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Fabulous Flower Tips Class – Darlene Abarquez


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Fabulous Flower Tips Class – Darlene Abarquez

Struggling with using your Russian Piping tips?

Are you just getting blob after blob after blob?

Yup that’s me too – in the beginning.

And most likely when you got your tips there were no instructions on how to use them. And most importantly how the piped flower would look like for each corresponding tip.

And what about those extra weird tips, the C-shaped, triangles and dots, you probably have no idea what to use it for.

You were so excited when you first got your tips but then lost interest because you struggled to even make ONE decent looking flower.

Those videos make it look sooo damn easy. So you put away your tip and it’s probably living in the back of a drawer now.

Well, time to bust out your tips once again. Coz in this class I will show you how to finally use your tips properly so you are not getting blob after blob after blob and get flowers like these –

The Ultimate Guide to Using your Russian Piping Tips

The lessons will cover –

1. Russian Piping Tips 101

  • Get to know your Russian tips up close and easily identify different types
  • What buttercream is best to use? Demos on how to make 2 types of buttercream.
  • How to get a good piping consistency.
  • How to color the buttercream and how to get different tones and special effects.
  • How to use your tips properly
  • Troubleshooting – answers to the usual problems when using these tip
  • Downloadable E-book chart of the Russian piping tips with pictures – This will be a downloadable PDF file of the most common Russian Piping tips with the corresponding pictures of how the flowers will look like when piped. This a visual reference so there’s no guessing on how the flowers would look.

2. Special Tips – How to Use the Petal, Leaf, Center and Sphere Tips

Oh those weird looking tips that you have no idea how to use? I will show you creative ways to use them and create gorgeous flowers like these –

Or a fun cupcake like this –

3. Russian Piping Tips with Royal Icing

Why limit the use to just cupcakes and cakes? We will also make cookies in this class!

  • You will learn how to make royal icing that is perfect to use with the Russian piping tips.
  • Get inspired to create different kinds of cookies using royal icing

4. Special Tip – How to Use the Wedge Tip

Another weird looking tip that you have no idea how to use. This has become one of my favourite tip so I want to show you how to use it to create different effects


Tired of making the same flower cupcakes over and over with the Russian piping tips? We will think outside the box for a bit and get creative with different cake projects.

Here are the projects you are going to learn in this class:

Project # 1: Flower Cones

Project # 2 : The Ruffle Cake

Project # 3: Cookie Decorating

Project # 4 : The Braid Cake

Got questions? No worries, you get access to the instructor inside the class if you have any further questions.

You get LIFETIME access to online video tutorials that you can watch over and over, wherever you are as long as you have internet access!

Course Curriculum

Russian Piping Tips 101

  • Russian Tips Overview & Download the Russian Piping Tips Chart Here (12:15)
  • Buttercream Recipe 1 (27:59)
  • Buttercream Recipe 2 (23:58)
  • Coloring the Buttercream (15:39)
  • Coloring Techniques for Special effects (18:07)
  • How to Use your Russian Piping Tips (25:49)

Project # 1

  • Project : Flower Cone (13:07)

Special Tips – How to Use the Petal, Leaf, Center and Sphere Tips

  • Petal, Leaf and Center Tips (19:01)
  • Flower 1 (6:04)
  • Flower 2 (2:50)
  • Flower 3 (8:19)
  • Flower 4 (6:23)
  • Flower 5 (8:47)
  • Sphere Tips (5:08)t

Project # 2

  • Project : Ruffle Cake (27:00)

Russian Piping Tips with Royal Icing

  • Royal Icing Recipe (6:58)
  • Using the Russian Piping Tips with Royal Icing (17:32)

Project # 3

  • Project: Cookie Decorating (9:05)

Special Tip – How to Use the Wedge Tip

  • Using the Wedge Tip (8:57)

Project # 4

  • Project: Braid Cake (19:06)

Share Your Work Here

  • Share your work here!

Cake inspiration Gallery

  • Gallery

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