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The Ultimate Hypnosis Home Study Course Ever Created!

By Master Hypnotist and Success Strategist Vince Kelvin, C.Ht.

Did you ever find yourself wanting to change a habit but no mater how hard you tried, you went right back where you were? Do you ever feel like you know what to do but can’t seem to consistently do it? Has it sometimes been difficult to get what you want from others? Do you wish you could more effectively assist your loved ones break through their own struggles?

Whether it will be to free yourself from any negative past programming, blocks and limitations so you can reach your goals more rapidly and naturally or to more easily get others to go along with what is presented, this most amazing 13 “information packed” CDs and 3 “guided hypnotic inductions” CDs (total 16), plus one full length video and a one hundred page manual home study course will assist you to reach the next level (whatever it may be for you) in very area of your life, from your career, to your health and well being and even in your seduction!

Recorded at a three day hypnosis certification by Vince Kelvin. Vince has become one of Ross Jeffries’ top seduction students and now a co-trainer for the seduction field workshop. You will refer to this astonishing course throughout a life time as it will assist you to discover and master the most advanced and effective tools of over and covert hypnosis, self-hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, stage hypnosis and NLP!

It will assist you in so many ways; from achieving greater self-mastery (from breaking through procrastination to tapping into your natural confidence), to rapidly and easily assist your loved ones, to put anyone in a deep hypnotic trance for any purpose (from your boss or employees to your kids or parents and of course, your lover(s)! And some may even feel compelled to use it to launch yourself in a new (very lucrative) career as a hypnotherapist or state hypnotist or simply use it to better promote and market yourself in your current career (whatever field you may be in) using indirect everyday hypnosis, so others will feel compelled to go for the services and products that are being offered!

As a bonus, the first 100 who order this home study course will receive a free “over the phone” consultation with Vince who will gladly help you make the most of the course and answer any questions regarding hypnosis!

Here’s what those who already benefited from Vince’s assistance say…

“I had previously been certified in Hypnosis and I am a Master NLP practitioner, yet I am so impressed by Vince’s approach! I learned from him so many incredibly helpful things I had never heard before in any of the other courses I attended!”


“I witnessed Vince put a girl who had just graduated from a full time one year hypnosis school into the deepest “wide-awake” hypnotic trance without her even knowing that it was taking place! It is mind-blowing, you must study his stuff!”

M Millalovick, Attorney at Law

“Vince is a dynamic, electrifying speaker who takes his audiences to higher levels of consciousness”

Linda Coleman, National Speakers Association, LA Chapter President

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