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It’s the only physique transformation system truly reverse engineered from Hollywood actors that any guy can plug himself into for the same picture-perfect results…



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It’s the only physique transformation system truly reverse engineered from Hollywood actors that any guy can plug himself into for the same picture-perfect results.


The real shortcut “trick” behind the Hollywood Physique for Men is in properly isolating and developing your Visible Muscle, the small 20% of physical muscle mass that accounts for 80% of visible size, in the most efficient, direct manner possible.


Nearly every “expert” has the science behind activating pure muscle growth dead wrong.If all you’re after is raw muscle growth at your body’s fastest possible rate, then you need the Hollywood Hypertrophy Training training protocol.

WARNING: It won’t make you stronger, faster, or more athletic. But based on hypertrophy science from a little-known German study from over 100 years ago, it flips your muscles into pure growth mode, making every ounce of effort you put in count – and combined with the Visible Muscle Isolation Method, the changes in visible size you’ll experience from week-to-week and even day-to-day are staggering.

* How to leverage overtraining and the little-known idea of forced overcompensation to force new growth out of your muscles.

* Why strength training is actually the worst way to rapidly build muscle size – and the other solution to “flip the switch” on pure muscle hypertrophy.

Component #3: The Peak Hormone Diet

Everyone knows how important diet is to body composition. But if you think calories have anything to do with how your muscles grow or how much fat you lose, you’ve got to think again.

When it comes to pure muscle growth and fat loss, it’s all about hormones. And producing the right hormones starts with your diet – and has nothing to do with how many calories you eat.

Component #4: Incline Cardio

There are two big problems with traditional cardio for fat loss:

1. It’s either way too high-intensity (sprints and intervals) to be used every day in combination with an intense lifting routine focused on muscle growth, or…

2. Way too wasteful of muscle mass to be effective (long-duration steady-state cardio like running and jogging).

And for those reasons, cardio has traditionally been kept separate from muscle growth cycles, which is completely inefficient. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather both build muscle and lose fat at the same time than waste months doing it in separate “bulking” and “cutting” cycles.

Luckily I stumbled on a loophole in the way the body burns fat, and that turned into the Incline Cardio method. The truth is that this can hardly even be called “cardio”.

Component #5: The Body Reset Protocol

This is easily the most important element to the accelerated physique transformation process, and absolutely no one else in the bodybuilding world is talking about it.

Simply put, there’s a hidden block in your body that’s literally preventing you from being able to put on muscle and lose fat in any way at all. No matter how “right” you do everything, this common fault will actually cause your efforts to backfire on you – and attempts at muscle growth will only turn into muscle waste.

Component #6: On/Off SwitchesIn my research, I kept stumbling on these little tactics that each could significantly increase both muscle growth and fat loss, but that didn’t fit in anywhere else.

They were like “bonuses” – not necessary, but held the opportunity to even double the already-ridiculous results I was getting.

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