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High Ticket Closer

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Because I will be PERSONALLY mentoring you in LIVE weekly trainings. AND I am GIVING you the clients you need to make that kind of money.




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Dan Lok – High Ticket Closer High-Ticket Closer™ 7-Week Certification Program

WARNING: This Program Is Limited to ONLY 49 Serious Players –

No Wannabes, Lookie Lou's or Whiners.

Once These Spots Are Claimed, You Will NEVER See This Page Again – So While You’re Here, Read This Carefully

In a few months, you could be making an $100K-$500K a year because you joined the High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program.

How do I know?

Because I will be PERSONALLY mentoring you in LIVE weekly trainings. AND I am GIVING you the clients you need to make that kind of money.

(See Week 7 of the program schedule below).

So the question is do you want to be one of the people I work with and who I pass clients to?

If you do then read this page carefully because the truth is the High-Ticket Closer Certification is not for everyone.

The High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program is ONLY for You if:

  • You want to be mentored by me, Dan Lok, in an intensive 7-week program. In this program, every week I get on a LIVE online training class where you get to learn one of my most valuable skills in life
  •  You are ambitious and you are willing to work VERY HARD for a short period of time. In return, you get a LIFETIME of financial success
  • You want more money to travel to the world, give back to your family or help others
  • You want to set your own hours, make good money, and become financially secure by having your high-income skill
  • You want to experience one of the most intense personal growth periods of your life  

If you meet the criteria above, then certification program may be what you’ve been looking for. Because once you’re certified…

You are getting paid $1,000.00-$3,000.00 dollars for every ONE sale you make – one sale which takes you 30-minutes or less 

With these big commissions coming your way, how many sales a month do you need to cover all monthly living costs for you and your loved ones?

How many sales a month would it take you to have enough money to invest in a property or to have the seed money for a business?

How many sales do you need a month to travel the world and live a good lifestyle?

If you’re like most people, you only need a few sales every month. Which means when you’re having a good month you could work for 1 day, make $10,000 dollars and take the rest of the month off.

So when you think about it –

To live a comfortable 6-figure life, you only need to make 3 maybe 4 sales a month. That’s it.

So while other people are networking… drop shipping… SEO-ing… making funnels… and doing this or that…. You’re getting paid REAL money while doing –

  •     Zero networking
  •     Zero cold-calling
  •     Zero money wasted on advertising
  •     Zero inventory
  •     Zero spamming people on Facebook
  •     Zero selling friends or family
  •     Zero technical skills
  •     Zero trying to keep up with the latest algorithms

nd keep in mind, this is NOTHING like cold-calling where you’re getting rejected 95% of the time. With the leads you get from myself and the clients, you will be closing at 20-40% on average.

That is once you have know our high-ticket selling secrets. So…

Here’s What The High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program Will Do For You


Benefit #1:
This is one of the ONLY 7-Week LIVE Online Training Programs you will ever find.

This is NOT a certification program where you get a login and a password to a set of pre-recorded videos.

This is one of the ONLY 7-Week LIVE online mentorship program you will ever find.

Every week’s mentorship session you join is live. Meaning every single week at a set time, you will be LIVE online as Dan answers your questions, mentor you and do LIVE demonstrations with you.

Benefit #2:
This Is the ONLY Program Where You Can Walk in As A Noobie and Walk Out A Superstar With Your High-Income Skill As a High-Ticker Closer™

Because our clients are ONLY looking for REAL high-ticket closers™. So our certification is a REAL program that takes work, and that you can feel proud of. This is NOT one of those certification where you watch a video; take a quick quiz; and you get certified.

This is the ONLY sales apprenticeship in the world for where you are trained by Dan Lok – the King of High-Ticket Sales™ himself.

Here’s what you get during the 7-week program:

Week 1:
How To Dominate In Life and In Business With A High-Ticket Mindset

Whereas all other sales programs teach you to be aggressive, salesy and slimey techniques. I show you the opposite right in the first week. This is the week where you’ll see how you NEVER need to be pushy at all – especially when it comes to high-ticket sales. In fact, the less pushy you are, the more successful you’ll be.

Week 2:
The Advanced Human Psychology of High-Ticket Sales and Ultra-Luxury Selling

This is the ONLY program you will find where you get these high high-level strategies at this price point. Typically, Fortune 500 companies pay TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars for one afternoon of this type of training. You’re getting it at a small investment and you get to practice USE it in real life by the end of the program.

Week 3:
The One-Call Closer Methodology That’ll Get You Paid On Command

You've met people who spend months, sometimes years, trying to become great public speakers. -yes? I'm sure you've also met people who speak really naturally on their first speaking engagement. It’s the same thing in sales. You’ll find most sales people take months to close a deal. What you get in this week is the secret to close in ONE single call.

Week 4:
The High Ticket Sales Scripts – The 7 Secrets I, Dan Lok, Have Used To Close Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Over The Phone

You will NEVER find these scripts on Google or any sales training. These are the holy scripts which I’ve developed over the years which has helped me close millions in sales over the phone. With these scripts, you will never be phased by any client, prospect or sales conversation again – no matter how intimidating the person you’re talking to is close someone.

Week 5:
How To Handle Objections and Resistance Like A KungFu Master Easily Handles A 300-Pound Boxer

Imagine never getting rejected again. Well you don’t need to imagine because you’ll know how to turn around any conversation at any time with this week’s strategies. What you’ll see is the more resistance your prospect gives you, the more power you have over him. And the more easy you can close someone.

Week 6:
How To Find Highly Lucrative High-Ticket Partners – With LIVE Role Play With Me, Dan Lok, And Others On My Team

In this week, you get your hands dirty. The gloves comes off and you’ll be practicing your moves LIVE in front of your class before dealing with REAL life clients.

The best performers in this week will get to work with my clients. In this week’s lesson, I will also show you how to get your own clients.

Week 7:
How To Guarantee Yourself A
6-Figure Income (And Keep Growing) As A High-Ticket Closer™

This is one of the MOST important classes in the program. In this class, you’ll discover the quickest and easiest way to make 6-figures as a High-Ticket Closer. This includes how to structure win-win deals with your clients. The 4 requirements every one of your clients must meet for you to make money – for the long-term. And much, much more.

Benefit #3:
You’re Getting A Solid $70,000.00 Dollars Worth of Value – For a Tiny Fraction Of The Investment

The fact is people pay $5,000 an hour for my time.

Within the high-ticket program, you get 14 hours of my direct mentorship through a 7 week period. This means you’re getting $70,000.00 worth of coaching at a fraction of the investment.

In the program, you and I will get to know each other quite well. If you do well in the program, you will get a chance to join my High-Ticket Sales Team™. On the team, you will be closing deals for A-players most people would never get to work with if they were on their own.

You Get To Close Sales For The One, The Only – Stefan James


If you haven’t heard, Stefan will be launching a high-ticket program. To sell his program, he’s going to need a few High-Ticket Closers™ to help him.

If you do well in the High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program, you will get MY recommendation to Stefan. In other words, I will make sure YOU are the one closing for Stefan. And of course, Stefan will pay you and you get to build a direct relationship with him from that point.

If you want to be friends / partners with Stefan James AND make a lot of money at the same time, this is it. This is your chance to make it happen.

Benefit #4:
You Get Ready-To-Go Clients Who Have Commission Cheques Waiting To Write Your Name On Them

I get DOZENS of request a week from thought leaders and entrepreneurs who need closers. If you do well in the program, all leads that I get will come to YOU. You can expect to work with some of the world’s LEADING thought leaders and influencers. You may even be able to close for some of your favorite celebrities now or in the future

Benefit #5:
You Put Yourself On The Fast-Track To Living A Financially Confident Life

When you’re a high-ticket closer™, you can close anywhere you are in the world. All you need is a phone with reception. That’s it. That’s all it takes for you to make more money than most internet marketers, doctors, engineers, and even most lawyers.

Total High-Ticket Closer™7-Week Certification Program Value: $70,000
For Fast Action-Takers – For The People Who “Get It” And Take Action NOW, You’ll Also Get

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