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Automated Wholesaling Group Coaching – Joe McCall


Automated Wholesaling Group Coaching – Joe McCall

This is an advanced wholesaling training program that is all about how to literally have someone else do everything for you.



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The 10-module program consists of 37 videos and 43 audios. In addition, you’ll also receive the Automated Wholesaling Transcripts Book, the Guide Book, and the Audio Book, PLUS access to 6 LIVE monthly Q&A calls with me, access to our private online community, access to over 20 HOURS of coaching call replays, and access to purchase my software, REI Simple.
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This isn’t your regular wholesaling course.

This is an advanced wholesaling training program that is all about how to literally have someone else do everything for you. It’s about how to completely “automate” your wholesaling business.

When I was doing regular wholesaling and lease options in St Louis, I wanted to travel the world with my family. But I still felt like I was stuck in a “job” I had created for myself.

Even though I had a “team” – of an acquisitions manager, a local assistant, and several virtual assistants – I was still working way too hard.

And after marketing and everyone got paid, I was still only netting 40% – 50% of the deal.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So I listed all the steps in wholesaling a deal, from beginning to end, every little detail… and I asked myself one simple question:

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“How can I do none of this?”

In other words, “How can I get someone else to do all of this for me, in spite of me?”

And that began my journey to creating a successful “Automated Wholesaling” business.

Since then, my family and I (6 people) have been to Europe twice, for 2-3 months at a time, wholesaling deals in the US.

We have also took a 3 month RV trip around the western half of the US, wholesaling deals in 4 different markets.

How much of my wholesaling business was automated? 100% of it.

How many deals were we averaging while traveling? 2-4 deals a month… sometimes many more.

And we are still wholesaling deals today, in multiple markets down south, and we aren’t talking to any sellers or buyers. We never go see the house.

Our wholesaling business is truly “automated”.

Someone else is doing ALL the work, for us, in spite of us.

That’s why I created “Automated Wholesaling”.

Automated Wholesaling is foundational training to help you start and grow your wholesaling business. This works especially well if you are interested in not having to do everything yourself, and maybe even being able to do wholesaling deals virtually… while traveling in an RV with your family, or spending months living in Prague (like I have).

Simply put, Automated Wholesaling will empower you to build an REI wholesaling business, and be able to automate 100% of it, in spite of you.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Each Module:

Designing A Lifestyle Business – The Big Picture
We’ll start in Module 1 with designing the kind of lifestyle business you want to have. You don’t need to have a complicated business to live a very fulfilling lifestyle. We’ll start from the very beginning – what you want your life to look like. Let’s create a vision for your life, then design a business around that.
Special Interviews With Other Automated Wholesalers
Don’t just take my word for it! In Module 2, listen in as I interview other people who have actually created their own “Automated Wholesaling” business. We will take you inside their business, and you will learn exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it. You will see that it’s really not that hard. They just followed the formula and made it happen.

Understanding Systems

Having the right systems is really important. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. In Module 3, you will learn that you just have to have the right tools set up, and they’re not that expensive. We will show you how to set your systems up so that nothing falls through the cracks. Having these systems in place will ensure that you are doing more deals with fewer hassles.
Building Your Team
In Module 4, we talk about how to find, hire and train the right people. Nothing happens without the right team… and you need to know how to “delegate what you can’t automate”. We will be diving deep in how to find the right local investors to partner with, and how to find good Virtual Assistants that will take your systems and marketing and systems, and implement them.
Motivated Seller Marketing – Part 1
Module 5 is the first of two parts where we take a deep dive into marketing.
A good wholesaler understands that they are not in the real estate business. They are in the marketing business. If you don’t have consistent lead flow, you don’t have a business. I am going to show you what’s working best TODAY.
Motivated Seller Marketing – Part 2
In module 6, part 2 of our marketing series, we will be talking more specifically about how to get all your marketing “done for you, in spite of you”. I will be teaching you ninja ways to get Virtual Assistants to do a bunch of marketing for you that your competition is completely ignoring – that most people don’t even know about… in markets where there is literally no competition.
Cold Calling – Using VA’s To Do All Your Cold Calls
This is our “secret sauce.” In module 7, you will learn about our best lead source for the last several years… BY FAR. While most other investors are spending $2,000 – $5,000 in marketing per deal, we are spending an average of $500. We are going to show you the one simple tool we use to do all our cold calls, and how you can get a VA to do your cold calling for you, for $5/hour.
Making Offers & Follow Up
In module 8, we cover the #1 rule of real estate investing (Hint: It’s not Location, Location, Location. It’s Make Offers, Make Offers, Make Offers!) We will show you what systems you need so you can make offers quickly and easily… and most importantly, how to AUTOMATE your follow up (because, let’s be honest 90+% of your deals happen in the follow up).
Deeper Look at CRM’s
A good database (or CRM) is the lifeblood of the wholesaler’s business. It is really, really important that you have a good CRM that manages all your leads and doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks. It can’t be complicated or bloated; it just needs to be simple and do its job. In this module, we cover the most popular ones, and tell you the ones we recommend.
An Overview of Land Investing
Over the last few years, I have been excited about the opportunity that rural, vacant land investing has offered. In this final module, I pull back the curtain and show you exactly what we are doing in our land business. I will show you how we have flipped over 30 vacant land flips, in over 4 different states, with an average profit of $5,000. These are the easiest deals to be done virtually.
The free screening of my Automated Wholesaling Training Course only happens a couple times per year. It’s my way of giving back and sharing this information with as many people as possible.

However, if…

You’re busy during the free screening and won’t be able to watch all 10 modules, and/or you’d rather watch at your own pace so you don’t miss any information that may be critical to you.
​You want to be able to take IMMEDIATE action on this training, and want instant access to each module right away.
​You want to be able to watch over and over again for inspiration and to help keep you on track with your healing journey.
​You want offline access to the training, including physical workbooks & a manuscript of ALL the transcripts of every video in the training.
​You already know you want lifetime access to my Automated Wholesaling training, so you can have this resource forever.

Then I have a special opportunity for you…
You can get LIFETIME access to Automated Wholesaling and start watching the rest of the modules… right away.

I know that having this information could make ALL the difference in you seeing success and growth in your wholesaling business.

So when you order your copy of Automated Wholesaling today, you will be getting IMMEDIATE access so you can watch right now!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for Automated Wholesaling today…
What’s Included In Automated Wholesaling:
10 Training Modules:
Automated Wholesaling is a 10 module training, the equivalent of over 17 hours of one-on-one coaching with me. Depending on which option you choose, you can get all 10 training modules on DVD, or instant online access, or both.
Automated Wholesaling Guide Book:
This Guide Book is your daily road map. It includes EVERYTHING I go over in the training… including checklists, contracts, calculators, postcards, email swipe files, my personally-vetted Rolodex, and so much more.
Automated Wholesaling Transcripts:
All three packages include the Automated Wholesaling Transcripts Book so you can read along and highlight the information that is most important to you. Everything I teach in Automated Wholesaling is in this book.
MP3 Audio Files:
With your purchase you also get instant access to audio modules so you can listen to Automated Wholesaling on the go. Listen and learn in your car, at the gym, at the beach… anywhere you want.
And when you purchase TODAY, you’ll also receive these  AWESOME BONUSES:
Recorded Coaching Calls
Get access to well over 20 hours of some of my best previously recorded coaching calls where I answer a lot of FAQs and help some of my students evaluate deals. This is priceless, and I normally charge a minimum of $10,000 for coaching.
$1,500 value
6 LIVE Monthly Group Q&A’s
For the next six months, you get access to my private LIVE Monthly Group Q&A’s to get answers to your most pressing questions. The Live Q&As are recorded and can be watched anytime. You’ll also get access to the recordings of these calls.
$5,000+ value
Online Support Group Access
This is worth the entire cost of the course by itself! My private Facebook Group is full of motivated & successful investors, going through my training programs, and helping answer each other’s questions. You’ll also get direct access to me and my team!
$497 value
Access to REI Simple
I spent a lot of time and resources building my own proprietary REI software. I call it REI Simple, and it completely streamlines the entire process, from getting leads to accepting offers. I only offer access to my students, so you’ll get access (separate charge).

Is Automated Wholesaling for you?
The short answer is yes!

You see, this all comes from my own first hand experience, doing deals while living in Prague and traveling around in an RV, for months at a time. It also comes from countless testimonials and podcast interviews that I have done over the years with many other virtual wholesalers.

You don’t need to have a complicated business to live a very fulfilling lifestyle.

One of my students, Sean, has a great job that he doesn’t want to quit.

He wholesales on average 2-3 deals a month in a market about 500 miles away, and nets about $5,000 – $6,000 per month, after all expenses.

That’s not a ton of money… But it’s more money than he is making on his current job… and he is only working 30 minutes a week.

He’s able to pay off his debt, save for retirement, and keep the job he loves… all while ONLY working less than an hour a week.

Maybe you just want to travel around the world for several months at a time (which I have done 3 times in the last 5 years, with my family of 6).

Or maybe you want to be a self-supporting missionary, like Josh and Jess Davis, who I recently interviewed on my podcast. They’re supporting themselves in Africa, without having to raise support, virtually wholesaling 3-4 deals a month.

How crazy awesome is that?!

This is why I am so passionate about what I do.

When I first started out I had to figure it all out alone.

I created Automated Wholesaling to give you a blueprint, a place to start, and to show you that…


There has hardly been a better time to get started in real estate.

And I believe that Automated Wholesaling will give you the foundation for building a successful REI business that will help provide financial freedom for you and help you leave a legacy for those you love.

Simply put, this program will empower you take control of your situation and change your life.

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