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The “Silent Seduction” Advanced Tactics Team…

Now if you’re some guy who’s already a smooth talker who never runs out of interesting things to say and can go on and one while hot women sit eagerly by, hanging on your every word, well then this isn’t for you!

When I first started the “Silent Seduction” training, I organized a follow-up session a year later to track my student’s progress and I was blown away by the results.

Men who were never getting laid were now getting regular sex, men who had previously had “a little” success were now getting double, even triple the hookups and a fair share of men had found really hot girlfriends. One guy was even dating two girls at the same time! And here are a few of my favorite success stories…

  • Awesome Success Story #1: A guy we call “The Don” because he’s a big, overweight Italian guy, was able to bed a “Miss Kentucky” contestant and won my “Hottest Girl” competition for this year.
  • Awesome Success Story #2: A guy named Evan had fucked every single girl in his office except for one, who was his boss’s wife. They all knew about it and they all fought to be the center of his attention!
  • Awesome Success Story #3: A guy, named Jose, who we call the “Latin Stallion” was having so much sex that he practically REFUSED to sleep with a girl unless she brought one of her friends into bed with her.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the system was so powerful that the men who used it were experiencing some “side effects.”

And to be honest, I had dealt with the many issues myself. I’ll tell you something… rich people always say, “the more money you get the more problems you’ll have” and the same thing is true for women. The more pussy you get, the more high quality problems you’ll need to know how to deal with.

I’m specifically talking about problems like…

  • Women becoming totally obsessed with you
  • Women getting insanely jealous of other girls you’re fucking
  • Women calling and texting you too much
  • Keeping your harem of women horny and ready to fuck all the time
  • Fucking and dating multiple women at once
  • Fucking a girl’s hot female friends or co-workers and other “advanced scenarios”

And that’s just a taste.

So to give my clients the ultimate “advanced toolbox” to handle the MONSOON of pussy that had suddenly started flooding into your life, I spent six months developing a program I call“Advanced Seduction And Persuasion Tactics” or A.S.A.P for short.

This advanced training is ONLY available to existing members of my “Silent Seduction” training, which is why I’m telling you about it today. This training is a MUST HAVE for any man who is looking to have sex with a lot of women or a man who eventually wants to settle down in a relationship or man who wants to hookup with those “super hot” women, because the truth is, the hotter the girl, the more drama she’s going to bring.

And let me clarify, when I said this is an “advanced” training, I don’t mean that it’s complicated or confusing. It’s “advanced” because of how powerful it is and how quickly and easily it will give you control over women (even multiple women at the same time).

Let Me Tell You Exactly What You’ll Be Able To Do With These Advanced Tactics…

You’ll discover how to…

  • Command A Harem Of Women And Keep Your Girls In Check“Silent Seduction” will get you so much pussy that there may be a literal hoard of women texting you for sex. These girls will create drama to get your attention, try to make your life hell and even ditch you if you don’t handle the situation correctly. The good news is that keeping these girls under your control is easy. Magic will tell you EXACTLY what to do to these women at EXACTLY the right time to make them do exactly what you want and keep your drama free!
  • Home-Made Porn Movies And Sexy Photos, On Demand!Wouldn’t you rather be the guy in those porn movies who’s fucking the hot girls than watching them? Using this trick, you photograph and film all your conquests, so you can even go back and watch them years later or trade them with your friends or other guys who use Magic’s system.

    As an added bonus, many girls get VERY turned on and promiscuous when you bring a camera into the bedroom, so expect her to go ALL OUT, dropping all her inhibitions and doing the most wild things you can think of.

    Magic will give you his simple, step-by-step system to make this happen SMOOTH and without resistance. You’ll be blown away at how even ”good girls” secretly crave this.

  • The Power Reversal Technique To Make Her Your Sex SlaveWhile studying for a psychology degree, Magic discovered a shocking technique to turn any girl into your eager sex slave and have her loving you for it.

    This works by activating a deep desire within every woman to become submissive and subservient and its shockingly EASY to do! All it takes is just 3 simple steps you can QUICKLY have total command over her emotions, desires and even her physical responses.

    Magic has used this to make girls bring him lavish gifts in return for sex, let him drive their expensive luxury cars and even give him money. They also give him surprise sexual favors in the most wild times and places imaginable, clean his house floor-to-ceiling in sexy costumes and lingerie and much more!

    One of Magic’s clients even used this trick to get a semi-famous celebrity to literally give him her credit card to use “sugar momma” style, take him out shopping, let him drive her Mercedes C-Class convertible and even pay his rent all while he fucks other girls!

  • Make Two Girls Fuck You At The Same Time: Advanced Secrets To Threesomes, Foursomes and More!At one point, Magic got bored with “regular sex” and decided he would ONLY have sex if there were two or more girls were naked on his bed begging him to fuck them. He developed a sneaky trick to get two girls fucking you at the same time FAST and EASY and it works almost every time you use it… even if it’s your very first time!

    He developed three unique ways to make a threesome happen that ANY guy can use. You can use it to…

    • Fuck two girls you just met that night…
    • Fuck two different girls you’re currently dating…
    • Fuck a girl and her roommate…
    • Fuck two strippers from a strip club (yes, without paying a dime for it)

    PLUS: how to find a second or third girl off the internet or at secret, underground sex parties to join you and how to sell it in a way that will turn girls on and get them eager to join your group sex sessions rather than getting “creeped out” or turned off by your invitations.

  • The “Three Way Relationship”This shit is SUPER advanced and the stuff LEGENDS are made of. Magic will give you his simple method for dating two hot girls together in the SAME relationship, where you’re having threesome together every night or watching two smoking hot girls go at it while you relax and watch or even COMMAND them what to do with each other.

    Imagine a relationship in which you’d the same stuff you’d normally do with a girlfriend like go to the movies or dinner or go on vacation, but you’ve got TWO hot women on your arms, crawling for your attention.

    This won’t just turn heads everywhere you go… every restaurant… every bar… every party, it will turn you into a literal pussy magnet. You will catch women out with their boyfriends, married women, and teenage girls out with their family all UNCONTROLLABLY staring at you when they see how much pussy you command!

    TRUST ME, women will literally approach you, flirt with you and hand you their number once they see how in-demand you are.

  • Make Her Hot Female Friends Fuck YouMost men make the mistake of assuming if you ask a girl to “recruit” her female friends to fuck you that she’ll get offended or pissed off. But NOT if you do ask in the right way.

    Using this INGENIOUSLY smart trick, you can convince any girl it’s “totally fine” for you to sleep with her friends and even get her to hook you up with them. It will be like a fun psychological game where she becomes DETERMINED to help you get her friends into bed.

    This will get you an ENDLESS STREAM of easy pussy, because if you’re already sleeping with a girl then you know she’s telling ALL her friends about you. They probably already hear tons about you and think you’re an attractive guy. All you need is for her to open the doors for you and give her friends the “green light” to fuck you and will happen lightning fast.

  • Truth Serum: Make Any Women Tell You The TRUTH…The Ejection Switch: Ditch And Dump Girls Like A PROIf you get bored of your girl or just want more free time to fuck hotter girls, you MUST cut things off with her using Magic’s “Ejection” technique to make sure you don’t set off her “crazy switch.”

    By following this simple formula, you can easily AVOID all the obsessive phone calls and insane women waiting outside your house in the dark… full blow stalkers, restraining orders, police… your professional life… your health… things you do NOT want.

    One of Magic’s clients even got fired from his job because his ex was angry he dumped her. Another guy had his house broken into by a stalker. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS. That’s why Magic is going to show you the easy way to keep the crazy chicks out for good, while keeping the “psychological door” open in her mind just in case you decide you want to go back and fuck her again later some time.

  • Truth Serum: Make Any Women Tell You The TRUTH…Women lie A LOT. Plain and simple. They lie about fucking other men, how many guys they’ve banged, ex-boyfriends, STDs, pregnancies and more. Using this simple and incredibly sneaky trick, you can get a woman to tell you anything – even things she would normally never tell anyone. This trick is criticalbecause your life and health may depend on it! You DO NOT want STDs, unwanted kids or a girl who lies out of her teeth about everything.
  • Protect Yourself: How To Deal With Jealous Girls, Drama, Crazy Women, Gold Diggers And More…Magic reveals his pimp-like technique for taking total control over jealous and crazy women, plus a simple test to reveal if she’s a gold digger, a drama queen or has bad intentions or will try to take your money.

    Magic nearly had his entire life savings wiped out by his ex-wife, only to find out she had secretly been married before and done the SAME THING to another guy. He developed his “Fort Knox” security method to prevent any threat and defend himself from greedy and ill-intentioned women who are out to screw men over.

  • “Cheat Proof” Your Sex Life…Put and end to women who cheat or leave you FOR GOOD! This simple 3-step process will allow you to instill a level of loyalty and commitment in a girl that isso strong, it will stop her from talking to and even thinking about other men. If a guy tries to make a move on your girl, he will be met with ice-cold silent and a hand in his face. You can relax and live life with absolutely peace-of-mind and confidence, knowing that you will never have to check another girls’ email, Facebook or text messages again to see if she’s doing anything behind yourback.
  • NEW! – Stop Other Men From Using “Silent Seduction” To Steal Or Fuck Your Girls…Protect against other men who may try to use “Silent Seduction” on your girl (or other manipulation techniques) and even how ruin other men for her so she can’t even look at another guy without thinking of you…

    If there’s one thing you’ve learned today is how damn powerful “Silent Seduction” is in the hands of a man who wants to control women. No doubt you might be worried other men will try to use this to fuck your girls! Stay one step ahead of them and rest easy at night with this secret technique that will defend against any man who tries to fuck you girls – even if he’s using the “Silent Seduction” himself!

And that’s just a taste of what you’re going to learn in Magic’s “A.S.A.P Advanced Training.”

I knew these secrets would give the men using Magic’s “Silent Seduction” system a huge boost and more power and control over women, so you can get laid when you want with zero effort and zero bullshit.

Because getting tons of pussy should be FUN, not a headache!

Get Advanced Seduction And Persuasion Tactics – Magic Leone, Only Price 62$

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