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Visualise for a few seconds what it would be like to have ZERO fear

Imagine having the ability to approach and seduce women, and being able to make these bold moves because you’re FINALLY FREE from those limiting thoughts and excuses that used to control you, and chain you to your comfort-zone.

Imagine how it would feel to be a man of real confidence, a man who can inspire others, and who emanates a powerful presence that draws people to him.

Imagine what it would be like to experience seeing women’s eyes light up whenever you talk to them.

Imagine the incredible sensation of having a beautiful woman truly desire you. Those intoxicating moments like when she slightly bites her lower lip in pleasure, each time you lean in to intimately whisper something to her.

Now my question to you is this:

What would you do if you had that kind of power?

Would you sleep with as many beautiful women as possible? Or would you use that power to get yourself that incredible girlfriend you always visualised yourself being with?

Having that kind of a choice might seem out of your reach right now, but what if I was tell you that in just a few hours, you will be a huge step closer to living that kind of a reality?


I want you to forget all that tired and vague advice you’ve heard a million times before.

That advice which (and let’s face it) has failed to get you any real results .

You want compliments? You want an ego massage?

Then go to a strip club!

You see, I don’t believe that you need to be told how ‘amazing’ you are or to hear AGAIN that if you ‘just believe in yourself’ you will be happy and have everything you want.


Firstly, because you’re not a 4 year old kid. You are a grown man that has the strength to handle the truth, and you are a man who deserves more than to be just fed ‘sweet sounding’ garbage. You are a man who wants advice and ACTUAL techniques and skills that you can actually apply to produce REAL results.

And the second reason is because ‘lazy advice’ and ‘gentle pats on the back’ are simply NOT strong enough to really tackle those deep-rooted sticking points and those all too real ‘FRUSTRATING’ mental blocks that you’re currently experiencing.


So if you’re not ready to experience real success with women and to embark on an incredible journey of self confidence that will lead you to many new and amazing experiences and choices that you’re not yet used to. Then DON’T read any further.

However, if you really want to experience a new path that’s filled with exciting experiences and opportunities, then what I’m about to tell you could be the start of your transition from frustration and fear into confidence and success.


After years of helping thousands of men to become successful with women and after 7 YEARS of countless emails and requests , I have finally put together all my material , all my techniques , all my insights , and my entire collection of practical and theoretical exercises that have served to help those men to build a high level of inner confidence that gave them the opportunity to live the reality they always dreamed of.

Yes! I Want To Order the Confidence Unleashed DVD Set Today!


I cant wait, I want Online Instant Access


A large percentage of the men I have helped, used this material and advice that I’m going to share with you, in other important areas of their lives. Some used the knowledge to upgrade their careers. Some used it to improve their social lives and to advance and strengthen their existing relationships with others. The information contained in these DVDs will hand you access to much more than just happiness in your love life.


The system I’m going to show you has helped every single man I have taught in the last 7 years to develop a self belief system of such strength, that they found themselves making choices and decisions that they once never had the confidence to make , or were once too uncertain and frightened to take. It was that FIRST decision, that first step that they were brave enough to take which lead to multiple positive feedback loops which gave them the ability and confidence to make other bold and positive decisions that went on to create new realities and help them to shape their lives in an alignment that fitted their goals and visions.

Get Confidence Unleashed – Michael C. Melvin, Only Price $152


Now let’s be clear about these next few points:

1 – I’m not here to feed your ego. I’m here to nourish your confidence. That means I’m not going to be wasting time on sugar-coated advice or flattery just to make you feel a ‘little better’ for an hour or so. My intention is to get you what you want and give you a genuine sense of fulfilment that lasts and lasts.

2 – My goal is to give you REAL CONFIDENCE, the type of confidence that has the force to replace your excuses and self doubts with excitement, enthusiasm and self belief, and to achieve that, my advice will be direct and sometimes hard to hear. Nothing I say will be put through the ‘filter of niceness’.

‘Time wasting’ is not part of my vocabulary.

3 – I’m not going to explain to you the ‘art of self love’ because I know you already love and value yourself enough to take action, otherwise you wouldn’t be here now.

4 – I’m also NOT going to give you endless ‘positive affirmation’ exercises either, because I don’t believe they work as effectively as building up results. (And I’m guessing you’ve tried them already)

5 – I’m a results focused person, and my intention is to get YOU real results. I believe that PROOF and HARD EVIDENCE are the factors that will really accelerate your mindset.

6 – I’m also NOT going to give you ANY untested theories that might sound good on paper, but fail to bring you what you want in reality.

All the material I will be sharing with you in theses DVDs has been TRIED AND TESTED many times. Nothing makes it into these DVDs unless it has been tried and tested and has received my stamp of approval.

This is not just about becoming successful with women. This is about a complete confidence and self belief UPGRADE. This is just one of the reasons why the information contained inside these DVDs make the ‘CONFIDENCE UNLEASHED’ DVD set one of the most powerful confidence accelerator programs you will ever experience.



  • No untested theories
  • No rehashed advice you’ve heard countless times before
  • No endless positive affirmation exercises
  • Tried and tested techniques that have been PROVEN to generate FAST results time and time again.
  • A clear insight in the female mind
  • Simple to follow exercises which produce RAPID results.
  • Box fresh groundbreaking material and techniques that you will NOT find anywhere else.

Do you love yourself…truly?

If you care about your self, and if you truly love yourself enough to believe that you are worthy of the following:

  • Better opportunities
  • More satisfying experiences
  • Success
  • Sexual fulfilment
  • Respect
  • Healthy relationships.

Then you will invest in yourself.

Think about it for a moment.. ONLY $147 to start living the life you always visualised yourself leading.


Separate yourself from the men who have accepted failure.

The men out there who are not ready to take action are the ones who really lack that deep sense of value, as they are the ones who don’t truly believe that they deserve to experience success with women, and so they end up making the bad decision to remain in their comfort zone .



Become the best and most attractive version of yourself.


  • Uncertainty
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Self embarrassment
  • Apology
  • Weakness


  • Confidence
  • Positive Feedback loops
  • Discovery
  • Enthusiasm
  • Self belief
  • Strength
  • Certainty


Transition can be frightening for some people, especially if they have been caught in a web that their comfort zone has trapped them in. If this resonates with you, but you still feel you’re not quite trapped enough yet to settle with the situation you’re in, and feel you deserve an opportunity to finally set yourself free from your comfort zone, then take that brave first step and embrace the exciting and empowering feeling of transitioning into the higher version of yourself and all the amazing results and experiences that come with it.



ere’s what you will gain from the DVDs

  • Total eradication of your Approach Anxiety
  • Complete Inner dialogue transformation
  • Advanced mind management techniques
  • Exercises that generate instant results
  • A stronger and more authentic self identity
  • Access to the secrets of the people who possess ‘winner mindsets’
  • A full body language overhaul
  • Techniques to improve your ‘personality trailer’An easy to apply ‘personalised’ marketing strategy
  • Powerful tactics to increase her level of gratitude towards you
  • The ability to convey your true strength of character
  • The secret skills of the Alpha male and how YOU can apply them
  • The ability to generate INSTANT respect from the people you meetPlaying field levellersPotent NLP based anchoring techniques
  • The power to turn off your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones
  • Conversation skills to help you never run out of things to say
  • The ability to make a STRONG impact
  • Replacement of all your unwanted auto-reactions with new and positive onesMy secret ‘Flip Routines ‘ that will turn ANY negative responses into positive outcomes
  • Complete abandonment of unhelpful memories
  • The skill set to collect an abundance of positive reference points
  • The secret method to make a woman feel ‘turned on’ and safe the same time
  • Self belief strategies that you can put into place right way
  • Understanding what women desire and lust after in a man
  • Sexual tension acceleratorsAttraction boosters
  • Obtaining a high level of self awareness
  • A clear road map to obtaining your personal goals
  • An honest ‘no holds barred’ insight into the female mind

Get Confidence Unleashed – Michael C. Melvin, Only Price $152

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