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Note: Since it’s release in 2010, Barter Arbitrage has become the top selling, most critically acclaimed product of ALL TIME in regards to exploiting the secret trillion dollar trade industry.

It has NEVER sold for less then $294.00. But this is the final product I will ever release… read on.. because this is truly one of the most epic WSO’s ever presented at a price that is truly insane.

Barter Arbitrage 2.0 has been completely updated with even more awesome strategies

See for yourself exactly how my partner and I have turned a billion dollar industry completely on its head… and how you can take full advantage of our breakthroughs immediately!

  • Discover the trick for getting nearly anything your heart desires… at up to 85% off – luxury vacationshigh-end jewelrysporting eventsprofessional and personal servicescarsboats… you get them all for pennies on the dollar!
  • Leverage the most simple, proven strategy for generating easy consistent cash… without building websites… without setting up blogs… without creating autoresponders… or worrying about what Google is gonna do next. Google CAN’T SLAP THE BARTER INDUSTRY!

Trade is truly EVERGREEN.

  • This has NOTHING to do with any of the typical Internet Marketing “formulas” – forget all the same old junk everybody pitches you everyday… this is DIFFERENT!
  • Experience for yourself how easy it is to get involved in a low-risk, high-profit cash-cow business – one that only gets bigger and better year after year…
  • Scoop up my most highly-prized and insanely profitable secrets for ethically exploiting an ancient currency loophole and business strategy that very few people know anything about…

As you may have guessed by now… I’m describing the massive profit potential that’s waiting for you inside my secret goldmine – the Barter & Trade industry…

Specifically, I’m talking about my under-the-radar tactical money-making strategies that I call, “Barter Arbitrage“…

Now, I wouldn’t blame you one bit if the idea of “bartering” sounds about as exciting to you as watching paint dry…

It’s not your fault…

Most folks have absolutely NO CLUE about the utterly OBSCENE amount of profit sitting out there in the barter and trade business, just waiting for you to pick it up…

Forget Everything You THINK You Know About Barter…

It’s easy to be fooled by the mistaken notion that bartering is only about trading like value for like value… the fat cats running the show want you to believe that barter only works that way…

For example, “I give you A, in exchange for you giving me B…”

That type of direct barter transaction is what I less-than-affectionately call Trading Chickens For Goats

And it’s the lamest, most unimaginative, unprofitable form of barter!

That’s not what I do… not even close…

Modern barter and trade is a totally different animal…

 You’re about to discover how to make SERIOUS MONEY

 …in a secretive and totally overlooked marketplace.

In fact, by the time read every word of this letter, you will know MORE than 95% of the “experts” in this business will ever know!

Barter is now a trillion dollar business that is growing exponentially year after year…and each year it seems to get more “secret”.

Bartering & Trade as a form of commerce is actually older than money

But the business of trade has changed with the times and grown more and more advanced… right on pace with the way technology has advanced.

In fact, with the advent of the Internet, a whole world of new opportunities for profitably exploiting barter opened up – and it only gets better each year for those smart enough to take advantage…

Exploiting barter for easy cash profits may just be the last, great money making opportunity on Earth…

After all, there’s only so many ways you can slice a pie…

The Only Three Ways To Make More Money In Business

  1. You increase your number of customer
  2. You increase the frequency you sell to your customers
  3. You increase the dollar amount you sell to your customers

That’s the whole ball game in terms of sales and marketing, really…

If you increase how many customers you sell to… increase how many times they buy from you… or get more money from each transaction… you’ve done pretty much everything you can do to extract the most value out of your business.

But get this…

With the secrets of leveraging barter and trade that you’re going discover today… you’ll be able to add a new, FOURTH option to that list:

  • Sell OTHER people’s stuff… to OTHER people’s customers… …and bank 5X, 7x, even 10X profit in the process!

Most folks have never even considered that possibility – including the so-called experts in the business…

It’s a wide open market… one that only you and a small handful of people in the entire WORLD will ever have the first clue about!

“I’ve known Vinnie for years, starting on the Warrior Forum.  And even though I won’t make a cent from this recommendation (because there isn’t an affiliate program for it!), I’m telling you about it coz Vinnie’s a straight shooter – and you’ll get a FANTASTIC value for your money from this deal. – Dr. Mani


As a comparison…

Let’s take a quick look at the current reality of the marketplace for Internet Marketers, online entrepreneurs, as well as traditional small business owners:

Internet Marketing as we currently know it is DYING…

What used to work great in the past just doesn’t get the same results anymore. The market is over saturated… The web and people’s email are overrun with the results of spammy, automated software tools and push-button “autopilot” systems.

And you know what? People are getting completely fed-up with that…

 Customers are more skeptical and more cautious…

Buyers are demanding more from you now as a merchant than they ever have in the past…

More transparency… More results…. More VALUE.

Competition in the marketplace is ferocious nowadays… and when that happens, the seller with the most value wins. Period…

 Financial losses & a rotten economy have left folks hurting…

Despite whatever the marketing guru of the month has been telling you… average, everyday consumers, the normal folks living in the real world, are really feeling the pinch of tighter credit, mounting job losses, and watching their life savings disappear right before their own eyes…

People are WORRIED out there… Even the lucky ones who haven’t yet lost their job, their house, or their life savings are now holding onto their wallets with a death grip these days…

Because nobody knows what’s around the corner anymore!

Finally – Something DIFFERENT… Something UNIQUE… Something that actually WORKS For Putting Money In Your Pocket Over & Over Again…

Here’s the flat out truth of the matter…

If you’re looking for the next shiny, push-button, fully-automated, get-rich-quick overnight scheme… what I teach is definitely NOT for you…IF U ARE A A REFUND ARTIST AND TRUST ME I KNOW WHO U ARE….PLEASE DON’T BOTHER ORDERING!

There’s a few million other places online you can go for that…

But if you’re truly seeking an honest and completely legitimate way to earn serious money

…in a totally untapped and overlooked marketplace…

…in an “alternate business reality” that is unlike anything else you’ve ever tried…

…in an obscenely profitable business that can put a steady stream of income in your pocket on an ongoing basis…

…with a new skill-set that will allow you to KEEP much more of what you earn…

If that sounds like something for you… then please read on!

Barter & Trade Is The Most Overlooked, Untapped Opportunity On Earth – Online or Offline…

Making money with Barter is all about LEVERAGE…

And making money with Joint Ventures is all about leveraging other peoples resources…

I’m going to teach you my revolutionary methods of marrying the two concepts into one money making bonanza!

  • How to score big ticket, luxury items like cars, boats, and high end cosmetic surgery… for pennies on the dollar…
  • Learn my dead-simple techniques to go out tomorrow… and swipe high end products and services dirt cheap… using the power of barter!

This is probably the coolest and most fun part of the course… because it’s so easy… it’s so logical… and it works!

  • How to pluck the perfect “bribe” from the barter world and use it to score brand new luxury items for yourself or to sell for profit!

In many cases… you can pull this off without investing a dime of cash!

  • Learn how to walk into a luxury sports car dealership, hand the owner a sheet of paper printed off your computer, and walk out with a deal that pays you $1,000 cash every time someone buys! And the dealers will love you for this! No cash, no credit, or bank account required to use this explosive barter technique!

Barter Arbitrage works for just about anything!

  • Discover how I helped a well known Florida model obtain over $6000 in cosmetic dental work on barter… for what amounted to a few hundred dollars in “real money!”

You can do it too!

  • Learn how to use barter to score luxury boats that people in Florida are literally desperate to sell… and you can scoop them up for as little as 10 cents on the dollar!

Once you Know how to create barter dollars out of thin air… you can use those dollars to buy and sell the world… Along With everything in it!

  • Experience rent free living… in some of the most beautiful, million dollar vacation homes in the world… for less then it would cost you to rent a chintzy room at a Motel 6!
  • Vacation like a ROCK STAR in amazing exotic locations… for pennies on the dollar…

How about this…

There’s this exclusive, private island in Belize.. a luxury resort that golf legend Tiger Woods and Hollywood star Harrison Ford pay THOUSANDS of cash dollars to book.

This private celebrity resort is WAY too expensive for the average Joe to afford…

And YOU could be there sipping fruity drinks while soaking up the sun and swimming in that refreshing crystal blue water…

…just like an A-List movie star or a world-wide sports legend… for a few HUNDRED bucks – once you know how Barter Leverage works.

You can book an entire WEEK on an exclusive island paradise… for the same money it would cost you to stay at an average, run of the mill hotel in any major city!

Travel like a celebrity… stay in some of the most beautiful vacation homes in the world… on a college student’s budget… through the power of barter!

The current real estate depression has created an influx of gorgeous, luxurious homes and vacation getaways…
now being offered on the barter exchange

Multi-million dollar vacation properties that rent for thousands of dollars a month… are now being offered for barter dollars… which I show you how to create for next to nothing!

Here’s your chance to take advantage of the “bad economy” – enjoy these ultimate vacation experiences… for a fraction of what the rich and famous pay!

Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business Faster, Easier & Less expensively With Barter

Use the power and leverage of barter to position yourself or your business… you can look and operate like a Fortune 500 company… even if you’re dead broke.We’ve all heard the old saying, “image is everything…”

Well, you don’t have to BE a million dollar company… to LOOK like one….

Discover a devastatingly effective technique I teach that will obliterate your competition… and make you look like you have more money than Microsoft… even if you’re facing bankruptcy!

This knowledge can save your hide in troubled economic times… when it feels like everyone is pulling the rug out from under your feet!

Here’s An AMAZING Opportunity You Won’t Get Any Other Way!

I show you secret, one-stop source for obtaining advertising in the world’s most prestigious publications… like Entrepreneur MagazineThe Wall Street JournalUSA TodayThe Robb Report… for below dirt cheap prices!

And believe me… this is the one “source” the advertising and barter world pray I don’t reveal!

The fat cats have made millions of dollars with this “guy” in Las Vegas… and now you’re going to have direct access to him too! Oh yeah, he can get you tv and radio and anything else media related as well!

But it’s not just the access that important… I teach you how to take this secret source… all the way to the bank!

Consider this

A half-page 4-color advertisement in Entrepreneur Magazine costs over $50,000 cash!

I show you how to get that exact same ad… for a tenth of that price…

You get exposure that everyone else is simply priced out of… but you’ll have access!

“Anyone With A Will To Succeed Can Do This…”

“Trusting Vince’s reputation from the Internet Marketing world, I took a chance just to see what this “Barter” thing was all about, and…

Man, was I shocked!

If you are looking for a recession proof business that can put cash in your pocket from both ends of the deal, then barter is for you.

Always on the lookout for new business opportunities, this was the best new approach of 2009 I have seen and trust me when I say I see them all.

You don’t need a website, you don’t need to know how to drive traffic, heck, you don’t need to know a thing about barter, it’s all delivered on a silver platter in this course.

Anyone, and I mean anyone with a will to succeed, can do this business and make a great deal of money in the process.

Vince and Sylvia lay out a paint by numbers system that allows you to barter almost anything, they even show you numerous places to find deals you cannot find elsewhere and then turn that barter cash into the green kind all without breaking a sweat.

If you are looking for a lifetime business, then you seriously owe it to yourself to check this out.”

 “Better still…”

I’m going to show you how to “flip it” to someone else… at a dirt cheap price… but enough to put thousands of cash dollars in your pocket!

And it wont cost you a dime out of pocket!

I’ve got your attention NOW, don’t I?

Grab a full page advertisement in the prestigious Washington Times daily newspaper… for a FRACTION of the $14,000 everyone else is paying!

How about… $1500? That’s what I pay…

It’s absolutely true… I show you how!

Take advantage of this legal loophole and generate thousands of dollars… using big time media on the “cheap” to generate massive profits faster then you could ever imagine…

By now… you’re starting to see the possibilities for saving a ton of money and being able to get access to the world for pennies on the dollar…

But there’s that’s only half of it…

Get Barter Arbitrage – Vegas Vince, Only Price $47

Take It From Somebody Who Knows…

“I trust in Vince and I love the topic. So the purchase was a no brainer. Again, non-affiliate link! P.S. This is my first info product purchase in at least 3 years. Let’s say I’m selecting which “pilots” I let give me flying instructions and even more selective on the topics.” –

Just in case we don’t know each other yet, it’s the one and only Vegas Vince here talking to you today…

For the past 4 years My Blog Talk Radio show, Sales & Marketing Behind The 8-Ball, has been one of the highest rated and most popular on the whole network… not bragging, just sayin’…

Over the years, my straight-shooting style and love of making money in unconventional ways has given me a reputation as somewhat of a renegade. And honestly, I’m damn proud of that…

First and foremost, I’m a restaurant owner. My family and I run an insanely popular local seafood joint here in sunny Central Florida…

I was also a professional promoter and booking agent for pro wrestlers, sports celebrities, adult film starlets, and other “colorful characters” for many years.

In other words, I’m what you might call a “marketing maverick”… somebody who’s been around the block more than a few times in business… and ain’t afraid to buck the system when necessary.

As you’ll soon see for yourself… no matter what, old Vinnie here calls ’em like he sees ’em! That’s earned me the trust and loyalty of a lot of friends in the marketing community…

But my “bottom line first” approach has also pissed off more than few people…

And I don’t apologize for that, either…

Like Jack Nicholson said, some people just can’t handle the truth. Others don’t like it much when somebody like me actually speaks up and calls “B.S.” on their nonsense.

Any way you cut it… I don’t pull any punches and even those who disagree with me can usually respect that.

The fact is…

If you’re willing to think a bit “outside of the box”… and look at things a little “differently” than everyone else does… this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

And whether or not you ever do any business with me…

I’m going to make sure that the five or six minutes it takes for you to read every word of this letter teaches you something valuable…

Let me prove to you why My Barter Secrets Represent Such A KILLER Opportunity For You…

Anybody who knows me will tell you… I’m clever… but I ain’t exactly a rocket scientist…

I don’t know how to build websites or do all that techy Internet Marketing stuff that everybody else is so into… Hell, I can barely get my computer to work half the time.

But one thing I DO know how to do is make serious money in a way that NOBODY ELSE has ever taught…

Today, I’m sharing with you every last one of my secrets for exploiting the barter and trade system and raking in massive profits of 5X, 7X, even 20X multiples!

Unlike too many of the “experts” who hype whatever they think people will buy… I actually DO what I TEACH.

I’m not a Internet Marketer… I’m not an information product creator… This is the one and only product I’ve ever released (and probably the only product I will EVER release!) Check that: THIS IS THE FINAL PRODUCT I WILL EVER RELEASE.

I’m no genius, but I DO know how to make money…

Barter Has Given Me Over $258,730 In Spendable Income The Last Two Years Alone…

For the past couple of years, I’ve quietly pulled down over a quarter of a million dollars by exploiting a few gaping loopholes in the barter system…

The sales report shown below represents just one of the trading accounts that my partner and I use – but let’s be clear about something…

The reason we’re showing this report to you is not to dazzle you with splashy sales numbers… or promise that this is the kind of results you’ll achieve…

What we’re doing here is giving you REAL LIVE EXAMPLES of the things we’re actually selling on barter – day in and day out – to generate tens of thousands of real, spendable trade dollars…

…that we use to buy other goods and services…

…or cash convert for big profits!

We generated over $67,725 in super-profitable purchasing power selling a wildly varied mish-mash of products and services on trade.

And most of what you see came from other people… which we turned around and sold on trade for massive mark ups!

 $67,725 in spendable income which cost pennies on the dollar to create!

The profit potential in Barter is truly LIMITLESS…AND YES…I still trade today. It’s one of my major sources of income and will remain that way and…

…once somebody shows you the real “tricks of the trade”…YOU can do it too!

So let’s do that now…

Let Me Clue You Into A HUGE Secret…The WORSE The Economy Gets…The BETTER Barter Works!

While everyone else freaks out about the sagging and dragging economy… I’ve been quietly making a KILLING with Barter Arbitrage…

I’ve devised a few wicked-smart twists of the Barter system that allow me to:

buy goods and services on trade at full retail value for pennies on the dollar (buy high)…

sell them in the cash market far below wholesale pricing (sell low)…

and STILL pocket a ton of cash

My methods allow me to create money out of thin air, over and over again!

…and I am going to show you EXACTLY how you can do the same!

Even if you’ve got absolutely ZERO experience with the Barter… you CAN do what I teach.

     The truth of the matter is…

…it might even be BETTER if you comes into this training as a total newbie to Barter and Trade.

The folks that have come to me as total newbies always do better because they don’t have any baggage about how things are “usually done”.

These secrets Of Barter & Trade are completely Untapped And virtually unknown…

I’m just like you... I’ve bought a truckload of different training courses, information products, ebooks, seminars, videos, DVD’s…

WAY too many of them are just the same old crap, rehashed and regurgitated into a new form with a fancy cover and some slick packaging…

 I promise you this – the methods I teach are like NOTHING you’ve ever heard of before. What I do and what I show YOU how to do are 100% NEW…

I’ve personally bought every single course, book, training program and product on the market about barter… and NOTHING touches on what I teach…

“This product will change the way you think about business…”

The secrets in this product will change the way you think about business. And the techniques in this product can help you both make AND save money very quickly.

Here’s just a TASTE of what I have in store for you:

  • The Power of Reverse Barter Arbitrage – My simple but insanely profitable street-smart twist on the barter system for Buying HIGH, Selling LOW & pocketing HUGE profits… NO ONE has ever taught this before… anywhere!
  • How To REALLY Mine Gold Offline – Forget everything you think you know about offline consulting… While everyone else tries to sell auto responders to mom and pop shops in their local community, you can walk in and turn their “trash into cash”. You become their hero, while you rake in the profits…

  • How You Can Legally “Print Your Own Currency” – Create trade dollars out of thin air that have REAL CASH VALUE… this one is always a complete mind-blower for our students – and it’s so simple you won’t believe it!
  • Why A Scary Sounding Word Like “Breakage” Is A GOOD Thing – So few people know about this… which is why you’ll be able to put it to work for a massive competitive advantage…
  • Cherry Pick Then Flip Offers From Popular Internet Forums – I show you how I transform other people’s hard work into FAST, EASY INCOME… This one stealth tactic alone is worth thousands toward your bottom line… especially if you’re lazy or low on cash!
  • How To Leverage The Difference Between Cash Dollars & Trade Dollars – it’s seller’s market in Barter… and with the economy the way it is, the cash market is definitely a buyer’s market. Discover how I exploit this difference… and flip the equation completely in my favor…
  • How You Can Effortlessly Obliterate Your Competition – Leave your competition in the dust by advertising for pennies on the dollar… With my secrets you can run 7 or more ads for what your competitor pays to run only ONE – talk about an unfair advantage!
  • How To “Play The Float” – With my system, you don’t ever have to pay a fee before you get cash in hand… Why come out of pocket when you don’t have to?
  • The Dirty Little Trade Secret Huge Fortune 500 Companies Don’t Want Anyone To Know – Discover how all major companies secretly use trade to get huge deals done and reap windfall profits – without anyone finding out… But you’ll know!
  • The True Secrets of Barter Revealed – why the oldest form of commerce on earth only has 2 dozen books ever published… and why only a few give you any truly useable information about how to actually do it properly!
  • Buy Entire Businesses On 100% Trade – A recent listing for a great franchise business went up for $45,000 straight trade dollars… that would cost you less than $5,000 cash dollars using my secrets!
  • Retain Expensive Legal Services With No Cash Out Of Pocket – Get access to a full range of legal services from highly-qualified and respected attorneys specializing in all forms of legal representation: Criminal, Civil Litigation, Patent Attorneys, and more…
  • Get Expensive Dental & Medical Procedures For Pennies On The Dollar – High-end dentistry… Orthodontics… Cosmetic enhancement procedures… Though they don’t advertise it… tons of medical professionals from across the country accept 100% trade dollars… if you know where to look and how to ask!
  • Vacation In Luxurious Multi-Million Dollar Homes & Resorts – Stay in the same “millionaire retreats” where Hollywood stars like Harrison Ford and sports legends like Tiger Woods spend upwards of $8,000 a WEEK… You stay there for 10¢ on the dollar!
  • Get Paid Today For Services You May Or May Not EVER Have To Fulfill In The Future – This may be the sweetest deal in the trade world…

BARTER ARBITRAGE CASE STUDY: “Closeout Triangulation Arbitrage”

How To Turn Unsold Inventory Into Cold Hard Cash… An $800,000 Real-Life Example

Let me tell you a quick story that illustrates what’s possible when you understand how to leverage Barter and Trade with other businesses…

The first time I can remember hearing about the “closeout” business and “triangulation deals” was from Jim Straw. Jim’s a true living legend of direct marketing… and a personal hero of mine since I was a kid… I’ve never forgotten Jim’s amazing advice about finding distressed business inventory and getting in between multiple parties with complementary needs…

Now, I don’t have permission to share the actual names of the real parties involved (I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want somebody blasting your business secrets on some web page either). But the facts are all absolutely true

This example involves a tremendously powerful strategy I call “Closeout Triangulation Arbitrage”… and it works like this:

A trade broker we’ll call David went to see a successful local carpet and tile retailer, “Regional Flooring”.

Now, Regional Flooring is probably just like any successful flooring retailer in your local area – they advertise heavily on television…

David pops in and meets with the owner to discuss helping him move some dead inventory that Regional Flooring can’t seem to get rid of.

The owner desperately wants to avoid having to sell to a liquidator at a massive loss – in this particular example, $800,000 worth of unsold ceramic floor tile collecting dust in his warehouse.

David asks him, “what’s the manufacturer rep wholesale cost on that ceramic tile?” and the owner reveals that it’s actually right around $250,000.

Now, understand… Manufacturer Rep Wholesale Cost is even lower than normal wholesale pricing (usually around half of retail). But it’s still WAY higher than what the owner would get from a liquidator (which is maybe 5-10 percent of wholesale cost). A liquidator would pay Regional Flooring $15,000 – $20,000 MAX for that same ceramic tile which cost them $250,000 in real dollars.

Knowing all this… David asks the owner, “what are you currently spending $250K on in cash expenses?” and the owner replies immediately, “Advertising, I spend that much and more on television spots”.

So, David replies, “If I could get you $250,000 worth of television advertising, will you give me the option on this tile?” and the owner agrees instantly.

David contacts a media broker that will “sell” him $800,000 worth of advertising on 100% trade. But the media broker doesn’t want any tile… he wants corporate rate hotel rooms (scrip).

David contacts a resort hotel doing a massive renovation and offers them $800k worth of brand new ceramic tile on trade for corporate hotel stay vouchers. The hotel jumps at the chance to trade unbooked rooms that are essentially worthless to them in exchange for $800K worth of tile they’d normally have to pay cash for.

David gives the hotel vouchers to the media buyer. The media buyer gives him two “due bills” for TV advertising – one for $250k and one for $550k.

David gives $250k in TV ads to the flooring company. And they make arrangements to deliver the $800,000 retail value in ceramic tile to the resort.

David keeps $550K of TV advertising for himself… over half a million dollars worth of TV ads and he hasn’t spent a dime of his own money to get it.

In this particular example, he decided to cash convert that due bill for around $100k in real cash money from a different media broker (who gets $550K in TV ads for less than 20¢ on the dollar).

So let’s look at how everyone made out in this deal…

The flooring company got rid of a HUGE amount of dead inventory that was collecting dust and recouped their entire $250k investment without losing any money…

Plus, they got a quarter of a million dollars worth of television advertising – ads they’d be paying $250,000 in cash for otherwise.

That’s roughly a half-million dollars worth of real tangible cash value to their bottom line… without spending a dime.

The media broker got $800K worth of corporate rate hotel rooms for a big promotion they were doing without spending a dime.

The hotel got $800K worth of gorgeous ceramic tile for their renovation without spending a penny…

And David got over a half-million dollars worth of TV advertising that he turned around and flipped for just under $100,000 in CASH.

A True “Win – Win – Win – Win” Scenario…

PLUS, the total time involved for David was MAYBE a few hours over the course of about two weeks to put the deals together…

THAT… is the power of Barter Arbitrage!

Get Barter Arbitrage – Vegas Vince, Only Price $47

How A 28 Year-Old Mother Of Five Became a Super Star Trader …Within Just A Few Months!

Let me just tell you about my partner in this deal… Because what she has done with my strategies is LEGENDARY already and she’s only been at this since earlier this year!

The training I gave Sylvia Rolfe has literally transformed her from a struggling Internet marketer into the hottest, most bad ass trader on ITEX, the #1 barter exchange in North America… and I’m not talking about her being such a good lookin’ chick either!

She’s absolutely CRUSHING this deal…

And Sylvia will be the first to tell you… if she can do this, anyone can!

I’ll explain what I mean about that…

Sylvia went from being a struggling work-at-home mom – with 5 kids under the age of 12 (including two little angels with special needs)…

…to doing tens of thousands of cash dollars in trade business… in just a matter of a couple of months! Seriously… what we do is THAT easy!

Sylvia was accustomed to busting her tail trying to make the bills each month… doing SEO… creating and selling information products… writing web content for other people…

…the same stuff nearly everybody struggling to make any money online does.

I DON’T DO ANY OF THAT… I never have, and I never will… Why would I when I can just pick up anything I need for 15 cents on the dollar and even make money on the deal!

In 2009, I hired Sylvia to do some web work for my restaurant…

She flew down to sunny Florida from cold-ass Canada, took some photos of my joint, and she knocked out a great looking website for me…

At that time, Sylvia knew absolutely NOTHING about barter and trade… But while we were sitting around the bar on the last night of her visit, we got to talking about how I do my thing with Barter…

So, I spent about an hour explaining it to her… How it works, what I do…

Sylvia was so blown away and excited by what I revealed to her that night, she BEGGED me to do a course with her, teaching this stuff… but more than that, she wanted to start making money with barter arbitrage right away!

She went back to Calgary and IMMEDIATELY started putting together barter deals… just like I showed her how to do.

Within a matter of weeks, Sylvia and I generated deals worth more than $11,000 in real cash in hand. She was ASTONISHED.

Now, if you know Sylvia, you understand that she works her ass off and gets things done… so it came as no surprise that she did so well so fast.

It’s incredible, but Sylvia is easily outpacing old-fogeys that have been in this business for decades by a factor of 10 to 1!  So are a lot of my original students the trade industry turned their backs on.

When we released our first training workshop with the blessing of ALLEN SAYS (YOU KNOW HIM) teaching this material earlier this year, Sylvia and I didn’t just shatter ITEX’s recruiting record… we OBLITERATED it!

We signed up more new traders in 6 days then the average Barter office fully staffed….could do in one year. And the industry hates my guts to this day! It’s a record that will NEVER be broken. Truth is….aint nobody bad like me! True.

Here’s what happened…

Our “Trial By Fire” At The World’s Most Popular Internet Marketing Forum…

Here’s How This Whole Adventure Started…

Allen Says, owner of the Warrior Forum, the world’s most active Internet Marketing forum generously partnered with Sylvia and I to offer our now legendary “Liberation 101 Workshop” during July and August of 2009. If that aint one hell of an endorsement I don’t know what one is!

Allen is a marketing GENIUS and when he caught wind of what I was up to, he offered Sylvia and I something he’d only done ONCE before in the entire decade plus history of the Warrior Forum…

Allen sold our Liberation 101 Workshop directly through the Warrior Forum and promoted it front and center, right on the top of the site.

Now, keep in mind… the Warrior Forum has around 150,000 active members, with thousands of visitors live on the site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! The place is more like the Internet Marketing mecca than a forum…

We had no idea what to expect… But Allen, Sylvia and I were all completely blown away by the results…

Our little “experiment” sold at a whopping conversion rate that made some people green with envy. It jam-packed a private buyer’s only forum there with thousands of posts, all in the span of a couple of weeks!

It’s true… The place went completely nuts for our workshop… and that’s a DAMN GOOD thing because Allen gave us a phenomenal opportunity. There was no way I was going to let him down. Sylvia and I busted our asses to completely over deliver, making sure it was a huge hit, and it WAS!

Liberation 101 was officially the “talk of the town”. And predictably, certain haters and pinheads who just don’t care for old Vinnie’s “style” came crawling out of the woodwork to try and derail the phenomenal response we were getting…

But it completely BACKFIRED on them!

Our customers were furious about what was being said about us. They stood up and shouted down the little band of flamers and trolls (thank you, by the way).

It got so bad some trolls were actually BANNED from the joint for being so nasty in their efforts to screw things up for us. It was unreal… and pathetic… but that’s another story for another time…

In the end, we knew we just had to keep our eye on the ball and deliver the best training we possibly could – I knew it was going to change lives for folks like it has for me and for Sylvia…

So, I set out to reveal for the first time anywhere, ever… ALL of my most closely guarded secrets for sucking huge profits out of the Barter industry over and over again using a few unique twists that only a handful of true insiders have ever talked about.

Plus, I shared my most explosive, sneaky, back-door tricks – the ones that have turned the entire business of Barter and Trade on it’s head…

Some of these tactics and strategies are so head-slapping obvious, I have no idea why nobody else is doing them already… but they’re not.

Well, I AM doing what I teach… and our students are too… but there’s plenty of room for more!

“Definitely the best investment I’ve made in my marketing and business education…”

“I was one of those people that always knew what barter was. It was that system where you traded your stuff for my stuff and hopefully it was fair for both sides…

Since I never figured anybody had anything I would be willing to trade for, barter never appealed to me…

…and then I saw a post by Vince talking about his kind of barter and his and Sylvia’s workshop that was coming up at the Warrior forum and my life was changed forever.

Holy cow! Who knew you could actually make money with barter and do it so simply and at times mind numbingly easy. I didn’t!

The information that Vince and Sylvia has provided goes way above and beyond what was promised in the sales letter. I’ve always heard marketers talk about over delivering, now I have seen firsthand what over-delivering is truly all about. This is definitely the best investment I’ve made in my marketing & business education. It is definitely worth much, much more than what they charge.

Do yourself a huge favor and put your trust in a couple of real, genuine human beings, that actually want to help you succeed and will give you all the tools to make that happen in the world of barter… they’ll even gladly give you a swift kick in the rear, if that’s what it takes to get you going.”

Here’s Why BARTER is the most Underestimated, Misunderstood Multi-Billion dollar industry in the Entire world…

…And why those running the show DO NOT want these secrets released To the Public!

There is a very simple reason why the barter and trade industry is purposely kept in the dark and “under the radar”…

The power brokers behind this billion dollar cash-cow purposely make sure very little quality information is ever made available “to the masses.”

The truth is… the barter industry consists of less then 500 true “players” – and the number is probably closer to only 200 if you drill all the way down to those who really set the pace for the trade business….

This small but powerful cartel has been getting filthy rich with barter for many years… and they don’t want you in the game. Why would they?

From their perspective, what I teach is a HUGE threat to the balance of power that’s completely tilted in their favor!

Flip The Odds In YOUR Favor And “Beat The House”

I completely blow the lid off this conspiracy… I expose all of the dirty little secrets they don’t want you to know… and teach YOU how to how profit from this “monopoly”… the same way the big boys have been doing for decades.

Learning to exploit barter the way I do it is lightning fast and easy!

When you put your trust in me, I give you everything I’ve got… I hold your hand and teach you exactly how to get in the Barter game step-by-step – starting today.

  • Create rapid wealth from out of thin air…. using the massive leverage only barter can give you.
  • Discover how I turn a $1.00 bill into 10 barter dollars that work the same as cash!
  • How one crisp hundred dollar bill can “magically” leverage over 1,000 trading dollars – and allow you to buy a product or service that would cost you $1,000 cash in the real world!
  • Use the same trade dollar value secrets that huge companies take advantage of… without having to be a big corporate behemoth… it’s economy of scale in YOUR favor for a change!

Use the power of barter To Multiply Your Profits…

That type of leverage has made a lot of people very, very rich… And once you understand their bartering secrets, you can put that leverage to work for you immediately too…

Discover my FIVE most creative techniques for creating trade currency out of thin air… and use those “barter dollars” to purchase hot products and services for next to nothing… without breaking a sweat.

The power of barter leverage give you the ability to buy almost anything so cheap… you can resell it for less than your competition could ever hope to… but here’s the twist…. with our secrets, you STILL make a boatload of money!

You can always choose to ignore the business opportunity involved and just save a fortune – buy anything you desire for yourself or currently spend your money on regularly… and consider this course your training for doing so…

You can buy and resell for prices so cheap, people may even ask if you’ve stolen what you’re selling! Buyers will be drooling for the competition crushing deals you can offer them – and you still make GREAT MONEY!

How To Use Barter Leverage To Make An Offer NO ONE Can Refuse…

Use the power of barter to pick up products and services for 10-15 cents on the dollar!

When you can purchase in-demand products and services for an average of 85% off retail value… (one of the core strategies you learn in this training) you’re going to be able to buy whatever you want… for 15 cents on the dollar.

When you’re able to offer the buying public something they WANT… at a price that LOW… you no longer have to “sell” anything…

You’re making an offer they can’t refuse – your offers sells themselves!

Buy for 15 cents on the dollar…

 Sell for 50 cents on the dollar…

…and bank the cash profits!

I teach you how to do it over and over again… step by step!

You will learn how to position yourself as the “go to person” for obtaining insanely cheap deals on just about anything in the world people want!

How To Use Barter Leverage To Legally Bribe Any Business Or Individual…

And make them give you whatever you need!

When you learn the secrets of the barter and trade world you have access to millions of dollars worth of products and services that you can obtain WAY cheaper then anyone else…

And that advantage is REAL POWER in any marketplace… no matter what it is you want to buy or sell.

 I teach you how to leverage that power to the max… and use it to reach out and connect with just about anyone in the world that you might need!

You’ll be able to simply cut to the chase… and legally “bribe” anyone in the world you want something from. And they’ll be happy to hear from you because you have what they want too…

No ass kissing… or begging some gate keeper required!

This is yet another dirty little secret the barter industry doesn’t want you to know… but you’ll get all the details… uncut and uncensored!

NOTE: This “strategy” alone could be worth millions of dollars to you… and it’s never been published before!

“As a veteran of barter for 30 years, this is the most enlightening and invigorating training on barter & trade that I’ve ever experienced!”

“The creativity and resourcefulness of the instructors, and participants, was awesome. Information I can take to the bank.

I particularly enjoyed the barter stories and humor throughout the workshop, as well. Vegas Vince definitely knows his stuff… and he made learning fun!”

How To become a Joint Venture Superstar… Even if you have zero reputation… And not a single name on your list…

The next time a big name marketing guru like Frank Kern… or Mike Filsaime… or Jeff Walker… is about to fire up their next multi-million dollar product launch… GET READY TO RUMBLE!

I purposely put this way down here in the letter because I only want people who are truly paying attention to get so much as a GLIMPSE of this nuclear powered strategy…

Use this technique to hijack traffic and generate massive affiliate profits… WITHOUT MAILING A SINGLE EMAIL!

No list required! Not a single name!No reputation needed either!In fact, you don’t even need a computer to pull this off!     This is the most ADVANCED technique ever revealed for using the power of barter leverage to literally jack the lion’s share of any major guru launch!

And it’s stupid simple…

While Mr. McGuru’s numerous big time affiliates are busy beating up their “lists”… fighting over scraps… you will stand alone in the shadows… raking in the dough with zero competition!

The product owner will be scratching his head… when he sends you that fat commission check… because he probably doesn’t even know who the hell you are – this is just BRILLIANT!

This concept has NEVER been revealed before anywhere EVER.. because I created it! It’s worth the entire cost admission alone… believe it!

Why EVERY Business Owner NEEDS To Get Hip To Barter NOW…

NOTE: For Offline Gold Marketers and local business consultants…

How would you like to learn the specific steps involved in creating monstrously profitable offline consulting deals out of thin air using the power of barter leverage?

Turn local clients’ excess, overruns, unused space, or dead unsold inventory into shiny piles of gold… and become their HERO for helping them out of a sticky situation!

“The quickest method I’ve ever experienced for producing cash from home…”

“I came into this training with absolutely zero knowledge about barter or the techniques Vince and Sylvia teach. What I came away with was the quickest method I’ve ever experienced for producing cash from home.

Within days of starting the course I was producing tangible profits.

After a few weeks of practical experience, I had uncovered opportunities that could easily produce a comfortable income from a part-time work week.

Barter is not rocket science, nor does it require any special skills. I am confident that anybody who studies the material, takes action, and sticks with it can create a nice income from the comfort of their home.”

I’ve already told you about the secrets of Closeout Triangulation Arbitrage in the case study above… and that’s only ONE of the local business strategies that I want to share with you…

Believe me… you’ll make a hell of a lot more money doing the kind of deals I show you how to do than selling some mom and pop shop a website, blog, or autoresponder!

Instantly Increase Business Cash Flow And Keep It That Way For Good!

Stop paying CASH for products and services you use in business… you can easily use “BARTER BUCKS” instead and save a FORTUNE!

Cash flow is a company’s most valuable asset and should be protected like Fort Knox… because without cash flow….you go bankrupt! Aka…they repo your furniture etc.

We all know the saying, “…money saved is money earned”… but it’s never been truer than when you use Barter Leverage and the massive buying power of trade dollars to conserve cash and cut expenses by as much as 80-90%!

Go through line-item expenses and identify hard costs you can shave off immediately – you’ll keep all that precious cash safe in the bank…

You get the very same quality goods, services, supplies and vendor support that you’re accustomed to… you just won’t be burning cash to get them anymore!

Barter can MASSIVELY increase your purchasing power… because you’re no longer spending cash on things you can spend trade dollars for!

And remember… when you generate trade dollars the way I teach you to do it… you’re going to be able to buy supplies, inventory, services and more for pennies on the dollar!

Imagine how much money you’ll save when you can buy TEN TIMES as much at a time and pocket all those savings – not only in cash, but in per-unit price breaks that come with volume purchasing…

Again… Barter Leverage is the KEY!

Get Barter Arbitrage – Vegas Vince, Only Price $47

Look at All The categories on ITEX:

  • Accommodation & Travel
  • Advertising
  • Animals & Agriculture
  • Art & Antiques
  • Automotive
  • Business Products
  • Clothing
  • Computer Services
  • Cosmetics & Make-Up
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Health & Medical
  • Home & Garden
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Jewelry
  • Legal Services
  • Marine & Aviation
  • Personal Care & Services
  • Printing & Stationery
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Retail & Shopping
  • Safety & Security
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport

Barter Is The “Smart Play” For Smart Business…

Stop Burning CASH On Your Everyday Expenses!

  • Get the proven insider secrets that Fortune 500 companies have been using for decades… even though they will never admit it!
  • Learn how to buy supplies, advertising,  printing, hotel rooms, and anything else your business needs… for pennies on the dollar utilizing the leverage of barter.
  • Learn how to create a powerful employee incentive program… all financed by way of BARTER POWER – this tip is HOT!
  • Discover a cool little trick that will actually have VENDORS contacting YOU… willing to take your company trade dollars…. instead of your cash dollars!
  • Save your business thousands of dollars annually… and all it takes is one simple sheet of paper to implement!
  • Learn how to dramatically increase your customer base… and expand your business in 24 hours or less!

Get access to the largest and most powerful Barter Trade Exchange in North America!

  • Tap into its database of over 25,000 business owners… many of whom are desperate to do business with you!

“Vince & Sylvia Have WAY Over-Delivered… It’s Well Worth The Money…”

“This has been one of the most interesting and valuable workshops I’ve ever taken.

There’s a whole world of ‘barter’ out there I had no clue about! Vinnie and Sylvia way over-delivered on this course and it’s been well worth the money.

The most exciting thing was learning about leverage and knowing that no matter how bad the economy gets, this golden information will give anyone a huge advantage in keeping the wolf from the door.

I thoroughly recommend this product!”


Manchester, UK

Organized Barter is the most cost effective way to market your business… and I will teach you exactly how to make the most of it…

Experience a massive influx of hungry new buyers… and reach them all with a click of a mouse..

Introducing Barter Arbitrage™

The Most Complete, In-Depth Training For How To Profitably Exploit The World of Barter & Trade…

Inside Barter Arbitrage You Get:

Over 35 Hours Of Audio Training 60 High-Quality Digital MP3 Audios

60 Audio Training Modules reveal an entire LIFETIME of hands-on experience and how-to instruction directly from the MASTER of Barter Arbitrage…

Vegas Vince holds NOTHING back – he delves deep into each and every strategy, tactic and trick he uses to milk tons of spendable cash dollars out of the barter system over and over…

  • INSTANT ACCESS: Each recording is conveniently delivered as an instantly available high-quality digital MP3 download…
  • IPOD READY: You can load the recordings up on your iPod or MP3 player – or listen to them on your computer…
  • BURN ‘EM: You can even burn these audio training sessions onto CD’s to listen in your car…

Get Barter Arbitrage – Vegas Vince, Only Price $47

Core Training Modules

Audio #1: A Personal Message From Vegas Vince 22:14

Get up close and personal with the Barter Legend himself, Vegas Vince… as he explains exactly how and why he’s created this one of a kind training. ($49.95)

Audio #2:Barter Arbitrage Quick Start Audio 9:24

Get on the fast-track with this short “Quick Start” where Vince lays out the specific way to use this training for maximum impact and the best possible results ($49.95)Audio #3: Barter & Trade Industry Basics 28:03

A complete primer on the mysterious and often secretive world of Barter & Trade… and how you can put the power of Barter Arbitrage to work for you IMMEDIATELY!($49.95)

Audio #4: Cash Dollars Versus Trade Dollars 25:36

The ultimate leverage opportunity revealed… How to play the cash world against the trade world for big time profits! ($49.95)

Audio #5: Currencies: My Kingdom For a Horse! 29:07

This MIND-BLOWING audio has the power to change the way you look at currency and money forever! Shift your perceptions about the “reality” of currencies ($49.95)

Audio #6: Billion Dollar Barter Conspiracy 28:59

The dirty little secrets behind this highly secretive multi-billion dollar industry… and how you can become a major player FAST! ($49.95)

Audio #7: Exploiting Barter 101: How To Profit 51:31

How one magic five-letter word… can double your profits. Powerful techniques and examples you’ll NEVER find in any barter book! ($49.95)

Audio #8: Creating Trade Dollars Selling Products Part One 45:59

Discover how easy it is to create trade dollars out of THIN AIR! Dozens of real life examples of perfect products to offer on trade for huge mark-ups… along with ones to avoid like a plague! ($49.95)

Audio #9: Creating Trade Dollars Selling Products Part Two 52:39

The wickedly powerful secret formula for securing and marking up products, then selling them for 7X, 8X, even 10X in profit (or more) without blinking an eye! ($49.95)

Audio #10: Creating Trade Dollars Selling Services 59:52

Simple but powerful ways to generate trade dollars out of next to nothing… perfect for new traders with little cash! ($49.95)

Audio #11: How To Legally Print Your Own Money 54:41

One of the most powerful techniques ever revealed… Learn how to create instant cash from TODAY… for products and services you may or may NOT have to ever provide in the future! ($49.95)

Audio #12: Money Out Of Nothing: Scrip Secrets Part One 49:07

Introducing the dead-simple 15 word sentence that allows you to ethically and profitably sell “nothing” – one of the most powerful lessons in the entire course! ($49.95)

Audio #13: Money Out Of Nothing: Scrip Secrets Part Two 21.47

How to get ANYTHING YOU WANT from someone by simply finding out what THEY want… and delivering to them… for chump change! ($49.95)

Audio #14: What To Spend Your Trade Dollars On… And What NEVER to Buy 32.26 Use the power of barter leverage to easily buy and sell your way to true wealth through the untapped secrets of Barter Arbitrage! ($49.95)

Audio #15: Join ITEX Fast and Easy 9:17

How to take advantage of the most powerful trade exchange in North America… $49.95

Audio #16: Barter Arbitrage: Uncut, Uncensored,

And Strictly For Adults Only 57:00 WARNING – This audio is marked “adults-only” for language and content because old Vinnie really lets loose! ($49.95) Truth is, Vinnie recorded this audio dead drunk…but it’s still GOLD.

Audio #17: Barter Closeout Billions Introduction 30:17

One of the most exciting and powerful advanced barter arbitrage strategies ever discussed. This is for SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY! ($49.95)

Audio #18: Trial Summary & Looking Forward Part One 59:52

How to take what you’ve learned and apply it immediately regardless of your current situation. This audio ensures that YOU can get in the game starting TODAY! ($49.95)

Audio #19: Trial Summary & Looking Forward Part Two 8.44

Special thanks and acknowledgements for the people that have made this training possible – along with what to expect in the Advanced Level Training ($49.95)

Advanced Level Training Modules

Audio #20: Executive Barter Arbitrage 101

How To SLASH A Company Expense Sheet In Less Than 2 Hours! Powerful cash saving secrets for small business owners up to top CEO’s. Companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted cash! ($49.95)

Audio #21: Hidden Profits In “Fund Raising Arbitrage”

Discover the most overlooked, underappreciated GEM in the barter and trade world. You will NEVER hear about this from anywhere else – GUARANTEED! ($49.95)

Audio #22: Bartering Closeouts Advanced Techniques

When you create your first barter closeout deal – you’ll be HOOKED forever! This may be the easiest money you’ve ever made… and we’re not talkin’ about pocket change either. Closeout deals can make you WEALTHY! ($49.95)

Audio #23: Advanced Joint Venture Arbitrage

Create powerful Joint Venture alliances with big time players without breaking a sweat or your bank account. Some of the most powerful Joint Venture approaches ever revealed to the public! ($49.95)

Audio #24: Mastering Direct Trading Fast and Easy

Vinnie has cracked the code for profitably trading “chickens for goats”. While everybody else get it completely WRONG and spins their wheels, you’ll cash in BIG TIME with these clever “tricks of the trade” ($49.95)

Audio #25: Million Dollar Media Exploitation

How anyone can exploit the power of big time media buzz via barter… and how to profit from it fast and easy – even if you have little to no experience ($49.95)

Audio #26: Vegas Vince: My Best Stuff Revealed

Total access to the most devastatingly profitable, hardcore cash pulling secrets lifted directly from Vegas Vince’s personal barter & trade playbook… this one is PRICELESS! ($49.95)

Over 20 Hours Of Audio Training! PLUS another 15 hours in the updated 2.0 audios! Over 35 Hours total!

Broken Down Into 60+ Individual, Easy To Follow Core Training Modules Easily Worth At LEAST $49.95 Each

$2,997 Total Value!

Complete PDF Library of Reference Material & Instruction

Full Suite of Printable Reports, Resources & Tip Sheets

Complete PDF Overviews Of Each Audio Training Module

Detailed PDF overviews for each audio training module let you follow along at your own pace, print ’em, or find and refer to specific information fast and easy… ($540 Value)

The Ultimate Barter Rolodex™

Vegas Vince’s ultimate trade industry resource guide… with sources for deals that will blow your mind and make you big money in your trading! ($47 Value)

Air-Tight Barter Option Agreement

We use this simple one page document to do THE BIG DEALS! and “tie up” tens of thousands of dollars worth of products and services. ($47 Value)

How To Get Whatever You Want With Trade Dollars – Not Cash! This magical little document packs a powerful punch… Next time you want a particular product or service that costs a lot of money… but you can’t afford or don’t want to spend CASH for it… send THIS baby! ($47 Value)

Products & Services That Will ALWAYS Sell On Trade

The most in demand products and services you can sell today on trade for huge markups! This powerful tip sheet alone— could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line! ($47 Value)

Cash Profits 101 

How to virtually guarantee yourself significant cash profit on every deal… by following this simple formula. This is a one page document that is absolutely vital to your new barter success! ($47 Value)

The “I’m Broke, So I Can’t Pay You…” Letter

Before you destroy your credit and reputation due to unpaid bills and creditors… use this one page document… it just might save your hide (and your credit score!) ($47 Value)

How To Ethically “Bribe” Anyone With An Offer They Can’t Refuse A Vegas Vince exclusive… Need something from somebody else? A favor? Access? A connection? This little gem of a document will flip the equation around – giving YOU what THEY want and need.. ($47 Value)

15 Complete PDF Overviews From All Audio Training Modules

PLUS –  Priceless PDF Reports & Printable Quick-Start Tip Sheets

$916 Total Value!

NEW in 2015, transcriptions to EVERY AUDIO!!!

($297 value)

That’s right, we know that not everyone can sit through 35 hours of audios, although they are perfect for when you have a long drive, or for those that learn best through audio. So, we’ve  had every audio transcribed verbatim, and conveniently converted into a PDF! You get to read like you listen, in the Vegas Vince original style! Raw and uncut!

4 Step-By-Step Instruction Videos

Detailed On-Screen Video Walk throughs Of Case Studies & Advanced Tactics

Video #1: Fast & Easy Product Sourcing

A powerful demonstration video showing you just how easy it is to grab products from the cash world… and resell them in the trade world for profits of 6x 7x 8x 9x OR MORE! ($67 Value)

Video #2The Secrets Of “Want-Ad Sniping”

How to rake in profits fast and easy by giving people exactly what they are searching for… no sales skill required for this one! ($67 Value)

Video #3: How To Sell ANY Service On Barter

A walk-through of this fast, easy, and top dollar earning strategy… Best of all, it doesn’t even have to be YOUR service! ($67 Value)

Video #4: Advanced Arbitrage (Auction Hijacking)

The ultimate tactical profit maneuver for ethically swiping goods & services and flipping the the deal on its’ head… ($67 Value)

4 Detailed Instructional Videos Walk You Through Case Studies & Advanced Tactical Strategies For Maximum Barter Profits

$268 Total Value!

A free blog jam packed with free tips, tricks, and other bad-assery!

Ensure that you get the most out of your Barter Arbitrage training…with our awesome blog.

Discover insider tips and tricks

Make powerful connections with powerful members of the trade world we will list on the Barter Arbitrage blog.

$47 Per Month ($564 Annual) Value!

Just a One Time Payment of

>>>$97 WTF??<<<

Vince Makes Sure You Jump On The Fast Track And Get The Results You Want!

Create a plan of action that ensures your success! Whatever you’re into… retail, services, hospitality, travel, marketing… Vince and you will design the perfect battle plan for raking in profit with Barter Arbitrage!

A $497 Value!

Get Barter Arbitrage – Vegas Vince, Only Price $47

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