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Your online empire is only as strong as your relationship with your subjects subscribers. 

So it’s time to start sending them emails they’ll love, while getting clear on the must-have elements of an email-powered empire. 



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Want to turn your email list into a big oY pot of gold, even if it’s oh-so-tiny?


Get command of your email marketing, so you can command higher rates and big money paydays

If you want to build an empire and make big money online…. 

You’ve probably been told that “the money is in the list.” 

And that’s a dangerous half-truth. 

Your online empire is only as strong as your relationship with your subjects subscribers. 

So it’s time to start sending them emails they’ll love, while getting clear on the must-have elements of an email-powered empire. 

Hey there, entrepreneur! 

I see you writing the “I know it’s been awhile since my last email” emails. 

And I know your pain. 

I’ve interviewed dozens of clients and fellow entrepreneurs about their email marketing habits, and the most common refrain I hear is this: 

“Oh shoot! I need to do more of that!” 

(Except with more swear words.) 

Here’s what I told them every single time: 

If you don’t get real about writing clickworthy emails on the regular, you’ll struggle to make money online. 

If you’re going to sell out your programs and have clients begging to work with you, you need to nail this stuff. 

Get Email Empire – Tarzan Kay, Only Price $127

And I can help you do that.

Here’s what no one talks about when it comes to email marketing 

Even if you have a list with thousands of emails on it, you have to send them gloriously open-worthy emails if you want them to buy from you. So obvious, right? 

But here’s the not-so-obvious bit: 


…which is why you may be feeling blocked about pressing “send” 

If you want your subscribers to open your emails, click every link and buy your products & services, you need to either deal with your messy, self-worth stuff, or check it at the door. 


…so maybe hold off on the fancy, does-everything-including-the-dishes software just yet  

If you’re going to get consistent about emailing your list and give yourself permission to press “send” w-a-y more often, you need a platform that’s easy (and preferably fun) to use. 


…a well-written welcome email will do

Too many entrepreneurs get so stuck on writing a welcome sequence, they miss out on a golden opportunity to actually sell their subscribers something they’ll love, when they’re ripe & ready. 


Here’s Why You May Be Struggling to Crack Open Rates of 20% 

(And How to Guarantee Your Emails Command Attention)



No matter how powerful your subject lines, if you haven’t resolved your internal dramas around showing up in your subscribers’ inboxes, you’ll struggle to inspire them to read your emails and take action. 



An email sequence is like a map, directing your subscribers where you want them to go. If you don’t give them the map, they’ll wander all over the place, and eventually….right into someone else’s snazzy funnel.



Your emails should sound like you. You can experiment with voice & tone, but in the end, you need to sound like a real person, not some guy in a boardroom. 


ARE YOU SWEATING OVER EVERY “UNSUBSCRIBE”? (and you don’t want to offend anyone)

Phooey! Dominating your industry isn’t about being all nicey-nicey, it’s about selling. So it’s time to shake off the unsubscribe-o-phobia, and start owning your message.


A complete A-Z course for email marketers, from choosing the right software to closing the deal 

This is everything I've learned writing hundreds of emails for clients—welcome sequences, sales sequences, webinar show-up sequences, you-name-it-I-wrote-it sequences. 

I’ve used these strategies in my own business to generate endless leads for my copywriting services, win Marie Forleo’s “Because You’re Awesome” award for my B-School promotion, AND Copy Hackers’ Email Copywriting Challenge.

This in your invitation to take your place on the throne 

Sure, you'll learn simple email hacks you can start using right away to improve open rates and get the clicks. 

But more importantly, you'll figure out what’s standing in your way as you enter email marketing territory, work through your icky sticky mental blocks, and come out swingin’ as empress (or emperor) of your realm. 

The end result: Your own private kingdom of loyal subscribers who obsess over your emails and buy all your stuff

EMAIL EMPIRE is the first email marketing course to address your internal dramas around pressing “send”

If you’re going to command the open-and-clicks, you absolutely must learn to move through your fears around being seen and owning space in other people’s inboxes.

Picture yourself reigning supreme, in a world where… 

  • When you need to drum up some cash, you send 1 email to your list and boom! New clients flood in. 
  • You’re 100% cool taking time off to build your online program, because you have a captive audience waiting to buy it.
  • Instead of scraping for clients and customers by competing on price, you charge a premium for your services, and have people ready to hand you their credit cards. 
  • You know exactly what kind of offer your subscribers need, and how to sell it to them (because they told you in their own words!) 

If you choose to go full-in with your email marketing, all this is possible and more 

A sneak peek inside Email Empire 



  • The sticky & persistent myths that are keeping you from actually emailing your list on the regular
  • The free software too many entrepreneurs are using (it’s massively slowing the growth of your empire!) 
  • The 1 question you must be able to answer if you’re ever going to get to your email marketing off the ground 
  • A simple website page that’s a proven “cure” for writer's block 




  • A little-known email secret that can as much as double your open rate in the next five minutes!
  • Why personalizing your emails with your subscriber's name can weaken your response (plus the easier thing you can do instead)
  • The show-stopper welcome email that automatically segments new subscribers 
  • A stealth way to use stories in email without triggering the what’s-in-it-for-me response! 



  • The ultra-common mental blocks you probably don’t even know you have (plus concrete ways to work through them…no meditating required!) 
  • A fancy (but so easy!) way to “segment” your subscribers, so you’re automatically collecting information about them, and sending nothing but super-relevant content 
  • A secret way (almost nobody uses) to cut w-a-y down on unsubscribes 
  • My #1 fave trick for NEVER again starting an email with nothing more than a blinking cursor 



  • How to stick out like a sore thumb, even in crazy-competitive and super-saturated markets! 
  • How to use the principles of persuasion…without feeling like the emperor of sleaziness 
  • An extremely powerful way to motivate your subscribers to take out their credit cards — and flock to you, your business and your products! 
  • How to build in scarcity and urgency, even if your offer is evergreen 
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make in a sales sequence (hint: it’s the reason Gary Vee wrote Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, and I promise it’s not what you think) 

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way, You'll Also Get Access to: 


Welcome Sequence Mastery Mini-Training

This is a program inside a program. In this bonus audio/video training, you’ll get… 

  • A bonus training featuring 3 Simple Formats For Welcome Emails That Woo Your Subscribers (While You Sip Tea and Watch Netflix Focus on Getting More Done)
  • Pre-recorded Q&A call all about welcome sequences, and how to use them in your business so they actually make you money! 
  • An over-the-shoulder tutorial just for ConvertKit users on segmenting and tagging new subscribers (this is helpful even if you don’t use ConvertKit!) 


The Opt-in Idea Vault 

15 Awesome Freebie Ideas 

We don’t cover opt-ins in this program, and I didn’t want to leave you hanging. 

So I brought in a guest expert, Prerna Malik, in to help you create an attractive opt-in for your future subscribers/buyers. 

  • Create highly desirable bait content for your subscribers
  • Swipe Prerna’s copy, so you don’t have to hire a copywriter to make your stuff sound awesome! 


Live Q&A Calls 

…where I answer EVERY. SINGLE. QUESTION., no matter how trivial. 

  • Move past your fears + uncertainties by hearing from others and learning what they’re doing 
  • Get huge clarity on what you’re learning, and how you can use email to build your online empire 
  • Air your dirty laundry (i.e. your mental blocks), so we can myth-bust that shiz together 

Plus you'll get an exclusive invite to Tarzan Kay's Money & Marketing Club 

If you love talking about money & marketing, tossing around rates with other service providers, or just having a place to brag when you have a record earning month, this is the place to be!  

This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately… 

  • Exclusive Q&A FB lives with Tarzan 
  • Ask me questions and get feedback from the group on your emails, your offer, or your client proposals
  • Random (yet crazy useful) TMIs not shared anywhere else!

Get Email Empire – Tarzan Kay, Only Price $127

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