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Confident Man – Graham Stoney


Now I know you’re not stupid so you probably already realized this. In fact, really intelligent guys often are the ones who find it the hardest to feel confident around other people; especially hot women. This has certainly been my experience. We get stuck in our heads and end up not knowing what to say, or we say things that women don’t find interesting and they end up brushing us off; undermining our confidence with women even further.



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Dear Friend,

Would you like to be able to:

  • Meet and date hotter, more beautiful, higher quality women?
  • Have more and better sex?
  • Feel more self-confident, relaxed and at ease around women?
  • Connect more easily and more deeply with the women you find attractive?
  • Overcome insecurity, self-consciousness and low self-esteem?
  • Have more of your needs met, more easily?
  • Get a better job?
  • Earn a higher income?
  • Feel more happiness, joy, peace and contentment?
  • Live the life you want, on your terms?

Conversely, would you like to stop:

  • Feeling inadequate, insecure and nervous; especially around women
  • Feeling self-conscious
  • Feeling like a loser
  • Feeling lonely, depressed and anxious about life
  • Feeling like the world is passing you by
  • Feeling resentful with other guys who seem to have what you want
  • Feeling resentful with women you find attractive, who always seem to be brushing you off

If so, we have a lot in common. You see, most of my life I’ve struggled with insecurity, nervousness, and low self-esteem. Especially around women. I’ve done a tremendous amount of research into this problem and come to the conclusion that there are three magic ingredients to solving all these problems so that we can live the life we were meant to live:

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

Now I know you’re not stupid so you probably already realized this. In fact, really intelligent guys often are the ones who find it the hardest to feel confident around other people; especially hot women. This has certainly been my experience. We get stuck in our heads and end up not knowing what to say, or we say things that women don’t find interesting and they end up brushing us off; undermining our confidence with women even further.

So the real question is: how do you get confidence, if you don’t already have it?

There are two simple answers to this question:

  1. You find something you absolutely love and are comfortable doing, and you learn to master it. (Psychologists refer to this as “maximizing your time spent in the state of flow”)
  2. You progressively expand your comfort zone around doing things that currently aren’t particularly comfortable with. (Psychologists refer to this as “systematic desensitization”)

Combining these two techniques will give you the greatest sense of self-confidence the fastest. If only there was a step-by-step program that did exactly that. Well now there is, and you can get it here for just $47.

“Of all the books I’ve read on women and dating, yours has been the most helpful” – Peter, Sydney Australia

Get Confident Man – Graham Stoney , Only Price $24

Is Building Confidence Really That Simple?

When I looked more closely at the problem of overcoming low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence in my own life, I found a lot of snags that could get in the way of this simple formula.

Negative programming from parents or religion, traumatic childhood experiences, teasing, bullying, bad prior experiences with girls, difficult past relationships, negative thinking, anxiety, fear, and even a basic lack of self-love can all get in the way of applying these basic principles.


  • What if you don’t even know what you love doing?
  • What if you’re so anxious that you don’t know where to start in expanding your comfort zone?
  • What if your thinking has become so pessimistic that you can’t even envisage a more confident future with the girl of your dreams?
  • What if your interactions with women just always seem to go so badly, you’ve given up?
  • What if your parents or childhood religion just plain screwed you up?
  • What if you just hate yourself or hate your nervousness?

Well, then you’re just like me. Cold comfort perhaps, but after seven years of research I’ve put together a step-by-step program to help guys just like us hit the ground running.

You see, I concluded that there are four main areas to master:

  1. The way you think (your mindset)
  2. The way you feel (your emotions)
  3. How to attract and relate to women
  4. Your general life skills, interests and hobbies

And these are exactly the areas covered in The Confident Man Program.

Plus you get over 17 hours of audio downloads with self-confidence experts covering everything else you need to know from Tantric Sex to Being The Alpha Male… and more! And three bonus e-books.

So Does It Really Work?

Great question! I can honestly say that women definitely respond to me differently now, and I really feel different inside. I’ve done every step in The Confident Man Program and I still keep practicing them: the more I learn, the more I realize how well this works.

If you’re a tough case like me: super nerdy, or really insecure, or just uncertain about where to begin, this program will save you a heap of time compared to what it’s taken me so far.

And if it doesn’t work for you, or you just plain don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back.

Is Confidence A Problem For You?

I know what it’s like to lack self-confidence, because I’ve been there myself. It’s horrible. When we lack confidence as a man, it shows up all over our lives like a bad rash. We feel:

  • Shy
  • Nervous
  • Withdrawn
  • Inferior to other guys
  • Beat ourselves up
  • Find it hard to make eye contact
  • Have difficulty relating to women
  • Always have to prove ourselves
  • Avoid conflict
  • Please other people ahead of ourselves
  • Play the “Nice Guy” all the time
  • Let other people walk all over us

When we lack confidence, we feel rotten inside. It effects absolutely every area of our lives.

And It Gets Worse

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because the way we act when we lack confidence affects all our relationships. Other people treat us the way we think we deserve to be treated. The problem just compounds itself and we end up feeling:

  • Lonely
  • Isolated
  • Ashamed
  • Rejected
  • Anxious
  • Afraid of approaching other people
  • Scared of interacting with attractive women
  • Single or in an unhappy or unsatisfying relationship
  • Sexually frustrated
  • Unemployed or unhappily employed
  • Uncertain about our direction in life
  • Underachieving and dropping out or becoming a workaholic and burning out
  • Addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, etc etc
  • Depressed and even suicidal

Lack of confidence makes us feel terrible about ourselves. We develop ineffective coping strategies, like avoiding uncomfortable situations, underachieving or becoming so driven to prove ourselves that we burn out. Yeah, I’ve been there too, and it felt awful. What we need in these situations is a true sense of inner confidence.

Women: The Ultimate Confidence Litmus Test

Women routinely say that the most attractive thing about a man is: confidence. That means that if you’re a man who lacks confidence, you’re hosed. Every move you make and every attempt to engage with attractive, appealing women will fail if you lack the confidence to pull it off.

Of all the areas of my life that were effected by the lack of confidence in my old self, my relationships with women were by far the most painful. Ouch. I feel bad just thinking back and remembering what it was like. The loneliness, the painful rejections, the failures, the cravings. It was horrible. Perhaps it still is for you. Confidence is the only way out.

Otherwise We End Up Settling In Life

When you lack confidence, you often end up settling for what you think you can get, instead of what you really want in life. When you settle, you end up with:

  • The job nobody else wanted
  • The friends nobody else wanted
  • The woman nobody else wanted
  • The life nobody else wanted

No wonder so many men end up defeated in life and feeling chronically depressed. We take antidepressants to escape the horrible painful reality that we didn’t get what we wanted in life… all because we lacked the confidence to get it. Tragically, many of us even end up committing suicide to escape the pain of it all.

On one of the saddest days of my life, I stood in the kitchen of my two-bedroom unit, still single and lonely at age 40. As I swallowed my antidepressant tablet, I wondered how on earth a smart guy like me had ended up down in such a pit of despair. All because I lacked confidence to really deal with the issues effecting my life. The emotional baggage that robbed me of my confidence even robbed me of my physical health and I ended up with Chronic Fatigue for three years.

Fortunately There Is A Solution

I didn’t want to live a life dependent on mind-altering medication, so one day I woke up and decided that there had to be a better way. I took an inventory of everything that upset me about my life, and set out to take massive action to do something about it. That was the day I stopped being a victim and took control of my life.

I tried many different things in the process of building my confidence; some more successful than others. In the process, I reinvented my life as my self-confidence gradually skyrocketed.

When I looked around at many of my single male friends, I realized they were struggling with exactly the same issues as I was. So I built The Confident Man Program to cover everything I needed to transform myself from a scared little boy in a man’s body, into a Confident Man.

Get Confident Man – Graham Stoney , Only Price $24

Want Instant Confidence? Here’s the Real Truth

There is no instant answer to developing confidence. People who try to sell you instant confidence with no effort are lying and just preying on your vulnerability because they know how important this is to you. Building true inner confidence is possible and requires dedication and commitment. Having a mentor to guide you helps a lot too. I wasted a lot of time on things that didn’t work while I was still figuring out what the problem was and looking for the best solution. With the benefit of hindsight, I streamlined The Confident Man Program so you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration compared to what I went through.

Lots of people on the Internet give free advice on building confidence, with dicky time-wasters like looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “I love you!”, or chanting affirmations you don’t believe. None of that stuff worked for me, so I don’t recommend you do it. What I do recommend is the stuff that actually works.

Often we end up taking advice from friends who are no better off than we are. Or we read books by motivational speakers who clearly never struggled with confidence or self-doubt themselves and have no clue what it’s like. Make sure that the people you take advice from have actually travelled the road you want to travel, and achieved what you want.

Free advice is often worth exactly what you pay for it. Confidence, on the other hand, is priceless. The most valuable advice on becoming a Confident Man is available right here for just $47:

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Check out what other readers are saying:

“Freaking hilarious… and good advice” – Dan Smith

“Reading Confident Man is a straightforward and easy to follow series of steps to make yourself more attractive to the ladies – from a visual, emotional and personality point of view. More than that, I found many points in the book to apply to life in general – so that’s the icing on the cake!” – Bradley Tremill

“This book is amazing! I was so absorbed in it that I could not stop reading it. I just had to keep going in order to discover the next step or skill. It’s a totally engrossing and witty read. The information contained within its pages was both knowledgeable and insightful. The author has written about a subject that he is familiar with and he has obviously invested a lot of time researching and experiencing these steps and skills. Reading this book has completely altered my outlook on women and subsequently I believe that as a result of this book, my life has been positively influenced. Look out ladies here I come.” – Jeff Robertson

“Graham thank you very much for your book! I read it after a date last night and have resolved to make big changes to my life particularly on the personal front. I know that if I don’t I’ll still be in the same rut and moaning about my life leading up to my 50th so I have to make changes now, particularly to my self belief and esteem. Thank you so much for giving me something which will transform my life. What you have written is so inspiring!” – Stan Taskil

“When I read Confident Man, I found it hard to put down! It is fantastic  There is so much good stuff in there for both sexes.” – Kristi Simpson

Complementary Audio Downloads

In addition to The Confident Man Program Guide, you’ll also go these complementary audio downloads to teach you everything you need to know about building true self-confidence. No matter where you are at now, you’ll find material here that will take your success in life to the next level:

Audio #1: Bridging The Confidence Gap: From Fear to Freedom

Learn simple, practical strategies based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for building self-confidence. Dr. Russ Harris is a world-renown expert on ACT and the bestselling author of The Confidence Gap: From Fear to Freedom.

In this interview he will teach you techniques from his popular workshops and books, including:

  • Why the popular definition of confidence can lead you astray.
  • How to take action that leads to feelings of confidence.
  • How to build confidence quickly by stepping outside our comfort zone.
  • The key ingredient you need before you will develop confidence.
  • Why even many therapists lack confidence.
  • The thing we all have in common, that nobody talks about.
  • Why the strategies in most self-help books fail.
  • How to build lasting confidence in the face of fear and anxiety.
  • The most powerful strategy in all psychology that busts phobias.
  • How to avoid The Confidence Trap that leaves you stuck with fear and anxiety.
  • The core skills for dealing with anxiety-inducing thoughts and feelings.
  • How to harness the power of mindfulness to deal with fear.
  • How to change your attitude to develop genuine, lasting confidence.
  • How to use your personal values to create a sense of meaning and confidence in your life.

Audio #2: How to Become an Alpha Male

Learn what you can do to develop the Alpha Male traits that boost your confidence and make you naturally attractive to women.

James Greenshields is a natural Alpha Male and Ex-Military Officer and  who served on the front line in Iraq, and now runs his own business coaching men on How to Become More Successful in civilian life.

Listen to James comparing the physiological response of approaching a woman you don’t know, with the roadside bomb attack he survived while serving in Iraq. You’ve got to check this out. He’s an expert on anxiety, and how to deal with it.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The Alpha-Male traits you want and how to develop them.
  • Developing Leadership skills that Women find attractive.
  • Overcoming Clinginess that repels women.
  • How to build genuine self-worth and self-confidence.
  • Neutralising emotional baggage from your past.
  • Dealing with Guilt, Shame and the feeling of Not Being Good Enough.
  • How to start building a positive track record to build your success with Women.
  • Getting comfortable in your own skin around Women.
  • Learning Humour and Story-Telling.
  • How to develop rapport and empathy with a Woman.
  • Developing mental proximity and disclosure to engage women in conversation.
  • Building trust to create attraction.
  • Finding other Alpha-Males as role models to learn from.

Audio #3: How to Approach Beautiful Women in the Street, Get Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Dates.

Learn how to approach women in the street during the day from one of the world’s leading experts on Street Dating and Day Game. Dating Coach Alex Coulson teaches men how to approach women, runs dating workshops and live infield training to help guys improve their conversation and approaching skills.

In this interview he shares his most valuable tips that you’d normally have to pay hundreds of dollars in private coaching fees for:

  • Where to start when learning the skill of approaching women and starting conversations.
  • How to warm people up, make them laugh and make them like you.
  • Having something ready to say, and stick with it.
  • Avoiding the need to get everything perfect first-time.
  • Overcoming Approach Anxiety by being prepared.
  • What to do when things don’t seem to be working.
  • His favorite opener.
  • Why it’s so much easier to meet women during the day than in pubs and clubs at night.
  • Conversation skills to engage and entertain a woman.
  • The value of being direct with women.
  • Learn how to be funny.
  • The difference between funny and goofy.
  • Women don’t reject you, they reject your approach. And what to do about it.
  • Where and how to practice.

Audio #4: Clothing and Style to Dramatically Increase your Confidence and Attractiveness to Women

Learn everything a guy needs to know to revamp his clothing style and become more attractive to women. Style and Fashion Guru Sharon Cullington coaches men on how to improve their fashion styling and dating life.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • What styles to avoid, and what to buy.
  • Finding the latest look that women go for.
  • Where to go, and how to find the stores to shop in.
  • How to make the whole process fun.
  • How to develop your own a sense of style.
  • The importance of shoes, and how to work out what to get.
  • How to get the Rock Star look that really attracts women.
  • What to do with hair styling.
  • Why it’s good to be funny and cheeky with women.
  • Not to take “No” for an answer too quickly.
  • How to learn to deal with rejection.
  • Where to go to meet women.

Audio #5: Mistakes Guys Make when Approaching or Dating Women.

Get an unfair advantage over other guys with tips from Attraction and Dating Coach Hot Alpha Female. She advises guys on how to be more successful with women and knows intuitively what works with women and what doesn’t because she’s a woman herself. She also mines her hot girl friends for information on what they really want; not just what they say they want.

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • Why awesome, nice guys sometimes don’t have a chance with women. And what to do about it.
  • How many women are clueless about why they’re attracted to certain guys.
  • What a guy can do to turn repulsion into attraction.
  • The Number #1 Problem with guys that kills attraction: Neediness.
  • Why putting a woman on a pedestal and sucking up to her doesn’t work.
  • The importance of developing an emotional connection with a woman, and how to do it.
  • Why the logical approach men usually use doesn’t work.
  • Avoiding approval-seeking.
  • Developing your own natural style for interacting with women.
  • Things your mother taught you that don’t work.
  • Where to start with building good social skills with women.
  • The hidden agenda that sabotages success with women, and how to avoid it.
  • How to make a woman smile and laugh.

Audio #6: Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Build Confidence

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a toolbox of techniques for getting the most out of your mind, and relating powerfully and confidently with other people. Daniel Smith is an NLP trainer and coach, and in this interview he shares the most powerful secrets of NLP for retraining your mind to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

In this revealing interview he shares practical wisdom on:

  • The simple most important secret to becoming confident.
  • How to achieve excellence instead of mediocrity.
  • Modelling what other people do rather than what they say they do.
  • How to become confident at anything.
  • Becoming confident in relationships with women.
  • The importance of asking better questions.
  • Dealing with the voice in your head: your inner critic.
  • The secret to feeling positive instantly, no matter what your mood.
  • How to change your limiting beliefs.
  • The key trap most guys fall into that you must avoid.

Get Confident Man – Graham Stoney , Only Price $24

Audio #7: Being A Sexual Man Tantric Workshop

Learn ancient Tantric techniques to improve your sexual confidence with this workshop from Tantric Practitioner Martina Hughes. Many men have been socialized to suppress our sexual energy and this frank, practical Tantric sexual energy workshop will teach you everything you need to know about liberating your repressed sexual energy to connect with women.

Learn how to harness sexual energy to boost your self-confidence, ability to attract a partner and connect deeply in relationships and during sex. Hearing a woman talk about this is healing in itself. Over 2 hours of insights including:

  • The connection between sexuality, life force and self-confidence.
  • Identifying and dealing with your latent mother issues.
  • How to connect with your repressed or suppressed emotions.
  • How to open a woman sexually.
  • The importance of not “leaving your penis at the door”.
  • Being a sexual man who women respect and are attracted to.
  • How to give yourself permission to get what you want in life.
  • Two meditations for connecting with your sexual energy.
  • How to avoid landing in the dreaded “friend zone”.
  • How to look at women without being perceived as creepy.
  • How to negotiate open relationships.
  • The spiritual dimension to sex.

Audio #8: How To Become Naturally Confident

Discover how to unlock subconscious stories from your past so that you can get in touch with your natural inner confidence in this interview with Confidence Coach Todd Sedelmeier. You will learn:

  • How to Overcome Approach Anxiety
  • How to Trace False Beliefs Back to Childhood
  • How to Deal with Subconscious Triggers
  • How to Identify Negative Past Experiences That Cause False Beliefs
  • How to Feel Attractive to Pretty Women
  • Transforming Negative Emotions Into Positive Ones
  • Changing How We Get Attention From Pretty Girls
  • How to Stop Creating The Very Thing We’re Afraid Of
  • The Importance of Loving Your Inner Child
  • How to Delete Mind Viruses from Your Subconscious
  • How to Create New Stories and Be Whoever You Want To Be

Audio #9: How To Be Present

In this insightful interview with Transformation Coach Moose Miller, you’ll learn the key techniques for dealing with difficult emotions and thought patterns that stop us from being confident in our interactions with other people. Practising these techniques consistently over time leads to a sense of relaxed confidence that men and women alike find tremendously appealing. Presence is the key to true inner self-confidence. You will learn:

  • Why Presence is essential for connecting deeply with other people.
  • How to deal with deep insecurities.
  • Being truthful in relationship to yourself.
  • How to let go of judgments of yourself and others.
  • When to fake it till you make it.
  • Using faith to expand your comfort zone, building more confidence.
  • Developing intuition by taking risks with the unknown.
  • Dropping defensiveness that keeps other people at a safe distance.
  • How to replacing behaviors that don’t work with new ones that do.
  • How to dealing with fear and anxiety.
  • How physical actions affect our thoughts and feelings.
  • How to choose your thoughts and feelings in every moment.

Audio #10: How To Heal Deep Emotional Wounds

Emotional wounds from early life can have a profound effect on our self-confidence and ability to be successful in life. Even wounds that we’re unaware of or reluctant to acknowledge can still profoundly effect us because they operate on the unconscious/subconscious level.

In this interview Holistic Counsellor Peter Saxon will teach you how to heal these wounds so you can develop a much deeper level of relaxed confidence. You will learn:

  • The importance of other men in affirming our masculinity.
  • The differences between how men and women process emotions differently.
  • How to deal with core feelings of grief, hurt, abandonment, betrayal and rejection.
  • How the subconscious mind gets imprinted with emotions.
  • How to overturn negative core beliefs.
  • Why conscious affirmations don’t go deep enough.
  • How the break subconscious validation of core beliefs.
  • How to break addictive and destructive emotional patterns.
  • How to investigate and dissolve unconscious beliefs.
  • Healing really deep emotional wounds so you can be free.

Audio #11: How to Meet More Women

Do you ever wish that meeting beautiful women was as simple as walking up to them and saying: “Hi, what’s your name?” Well according to Jack D. Serrano from Date Masters, it is.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The key to success at meeting more women.
  • How to start looking for the women who already like you.
  • To avoid the trap most men fall into of trying to persuade women to like them.
  • How to avoid fear, frustration and a lack of confidence.
  • The antidote to approach anxiety.
  • An easier way than “building attraction”, showing value or trying to make women like you.
  • Why it’s not your job to persuade women to like you.
  • How to accept “No” for an answer.
  • How to develop an abundance mindset.
  • How to use experience to build confidence.
  • How to find girls you share chemistry with.
  • How to get past your own bullshit excuses that get in the way.
  • How to meet beautiful, high quality women who already like you.

Audio #12: Connecting With Your Inner Warrior

Regardless of how you currently feel about yourself and your confidence as a man, all of us have an inner warrior with genuine self-esteem, inner strength, a sense of purpose, a mission in life, and the self-confidence necessary to go after what we really want.

In this interview with Boysen Hodgson from The ManKind Project you will learn how to get in touch with your inner warrior, including:

  • How to connect with the warrior within.
  • How to overcome our internal resistance and fear of being seen for who we really are.
  • How decisions made during childhood get us stuck as an adult.
  • How to connect with other men and break out of the restricted childish view of who we are.
  • The importance of meaningful relationships with men.
  • How to break out of the powerless or passive-aggressive “nice guy” mode.
  • How to learn to take more risks in life generally.
  • How to manage your subconscious shadow side.
  • How to deal with your fears and learn to trust other men.
  • How to feel relaxed and at ease with yourself in the world.
  • The destructive power of shame and how to overcome it.
  • Why we medicate with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other means of distraction.
  • How and why to resolve the unresolved issues in your relationship with your mother.
  • How to get what you really want in the future, even if you don’t know what it is.

Audio #13: Using Tantra to Develop Your Masculine Confidence

This fascinating interview with Tantric Practitioner David Anderson discusses how you can use Tantric techniques to boost your sexual confidence and become more confident in relationships with women generally.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why many men are afraid of women and don’t show up as a masculine man around them.
  • Where your fear of women’s emotions stems from and how to tackle it.
  • How to break out of the stories we run in our heads that keep us stuck.
  • How to start attracting the women you want into your life.
  • How to show a woman that she can trust you.
  • Why women “test” men, how to recognise and pass their tests.
  • The difference between masculine and feminine traits.
  • How to develop healthy masculine traits that women love.
  • How to overcome unhealthy feminine traits that turn women off.
  • How to project healthy sexual energy towards women.
  • The sexiest thing a man can be around women.

Audio #14: How to Attract Women without Being Fake

If the idea of learning a bunch of canned routines and fake stories grates on you like it does on me, you’ll want to listen to this interview by Leigh Louey-Gung from The Attraction Institute on how you can attract women by being real.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why a lot of material from the pick-up community actually lowers your self-esteem.
  • That you don’t have to project a fake facade in order to get the women that you want interested in you.
  • Why presenting a false personality can never lead to the genuine connection that we all really want deep down.
  • How to bridge the gap between how you feel and how you want to feel.
  • How to gain a sense of personal power in every area of your life.
  • How to change your relationship to approach anxiety.
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed by fear.
  • What he learned from ancient Chinese Taoist teachings for getting what you want out of life.

Audio #15: How to Meet Women During the Day

If you’re not a big fan of nightclubs with loud blaring music, does the idea of being able to approach attractive women you see going about their daily routines in a relaxed manner really appeal to you? Imagine once you learn to approach women confidently, and can travel the world never be wanting for female company.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to successfully approach and start conversations with women while they’re out and about.
  • Why it’s easier than you think.
  • The key to mastering this, or any other skill.
  • Why you should stop reading books, e-books and watching videos.
  • The right attitude to approach with.
  • The most important thing to remember to do.
  • How to get used to women responding to you positively.
  • How to deal with discouragement when it doesn’t always go well.
  • Six key stages in learning to approach women during the day.
  • Jack’s personal framework for continuing the conversation once you’ve initiated it.

Audio #16: Building Confidence in a Mens Group

One of the most powerful things I’ve done to continue building my own confidence is to join a men’s group and this interview with Men’s Group coordinator Brett Churnin from explains why.

My experience of other males at my all-boys high school wasn’t a particularly positive basis for me to build trust in men. A men’s group allowed me to connect more deeply to other men and in doing so, connect more deeply to my own masculine power.

In it you will learn:

  • Why a men’s group can help you become more confident generally
  • How to live with more integrity, honour, compassion, strength and direction
  • How relating more deeply with men improves your ability to relate to women
  • Overcoming neediness to stand strong in your relationships with women
  • Using your men’s group to learn how to stay with and handle conflict
  • How to find more backbone with the right amount of heart
  • Having a group of men who won’t stand for anything less than your best
  • Finding and following your purpose and mission in life
  • How to find and join a men’s group
  • How to start your own men’s group if there isn’t one near you

Bonus E-Books

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get these bonus e-books:

Bonus E-book #1: Passionately Alive: Keys To Emotional Mastery

Mastering your emotions is absolutely key to gaining a relaxed state of confidence in virtually any situation, and this e-book by Emotional Intelligence guru Nicholas de Castella is the clearest, most consise book I’ve read on the topic anywhere.

In it you will learn the keys to:

  • Give unhappiness and misery the flick.
  • Give stress, anxiety and frustration the boot.
  • Overcoming anxiety.
  • Dealing with grief and sadness.
  • Mastering your anger.
  • Recognizing emotions and their physical sensations.
  • Overcoming shame and guilt.
  • Say “Hello!” to a life of joy and ease.

Valued at $15 (which I think is way too cheap).

Bonus E-book #2: Getting The Woman Of Your Dreams: A Female Attraction Handbook for Shy Men

This Bonus eBook Getting The Woman Of Your Dreams teaches you how to land and keep not just any woman, but specifically the girl of your dreams.

In this ebook you will learn the secrets to:

  • Attracting Women.
  • Positive Reconstruction of Negative Self-Talk.
  • Tips for Success with Women.
  • Building Your Self-Confidence.
  • Creating Useful Positive Affirmations.
  • What You Say and How You Say It.
  • Body Language: How to tell if She’s Interested.

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Bonus E-Book #3: The Men’s Quick-Start Guide To Dating

This Bonus eBook The Men’s Quick-Start Guide To Dating teaches you everything you need to know to date the women that you are about to start attracting.

Get the Woman You’ve Always Wanted – Even if You Haven’t Dated Before!

In this ebook you will learn the basics of dating, including:

  • Dating Today.
  • Taking Care Of Yourself First.
  • Understanding Women.
  • Your First Date.
  • Beyond Your First Date.
  • Dating Success Secrets.

Valued at $27

Bonus E-Book #4: The Top 100 Lovemaking Techniques Of All Time

This Bonus eBook The Top 100 Lovemaking Techniques Of All Time gives you one hundred amazing sexual techniques to spice things up sexually with the partner (or partners!) the new confident you will soon be attracting.

Here are just some of the techniques:

  • The Menthol Marinade
  • The Sicilian Corkscrew
  • The Cotton Spritzer
  • The Standing Wrap
  • Parad-ice
  • Walking The Wall
  • Mint Two-lip
  • The Sensual Summons
  • The Steaming Diamond
  • The Dutch Drawbridge

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