3,000 hours of work in as no one takes any hours off except to sleep this year.

Surely I must be a Professional Basketball Player in 2014….

But obviously not.

I’m not 27. I don’t have 20 years of dribbling, shooting, reading offenses, reading defenses, the agility to move in a way that is instinctive and as much as I will be one heck of a ball player one year from now, I wouldn’t be able to play professionally. I’d get run over. Oh, I’d be healthy, stronger than ever and I’d be pretty amazing for my complete lack of experience and age.

The fact is I will gain two years of amazing experience in one year which is huge, but these guys all have 20 years of experience. They breathe better when they dribble, they think better when they dribble. Yet 10 professionals can’t get you to be able to be a pro just because you drill, practice and are amazing. HISTORY matters in the equation. How much, what kind. Trying to go pro in any sport after age 30 is almost impossible. (After 25 is almost impossible.) It has happened.

Almost ALL Processes Can Be Learned and Mastered

As far as learning how to do processes like building a website, writing a book, starting a small business, growing wealth to a million, anything where your behavioral history isn’t a significant obstacle, in these cases you can indeed create a system to achieve.

And that’s what the gurus do and that is where they stop.

It would work in a vacuum…but they missed a whole bunch of BIG PROBLEMS.


  • Set a goal.
  • Work toward it.
  • Don’t let anything stop you.
  • Achieve the goal.

If I told you that was all there was to it, you’d be ecstatic. After all, each of those ARE at least somewhat similar to pieces of the puzzle of goal acquisition.

They simply are 4 pieces of a puzzle, though.

Even if you break each of the four points above down into a step-by-step “system”…the goal still will only rarely be realized if it requires anything more than a few days to happen outside of a structured environment.
Goal Acquisition Encompasses Far More than the Goal Setting You and I Were Taught
So what did I do that all these other people who are generally as sharp or sharper than I am missed?

The fact is that goal setting is more than goal setting. Goal setting is something people do on a piece of paper. And that is a good thing. Almost anything that is detailed on a piece of paper has a chance of something good happening.

One word: Context.

I found the context for goal acquisition.

That’s 1/3 of the acquisition result right there.

That word, however, has a LOT of cool and fun stuff loaded into it for Goal Setting and Acquisition.

You’ll be learning not just about that, but how to USE it to CAUSE your goals to happen.

No one has taught about the context of goal acquisition.

No one. Ever. Not one guru or academic ever found this essential. 10 years from now everyone will teach this. They’ll teach it in schools, in the workplace. But today I’ve shared only an inkling with the public.

IMPORTANT: The program also comes with a 180-page manual on PDF on a separate disc so you’ll see a total of 14 discs when you open your program.

Use the manual. In full.

The manual helps you organize your thinking, utilize crucial strategies of this Comprehensive Goal Attainment System.

  • Acquisition! The Comprehensive Goal Attainment System It would be difficult to not use the manual at the end of the day and still get what you want from the program.
  • I set out to create a program where each CD is worth the price of the entire program.
  • I developed the program in such a way that even if you have sat down to dinner with me and we’ve talked about some of these tools, you’d still be ravenous in devouring Acquisition! and putting it to work for you. The program, as you can see, is the product of an enormous amount of work. But that wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t amazingly true to its billing. USE this program UNTIL…you have what you want. There will come a point when it will be internalized and written into your Passive Goal Guidance System.

Acquisition will retail in the store for $599.

You can order this program online now, saving $200 and be the first to have Acquistion: The Comprehensive Goal Attainment Program for for only $399!

This program will not be priced lower this year. Probably never.

The value is perhaps the best value I’ve ever offered.

This is the most important personal development program I’ve ever developed.

This is fun and epitomizes power!

You get what you want…finally.

Grab your copy now!

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  • If this occurs, kindly be patient. Our technical department will process the link shortly, and you will receive notifications directly via email. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
What Shipping Methods Are Available?
  • You will receive a download link in the invoice or in YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • The course link is always accessible. Simply log in to your account to download the Acquisition Goal Attainment System – Kevin Hogan course whenever you need.
  • You can study online or download the content for better results, making it accessible from any device. Ensure your system does not go to sleep during the download process..
How Do I Track Order?
  • We promptly update the status of your order following your payment. If, after 7 days, there is no download link provided, the system will automatically process a refund..
  • We love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to email us with any comments, questions and suggestions.


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