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This advanced course contains everything we’ve learned over the last 6 years building two online businesses to multi-millions in revenue (over $10.8 million dollars in digital products sold to over 32,000 happy customers in 81 different countries).



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How to Find Your Million Dollar “Hidden in Plain Sight” Business Idea



How to Package Your Information into Lucrative Digital Products



How to Build Automated Marketing Funnels that Drive Sales Automatically


How to Launch Your “Automated Income” Online Business (And Break free From 9-5 Jobs Forever)



INTRODUCING: The Automated Income Machine…

The only online business training system in the world that teaches you how to launch your own “Automated Income” business in just 12 weeks.

For the first time ever, and for seven days only, we’re releasing this brand new, premium training system and community for ambitious entrepreneurs:

This advanced course contains everything we’ve learned over the last 6 years building two online businesses to multi-millions in revenue (over $10.8 million dollars in digital products sold to over 32,000 happy customers in 81 different countries).

Now you can use our step-by-step video training lessons, fill-in-the-blank templates, and private entrepreneur community to find your “big idea,” create lucrative digital products, and automate the marketing and sales of your entire business.

By the end of this 12 week course, you’ll know how to build your own online business and know exactly what steps to take to continue growing your business to 6, 7, or even 8 figures in the future.

Automated Income Machine is the only online business course in the world that takes you from no idea to near fully-automated digital product income. And perfectly prepares you to profit from the current Digital Revolution.

This is the first time we’ve ever released Automated Income Machine, and we have no plans to re-release the course within the next 6 months (or at this current special discounted enrollment fee)…

So if you’re interested in launching your own profitable online business, click the button above and enroll right now. We’ll see you in there!

Have a question or concern about the program? Read the FAQ below…

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Business Questions

“Why would people buy my product when there are literally tons of free videos on EVERYTHING on YouTube (or other websites)?”

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

People don’t buy online courses for just the information. Because you’re right, there’s lots and lots of free information out there.


There’s very little free information that’s:

1) Put together into an in-depth step-by-step training course.
2) Taught by someone who is a true expert on the topic.

And there’s one other big problem with free information:

Most people don’t value it!

That’s why a certain group of people will always be willing to pay for your information products.

These people WANT to pay money so that they don’t have to do all the research and digging online. They WANT to pay money so that they can save time and just go through a step-by-step course.

Again, this all comes down to selling value instead of your time.

People know that the internet is filled with free info. But most would rather spend $100 on a course than spend 100 hours of their time gathering, testing, and creating their own “system.”

“But isn’t there too much competition online already?”

This is a common thought, but it goes against the facts.

See, today, more people are using the internet than ever before (and the number is only growing faster and faster every year).

In the coming years, millions upon millions of new people will be going online looking for help with their problems (and looking for information on how to achieve their greatest desires in life).

That’s why there will always be room for more information based businesses to be built.

ALSO: If you’re thinking “But there are so many businesses/content creators in my market already… how can I possibly compete?”

That all comes down to having a unique perspective, market, and approach.

For instance, there are literally thousands of profitable businesses selling online courses in the fitness space. How is that possible?

Well — it’s because there are all different kinds of sub-niches within the fitness market. There are people looking to be bodybuilders, there are vegans, there are people into yoga, there are people who want to only do bodyweight exercises… and so forth.

There are ALWAYS new “areas of opportunity” in any niche, and in the course, we’ll help you find the right one to enter for your business.

Listen – If there’s anything that you take away from this free training series, make it adopting the mindset that getting started building your business as soon as possible is the single-greatest way to nearly guarantee your success.

There’s an old saying: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

Don’t make the mistake of saying you’ll “do it later.”

Instead, take action and enroll today and start building your own online business so that 20 years from now… you can look back on this day as the turning point in your life.

We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you reach success.

“What if you make a digital product and release it but nobody ever sees it or purchases it? How do you get customers, especially without starting out with a big following from something like YouTube?”

Great question – This is a key piece of what we teach in the course.

There are two primary ways to attract an audience (and drive traffic) online:

1) Paid Advertising
2) Organic Content Marketing

In the course, we focus primarily on the 2nd option: Organic Content Marketing.

That’s because it allows you to launch your business for “free.” You don’t have to risk money on things like Facebook ads.

In the course, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to build “lead magnets” (and put together a simple funnel – including an optin page to collect email subscribers) so that you can build a targeted audience for free.

Yes – we were able to benefit from having a huge audience on YouTube when we launched our first courses, but you’re missing the point:

We started out with nothing. No audience. No money. No special skills.

That’s how you know our strategies can work for you even if you’re starting from zero just like we were.

We estimate the majority of our new students will be starting out with no email list (or big social media following), and that’s exactly what we had in mind when we built this course.

We’ve got you covered. Yes – it will take work. But thousands upon thousands of successful online businesses were started by people in your same situation. It all comes down to getting started now.

“How much time do I have to dedicate to this to be successful?”

As much time as you want. That’s the beauty of Automated Income Machine.

Our goal with this course is to give you the structure, information, and tools you need to build an online business that can fully replace even the most high-paying of 9-5 jobs.

But if you want to start out building your business in your free time (even if that’s just 5 hours a week) then go for it!

Sure, you’ll advance quicker by investing more time and effort into building your business, but it’s always better to build some momentum than to put it off and wait for the “perfect time.” Because sadly, that perfect time will never happen.

You can start building your business in your free time… whether that’s after work/school… or even on the weekends.

Eventually, your business income will start overshadowing that of your day job. And that’s when you should start dedicating a serious amount of time to it.

“What if I’m just plain lazy and unmotivated?”

Contrary to popular belief, “working harder” is not what solves lifestyle problems… and it’s not what makes top performers achieve more.

Look around, there are plenty of people who work very hard – yet, they aren’t living the life they want. You don’t need to “work hard.” You need to work smart.

You need a step-by-step system that gives you the exact information you need to succeed. And that’s what you’ll get inside Automated Income Machine.

Course Questions

“What if I don’t have an idea for my business? Or a passion?”

Don’t worry – this is very common.

In reality, everyone has a passion (or hobbies and interests) that they can use to build a successful online business.

In fact, finding this “hidden in plain sight” business idea is what we’re best at. Just wait until you go through this section of the course…

You absolutely do NOT need an idea to join Automated Income Machine. In fact, it might even be better if you don’t have an idea yet, because we’ll make sure that your idea is primed for success (instead of setting you off on the wrong path).

“What if I don’t have tons of money to invest into my business?”

Lots of people think that the key to success in business is starting out with tons of money to “burn” on things like marketing and advertising.

This is absolutely not the case.

In fact, we started our first business without having ANY money to spend on paid advertising.

We built an email list of over 100,000 subscribers, a YouTube channel of over 2.7 million subscribers, and many other valuable online assets without spending a SINGLE PENNY on advertising.

When you learn the right way to approach online business, everything starts to “fall into place.”

Then, down the road, when your business is successful, you can worry about re-investing some of your income back into your business to grow it at a faster and faster pace.

“What if I have no experience with digital products, online business or marketing?”

If you knew all that… what would you need The Automated Income Machine for?

We designed the program specifically so that it would work with first-time entrepreneurs.

Now, at the same time, the material we cover inside the course is the most in-depth, advanced, and valuable material we have ever released.

But we made sure to include content that will get you up to speed in no time, even if you’ve never dabbled in online business before.

In The Automated Income Machine we give you the “formula” for things like crafting valuable digital information products, building automated marketing funnels, and growing your online audience and influence.

It’s as simple as following our step-by-step instructions in our videos and our worksheets that give you the exact action-steps to take.

“When can I expect to make money?”

I can’t promise you a specific amount of money that you’ll make in a specific amount of time.

Frankly, no one can guarantee you a specific amount. And if someone does promise you specific financial results… you should run away from them as fast as possible.


Because I have no idea what level of experience you’re starting at. And I have no idea how much effort you’re going to put into this program. What I CAN promise you is that you truly can make 6, 7, or even 8 figures with this system.

But I can also promise you that if you purchase the program and never even spend a single hour going through the course, you aren’t going to make any money. Hopefully that’s obvious.

Like I said, this isn’t some “get rich quick” scheme. You could make more money, less money, or no money at all using our course.

It all comes down to taking action.

I’ll say it again: You DO have to put in effort if you want to see results with The Automated Income Machine.

The good news is it’s a lot easier to put in effort when you’ve got the help of a well-designed, premium step-by-step course that does the majority of the “grunt work” for you.

“A 365-day guarantee… you can’t be serious, right?”

We absolutely are.

We know what it feels like to be presented with a big opportunity like this. You’re interested, and it sounds great, but then there’s the risk: risk of losing money, risk of losing your time, and the risk of feeling embarrassed by getting “duped.”

Those are all real, legitimate worries.

That’s why I insisted on having a mind-blowingly crazy guarantee. So that you have almost no risk… and… zero reason to let that risk stop you from taking action.

Now, you can try out our system without having that feeling of “was this really a good idea?” hanging over your head.

You’ve got 365 days — a full year — to put our entire system into action… and start getting results. The only requirement we have on the guarantee is that you have to actually give the program a fair shot.

All I ask is that you actually go through the full 12 week program and do the assignments in full. Why? Because we know our system works as long as you follow our instruction.

Sound fair?

As long as you go through all the videos and do the step-by-step assignments in our worksheets, then you’re fully protected by our guarantee. Either our system works, or you pay nothing.

Enrollment Questions

“Why’s it so expensive?”

If you think the enrollment fee is expensive, then I’d ask you to consider what it would cost to learn this information first-hand, through years of trial and error like us.

Also, consider what you’d think if someone tapped you on the shoulder while you were walking on the sidewalk and said: “hey man, let me teach you how to start a successful business… I’ll even do it for free.” You’d walk away (actually, you’d probably run).

Why’s that? Because no one values free information. There’s actually a huge benefit to investing money into yourself.

The more invested you are, the more motivation you’ll have for going through and implementing the information in the program. That’s why we’re comfortable charging a reasonable price for The Automated Income Machine.

Now, if you’re worried about the “risk” of spending all this money, that’s a different story. And that’s why we have such a strong 365-day guarantee.

Either you’re absolutely THRILLED with the program, or we will promptly send you your money back — all we ask is that you first complete the full 12-week course (because we know our system works as long as you follow our formula).

Note: We are considering raising the price in the future, so if you want to lock in this special discounted enrollment fee, please make sure to enroll this week.

“Do I really have to join right now?”

This first-ever special enrollment period for The Automated Income Machine is only open for 7 days. After that, the doors close and we shift our focus to the students who chose to take action and enroll.

We have no plans for another enrollment period at any point within the next 6 months. And we’re seriously considering doubling the enrollment fee when we do so (this first period is primarily to bring on our most action-taking students so that we can get them results and have proven testimonials for the future).

So if you’re interested, you do need to join right now during this 7 day period.

We’re intentionally doing this to keep the community tight-knit, so that it provides maximum value to our students. We really only want students to join who are willing to take action, put in the work, and want to achieve serious results.

But there are also some serious benefits to enrolling right now:

By joining this week, you will get lifetime access to the entire course, community, and all of the bonuses. If we raise the price in the future (or update the course) you will not ever have to pay more… you’ll get access to all new updates for free.

“Is your website and payment processing secure? Is my information safe?”

We’ve made it a main priority to guarantee your privacy, and your information’s safety. Our website is secure, and your payment information never even touches our server. (It goes through Braintree, a trusted 3rd party payment gateway owned by PayPal.)

“What happens after I sign up?”

After you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the first week’s content. We specifically designed this as a 12-week step-by-step course, where we give you bite-sized chunks of information to consume… along with the necessary simple assignments so that taking action is not only easy… but becomes a habit.

Every week you’ll unlock more of the content (as well as the bonus courses). And by the end of the 12-weeks, you’ll have launched your own “Automated Income” online business.

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