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Facebook Secrets Mastery – Peng Joon

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  • The reasons why those who don't adapt will die
  • The steps to stop relying on “organic content” 
  •  How to create intrinsic value
  •  The proper balance between direct response marketing and solid branding
  •  My own case study for winning the Expert Secret's Contest



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Hi, it’s Peng Joon here, author of the best-selling book Build a Money Machine and creator of Internet Income Intensive.  

As many of you know, I've just surpassed the 2 million follower mark on Facebook and I keep getting the question… "Peng, How Is This Even Possible?"

I’ve started to share a few secrets with some of my students and everyone has been blown away by how easy the process is… you just have to follow a few simple steps!

You wouldn’t believe how effortless it actually is!


Make sure to watch the above video all the way through! I’m literally giving away my TOP THREE biggest advantages when it comes to using Facebook to make money.   

When you leave this page, I want to make sure that you know these three winning secrets.

What they are in a nutshell:


Secret #1: Why the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm which every marketer is crying about is actually a huge win for you…

Pay attention in the video you’re currently watching to find out:

  •  The reasons why those who don't adapt will die
  • The steps to stop relying on “organic content” 
  •  How to create intrinsic value
  •  The proper balance between direct response marketing and solid branding
  •  My own case study for winning the Expert Secret's Contest

Secret #2: How to get an unfair advantage… even if you have never touched FB marketing

Pay attention in the video you’re currently watching to find out:

  •  How to automate a content strategy for an entire year in just 3 days
  •  How to properly perform Buzzsumo research
  •  Why having a great strategy is a MUST
  •  My own case study: 4 posts / 1 video a day on Facebook Content Automation

Secret #3: Monetizing from your following without being sleazy, pushy or manipulative

Pay attention in the video you’re currently watching to find out:

  • ​Exactly where you’ll find the best ROI on Facebook
  • The steps to retarget everyone who watches your video 
  •  Why pixels are the new opt-in
  •  How to get 9x returns on your ad spend (not too shabby)
  •  My own case study: Generating $47,964 by spending $463.88

If your Facebook page had a million followers, do you think that would make a difference on your status in the marketplace?

Get Facebook Secrets Mastery – Peng Joon, Only Price $127


Facebook Secrets Mastery

If you’re finding the above secrets helpful, even game changing, then I’d like to let you in on an exclusive masters program for Facebook which is basically the same system that's helped me build my following to over two million people.  

If you want a highly engaged audience, the exact steps I use to run ads, the formula to target the perfect people for your products and services, and the guidance to write the perfect ad copy… then this program is essential to your success!

I used these very secrets to outperform Tony Robbins as the top affiliate for Russell Brunson!

Yes, you read that correctly.  

The full methods I’m going to share with are so powerful, they literally beat out everyone else for the ClickFunnels Expert Secrets Affiliate contest… Thought leaders and the savviest of internet marketers have all fought for this coveted prize… and these methods got me first place :).

You can now get access to the very same Facebook Secrets I used to win… so you can finally win too!

This is the same framework that has gotten me on TV, being interviewed by all of the biggest networks (CNBC, NBC, etc.) where I share with them why Facebook is pretty much the only tool that enables a person to legally print money.

If you’re an author, internet marketer, entrepreneur, seminar leader, a speaker, a network marketer, a coach, or anyone who wants to scale their business; even if you have an offline business… You’re going to need to master Facebook to grow your business.

Everything you get in the Facebook Secrets Mastery Course:

 #1- The Facebook Secrets Masterclass ($2,997 Value)

With this exclusive course, you’ll discover how to start running your winning ads on Facebook, while building a huge following. 

#2 – 29 Day Implementation Blueprint to 100k Followers ($4,997 Value)

Now I don't know about you, but let me ask you this. If right now, one of your peers, your competitors, your audience members were to look you up, and if they found your Facebook page and they saw that you had a following of 100,000 people or more, do you think that would help you change your status or positioning in your marketplace? Absolutely. That’s why I’m including this step by step plan to 100K followers. 

That brings the total value you’re getting to $7, 994.

#3 – The Ultimate Ad Template ($3,997 Value)

Now that you've learned how to build that following, naturally the next thing that needs to happen is writing effective ads.

This is not just a template, but the training that goes along with the template.  It is a seven step training teaching you how to write up the perfect, ultimate ads that I personally use, choose the graphics to use, the languaging and all of the little nuances that's included in writing ads. 

You can easily copy and paste these high converting ads (and don’t worry, they won’t get your account shut down like other competitor products!). 

That brings the total value of Facebook Secrets Mastery up to $11, 991.

#4 – Retargeting Secrets: Behind the scenes case study of 9x campaigns deconstructed

($1,997 Value)

These are the secrets to retargeting, explained through a behind the scenes case study of 9x campaigns. 

The huge money is in retargeting. 

It’s not about running ads to cold audiences… the people who have no idea who you are, but rather people who already have shown some interest in what you do, by actually displaying it, by actually visiting a certain page, or watching a certain video… those are the ones who will lead you to major profits.

And I'm going to show an actual case study of my campaigns, the ads that I used, and the content I used which yielded a minimum of 9x ROI, so that you can model it and deploy it.

Value of Facebok Secrets Masterclass now at $13, 988.

#5 – My Thousand Dollar Coaching Sessions ($997 Value)

The fifth thing that you're going to get is five coaching sessions that my students have each paid one thousand dollars for. In fact, they are still paying $1000 a month for, but you're going to have them included in this very session. 

Now basically these sessions are campaigns where I walk my students through everything I do, completely from scratch. 

None of these students have a campaign set up yet. I am showing them how to run the ads, the specific languaging behind it, the mistakes and the successes that I’ve had… so that you can model and see what works, and what does not work. 

I’ll be showing you the specific KPIs, or key performance indicators, the return on investment, so you can forecast the profits or losses that you'll make. I can’t stress enough how critical these coaching sessions will be to your success.

Value now $14, 985.

#6 – Selling On FB LIVE ($997 Value)

This specialized training shows you exactly how to sell on Facebook Live.

I believe that the most powerful tool that we have right now is in our pocket. 

And it's basically on demand, the ability to press one button that says "go live", and be able to present and sell on it. 

Now, what if you're able to do that well? 

In this course, I'm going to be showing you different case studies of how I've consistently gone onto Facebook live, presented and pitched something at the end, that has made me money, not just live, but also in the replays. 

You’ll get to discover the actual post and the scripts, so you can model and present your material immediately.  

And that's a $997 value, bringing the total value here to $15, 982. 

BONUS: Live Event Videos ($1, 997 Value)

Now, finally I want to share with you a huge bonus that's only available right now because you’ve made it this far.

Access to our live event videos.

My students have paid thousands of dollars to learn this stuff live.

Not just that, but they’ve also had to fly from different parts of the world to attend this one event.

So here's the thing.

Rather than spending all of that money on your flight, on accommodations, on taking the time off… you'll be able to have the same information that they paid $2000 for from the comfort of your own home. You're going to have all of the recordings from the live event.

That's pretty much priceless, but it’s yours today because you've stayed all the way til the end 

OK, Ok… I can understand this seeming like a lot of money…
 and also a lot of value!

You’re going to get . . .

  •  The Facebook Secrets Masterclass.
  • ​The 60 Day Action Plan to 100K followers
  • ​The Ultimate Ad Template
  • ​The Retargeting Secrets
  • ​The Coaching Sessions
  • ​Learning How to Sell on Facebook Live, and 
  • ​All the Live Event Videos…

So let me ask you a question… 

If Facebook Secrets Mastery, the framework, did everything that we've promised… completely revolutionizing your bottomline and your business…

How much more money would you make on your next ad campaign if you had an extra 200 people looking at your offer, buying at a 10% conversion, which is 20 sales?


This obviously isn’t counting lifetime value of a customer, your own perceived value and status growth… the authority you would start to possess…

Right now, what if (and this is a very realistic what if) you follow this program and had 20 winning ad campaigns…


What if you made that consistently for an entire year just by accessing Facebook Secrets?

Would it be worth paying $17,979, assuming you had the money?

Would that be worth it?

If you're able to not just run the winning ad campaigns, but build that following to over 100,000 people, 500,000 people, would it be worth $17,979?

You can probably see why it's a great deal at $17,979.

However, because I’m launching this product right now… the price will only be $1,997. 

Now, I know that this is an insane bargain…

But I’m going to go one step further… just for you!

The fact that you’ve read this far into the page… and ideally already watched the video… means you’re someone who takes action.


Get Facebook Secrets Mastery – Peng Joon, Only Price $127

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