Affiliate Marketing Monsters – Adam Snyder



Affiliate Marketing Monsters – Adam Snyder


What if you could make money while you slept? What if you could earn a full-time income from things you did weeks or even months ago? Would a business model like this interest you at all?

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Affiliate Marketing Monsters

Build Your Online Business And Create Sustainable Passive Income, All Through The Power Of Affiliate Marketing!

What if you could make money while you slept? What if you could earn a full-time income from things you did weeks or even months ago? Would a business model like this interest you at all?

Does this sound like something you want to learn?

Working 40 hours a week and still not having enough money to do the things you want…Does this sound familiar?

Heck, all you want is to be able to afford the things you want in life, right? That’s not too much to ask!

Unsure how to make money online? Don’t worry about how to make money online, this course will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. If you are new to online business or affiliate marketing, then you are in luck because this course covers everything from beginner to more advanced tactics.

Frustrated with all the conflicting information online? I was in your shoes many years ago as well and all the information out there creates information overload. Inside this course you won’t have information overload. This course is completely laid out so that you can easily transition from one module to the next without questions or concerns. Not only that, but I show you the methods that are working today and ones that I am currently using for my own business.

Now, does this sound like a course you NEED to be taking? If so, don’t wait enroll today!

What You Get When You Join:

  •  Access to 13 modules and over 5 Hours Of Affiliate Marketing Material
  •  Full Access to the Private Facebook Group – Join The Conversation
  •  A complete step-by-step system teaching you how to build a loyal tribe of followers on social media with a heavy emphasis on YouTube
  •  Learn exactly how to run an entire online affiliate business on auto-pilot
  •  Uncover the secrets to creating affiliate offers nobody will turn down.
  •  Get my expert tips on creating and building a thriving email list.
  •  How to 10X your affiliate income quickly.
  •  How I utilize Facebook and YouTube for MASSIVE profit’s.
  •  Unlimited One-On-One email support
  •  Stop wasting your time watching videos and reading blog posts about how to get started. Save your time and follow a proven system!

Do you want to make money through Facebook Marketing? I show you how.

Do you want to do affiliate marketing with Amazon? I show you how to do that as well.

Maybe you want to make money on YouTube. I show you my exact strategies and why they work so well.

I take your hand and walk you through this mountain of information. If you ever wondered how people make $10,000, $25,000, and even $50,000+ per month, then I am about to reveal those exact strategies.

Don’t wait a second longer, checkout all the modules inside the course below.

This course has more information inside of it than most other courses online. You are paying less for this course than most other courses as well. In addition to that, I am here to help you climb to the top.

Grab your copy of this course TODAY!


As a student of my course I provide One-on-one email support to the best of my ability. My ultimate goal with this course is to help everybody that takes it make money online. Whether you are new to online business or have been doing this for years, I give you my full support. Once inside you will be able to directly email me for my full support, so don’t pass this up.


I make no guarantees that students enrolled in this course will make money through affiliate marketing. I do my best to teach you every aspect of affiliate marketing, but every student works at their own pace and has different results, therefore, your success depends on your motivation and drive to become successful.

By purchasing this course you agree to those terms and you acknowledge that past results don’t guarantee future income.

Refund Policy:

I offer a 100% money back guarantee with my affiliate marketing course. This refund policy is a 15 day policy. Refunds will only be given to students who have consumed less than 15% of the course materials. This policy ensures that students are not just buying this course to get all the information and then asking for a refund without ever putting in the work. Yes, affiliate marketing takes time to build up to $10,000+ per month, so don’t expect it to happen on day 1. Refunds will not be given for purchases made using a discount code.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction : Welcome To Affiliate Marketing Monsters

  • Welcome – Who Am I? (1:57)
  • What This Course Is NOT (4:11)
  • My Goal With Every Student (2:57)
  • Resources I Use
  • My HOTTEST Converting Funnel (7:50)
  • Private Facebook Group

Module 1: Choosing An Affiliate Network

  • My Favorite Affiliate Marketing Networks (5:19)
  • Choosing Your Niche (5:15)
  • High Dollar Affiliate Offers (8:19)
  • Most Profitable Affiliate Niches (14:26)

Module 2: Create The Schedule

  • You Need A Schedule (3:41)

Module 3: YouTube Traffic

  • Common Misconceptions Regarding YouTube & Video (6:43)t
  • How To Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribes Quickly (7:35)
  • Sample Of My YouTube Review Videos (2:29)
  • Examples Of Affiliate Marketing On YouTube (6:37)
  • My Exact Strategy For Doing SEO On YouTube (9:37)
  • How I Retarget Viewers On YouTube (7:40)

Module 4: FREE Facebook Traffic

  • Examples Of Quality Facebook Pages (7:21)
  • How To Get FREE Facebook Traffic (9:21)
  • How To Craft A Profitable Facebook Post (13:36)
  • Free Way To Build A Facebook Pages Following (6:30)
  • Tricky Way To Increase Facebook Group Following (5:41)

Module 5: Running Facebook Ads For Maximum Profit

  • Live Example Of My Personal Facebook Ad Campaign (13:51)
  • Examples Of Good And Bad Facebook Ads (11:08)
  • How To Get Facebook Likes For Less Than $0.01 Per Like (10:57)
  • How To Split-Test And Optimize Facebook Ads Correctly (7:44)
  • My Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategy (4:48)

Module 6: Instagram Mastery

  • How To Create The Perfect Instagram Bio (3:37)
  • Tricks To Increase Instagram Followers (12:02)
  • How The $1.80 Instagram Growth Strategy Works (7:14)
  • How To Create Professional Looking Instagram Posts Quickly (5:33)
  • Another Way To Increase Instagram Followers (14:25)

Module 7: The Beauty Of A Blog

  • Review Blog Examples (9:54)
  • How To Rank Your Website Quickly In Google (10:37)
  • How To Quickly Build A Free Website (8:42)
  • Examples Of High Converting Copywriting That Sells (8:58)
  • The Anatomy Of The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Website (8:50)
  • My Personal Affiliate Website (8:06)

Module 8: Email Marketing Mastery

  • Which Email Marketing Service Providers Are The Best (6:50)
  • How To Create Your FREE Gift (6:30)
  • How To Create The Perfect Sales Funnel (9:44)
  • How I Make High Converting Sales Funnels (7:36)
  • How To Get Email Subscribers (7:20)
  • How To Increase Email Subscribers Through PPC (11:34)
  • Email Marketing Pro Tips
  • How I Get Paid To Collect Email Addresses (9:02)

Module 9: 10X Your Affiliate Income

  • 10X Your Income – Advanced Strategies (8:19)
  • Make People WANT To Buy Through Your Affiliate Links (12:00)
  • Recurring Affiliate Marketing Offers (7:05)
  • How To Make Money From A FREE Guide (6:55)
  • How To Get Floods Of Traffic From Reddit (7:57)
  • How To Get Mass Traffic Through Guest Posts (11:32)

Module 10: Where To Start

  • My Quick Start Method (18:00)

Module 11: Outsourcing Your Business

  • What My Virtual Assistants Do (6:30)
  • Hiring A Virtual Assistant (5:36)

Module 12: How To Make Even More Money

  • How To Make My Affiliate Business Run On Autopilot (9:30)
  • Setting Up Your Lead Capture With A Killer Upsell (7:28)

Module 13: My Final Thoughts

  • Final Thoughts (3:36)

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