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It’s up to you if you want to keep it for yourself, rehab it and make some serious cash flow. Or, find a bigger investor, flip the whole thing, and walk away with a check for

$25,000, $50,000 or More.

Heres the thing. The banks that are sitting on these large Bulk REO parcels have a problem. They have to keep a certain amount of cash in reserves, to offset their non-performing assets.

The more bulk REO they have, the LESS money they can lend out.

And, the LESS money they make. Giving you a HUGE opportunity to cash in if you know how to approach them.

Are you starting to see big picture here? There are plenty of individual investors and investor groups who want those bank-owned assets but where are these banks?

Now, some people will point you in the direction of the big banks such as Wells Fargo or Chase.

And that’s a BIG mistake.

Because the big banks not only require 6-figure deposits just to SEE their REO lists, they also have an “asset disposition” process in place.

Which is just a fancy way of saying they have partnered with nationwide real estate brokerages like Keller-Williams to list and sell their REO.

And we want the UNLISTED deals, remember?

So where are they hiding?

At portfolio lenders.

Those small local and regional banks that keep their loans in house instead of securitizing them and selling them off into the secondary markets.

And the good news is that there are thousands of these small banks all across the US – hundreds in every state.

So… how do YOU make money as a wholesaler or rehabber? Its actually quite simple.

There are 2 options. You can Buy bulk REO portfolios and keep them for yourself as a long term investment…


You can flip them to larger investment groups, investors, and hedge funds.

YOU decide which avenue is best for you to make the kind of money you want to make. Its that simple.

Lets break this down just a little bit more.

I’m going to show you how to get direct access to the deal-makers. You’re not going to waste a minute in any kind of “daisy chain” or dealing with people who have no clue.

I don’t waste my own time, and I’ll show you exactly how to cut to the chase so you don’t either.

We’ll stay far away from the “brokers & jokers” and concentrate on getting the deals done.

One step is learning a “new language”…

Don’t worry, it’s actually simple and very easy to understand, but knowing it will make you sound like a player… exactly the kind of person that the banks want to deal with.

First new word: NDA

An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement. Every seller of bulk assets will ask for one before they ever show you their inventory.

Remember, youre dealing with unlisted inventory that theyd otherwise like to keep under wraps.

Next is: LOI

The letter of intent is a letter that you submit to the seller that includes your preliminary offer.

The LOI is non-binding, so your plan should be to submit a lot of them. A lot!

Last: POF

The Proof of Funds is a letter that you submit to the seller letting them know that you have cash or transactional funding backing you.

I’ll show you in a minute how you can get a $1 million dollar proof of funds letter from my lender for free

Or If you decide you just want to introduce your seller to your buyer

You arrange for a MFA – which is a Master Fee Agreement. You have the buyer sign it as a certification of their intent to buy.

You then present it to the seller; that’s how you get paid. It stipulates your fee and lets the seller know you’re to be paid out of the deal proceeds.

Make sure you ALWAYS get your MFA signed by your buyer before you reveal the deal.

This is your protection. Once your fee is negotiated and agreed on, you just introduce the buyer to the seller and let them negotiate with each other directly. And, you pocket the check.

The last piece of your new language is “the tape,” and it’s really just an Excel spreadsheet that has a list of all the non-performing assets that your lender has on hand. Its just as simple as that.

Simple Process, Right?

I’m confident that armed with my proven strategies – anyone (including you) could quickly set up and grow their ownsuccessful Real Estate Career by investing in Bulk REO!

Here’s the thing, the first time I did a bulk REO deal… I flipped the package to an investment group and made $32,000.

The government doesnt think that result is typical.

In fact, I cant even show you a copy of the wire transfer confirmation.

The government doesn’t think anyone ever takes any action so they don’t think anyone will see results.

This extensive online training program delivers you everything that you, as an investor, will need to know about how to put this strategy into action in your own business.

It’s 7 Full modules packed with every up to date current technique, script, and form you need to get started.

Here’s just a quick overview of what you’re about to get:

In this Module, I’ll outline exactly what the Bulk REO market is all about and give you all the details to get started. 

This is where many “wannabe” Bulk REO investors really miss the mark. Here’s the tip… dont waste your time with banks that dont want to deal.

There are too many lenders out there just chomping at the bit to get their non-performing assets off the books. I’ll show you how to grab the low hanging fruit and walk away with a basket full of properties, ripe for the picking.

In this module, Ill show you the step-by-step process that I follow to flip these propertiesYou can select the ones you want to keep in your portfolio, and which ones to sell, or if you want… flip them all for a huge payday.

Ill outline exactly where to look to find investors who are literally waiting for someone like you to come along and offer them property deals that they can cash in on.

This module is one of THE most important to your success: Financing.

But, not to worry… this happens to be my personal specialty. I’ll show you

7 ways to get funding…

And, your credit is NOT a factor. Ill show you how to obtain millions to close packages  no upfront fees, credit checks, appraisals, or hassles

Including my proprietary “Seller Financing From the Bank” model!

(What?! Yeah, I said seller financing from the BANK that foreclosed on the property!)

Quickly calculate the REO discount rate for any market in the US to know what you should offer for maximum profit and virtually evaluate properties without ever leaving the house.

To play this game correctly, you’re going to need forms. Everything you need to have on hand is in this module. Im going to give you my personal NDA (non-disclosure), Plus, my LOI and a copy of my Master Fee Agreement (to make sure you get paid).

PLUS: Proof of Funds this is the big one. This is what the banks want to see; I’ll show you how to get a $1 Million Dollar proof of funds letter… Free.

At This Point, You Might Be Wondering… Is This Something That Will Really Work??

And to be honest, youre the only one who can answer that questionYou see, if you do nothing and ignore this opportunity, I can GUARANTEE you will make nothing.

It’s not a magic trick.

Some people are simply not willing to pick up the phone and call banks to talk to asset managers.

Some aren’t willing to follow instructions.

Or, aren’t willing to give up a few hours a week to create a new business, or add a lucrative new profit center to an existing one. That’s up to you.

You Can Take Me Up On This Offer, Or You Can Go At It By Trial And Error, Like I Did.

But, if you want to take the shortcut to avoid all the rookie mistakes that I’ve made… and learn directly from someone who has the million dollar portfolio to back it up… then, now’s the time.

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