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If you said yes to any of these questions then you’ve landed in the perfect spot, and i’m going to share with you the exact method I used to create a super successful art printable shop that sky-rocketed my ‘passive income’ earnings into the £1000’s in just 8 short months and free’d me from having to hand over ALL my time to a boss just to pay the bills!



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Welcome To Art Printables On Etsy!

Discover How To Grow A Successful Art Printable Business On Etsy And Start Bringing In Passive Income Each And Every Month!


"It's Time To Turn Your Etsy Shop Into A Thriving Passive Income Business!"

Discover how to create a super successful art printable etsy shop, in just 8 short weeks, that’ll bring you £100’s in ‘passive income’ each month even if you have no online selling skills, tech experience and limited spare time!


Who Is A Passive Income Art Printable Business Perfect For?

  • Are you sick and tired of wasting your valuable time everyday, working for someone else just to pay the bills?
  • Are you scared that you’ll be stuck working 9-5 for the rest of your life just to afford the lifestyle you want?
  • Are you tired of seeing entrepreneurs making CRAZY ‘passive’ income online, whilst your tirelessly working away to make ‘just enough’?
  • Can you imagine how you would feel if ‘YOU’ finally had a proven step by step approach to creating your own passive income business, so you could finally sit back, enjoy life and know you’re automated income stream is paying YOU each and every month!

The Solution!

If you said yes to any of these questions then you’ve landed in the perfect spot, and i’m going to share with you the exact method I used to create a super successful art printable shop that sky-rocketed my ‘passive income’ earnings into the £1000’s in just 8 short months and free’d me from having to hand over ALL my time to a boss just to pay the bills!


"I am an Etsy Shop owner. I sell Handmade Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers.

I was looking for a way to expand my product range, I wanted to sell Printable Party Games and Signs, for Baby Showers and Bridal Showers.

I opened my second shop and started to sell my games. I had some success but knew that if I wanted to continue to grow, I would need to learn about branding, marketing and promoting my shop!

I have followed Laura on her YouTube Channel EvaKnows from the start, I find her content informative, and I love how motivating she is.

When Laura announced her course, I was super excited for her as I knew she would be awesome at creating and running a digital course.

I signed up and I am so pleased I did!

Although I have been selling on Etsy for a couple of years, I have learnt so much from the course. I now have a vision of how I would like my shops to look, the customers I want to target.

I know HOW I'm going to market my shops…

Most importantly I now know, I have the capacity to make Etsy my full time income, and I see my shop as a brand, which has boosted my confidence.

I would not hesitate to sign up for this course!

The course is thorough, easy to follow, has plenty of resources, and the extra content and support given in the Facebook group is really valuable"

– Georgina AllenStudent on the 'Art Printables On Etsy' Course

How I Built A Successful Passive Income Business With Art Printables From Scratch!

From £0 to £10,000 in 18 months!

Hey, I’m Laura Dezonie and I help budding online entrepreneurs find ways to build fun, achieveable and super profitable online ‘passive income’ streams that help them jump-start their way to financial freedom on my blog!

For the last 18 months I’ve been building a successful art print business that now consistently brings me in ‘passive’ income each month and has grown to include physical drop-ship art prints that I now sell on Amazon aswell!

In just over a year i’ve made over £10,000+ from selling art prints online using a simple but super effective sales funnel that runs on auto-pilot to bring me passive income each and every month.

*Sounds pretty smooth huh!*

* I receive Etsy payments that flow into my bank account each week to help me pay my bills, grow my savings and put towards my financial future!*

I love being the happy owner of a low maintenance online business that brings me in consistent passive income each and every month!

I truly thank my past self everyday for having the courage to step out of my comfort zone and create it so that I can enjoy the benefits of it now.

My successful art printable Etsy shop is my own personal proof that I CAN achieve my passive income goals, I CAN learn the skills it takes to make money online and that i’m doing something truly awesome for my financial future that will support me and my loved ones in the long run.

And creating it has been a life-changing journey that’s shifted my mindset and set me on a non-stop full steam ahead path to financial freedom!

But I want to be 100% honest with you here for a sec…

When I ‘started’ my little passive income journey just over 18 months ago, things were no where near as easy as they now sound!

For the first 6 months after I set-up my art printable business I was stuck in an endless rut of trying everything and anything I possibly could to grow my Etsy traffic and make art printable sales with literally ZERO results!

Get Art Printables on Etsy – EvaKnows, Only Price $77

These Were The Results Of All My Hardwork!

I spent way too much of my time scouring the internet for any hint of guidance on how to build a successful Etsy businesssell art printables and make passive income online and I went round and round in circles madly trying random tricks, hacks and ‘miracle solutions’ that in the end just took up more and more of my precious time but did NOTHING to improve my passive income results!

After 6 long and devastating months of trying to make more than a handful of art printable sales in my failing Etsy shop, I was facing the hugely disappointing question of whether I should give up my passive income goals and accept that ‘I’ just couldn’t make it work.

I was burnt out, broke and utterly ashamed to admit my passive income dreams might just be unachievable like everyone else thought!

"Ohh yes, this was me in my little home office late at night!"

I can’t even tell you how low I felt 6 months in from pursing my online income goals.

And honestly I never want you to have to feel that overworked, overwhelmed and disappointed whilst pursuing yours!

I remember, I pretty much stayed up all night on that rubbish day when I nearly let go of my passive income dreams for good.

I stepped away from my struggling Etsy shop, my empty bank account and all the blogs and videos i’de gathered that promised me Etsy success if I just did this ONE thing that all the Top Sellers did!

And I really took a clear look at what the heck I was doing and WHY I just wasn’t seeing the results that everyone else seemed to achieve overnight!

Ok lets be really honest here, because we’re here to build a real achievable passive income stream that actually WORKS 

When I take a cold, hard and realistic look back at everything I was doing in the first 6 months of growing my art printable Etsy shop, it’s pretty easy to see exactly where I was going wrong.

I spend 70% of my spare time (that SHOULD of been focused on scaling my online business), searching tirelessly over the internet for tips, tricks and hacks that I believed would spontaneously sky-rocket my Etsy business to success and the other 30% haphazardly applying them with no focus, no forethought and zero understanding of HOW any of these ‘miracle solutions were meant to work together to grow my shop!

Well I want to tell you the TRUTH right here and now…

There is no ONE miracle hack out there that’s going to suddenly give you a successful profitable art printable business that works on auto-pilot to make passive income each month!

You’ll never find it, it doesn’t exist… and it’s totally wasting your time to look!

"I really hope your reaction to this 'startling' news is not as CRAZY as this!"

What really causes an online passive income business (of any kind) to grow and flourish instead of flip and flop and just flail about…

Is if it’s creator uses a clear, concise step by step method to put in place ALL of the essential elements that are needed to set it up, drive in traffic, make sales and have it run on auto-pilot so it has everything it needs to support itself and grow!

Once I realized that I needed to stop fogging my mind up with random ‘tricks’ that other Etsy sellers had used (within a whole structure) to reach their Etsy success and trying to implement them in my own shop with NO understanding of what they would do.

I sat down, took out a paper and pen and started to layout EVERYTHING my Etsy shop would need to attract the RIGHT kind of customers and really make sales!

I then went right back to the drawing board, ripped my existing Etsy shop apart and started all over again following a strategic and step-by-step process to build a low maintenance art printable business that’s customer focused, SEO ready and equipped with awesome traffic funnels that bring me sales on auto-pilot each month!

In just 12 months of taking this new approach, I built my little art printable business to levels far beyond what I envisioned when I started out.

In 2018!

I sold over 670+ prints on Etsy, expanded to drop-ship physical products, opened an Amazon shop and made over £10,000+ in passive income from sales.

I’ve most importantly learned some awesome life-changing online business skills that I can carry with me into any other online business that I want to pursue, and i’ve got the confidence in myself to go out and expand my passive income GOALS knowing I will succeed!

And it’s truly been worth all the time and effort I put in to make it work!
(P.S in 2019 I was also able to continue growing and expanding my art printable business plus create and experiment with additional online income streams using the exact skills I teach you on this course to bring in EVEN more income! Yay)

That's why I adore digital product businesses… Because once they're set up and making sales you can let them run… and you have your time back to do what YOU want!

Get Art Printables on Etsy – EvaKnows, Only Price $77

What Having A Passive Income Etsy Shop Looks Like!

  • Imagine if you had an online business that made you £100’s/£1000’s in passive income each and every month.
  • Imagine if you had a successful Etsy business that you could scale to make you as much monthly income as you want.
  • Imagine if you could finally gain the skills and confidence to know that your passive income goals were 'achievable' and worth all your effort after all.
  • And imagine how amazing it would feel to know that ‘you’ve’ created an income stream that will support you and your financial future year in, year out!

I know what it’s like to go it alone and try to piece together a rickety patchwork Etsy shop that’s missing HUGE holes in it’s foundations which causes it to buckle every time.

It’s not fun, it’s not effective and it’s such an unnecessary energy and time suck when you should be using your precious hours to set-up an online business that REALLY WORKS!

I never want anyone to go through the disappointment and frustration that I had to when I tried to go it alone for the first 6 months.

I want you to have clear steps to take, a proven strategy to follow and an awesome resource that you can visit again and again as your business grows and flourishes…

So that you never feel stressed, overwhelmed or unfocused as you build your successful Etsy shop from the ground up!

This is why I created the Art Printables On Etsy Course!

So You Can…

  • Discover the REAL strategy for creating a successful art printable business
  • Understand EXACTLY why applying ‘miracle hacks’ to grow your Etsy business NEVER works!
  • Learn the ESSENTIAL steps you need to take to grow your passive income each month
  • And find an awesome art printable ‘micro-niche’ that ENSURES you make consistent sales!

"Ohh yeh, that's the type of passive income stream that's really worth creating!"

This Awesome ‘Art Printable On Etsy' Course Includes…

The Art Printables on Etsy (32 Tutorial Videos) Course –

(Worth $250)

Art Printables On Etsy Booster Resources (Workbook, Cheatsheet + Planner) –

(Worth $60)

Plus A Social Bonus…

Access to the Exclusive ‘Art Printables on Etsy' Facebook group where i’ll be hanging out to answer your questions and guide you as much as I can!

(Worth $100)

That’s a total value of $410 for everything this course contains!

Thats $410!

But… that’s not what you’re going to pay today!

In fact, you’re not even going to pay half of that!

When you join today you’re going to get COMPLETE access to the course + all of the bonuses listed here for just…

Here Are Just A Few Of The Awesome Goodies Included In This Course!

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a secure payment page so you can enter you’re details and jump straight into the ‘Art Printables On Etsy’ Course right now!


Get Art Printables on Etsy – EvaKnows, Only Price $77

Course Curriculum

WELCOME! – Let's Get Motivated!

  • Welcome! Start Here (3:53)
  • How To Stay Motivated On Your Etsy Journey! (4:38)
  • Lets Get Our Mindset Ready To Go!
  • Download The Course Checklist To Follow Along!

Lets Get Prepped – What You'll Need To Complete The Course!

  • Read This! – Join The Art Printables On Etsy Facebook Group here!
  • Lets Take The First Step! – Setting Up Your Etsy Account! (5:48)
  • The Most Important Tool You'll Need – A Graphic Design Program (5:56)

Module 1: Lets get started! – The Basics!

  • How To Find The Perfect 'Micro-Niche' For Your Art Printables (11:44)
  • How To Source Amazing Graphics For Your Art Printables + Branding (6:29)
  • How To Design An Etsy Shop Brand Your Audience Will Love! (15:34)

Module 2: Lets Get Creative – Creating Your Art Printables!

  • What Makes A SUPER Sellable Art Printable? (8:23)
  • Creating A Super Sellable Art Printable! (11:36)
  • How To Add YOUR Fonts To Canva (2:27)

Module 3: Lets Get Set Up! – Creating An Etsy Shop Your Audience Will Love!

  • The BASICS To Branding Your Etsy Shop! (2:12)
  • How To Create The Most Important Brand Element In Your Shop! – Etsy Banner (9:43)
  • How To Create A Super On Brand Shop Icon! (3:55)
  • 2 Easy Ways To Create Stunning Art Printable Listing Photos! + Should You Use Mockups? (20:39)
  • Why You Need Your Own Domain Name!

Module 4: Lets Get Organic – How To Master Your Etsy SEO!

  • Introduction: How to Master Etsy SEO in 1 Module! (6:08)
  • Marmalead – How To Find Kick-Ass Keywords That Bring You Art Printable Sales! (18:39)
  • How To Use EtsyRank To Source Your Niche Keywords (6:08)
  • WHERE To Add SEO In Your Etsy SHOP! (7:36)
  • Etsy Promotions – Are they worth it?

Module 5: Lets Get Stocked – Filling Up Your Inventory!

  • How To List Your Art Printables On Etsy! (15:40)
  • How To Write A Listing Description That Super Converts!
  • How To Layout Your Etsy Shop To Make Sales
  • How To Experiment With Your SEO Without Loosing Traffic and Sales! (10:36)

Module 6: Lets Get Proactive – You Need To Drive Your Own Traffic!

  • Why Do You Need External Traffic? (4:15)
  • How Pinterest Can drive CRAZY Traffic to Your Etsy Shop + How To Set It Up! (11:32)
  • Tailwind – How To Set Up Your Pinterest Scheduler! (7:32)
  • How To Create Pinterest Pins That Convert! (8:20)
  • How To Add Your Custom Pins To Your Tailwind Schedule! (5:10)
  • How To Create A Tailwind Schedule Your Target Audience Will Love! (7:00)
  • Social Media – Create Awesome Additional Traffic And Sales Funnels!

Module 7: Lets Get Subscribers – How To Grow Your Etsy Email List On Auto-Pilot!

  • Why You Need An Email List For Your Etsy Biz! (3:26)
  • What Tool You'll Need To Grow Your Email List (3:20)
  • How To Create Opt-Ins That Grow Your Etsy Shop Audience! – creating opt-ins on Convertkit (8:42)
  • How To Grow Your Tribe On AutoPilot And Make Sales Each Month – Using Pinterest and Social Media To Promote your opt-ins (6:53)
  • Warming Up Your Email List To Make Sales! (10:33)

Module 8: Lets Get Automated – Hacks To Make Running Your Shop Even More Passive!

  • Etsy Hacks To Help Make Your Shop More Low Maintenance!

Bonus – The next step | Lets Get Physical!

  • Are You Ready To Create Physical Prints? (3:29)

Congratulations – You've done it!

  • Congratulations – You've done it! (2:38)

Get Art Printables on Etsy – EvaKnows, Only Price $77

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