Group Profits – Arne Giske Lurn


Arne Giske is a community leader with a group of over 80,000 entrepreneurs, a traveler, speaker, and marketing consultant specializing in Facebook group growth & monetization



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Module 1: Welcome & Expectations


Welcome to Group Profits! Join your host and course expert, Arne Giske, as he teaches high level insider startegies for creating, growing, and monetizing successful Facebook Groups. Get started in Module #1 to learn more about your instructor, how to access support, and how to make the most fo this program. 

Module 2: FB Groups 101


Module 2 covers the basics of Facebook Groups. Learn what roles groups play in people’s online experience, how to find your why, and some very common Facebook Group mistakes to avoid when starting out. 

Module 3: Brainstorm Your FB Group


Don’t have an idea for a group yet? No problem! In this module, Arne walks though how to brainstorm ideas for Facebook Groups based on your own experience, passions, and expertise. And, most importantly, how to choose one that you will be able to not only build a community but also monetize in the long run. 

Module 4: Quickstart Guide


Now that you’ve got a group idea, dive into the world of Facebook Groups with the Quickstart Guide. Arne shows you the in’s and out’s of setting up a Facebook Group. Don’t stress about technical knowledge, everything you need to know is covered here. 

Module 5: Audience Quickstart Guide


Congratulations, you have created your group! Now onto the next challenge. Where is your audience? Use the strategies presented in this module to easily grow your audience from 0 to 100 and then onwards to inifinity and beyond!

Module 6: Online Presence Infrastructure


As an online group creator and moderator, it is important to have your own online presence well established and curated. In Module 6, Arne delviers several important steps to creating a successful online presence. 

Module 7: Engagement And Content Creation


For everyone who has that moment of panic and thinks, wait, what should I post, this module is for you. Learn Arne’s tips and tricks for cerating engaging and converting content as well as creating a well planned out content strategy. 

Module 8: Group Growth On Steriods


You have taken action, you have a group, you have content, and you are on the road to success. Now it is time to really watch things take off. In this module you will learn to exponentially increase your results and hit new member milestones. 

Module 9: Advanced Monetization Strategies


Obviously, the end goal is group monetization. Use the strategies presented in this module to ensure your group is sucessfully monetized and that you are earning consistently. 

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