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Get Booked – Kimanzi Constable


You get on a flight heading to some exotic country that’s on your bucket list. You walk into the plane and the flight attendant directs you to the First Class cabin. You get to your seat and smile. It’s a pod-style lay flat seat that will give you enough room to be comfortable for the more than eight-hour flight.

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Richard Trevino II

“Kimanzi Constable is the real deal! Get Booked (Home Study) is the second program that I’ve taken with him and I am EXTREMELY satisfied. His programs are always packed with actionable content, realistic steps, and no fluff. The result has been that I’ve booked 11 corporate consulting gigs in the last year!”

Your Dream Life

You get on a flight heading to some exotic country that’s on your bucket list. You walk into the plane and the flight attendant directs you to the First Class cabin. You get to your seat and smile. It’s a pod-style lay flat seat that will give you enough room to be comfortable for the more than eight-hour flight.

As the plane starts to climb, you smirk taking in the entirety of what’s about to happen. On the flight, you get some sleep, watch a few movies, enjoy the yummy meals in First Class, and do a little work. You pull out your laptop and run through the presentation you’ll be giving in a few days.

The first leg of the experience comes to an end as you land in a country that has every part of your body tingling in excitement. You get off the plane and head towards customs. As you walk up to the customs agent, you hear, “what is the purpose of your visit?”

At this point, your face hurts from smiling so much. You look the customs agent in the eye and tell them you’re there for a consulting gig at a company. You explain that the company booked you because of the knowledge and skills you have around a particular topic.

The customs agent stamps your passport and tells you how interesting what you do for a living is. They end with, “welcome to our country!”

You step foot into a country that you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. That moment is even sweeter because the company that booked you paid for the First Class tickets, all of your other travel expenses, and paid a five-figure consulting fee for the three-hour presentation you’ll be giving.

In all, they invested over $30,000 because they wanted YOU!

If all of this wasn’t enough, you get an email saying the C.O.O. wants to sit down with you after your training. They want to license your online courses at a rate of $2,000 an employee and inquire about hiring you to set up an automated training program at their company. You’ll make passive income after your gig.

You do the gig and ROCK it. You lock in the passive income deals and have several days to enjoy that country with someone you love. You have so much fun that you can’t believe this is what you do for a living. But, it is!

You get on that flight home and start smiling again. This was just your first consulting tour. There will be many more with all kinds of amazing new experiences.

This is NOT a Dream

You might be reading this and think it sounds like a great dream for someone else. It’s NOT! This can be your life and how you make a living. I just described what most of Cindy and my consulting tours look like and we’re not the only one. Consulting at companies has been around as long as business has.

Companies have and always will book consultants. They spent over $385 billions dollars last year booking entrepreneurs just like you. That is three times as much as is spent in the Internet marketing space.

SO many amazing things are possible. Cindy and I travel to 15+ countries a year to consult some of the largest companies in the world. We started from the bottom and built our dream business.

This kind of life IS possible for you. In fact, you deserve to live the life of your dreams. And if you need help figuring out the exact steps to become a highly paid global speaking and consultant, we can help. We created our Get Booked (Home Study) program to do just that.

You want to add ten extra revenue streams to your bottom line through the speaking and corporate consulting space. These industries have bigger budgets and pay more. Your goal is to create more revenue streams through global opportunities. That’s exactly what Get Booked (Home Study) will teach you.

We want to help entrepreneurs take advantage of a different way to generate income and add new revenue streams to their business. You have the knowledge, expertise, and skills that corporations and conferences would pay generously for.

Get Booked (Home Study) will teach you how to get it. Of the 140 entrepreneurs that have gone through the program, 70 have booked $900,000 worth of speaking and consulting contracts in 70 countries This program gets results. 

What This Home Study Program is

This program is step-by-step. You will learn how to create the right foundation, how to find and pitch PAID gigs, see real-life examples, and get access to documents that will help you build a thriving speaking and consulting business. The sessions will teach you how to start from the very beginning, how to build, and how to get gigs as you build.

If you have some experience, this program will teach you how to use that experience to book higher paying gigs. The focus of this program is booking gigs at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations all over the world.

What This Home Study Program is Not

This program will not be what you typically see. We won’t be teaching you high-level strategies that sound good but aren’t practical. We won’t be teaching you tactics that worked five years ago but won’t work now. We won’t be teaching you how to book social media, podcast, or Internet marketing industry conferences that won’t pay you to speak. We WON’T be teaching you how to book consulting with individuals.

A Program That Gets Results

Member Beau Henderson just booked his second six-figure corporate consulting contract. Member Richard Trevino II has booked 11 local and two international consulting contracts. He has become a contributor to Addicted 2 Success, Entrepreneur, and AskMen.

Member Sonia Thompson has booked two six-figure consulting contracts with a Fortune 500 company. She has become a contributor to Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and SUCCESS Magazine.

Member Rosh Khan just booked $27,000 and $6,000 consulting contracts in the last month. Member Jared Latigo booked a consulting gig within six days of pitching. Member Heidi Lynne just booked a paid speaking gig. She has become a contributor to She Owns It, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Addicted 2 Success.

Member Maleeka Hollaway has booked several consulting gigs and has become a contributor to Entrepreneur, The Good Men Project, Addicted 2 Success, Business Insider. She’s had articles in Black Enterprise and Essence.

Member Julian Hayes has become a contributor and had articles published in The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Mind Body Green, Chicago Tribune, Business Insider, SUCCESS Magazine, Fox News, and Life Hack.

These are just a few examples. In the last three years, 70 members of Get Booked have booked paid speaking, booked corporate consulting, and become contributors to large and paid publications. They’ve grown their businesses by locking in global opportunities.

What You Get

  • Screen shared training: you get sixty hours of screen-shared video training that walks you through the EXACT steps to book paid speaking and corporate consulting gigs all over the world.
  • Documents and templates: you get sample contracts, contract templates, pitch templates, real-life pitches that were accepted at conferences, companies, and publications, specific contact info, session handouts, sample slides, pitch examples, and a ton of document-based resources.
  • An amazing private group: you get access to our amazing private group to network, get additional training sessions with experts, share wins/lessons, and get consulting leads.
  • Q&A sessions: you get ongoing support that get results! Monthly, we host a group Q&A session to answer any questions that come up as you implement.
  • Seven expert training sessions: by experts in the paid speaking and corporate consulting industry. In these pre-recorded sessions, you will learn: how to negotiate corporate consulting contracts, how to do corporate training, beating self-limiting beliefs and creating a stronger mindset, how to create expert content, how to legally structure your business, and how to master local consulting.
  • Cold-pitch case study: you get a real-life example of a booked consulting deal. You see everything from the cold-pitch email, the company’s response, an interview about what happened in the proposal meeting, the proposal deck, the signed contract, and the presentation given.
  • Lifetime access: you get to join the live sessions every time we run them. You get lifetime access to the program and private group.
  • **BONUS** When you join Get Booked (Home Study), you get three masterclasses for FREE!

Course Content

Session One: Foundation 

  • How to set up your speaker and consultant’s foundation.
  • How to structure and build the foundation of your business.
  • How to set up your website to demonstrate your expertise and look appealing to get you booked.
  • The exact pages you need on your website, how each page should be set up, the critical elements that you need throughout your website to get booked.
  • What conferences and corporations are looking for in your foundation.
  • The #1 strategy to helped you get booked just based off of your foundation.
  • How to start from zero and build what you need to get booked.
  • How to set up and manage your social media platforms and email list in a way that maximizes traffic and will appeal to event organizers.
  • How to set up your content plan to appeal to global opportunities.

Session Two: Social Proof 

  • What social proof conferences and corporations are looking for.
  • How to build consulting social proof quickly and efficiently.
  • How to get interviewed on podcasts and use them to book paid speaking and corporate consulting gigs.
  • How to become a contributor to large publications and use them as social proof.
  • How to get into large publications such as The HuffPost, Entrepreneur Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, NBC News, Time Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and blogs.
  • How to get organic consulting offers from companies, corporations, and conferences using our signature 20% strategy.
  • How to get experience and social proof as a speaker even if you’re starting out.
  • How to get video social proof through a method that will pay you.
  • How to make $10,000 a month passively while building social proof.

Session Three: Booking Paid Speaking

  • How to find paid speaking events all over the world and how to pitch them.
  • How to find the secret places to find paid gigs, the best ways to approach them, how to put together a solid speaking proposal, and where to send it to.
  • How to develop a strategy to consistently find and pitch gigs. You will learn how to narrow your focus and get more gigs booked.
  • One strategy that will save you time while keeping you pitching.
  • How to put together a killer speaker template proposal.
  • How to put a strong proposal together that events will respond to. This will be a proposal that you can use repeatedly with a few tweaks.
  • The ins and outs of pitching. You will learn how to pitch any type of event.
  • You will learn all the elements of a pitch email that gets you thousands of dollars worth of booked gigs.
  • How to put together a killer presentation.
  • How to put together killer slides that WOWs the audience.

Session Four: Booking Corporate Consulting 

  • How to find good companies and corporations to target.
  • How to create corporate pitches that get opened and lead to you getting booked.
  • The ins and outs of booking small to large consulting contracts.
  • How to book consulting gigs at companies within a week.
  • How to book corporate consulting gigs within months.
  • How to license your online courses per employee, per yer.
  • How to set up corporate training programs.
  • How to create consulting proposals that lead to contracts.
  • How to do corporate consulting gigs.
  • How to go international and get all of your travel and expenses paid for.
  • How to structure the consulting part of your business.

Session Five: Corporate Contracts and Negotiations (Pre-Recorded)

This is a special session. It is taught by rock star attorney Brock Shinen. In the session, you learn:

  • Discovery and proposal calls: exactly what you should say and how you should run each call. The best ways to get to the next step from each call.
  • Creating the perfect pitch: exactly how to create super dope consulting pitches.
  • Creating online courses to license: how to create courses companies pay big money for and how to set up the licensing.
  • Contract negotiations: how it works and what you should ask for. The terms that get you good deals.
  • Alternative social proof: some things you can do right NOW that companies understand and look for in a consultant.

Session Six: Mindset and Self-Limiting Beliefs (Pre-Recorded)

Booking gigs and building this kind of a business takes more than strategy. As you take action, there will be self-limiting beliefs that have the potential to derail your progress. It takes a different kind of mindset to face what’s coming.

Session six of Get Booked is all about the personal development side of booking gigs. This session is taught by Dr. Tee Williams. Dr. Williams has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them identify and beat self-limiting beliefs, and develop a stronger mindset. You’ll learn:

  • What self-limiting beliefs are and how to beat them.
  • How to develop a mindset of abundance and constant action.
  • How to create the kind of habits that lead to growth and results.
  • A system for addressing and dealing with self-limiting beliefs.
  • A habit system that puts you on a plan to consistently implement.
  • The most common habits and self-limiting beliefs for lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Session Seven: Print Magazines and Newspapers (Pre-Recorded)

  • How to get into mainstream newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.
  • How to get into the print editions of large publications (and other magazines).
  • My exact pitch to get into Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • How to leverage print features for serious revenue.

Session Eight: Business Structure (Pre-Recorded)

This session is taught by superstar CPA Jay Parks. He’s worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small to large businesses. He is a sought-after speaker and consultant on these topics. In this session, you will learn:

  • The different types of legal business structures.
  • How to maximize tax savings and use the tax system to your advantage.
  • Business bookkeeping hacks, tips, and software.
  • How to keep solid financial records.
  • The secrets to billing and payments from corporations.
  • How to build more than a solopreneur business.
  • How to structure your consulting offers and proposals to maximize profit.

Session Nine: Expert Content Creation (Pre-Recorded)

This session is taught by content expert Joe Rutland. Joe is a writer and author who helps businesses learn to communicate better with their words for a bigger impact. He has helped entrepreneurs develop highly effective content plans. He has more than 30-plus years in the communications industry, he’s coached writers and reporters on improving their content and stories under deadline conditions.

He’s used his copywriting and content writing skills to help entrepreneurs improve their email sequences, social media posts, and website content. He’s won awards for his work that include being part of a first-place Texas Associated Press Managing Editors team effort for news coverage of major flooding in Laredo, Texas, and a 2009 Print Media Award from Workforce Solutions of South Texas for my business reporting work. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create content for your platforms.
  • How to create content calendars.
  • Editors notes and content for large publications.
  • How to write articles (the actual process).
  • Corporate content creation strategy and tips.
  • Everything that you need to know about creating content.

Session Ten: Corporate Training (Pre-Recorded)

This session is being taught by Dr. Bill Dyment. Dr. Bill is a global personal development and corporate change management consultant. To date, he has delivered 2730 seminars to 507 of America’s Fortune 500 companies, universities, health institutions and charitable organizations.

Some of the places he’s consulted include ABC Television, Accenture, American Red Cross, Boeing, CBS Corp, Cigna Health, Hyundai, IBM, Yahoo, Yamaha (you can see the full list here:

He is a frequent radio guest and has written numerous professional publications. In addition to his ongoing corporate consulting, he frequently works with organizations to prevent and respond to critical incidents including workforce changes, accidents, mental health crises, and violence. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create consulting presentations.
  • How to structure consulting training.
  • The how and what of doing a consulting presentation or a keynote at a company or corporation.
  • What happens behind closed doors.
  • Extra tips to make sure the company wants to rebook you (handouts, pre-gig assessments, after gig surveys).
  • The secrets Dr. Bill has used to book over 2,700 consulting gigs.

Session Eleven: Local Consulting (Pre-Recorded)

This session is being taught by superstar consultant, Richard Trevino II. He is the founder of Elevation Consulting Firm and an international consultant, speaker, and writer.

He is the author of #1 bestselling book, “Taming Turnover: Creating Company Culture Where Insurance Agents Prosper” and a writer for some of the largest personal development publications in the world, such as Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, AskMen, the Good Men Project, and Thrive Global.

He has done work for fortune 100 and 500 companies, including some of the elite companies in the insurance world: New York Life, Aflac, and Mutual of Omaha. He has also done work in Mexico and Jamaica for some of the largest resort brands in the world. This year, he was also awarded the John Maxwell Top 100 Transformational Leadership Awards.

In the session, you will learn:

  • How to book local consulting gigs.
  • Networking locally to get opportunities that lead to gigs.
  • How to do in-person pitching.
  • How to leverage local connections.
  • A signature approach that has led to Richard booking 11 local gigs.

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