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Cisco CCNA 200-125: The Complete Course – Matt Carey

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Learn how to pass the CCNA exam and be ready for a career in networking.




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Cisco CCNA 200-125: The Complete Course

Learn how to pass the Cisco CCNA 200-125 exam with in-depth CCNA study material

Learn how to pass the CCNA exam and be ready for a career in networking.

Master the CCNA exam topics

  • Network Fundamentals
  • LAN Switching Technologies
  • Routing Technologies
  • WAN Technologies
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Infrastructure Management

Student Feedback

-"Instructor broke everything down and explained every term with detail"

-"I highly recommend going this course couple times and you will appreciate how great it is. I love it "

-"The instructor is very engaging and interesting. I have watched multiple videos on CCNA courses via youtube or online or other udemy courses BUT this course is just brilliant, explained back to basics networking and as i, just like many other people, absolutley love explanations/diagrams or animation type presentations. Its sooooo easy to absorb this information as its taught so well! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

Key to Success

The key to this CCNA training course are the countless configuration and troubleshooting examples. You will quickly learn how to be ready for any exam simulation and real world scenarios.

Content and Overview

In this course you'll learn all of the CCNA fundamentals. Each section includes easy to understand diagrams and configuration examples.

Starting with the TCP/IP and OSI Models, this course will take you through each component of networking.

With these basics mastered, the course will take you through actual device configurations and troubleshooting techniques teaching you how to network with the best of them.

You will have instant access to the course material. All of the course videos can be streamed at any time.

Students completing this course will have the knowledge to pass the exam and start a career in networking.

The sooner you start the course…..the sooner you will have your CCNA certification!!!

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Course Curriculum

Cisco CCNA 200-125: The Complete Course

  • Course Introduction (1:28)
  • CCNA Labs (2:01)

Network Fundamentals

  • Network Basics (2:37)
  • TCP/IP and OSI Models (6:42)
  • Layer 1 – Physical Layer (3:02)
  • Layer 1 – Ethernet (7:05)
  • Layer 1 – Hubs (3:28)
  • Layer 1 – WAN (1:02)
  • Layer 2 – Mac Addresses (10:22)
  • Layer 2 – Switching (13:43)
  • Layer 3 – IPv4 Addressing (9:07)
  • Layer 4 – TCP/UDP (11:18)
  • Layer 7 – Applications (3:20)
  • Layer Review (9:07)
  • ARP (6:29)
  • Collapsed Core and Three-Tier Architectures (1:08)
  • Network Topologies (1:03)
  • Wireless (6:13)
  • Firewalls (9:22)
  • CLI Basics (14:55)
  • Device Management Part 1 (20:47)
  • Device Management Part 2 (12:10)
  • CLI Debugging (8:48)
  • What is an IP Network? (0:58)
  • Subnet Masks (1:51)
  • Network Classes (0:53)
  • Subnetting (19:06)
  • Magic Number Method (10:36)
  • VLSM (11:20)
  • IPv4 Address Types (1:20)
  • IPv6 Addressing (19:13)
  • Cloud Resources (8:28)

LAN Switching Technologies

  • Troubleshooting Interface and Cable Issues (7:10)
  • VLANs (4:34)
  • Access VLAN Configuration (13:24)
  • Trunk Configuration (16:57)
  • Trunk Pruning (8:33)
  • VTP Basics (7:18)
  • VTP Versions (4:52)
  • VTP Configurations (7:56)
  • VTP Gotchas (4:25)
  • STP Basics (1:47)
  • STP Elections (20:36)
  • STP Modes (14:18)
  • STP Features (6:47)
  • Etherchannels (12:51)
  • Switch Stacking and Chassis Aggregation (3:11)

Routing Technologies

  • Default Gateway (3:01)
  • Routing Basics (16:24)
  • Routing Decisions (14:25)
  • Routing Default Routes (4:22)
  • Route Summarization (5:43)
  • Interface Basics (13:38)
  • Inter-VLAN Routing (2:33)
  • Router on a Stick (4:04)
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols (2:14)
  • EIGRP for IPv4 Overview (9:58)
  • EIGRP for IPv4 Configurations (19:11)
  • EIGRP for IPv4 Troubleshooting (6:16)
  • EIGRP for IPv6 Configurations (4:25)
  • OSPFv2 for IPv4 Overview (8:42)
  • OSPFv2 for IPv4 Configurations (9:55)
  • OSPFv2 for IPv4 Troubleshooting (4:35)
  • OSPFv3 for IPv6 Configurations (4:11)
  • RIPv2 Overview (8:21)
  • RIPv2 Configurations (7:23)
  • RIPv2 Troubleshooting (15:12)
  • Layer 3 Troubleshooting (11:58)

WAN Technologies

  • WAN (6:43)
  • PPP and MLPPP (11:02)
  • PPPoE (6:34)
  • GRE Tunnels (7:40)
  • eBGP IPv4 (11:07)
  • QoS (8:42)

Infrastructure Services

  • DNS (4:08)
  • DHCP (12:00)
  • HSRP (11:41)
  • NAT (27:35)
  • NTP (5:29)

Infrastructure Security

  • Port-Security (18:24)
  • 802.1X (2:51)
  • DHCP Snooping (4:06)
  • Non-default Native VLAN (1:17)
  • IPv4 Access-Lists (21:12)
  • IPv6 Access-Lists (3:54)
  • Access-Lists – Verifying and Troubleshooting (8:19)
  • APIC-EM Path Trace ACL (1:49)
  • Password Security (4:57)
  • Telnet vs SSH (3:44)
  • Local Authentication (5:17)
  • Login Banner (3:51)
  • AAA with TACACS and Radius (7:38)

Infrastructure Management

  • SNMP (11:35)
  • Logging (6:36)
  • IP SLA (7:00)
  • Licensing (6:54)
  • Software Upgrade (12:40)
  • Password Recovery (9:30)
  • SPAN (5:05)
  • Network Programmability (2:04)

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