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The Ultimate Training for Facebook Ad Buyers

Whether You Spend a Thousand Dollars a Month or a Million, This Training Can 10X Your Results

Facebook is the world’s most powerful advertising platform. Its user friendly interface makes it simple to run basic and generally effective campaigns. This ease of use means most people just scratch the surface of what’s possible with Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Master Class goes deep into every aspect it takes to create million dollar campaigns on Facebook whether your focus is affiliate marketing, agency, small and medium business, or ecommerce (Shopify).

Never before, has there been a more comprehensive collection of advanced level strategies, tactics and applied case studies available to students.

You Get: 6 Weeks of Training, Case Studies, Cheat Sheets and Results

The Facebook Mastery Challenge (FBMC) is a 6 week course featuring over 40 videos, several handy reference guides, walkthroughs as well as actual case studies showing Adbaker’s amazing results.

The FBMC is released over 6 weeks on our platform, but once you’re a student, access is yours to keep.

Read on to discover the amazing value we’re offering with this course including: Live Chat Mentoring, Bonus Acceleration Modules, discounts from handy tools and more.

Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation for Facebook Success

  • Campaign Structure & Naming
  • Campaign Goals
  • Facebook Algorithm
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Policy & Reps
  • Business Manager Setup
  • [Bonus] Case Study: FB Queen – How To Find Converting CPA Offers

2 Chapter 2: Campaign Launch

  • Competitive Research
  • Ad Account Warmup & Dashboard
  • Audiences, Audience Research & Audience Building
  • Budget & Schedule
  • Bidding
  • Placement
  • Rockstar Creative Part 1 – General Rules
  • Rockstar Creative Part 3 – Ad Text
  • Tools
  • Launch Like a RockStar

Chapter 3: How to Scale Winning Facebook Campaigns

  • Introduction
  • Scaling Methods
  • Scaling Risk Management

Chapter 4: How and When to Optimize Facebook Campaigns

  • Key Performance Metrics
  • Reportings & Optimization
  • Testing
  • Retargeting
  • Comments
  • Fanpages

5 Chapter 5: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies

  • Page Post Engagement Strategies
  • High Level Hacks
  • Lead Generation: Lead Magnets

6 Chapter 6: Acceleration Modules

  • Solar Lead Gen 101 – James Van Elswyk
  • Ecommerce: Rapid Prototype – Mo Ali Aguel
  • Facebook Automation Roadmap – Hugh Hancock
  • Next Level Ad Spying: The Invisible Advantage – Paul Jeyapal
  • Ad Copy Diagnosis with Dr. Direct – Drew Eric Whitman
  • Meet Your Leading FB Ads Expert

Patrick Dermak – 7 Figure Facebook Ad Buyer

  • Patrick Dermak is the co-founder of Adbaker, a white-hat Facebook performance marketing agency from Cologne.
  • His bleeding-edge knowledge allowed his company to generate millions of dollars in direct performance marketing campaigns focused on lead generation, commerce and CPA products. He’s leveraged this incredible success into creating a Facebook Agency where he works with company ranging from startups to international brands like Kingston Technology, Holmes Place, Bodystreet and Porsche.
  • Aside from his constantly growing knowledge base, Patrick is a polished and practiced teacher. Since April 2017, he is guest lecturer at the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • Patrick is also a skilled concert pianist, so it’s fitting that the Facebook Master Class is his magnum opus.

FREE BONUS MODULE – $497 value

  • Stop Guessing! Testing Methods That Save Me Millions
  • James Van Elswyk – PurpleLeads
  • Not everyone thinks testing is sexy. James Van Elswyk does. In fact he credits his simple and straightforward Facebook Ads testing methods as the secret sauce that has helped him to scale his 8 figure business. Too many marketers go with their gut. James teaches students the simple testing systems that allow you to know for sure what the drivers for success are in your Facebook campaigns.

FREE BONUS MODULE – $497 value

  • Facebook Automation Roadmap
  • Hugh Hancock – STMForum
  • Automation of your Facebook ad creation, optimisation, and reporting can save you countless hours of time, even if you can barely code. Join Hugh Hancock on an epic journey to the heart of the Facebook Ads API where he’ll provide a practical roadmap to get you started with useful and scalable Facebook Ad automations.

FREE BONUS MODULE – $497 value

  • Next Level Ad Spying: The Invisible Advantage
  • Paul Jeyapal – Synapse Media Group
  • Anyone can use an ad spying tool to find other popular ads, but how can you be sure that the ad you’re spying actually drives profit at scale? Super Affiliate Paul Jeyapal shows you how to get the best out of every ad spying tool, how to cross reference results from each to find out exactly what all your top competitors are doing to drive massive profits.

FREE BONUS MODULE – $497 value

  • Ad Copy Diagnosis with Dr. Direct
  • Drew Eric Whitman
  • Drew Eric Whitman, author of the best-seller, Cashvertising, and internationally recognised copywriting expert returns to share his valuable insights into exactly why the best ads work as they do. We’ve provided him with 20 of the best performing Facebook Ads of the past few years and he’ll be dissecting each to tell us exactly what makes them so successful, and how they could be improved.

FREE BONUS MODULE – $497 value

  • Ecommerce: Rapid Prototype
  • Mohammed Ali Aguel
  • Mo Ali Aguel has created multiple 7-figure stores on his way to becoming a globally recognised ecommerce expert, but his background is in performance marketing. In this module, Mo provides direct examples of how to get started today with ecommerce and dropshipping. This Rapid Prototype module will have you profiting from your first sale in as little time as possible.


  • 01-Free Trial
  • 02-Chapter 1 – Preparing the Foundation
  • 03-Chapter 2 – Facebook Campaing Launch
  • 04-Chapter 3 – How to Scale Winning Facebook Campaigns
  • 05-Chapter 4 – Optimizing Facebook Campaigns
  • 06-Chapter 5 – Advanced Facebook Strategies
  • 07-Acceleration Module 1 -Paul Jeyapal – The Invisible Advantage
  • 07-Acceleration Module 2 – Hugh Hancock – Facebook Automation Roadmap
  • 07-Acceleration Module 3 – Mohammed Ali Aguel – Ecommerce-Rapid Prototype
  • 07-Acceleration Module 4 – Drew Eric Whitman – Ad Copy Diagnosis with Dr. Direct

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