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Get Hidden Hard Drive – Jason Capital, only price $42

“How This Tiny Little Hard Drive Will EXPLODE Her SEX Drive…”

Dude, I found this..

Now as you can see this thing is completely beat up to sh*t..

See in the next minute I’m gonna tell you how this piece of sh*t hard drive, literally on its last breath is gonna do 2 things,

1. It’s gonna make it so you can sleep with 2 out of the next 3 hot girls you meet. (Can’t make it all 3 out of 3 and I’ll tell you why in a second..)


2. if you’re in a relationship it’ll show you exactly how to turbo-charge the sh*t out of your girlfriend or wife’s Sex-Drive so she practically becomes your voluntary sex-slave

See, as you may or may not have known the Elite Mentor Retreat was here in Orange County, CA

Almost 300 Guys from 20 countries flew out here to attend the event at the Hotel nearby. Of course we had to move a ton of equipment and stuff from the Capital Compound. Pulling out old binders, notebooks, etc..

In the process of moving I was SHOCKED to find this Hard-Drive..

I thought I lost it after all of these years.

Curious to see if it still worked, I plugged it in and you would not BELIEVE how excited I was about what I saw..

You hit the Jackpot..

See my friend, this isn’t any ordinary Hard Drive..

This is a Treasure Chest with several of my most important revelations for meeting, dating, and attracting women..

“It Was All Stored Away Onto This Beat-Up, Forgotten Hard Drive..”

Long story shot: This forgotten hard drive contains some of my most private thoughts and ideas, programs I’ve never released, and even impossible-to-find files that would have never been unleashed to the world had I not found this hard drive while moving boxes.

Techniques.. tactics.. scripts.. routines.. and shocking insights that you’ll use to go from “pretty good”, or “ok”, to UNSTOPPABLE with attractive women. Or to develop a thick, loyal, impossible-to-break bond with your woman.

And now…

Get Hidden Hard Drive – Jason Capital, only price $42

“You’re One Click Away From Discovering Everything On This ‘Buried Treasure’ Hard Drive..

Here’s exactly what’s on it:

$47 Value

Illegal Conversation Tactics

From guys who want the power to lead it to the bedroom faster, the qustion is always: Where do I take the conversation so sex is always right around the corner?

In this no BS video training, I tell you exactly where to go with the conversation so she keeps getting more attracted and turned on by you.

But you must promise me:. You will NOT make this more complicated than it needs to be. In “Where To Go”, I show you the 3 BEST places to take the conversation and exactly what to talk about for each of them. Each of these 3 conversation templates are plug-n-play, easy-to-follow and will lead to your bedroom faster than a speeding bullet.

$97 Value

7 Ways To Make Her Fantasize About You

As Freud and Jung discovered, Psychology has its dark side. Mind control.. Behavioral modification.. NLP.. and many other frameworks designed to control individuals and the masses alike.

But what if you could learn to harness these dark powers? So they can’t harm you or others…but instead they can help you and INSPIRE others?

With 7 Ways To Get Her Fantasizing About You, you can – and I’ll show you step-by-step how to do so.

Other coaches and “gooroos” out there, peddling the same old rehashed shit are 10 years away from ever discovering this stuff…but I’m gonna reveal it to you in its completeness, here, today, now. You’ll have an unbelievable competitive advantage…even if you’re not built, hung, rich or radiating with Brad Pitt looks.

$97 Value


Hank Moody… Tony Stark… James Bond… George Clooney… how can you ethically STEAL their charisma? And use it in your world?

This video program shows you how to do just that—in less than 10 seconds. Think about it: You could ETHICALLY borrow the charisma of SIX of your favorite movie stars in just ONE MINUTE.

Remember: These guys have been trained to attract women and make girls fantasize about them. Don’t miss out on borrowing their years of hard work in just minutes.

$147 Value

On Your Knees…Now.

You don’t have to Genghis Khan anymore to have women get on BENDED KNEE for you. (What will they do once down there?? Hmmmm….).

In On Your Knees, I’m going to reverse engineer the process every women goes through in her head the INSTANT before she decides, “Wow, this is one of those rare, amazing men…I can’t help but…ADMIRE HIM.”

Trust me, the power and influence you have when she admires you is insane, and better yet, she NEVER feels that way about men anymore. You’re one of the rare few, and at a level in her eyes that no other man can even come near.

$97 Value

The 3 Steps To Get Her Sexually Addicted To You

There comes a point in the beginning of a sexual relationship, assuming you follow my lead, where you hold all the cards. Where she want wants it sooo bad.

Do give it to her? Do you hold back? Do you tease her? If you do tease her, how do you do it so you don’t come off as some arrogant prick?

In this contrarian video, I reveal the 3 Steps to installing such powerful sexual addiction in her, she’s willing to do everything you say (including threesomes, if that’s something you want). .

Note: I shouldn’t have to remind you, this is classified stuff. Don’t let her see it. Because these 3 Steps are THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS to give her the most intense, wildest, loudest, screaming orgasms she’s ever had — bar none.

$147 Value

50 Questions That Open Her Heart and Part Her Legs

I love this. There’s a secret about attracting and seducing women most men NEVER discover: It’s much more about getting her to open up to you than anything you could say or do.

And I don’t know about you but sometimes, I’m feeling lazy. Like I don’t want to do any work. I just want to lay back, have her entertain me with some crazy stories then get on her knees and suck my dick like my semen contains buried treasure.

So, when I want to do that, I just go back to 50 Questions That Open Her Heart and Part Her Legs, which I have saved on my phone, and ask her 3 of the questions in it.

Within 20 minutes, I’ve barely said a word besides asking these questions and she’s horny beyond belief. It’s incredible. These questions are a creation of my own mind, so you will not find them online anywhere else. Pro Tip: Save them on your phone like I do!

$147 Value

The Sexual Rapport System

Did you know there’s normal “rapport” and then there’s “sexual rapport”? Sexual Rapport is when you and her are both sexually responding to each other very positively.

It’s that state where sex is always one kiss.. one glance.. one giggle away. It’s not that this state is hard to reach with your girlfriend, or with a girl you just met. There’s just one key for the normal Rapport door, and an entirely different key for the Sexual Rapport door.

In the Sexual Rapport System, I’m gonna show you 8 different ways to unlock the Sexual Rapport door. You only need one, but in case you like having lots and lots of options like me, there are 8 waiting in here for you

$147 Value

The Hidden Letters: Long-Lost Pages of Notes From My Private Library

Flash Back!!

I completely forgot I had this, and in just a second, you’re going to get instant access to exactly what was going on in my head back in 2011 and 2012.

Can you imagine what this type of intel will do for your life?

OMG. I couldn’t believe it when I found this… You’ll see what was going on in my mind all the way back in 2011 and 2012, in regards to attraction, masculine power and gaining mastery in your field.

$147 Value

JC’s Unstoppable PUA Tactics Letters

Can you keep a secret? Yes? OK, here we go: I used to use PUA tactics. In fact, I didn’t just use them – I knew them inside and out.

And to get so good at them, I would map them out, break them down, make them better and then…map them out all again.

In this 7-page devious report, you can see my entire mind at work. Imagine getting Steve Job’s notes, days before he invented the iPhone.. Picture studying Da Vinci’s sketches minutes before he painted The Last Supper.. Place yourself in the shoes of a savvy investor who bet on Amazon before it went big…

Because this is the type of unedited, uncensored, long-forgotten information but enormously valuable information you’ll find in the Unstoppable PUA Tactics letters.

Ancient Seminar Footage: Jason Capital + Mystery Mentor Teaching 20 Lucky Men In Las Vegas 5 YEARS AGO! Includes On-Camera Approach Demonstration From Jason!

$97 Value

Want to see what I looked like, sounded like, and talked like when I cold approached girls years ago?Well, that’s exactly what you’ll see in one of the 3 Ancient Seminar Footage videos here.I’ll admit it, when I found this on the Hard Drive, I got sucked in.The content was really, really good. And reminded me of some really important lessons I’d forgotten. If you’ve been a JC Customer for a while, you’re gonna love taking a walk down this path of Nostalgia with me.

Get Hidden Hard Drive – Jason Capital, only price $42

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