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This experimental program is designed to do adult things and contains adult material that requires personal responsibility and maturity. If you are not legally an adult, it is therefore illegal for you to purchase and/or use this program. If you do not have the ability to be mature and take personal responsibility, do not use this experimental program.

If you purchase, download any part of or use any part of this experimental program, you agree to accept full personal responsibility for having chosen to do so, and any and all responsibility for any and all direct and indirect consequences thereof, be they positive or otherwise.

This experimental program’s design goal is specifically to cause people who are of the gender you find most sexually attractive to be irresistibly attracted to you and aroused by you sexually to the degree that they actually and repeatedly try to initiate and have as much physical sex with you as you allow them to. It is therefore not suitable for use by, on or around any person under the legal age of sexual majority, and such persons should not use or be exposed to this experimental program.

Therefore, do not use this experimental program if you are under the age of 18 years old, as it is illegal for you to do so, and may interfere with, interrupt or alter your normal development.

It is also not suitable for use by anyone involved in a committed relationship that they wish to keep.

The user’s choices and actions influenced by and resulting from the use of this experimental program are the sole responsibility of the user. Neither Indigo Mind Labs, nor any member of the Indigo Mind Labs staff, including the experimental program creator, accepts any responsibility for what what you choose to do, or what happens to you, as a direct or indirect result of listening to, using or having used this experimental program. By using this experimental program, you agree to hold Indigo Mind Labs, the experimental program creator and all members of the Indigo Mind Labs staff completely harmless, regardless of your locality and/or the jurisdiction in which you reside.

This experimental program contains a wide variety of highly advanced subliminal technologies and is extremely powerful. Due to the sometimes extreme effects it may have on you and/or others, you are warned that you purchase and use it at your own risk.

This experimental program is NOT for use by epileptics, persons with any form of neurological disorder related to epilepsy, anyone who has had seizures, anyone who has a heart condition, or who is not healthy enough to have sex. Do NOT expose any such person to this experimental program.

This experimental program is designed and intended to occasionally cause a deeply altered state of awareness in order to help you achieve the goals of this experimental program. DO NOT use this experimental program while driving, and do not drive while you are noticeably in an altered state of awareness caused by this experimental program!

Listen to this experimental program ALONE. DO NOT expose anyone else to this audio experimental program while you are listening to it. It is designed to be used by ONE person at a time, and cause that one person to project high levels of energy that affect those around them. Multiple simultaneous people projecting this level of energy and affecting one another thereby at the same time may cause some people to experience overload of the nervous system, which could result in serious health problems.

While this program is designed to prevent you from influencing those under the legal age of sexual consent, please avoid persons under the age of majority while using or under the influence of this experimental program, as in spite of the best efforts possible to prevent it, they may be affected regardless and may therefore respond to you in sexual and/or inappropriate ways. You and you alone are responsible for what your maximized sexual irresistibility causes, and the choices you make and actions you take while under the influence of this experimental program.

You are solely responsible for protecting yourself from any and all risk of pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections as a result of using and/or having used this experimental program.

This experimental program is EXPERIMENTAL and currently in TESTING status. It therefore is not eligible for a refund under ANY circumstances. If you purchase this experimental program, you are eligible for free upgrades until it has been decided that this experiment has sufficiently achieved its goals. There is no guarantee that this experimental program will ever be eligible for a refund, or that if one is made available that it will be in any form other than store credit. You are purchasing this experimental program with the understanding that it is experimental, and may never achieve it’s design goals. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase this experimental program.

End of Disclaimer

Develop Maximum Sexual Irresistibility is designed to work equally well for both men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation or sexual preference.

Version 3.3.1–D is built with all of the healing and clearing scripting disabled, so that we can observe how the new fear removal module (FRM 4.4) works in doing the job that the Healing & Clearing script was designed to do in removing the fear of executing. The goal is to replace the H&C with the FRM and have only one version of the program. A-Side, B-Side and C-Side (H&C and FRM enabled) will not be built, as FRM will be replacing H&C, and is expected to be present in all future releases.

Based on the original Develop an Aura of Sexiness experimental program, with the entire (adjusted) script of Become Irresistibly Attractive Sexually now included, and then advanced, adjusted and refined into the 5.5G build format, the design goals are now:

Goal #1: Develop, project and communicate to others, through body language, pheromone signature, vocalization, actions, choices and especially the personal energy field (“Aura”), the maximum possible sexual irresistibility. We want you to generate, develop, express and project a personal presence that is extremely obvious, magnetically attractive and absolutely sexually irresistible to people of the gender you find most sexually attractive. The aim of this goal is to get them to automatically notice you and automatically be magnetically and irresistibly attracted to you sexually, and then (to whatever degree you allow) have them act on that attraction by repeatedly initiating and having physical sex with you – regardless of what you happen to be doing, wearing, look like, etc. This of course is limited by what you are willing to do in response to their interest and efforts to initiate and have sex with you.

Goal #2: To support goal #1, we have to develop, enhance and improve your self esteem, self respect, sense of self worth, self liking, self love, self validation, self support, self confidence, self image, feelings of deservingness and overcome fear and so forth. These are the goals that will make you congruent with the effects you get from Goal #1, which is required for maximum success. Now much more heavily, aggressively and specifically focused on the achieving the goals of the experimental program. The parts of the script that are classified as Healing & Clearing parts of this goal are disabled.

Goal #3: To guide you to help create these opportunities by being in the right place at the right time and doing the right things. Among other things, this may result in a phenomenon known as “autopiloting”, during which you may find yourself naturally doing things on full or nearly full autopilot that you would or could not have done otherwise, which directly lead to or result in achieving the goals of the experimental program. Version 3.0 introduced Natural Seduction (User Side), and Version 3.1 introduced Natural Seduction (Affected Side). Natural Seduction scripting encourages you to sexually seduce whomever you want to have sex with, and them to do the same with you. This is active in Version 3.3.1.

Goal #4: To get you past any and all self sabotage and resistance to fully accepting, acting on, acting out and experiencing the goals of this experimental program. In Version 3.3-D this is handled solely by the Fear Removal Module Version 4.1, the idea being that all resistance and self sabotage is based in one or more fears of achieving the goals of the program, which has been borne out through several years of experiments and efforts at finding ways past the resistance and self sabotage that users of previous versions have displayed. FRM v4.1 is designed to quickly, safely, effectively, comfortably get you past any and all fears that stand in the way of your executing the script fully and achieving all of this program’s goals by removing those fears permanently and completely. Version 3.3-D of DMSI is primarily designed to achieve execution through this and a handful of other new and very powerful techniques. We need as much feedback on the Fear Removal Module as we can get, to understand how it works, how well it works and how to improve it.

These are the goals of DMSI. The program is in development and is considered experimental. It may or may not actually achieve these goals for all users at this time. There is no guarantee that it will do anything. This page describes the program and it’s goals, and is not intended to advertise or make any promises or guarantees.

Please note that this experimental program is designed to achieve some of it’s goals in part by creating a massive influx of, processing of and outflow of energy. While the experimental program attempts to source all the energy it needs through food, sunlight and other safe and effective sources, this process may be very taxing on the system, so please make sure that you eat enough calories while you are using it (quality food, not junk). Also take a good multi-vitamin of some kind, keep yourself properly hydrated, and get all the uninterrupted sleep you want and need.

It is best to listen to this experimental program while you are awake in order to achieve maximum rest and energy rejuvenation while you sleep. Regardless of whether you listen to it during the day or at night, you may need to increase how much sleep you get to compensate for the intensity of this program.

Others will likely respond to you and your increase in sexual irresistibility along the following general guidelines, so keep your eyes open for any of the following. Nothing in this list is guaranteed to happen. The list is intended to give you ideas of what to watch for in responders.

Those people who respond positively and sexually to your sexual irresistibility will very likely:

Put themselves physically close to, or significantly closer to, you and may hover around you and invent excuses or “reasons” to be near you.

Stare at you, with or without smiling.

Smile at you, and smile in ways that are exaggerated to make it clear that they are interested.

Initiate conversations with you.

Talk about sex or sexual body parts with you.

Tell you when and/or why they are unable to conceive (tubes tied, hysterectomy, vasectomy, etc.) as a way of telling you they are capable of giving you unprotected sex without the risk of pregnancy or disease. THIS MAY NOT BE TRUE!

Touch you when they otherwise would not, more frequently than normal, in ways that are unusual, in ways that linger and/or in sexual, erotic or arousing ways.

Kiss you or ask/invite you to kiss them.

Create opportunities for you to kiss, touch, and initiate sex with them which are as obvious as possible for the circumstances.

Display very sexual and inviting body language, including aiming themselves at you, spreading their legs at and to you, giving you foot, chest, crotch and butt presentations, touching themselves erotically or sensually, biting their lower lip while looking at you, and so forth.

Show or flash their sex organs or breasts to you, or give you “accidental” views of them, possibly repeatedly, even in public, and possibly even in front of parents, siblings, significant others, fiancees and spouses.

Sit on your lap, put you in a sitting position on their lap, or ask/invite you to sit on their lap.

Invite you to sit with them, ask if they can sit with you, or just sit down with you.

Start laughing or giggling while you are near in order to express nervousness at how sexually aroused you make them, and/or get your attention.

Compliment you, which they do more than once or in ways that imply or directly express sexual interest and/or desire.

Give you unexpected gifts, discounts, favors and/or opportunities that you would not normally get.

Directly ask for sex, invite you to have sex with them or suggest having sex.

Achieve pleasure and orgasm much more easily and more frequently during sex.

Suggest spending time alone with you and/or find or invent ways to get you alone.

Try to get you to go somewhere with them. Especially somewhere private enough for them to feel comfortable making sex happen.

Attempt to boldly touch your sex organs (or breasts or butt) in sexually arousing and/or initiating ways, or give you oral stimulation of your sex organs, nipples or other erogenous zones in an effort to initiate sex.

And other ways that they may find to attempt to initiate or enable sex between themselves and you.

Please keep in mind that it is as yet not entirely certain how far away from you this experimental program’s effects extend for affecting those in your immediate vicinity. This is one of the things we need to understand. Please give feedback on this.

Please also note that it is uncertain how and how quickly the effects of this experimental program on others make themselves known to the people being affected. This is one of the things we need to understand. Please give feedback on this.

This experimental program is designed to affect those people of the gender you find the most sexually attractive. You will very likely have to deal with and possibly even reject inappropriate attention from others on your own as a natural consequence of making yourself significantly more attractive. This may include attention and interest from people you are not attracted to at all sexually.

Because this experimental program is using so many advanced technologies, including state shifting, it cannot be used alongside other subliminals, NLP, hypnosis, brainwave entrainment or mind experimental programming. They will conflict and create unpredictable and likely undesirable results. Meditation is not recommended while using DMSI.

Version 3.3.1-D of DMSI now includes scripting designed to help you counter the effects of ingested substances which affect your state, and would interfere with the state shifting technology in DMSI which is designed to keep you in the ideal state for executing the instructions and achieving the program’s goals. This scripting is intended to safely override chemically induced state alterations and force the ideal state regardless. It is designed to fail if its goals conflict with any medication. It is also likely to fail if you ingest more than a certain amount of any state shifting chemical, so don’t expect it to or rely on it to prevent you from getting drunk or high. It will do what is possible to do, but you are still responsible for your state and sobriety. It should be useful for countering the effects of light to moderate ingestion of caffeine and nicotine, and light ingestion of alcohol or marijuana. If it works, you may find that it erases the desired effects of those drugs.  Continuing on until you get the effects of those drugs negates the state shifting optimization and degrades the effects of the program, so don’t do that.

By purchasing and/or using this experimental program, you become, and agree to be, a tester for this experimental program. Your feedback on the forums will help us improve and/or adjust it. Don’t be a Hidey Harrold. Report! And if it doesn’t work the way it’s designed to, don’t complain. It’s an experimental release, and we are in the process of gathering data to learn how to make it work, and improving it.

This experimental program uses In-The-Moment State Shifting to put you into the ideal state of awareness in which to be able to achieve the goals of the experimental program, and to maximize the experimental program’s effects. It also uses a technique known as “energy flooding”. These two technologies may have the effect of inducing a state of high sexual focus and/or arousal in some users. If this is true for you, it is suggested that you observe how the arousal state affects your choices, actions and reactions while it is in effect before you interact with others. This state of sexual arousal is intended to make you more sexually attractive. Please do not masturbate to release this energy; instead, seek to achieve the goals of the program.

This experimental program – if you cooperate with and execute the scripted instruction set subconsciously – will get you interest and attention from those who fit the description of the goal. It may also get you interest and attention from people outside the range of the goal. All such attention, and what you do with it, is your responsibility. Please be careful.

This experimental program uses a special technology known as “The Sniper”.  In Version 3.3.1-D, there are two different sniper modules active.

Sniper #1 is the Standard Sniper Module. (SSM) It will magnify the aura of irresistibility and focus it on all persons of sexual interest to you within your line of sight, according to how much you are cooperating with and executing the script, and how much that person fits what is most sexually attractive to you. This can affect multiple people simultaneously, and may also affect those you are viewing through a picture of them.

Sniper #2 is the Short Range Sniper (SRS). It will select the most sexually attractive person within 200 feet/61 meters, who rates at least 70% of maximum possible sexual attractiveness to you, and “snipe” them at 100% power for as long as you are using this experimental program, and for as long as they remain within 200 feet/61 meters of you physically.

While the experimental program is not designed to affect persons under the legal age of sexual consent, please take all appropriate precautions to prevent illegal sexual activity with and/or by persons under the legal age of sexual consent if you use this experimental program.

Insecure people will tend to make themselves known as such as you rapidly increase in obvious sexiness, sexual value and social value as a result of using this experimental program. If you are in a relationship, please keep in mind that this may bring out your partner’s insecurities as you suddenly increase significantly in social and sexual value to those around you. You may also find yourself suddenly shifting in your thoughts and point of view about your relationship and sexual fidelity within that relationship. It is your choice whether to act on the opportunities presented to you by this experimental program or not, but be aware that it is designed to get you to sexually seduce everyone you want to have sex with. It is therefore NOT recommended for people who are already involved in any type of committed or monogamous relationship unless you are willing to accept the consequences of such actions and choices.

This experimental program uses multiple active manifestation statements, working in concert to help the program achieve its goals.

This experimental program does include anti-piracy scripting. Please do not pirate this program, share it, give copies of it away, or allow anyone else to pirate it knowingly or unknowingly, as this will trigger the anti-piracy scripting, which will be in effect until you correct the triggering action.


Do not use this experimental program around, or expose this experimental program to anyone who has or is being treated or medicated for any mental illness, condition or disorder without proper and appropriate medical and/or psychological supervision.

Do not use this experimental program if you are under the age of 18.

Do not expose any person under the age of 18 to this experimental program.

Do not expose any person under the age of 18 to the effects this experimental program has on you.

DO NOT use this experimental program at all while using any other mind programming technique or program. Allow any other subliminal state shifting programming to dissipate for at least 7 (seven) days before using this experimental program. Allow altered states of awareness caused by hypnosis or NLP programming to dissipate for at least 1 day before using this experimental program. Allow a minimum of 21 days before using this experimental program after using any other subliminal that incorporates P3, P4 or P5 technology, or a minimum of 35 days after using any program containing P6 technology. Allow yourself 35 days of break after using this experimental program before using any other subliminal or mind programming, as this experimental program will still be running in your head during that time and can create conflicts with other subliminals and mind programming.

To use this experimental program, simply calibrate the volume and choose the track you wish to use.  Calibration of volume can be done simply by playing the Ocean Surf Masked track and adjusting the volume such that the highs are not too high to bear, and the lows are still at least faintly audible.

The experimental program has an odd audio length, caused by the primary Audio to Silence Ratio Balancer technology (primary ASRB), so we refer to amounts of usage by the number of loops of exposure, not the number of hours of exposure.

Use DMSI 3.3.1-D for 8 loops per day.

This is how many loops per day you should listen to back to back and without interruption, every day while you are using this experimental program. If you do not listen back to back and without interruption, you are breaking the primary ASRB value, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the program.

For DMSI 3.3.1, the power of the experimental program is such that a secondary ASRB value must be introduced to prevent exhaustion. That value is:

3.3.1-D: Use it 7 days straight, and then take 3 day off. (7:3)

Do not attempt to use tracks from different variants of this program (C and D in this case) during the same week. If you wish to alternate between different variants, use each for a minimum of one week at a time. You should not need to take time off between the use of variants of the same version number, but don’t use them less than one week at a time.

This experimental program is designed for extended use in increments of 3 months at a time. The longer you use it, the more deeply it will work and the longer the effects will last. Maximum results are likely to require at least 1 to 2 months of use to achieve, and may require longer.

This experimental program uses transparent In-The-Moment state shifting to direct your state of mind, body and emotions to the optimal state for accomplishing it’s intended objectives. “Transparent” means you may be in an altered state of consciousness without necessarily being consciously aware of the fact that you are in an altered state of consciousness. Therefore, do not perform any activity while this experimental program is running, which requires your concentration for the activity to be or remain safe, such as driving, operating heavy machinery, flying a plane, using cutlery or weapons or the like.

Please be advised that, as this experimental program is currently in testing status, there is no refund option offered for it. Instead, you are eligible for free upgrades until the experimental program becomes stable and comes out of testing status.

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