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Demonic Confidence 2008 – Lucas West


I want to start off by saying that I have absolutely no interest in insulting your intelligence

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Dear Friend,

I want to start off by saying that I have absolutely no interest in insulting your intelligence. You’ve probably seen quite a few salesletters in your day. And this, clearly, is a sales letter. So, I won’t try to hide that fact in any way. I’ll put all my cards on the table right up front.

That being said, I truly feel that, if you have any problems, fears, or hesitations when approaching women, reading this salesletter will be the most important thing you’ve ever done to change your life.

Small and simple little actions can have a large impact on your life. I truly believe that, and I’ve built a remarkable system which takes that principle to heart, and makes it easy to change yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to become.

I want you to see that for yourself. I want you to try it absolutely FREEfor the next seven days. You won’t have to spend a dime unless you’re completely certain it’ll work for you.

So, please, read on. I’ll do my very best to help you make a fully informed decision that this course will change your life.


You see, no matter how anyone tries to reframe it, 90% of all problems with the opposite sex stems from ONE missing ingredient; confidence.

Some guys have it by the truckload. They see a girl with a body to die for, one that just LOOKS like you’re in for broken beds (and EVEN THAT won’t stop her from riding you till you’re begging her for more), and they just go for it.

Just the sheer excitement, the possibility is enough to push them forward. Besides, they think, if it doesn’t work out with her (or even if it does), there’s plenty more where that came from.

But, for the rest of us, it’s an unattainable dream to see a beautiful woman and, without hesitation, walk up to her and just start talking. That feeling of nervousness that wells up, of being afraid you don’t know what to do or say, can be overwhelming.

And what if, even if you say exactly the right thing and act the right way, she’s still not interested? That utter fear of rejection keeps most guys from going after what they truly want, from even taking that first step.

It’s called approach anxiety, or a lack of “inner game.” Whatever it is, it can feel like it’s crippling you.

Have you ever been in a public place, seen a beautiful woman and imagined you could just walk up to her and talk? Did you start making excuses about why it would be inappropriate, or it just wasn’t the right time?

Or, is there a particular woman you’re interested in, but she doesn’t see you in “that way,” because you don’t exude the kind of confidence she’s used to?

Have You Tried Any of These Techniques?

Maybe you’ve tried to boost your self-confidence in the past by relying on somebody else’s words or routines (canned patterns or openers), only to fail miserably because they never felt right when YOU said them.

Or perhaps you’ve tried Neuro-Linguistic Programming, modeled someone, changed your time-line, and anchored in some confidence, and a whole bunch of other things. If it worked, I’m willing to bet it was only for a few days before you had to do it all over again. It probably never felt permanent, never a part of your identity.

And good luck with most recorded hypnosis CDs. The suggestions aren’t individualized enough to be effective. Unless it’s a set of 10 or more sessions, a pre-recorded hypnosis track isn’t going to be able to cater to your specific problems (and I’ve never seen a 10 session set for confidence that worked).

Real hypnosis can work wonders, but it requires a well-trained hypnotist. Most of the ones I’ve dealt with are still stuck in the 70’s and barely know how to find the source of your problems. They hardly engage you, as they’re too busy hypnotizing you by reciting a script they’ve memorized.

If none of these techniques works so well, then what option do you have?

Introducing the Demonic Confidence Fear Annihilation and Confidence Installation System

The Demonic Confidence Progressive Conditioning System is a 21 day program that is the only one on the market designed to permanentlyinstall a state of fearlessness, confidence and control.

In just three weeks, you can eliminate all approach anxiety, install a state of total self-assurance, and never hesitate when talking to another woman.

You can walk up to any woman, in any situation, at any time.

  • Demonic Confidence is far beyond NLP visualizations.
  • It is far beyond repetitive affirmations that never work.
  • It is beyond parroting somebody else’s conversational openers.

Demonic Confidence is like nothing else on the market. It is a methodology designed to progressively install a new habit of confidence, power and fearlessness when it comes to women, over the course of 21 days.

It is a simple, step-by-step program that is guaranteed to make you confident with women, in any situation.

What makes this work where the others fail is that it’s designed with permanence in mind. Just follow the course for three weeks, and you’ll get rid of all the fear and self-doubt that took a lifetime to build up.

It’s like starting over again, as though you never had any problems with confidence in the first place.

Demonic Confidence is like restarting your inner mental computer with a faster, cleaner operating system. You’ll have better access to your subconscious, think clearer, and approach women with the greatest of ease.

After the three weeks, you never have to do anything again. You don’t have to “boost” it, or go through any daily ritual. The installed emotional states will be automatic and permanent, not something you have to pop into place before talking to a girl.

Take a look at this list of behaviors and tell me if any of them sound familiar:

  • Do you need a “perfection of understanding” before you act? Do you need to have all the tools before you do something? Do you use this as an excuse not to approach women, because you haven’t “fully” learned how to approach them?
  • Are you afraid to approach her, even when she seems interested in you?
  • Are you worried about what to say to a girl, even when you’re friends?
  • Do you feel that you need some crutch (like a conversation starter or an “opener”) because you feel you are not enough?
  • Do you believe you don’t have enough to offer, especially when compared to other guys?
  • Have you failed to change your self-esteem and confidence issues, no matter what you’ve tried?
  • Have you succeeded in changing, only to find yourself back at square one months later?
  • Still don’t feel that you’ve finally “made” it?
  • Do you get self-conscious, insecure and uncomfortable interacting with women, even in places where they want to be approached?
  • Do you make excuses not to approach on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Have you ever settled for a girl who was easy to get, instead of going for the one you really wanted?
  • Do you need to be in a certain mood to talk to women? Do you waste time trying to get into that “state,” trying to chase that mindset?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of them, Demonic Confidence can get to the root of the problem and change the behavior forever.

This program was specifically created to mimic the mechanics of behavior formation and install the new behaviors and beliefs through experience. The new beliefs are formed in much the same way the old beliefs were.

That way, once the new beliefs are in place, the subconscious cannot resist them because nothing will feel out of the ordinary.

Your new-found confidence and fearlessness will feel as natural as though you’d be always been that way.

There is no other course on the market that gets to the core structure of behavior modification in such a simple, step-by-step system. In fact, in the five years that this course has been on the market, nobody’s even come close.

Some of the details you’ll find in this system and NOWHERE else:

  • How to RADIATE confidence; you don’t just have it, you RESONATE with it.
  • The only method I’ve ever seen to make affirmations WORK. Make this one simple change, and the subconscious will stop rejecting your suggestions.
  • Why other products that promise confidence can only deliver in short bursts, and how to make confidence PERMANENT with the amazing “BLOW-OUT TECHNIQUE”
  • Easily eliminate that fear of rejection, the fear of looking like a fool to her and the people who are nearby.
  • The only way to train your mind to accept change without falling back to old patterns a few months later.
  • How to truly form an unbreakable bond with your subconscious so that it finally does exactly what you want it to.
  • Easy to use techniques specifically tailored to YOUR subconscious: the only course on the market where each person’s path will be different, because person has his own unique set of needs.
  • How to feel so confident there’s another woman around the bend that you’ll literally be throwing away phone numbers without worry.

Let me take a break and talk to you again with a bit more honesty than you’re used to in a traditional salesletter.

The original Demonic Confidence was first released in 2003. It became verypopular, very quickly.

But, still, I wasn’t entirely happy with the product. The sound quality wasn’t that great (it wasn’t terrible, but nothing stellar, either), and the requirement to finish it in exactly 21 days was too rigid for most.

Still, people were getting incredible and permanent results.

This version is a completely re-recorded, revamped and updated version released in 2008. It sounds better, flows better, and is now even easier and more flexible for you to follow.

Over the years, I’ve established a strong reputation for being a hypnotist who’s helped others overcome their fears PERMANENTLY, and Demonic Confidence helped cement that reputation further. And, with this update, I’ve poured my heart and soul into making it far easier to eliminate your fears and become the man you want to be.

It’s a very different experience than the original (you can read about one of the main differences here). And, as popular as the original was/still is, this new version just blows it out of the water. It is absolutely the best confidence product on the market.

But don’t take my word for it. What salesletter would be complete without a bunch of testimonials telling you how awesome Demonic Confidence is? Read for yourself and then try it free for a week.

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