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GrowthComet Agency Course – Johnathan Dane & Ross Hudgens

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GrowthComet is a training course and community for agencies, freelancers and consultants looking to 10x their book of business




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GrowthComet Yearly

Full Training Course & 12 Months of Slack Access for Service Businesses Looking to 10x

GrowthComet is a training course and community for agencies, freelancers and consultants looking to 10x their book of business. Through our 84 lesson comprehensive video training, you'll learn every step of the agency growth process from agency veterans that have grown companies from zero to $800,000 MRR.

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Course Curriculum

Month 1 – The Foundation

  • When You Should Quit Your Job (8:41)
  • The Mentality Needed to Run a Successful Service Business (6:15)
  • Choosing Your Name (6:49)
  • Brand Positioning for Service Businesses (9:06)
  • Lemonade Stand Principle (6:34)
  • There's Margin in Mystery (8:05)
  • Important Metrics to Track (8:50)
  • Pricing Models for Service Businesses (8:48)
  • Prove That You Can Make Money (5:11)
  • Should You Have a Co-Founder? [BONUS] (3:22)

Month 2 – Acquiring Clients

  • When and How You Should Offer Free Work (5:54)
  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics or How to Get Your First Clients (6:36)
  • How to Get a Huge Client (8:13)
  • Thought Leadership for Business Development (8:01)
  • How to Network for Clients (6:24)
  • How to Use Resourcefulness to Generate Clients (6:28)
  • Pricing Strategy for Increased Revenue & Better Close Rates (5:32)

Month 3 – Sales Success

  • Example Sales Call Recordings (2:43)
  • Example Proposal Templates (4:49)
  • Example Contract Templates (4:47)
  • How to Deal With Objections (7:10)
  • How to Set Expectations to Improve Client Retention (5:03)
  • Sales Experiments You Can Run (5:45)
  • Example Case Studies + References (7:07)

Month 4 – Building Your Cookbooks

  • The Importance of Execution Recipes (4:52)
  • Example KlientBoost Recipes (6:52)
  • Example Siege Media Recipes (6:08)
  • KlientBoost Client Expectation Recipes (10:04)
  • Siege Media Client Expectation Recipes (3:16)
  • Example Project Management Templates (1:04)

Month 5 – Building Your Team

  • When Should You Hire Your First Employee? (8:59)
  • The Scientific Way to Hire Winners (8:10)
  • Recruiting Senior Employees (8:36)
  • How to Attract Junior Employees (9:17)
  • Creating Growth Tracks for Employee Retention (18:07)
  • The Roles You Should & Shouldn’t Have (7:52)
  • Organizational Structures & Accountability Charts (6:19)
  • How to Fire Effectively & With Grace (9:05)

Month 6 – Retaining Clients

  • These Are Your Golden Clients (5:03)
  • The Expectations Agreement (2:10)
  • Soft Skills Mastery (3:33)
  • Reporting and Communication (6:54)
  • G.L.U.E. (3:02)
  • How to Use Feedback to Improve Client Retention (6:20)
  • Progress Based Goal Setting (2:34)
  • How to Put Out Client Fires (5:04)
  • How to Deal With Losing Clients (4:23)

Month 7 – Thought Leadership

  • How to Create and Build a Brand (9:43)
  • How to Delegate Thought Leadership (6:25)
  • Strategies for Amplifying Thought Leadership (10:18)
  • Leveraging & Yes Laddering (7:38)
  • How and When to Use Awards (5:33)
  • When, How and If You Should Speak at Events (6:14)

Month 8 – Culture

  • The Importance of Transparency+Internal Communication (8:43)
  • Company Perks You Need and Don't Need (6:05)
  • How to Set Mission and Vision (5:34)
  • The Open Door Policy on Steroids (8:22)
  • Suggested Books You Should Read (7:35)
  • How to Pick an Office Location + If You Should Open a 2nd Office (10:36)

Month 9 – Acquisition Expansion

  • SEO Best Practices for Agencies (14:32)
  • PPC Best Practices for Agencies (11:59)
  • Being Everywhere (6:38)
  • How to Form Partnerships for Lead Generation (6:41)
  • Outbound Client Acquisition Strategies (9:33)
  • How to Generate Referrals Consistently (11:14)

Month 10 – Operations

  • Operations 101 (7:38)
  • The Head of Retention Role (7:58)
  • The Head of Training Role (6:44)
  • The Tools You Should be Using (4:10)
  • Operational Hire Triggers (6:57)
  • How to Deal with Hard Times (7:36)
  • Time Management for Agency Owners [BONUS] (4:00)
  • How to Fire Bad Clients [BONUS] (3:11)

Month 11 – Putting Yourself Out Of Business

  • Auditing Everything for Improvement (10:35)
  • Practice Harder Than You Play (4:24)
  • Removing Yourself Form Day to Day (5:21)
  • The 70-10-80 Rule (5:37)
  • Can Software Do Your Job? (6:15)

Month 12 – Selling Your Business

  • The Basics of Agency Acquisitions (11:15)
  • Valuation Increasers (7:32)
  • Valuation Decreasers (7:28)
  • Earn Outs & Non Competes (4:45)
  • How Webris Got Acquired w/ Ryan Stewart [BONUS] (4:46)
  • What's Next? (1:38)

Get GrowthComet Agency Course – Johnathan Dane & Ross Hudgens, Only Price $197

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