Honest Bloggers Academy™ – Sarah Titus


You work REALLY hard on your blog.

You try everything under the sun to make it work. You buy courses. Listen to advice.

You do everything you're supposed to.



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Honest Bloggers Academy™

Honest life-changing strategies to take the blogging world by storm!

You work REALLY hard on your blog.

You try everything under the sun to make it work. You buy courses. Listen to advice.

You do everything you're supposed to.

And yet…

Your blog is NOT where you want it to be.

All that hard work. All those long nights. All that coaching and training. It doesn't seem to be making a difference.

You want to cry.

You feel like you'll never get there.

Maybe blogging just isn't for you.

Maybe…everyone else can do it but you can't.

You scratch your head, wondering WHY.

WHY do others seem to be able to blog?

HOW can others seem to make money so easily?

WHAT are you missing?

There's gotta be some magical, secret key somewhere and no one is sharing it.

I started blogging because my friends were asking me a ton of questions and to save time, it just seemed easier to write it all down in one place.

But once I got into blogging, I quickly saw you could make money from it. My eyes were opened, and that intrigued me.

As a single mom, I wanted to provide for my family without LEAVING my kids with a babysitter while I worked. I wanted to continue to stay home with them AND serve the world at a greater capacity.

My family is everything to me. Everything.

I also wanted to get married one day and when I do, I don't want my future husband to have to work e-gads of hours just to support us. I want to help him.

But it snowballed into something MUCH, MUCH bigger than I dreamed!

My goal initially was $1k/month. That's it. Pretty simple, right?!

My first year blogging, I started making $10k/month. And that's when I knew I struck a chord.

My second year blogging, I made over $72k.

My third year blogging, I made over $120k.

My fourth year blogging, I started a Shopify store and nearly hit 7-figures that year!

My fifth year blogging, I started hitting multi-millions/year and now my sixth year, even more now that I've started creating courses.

It all started with one dream.

Helping my friends. Serving the world. Taking care of my family. Helping my future husband.

No matter HOW it starts for you, blogging is the RIGHT tool, the right business model that can get you there. It's the beginning of something pretty amazing.

All I wanted was $1k/month. I've now made over $8 million in revenue because of blogging and I'm JUST GETTING STARTING! I have SO much more in me to give!!!

Blogging is a REAL, viable way to earn an AMAZING income, WHILE serving the world in a greater capacity than you could in person.

Get Honest Bloggers Academy™ – Sarah Titus, Only Price $327



The information in this course has been sold 23,714 times!

I turned it into a full course (from a bundle) because I keep adding to it all the time. There's so much I want to teach you, so much I want to share, so much I want to give you, to change your life like blogging has changed mine.

So if you're tired of not moving, if you've spent money on other courses that promise growth but leave you completely flat, you are FINALLY, FINALLY my friend, in the right place!

This is not a course like any other. OH, I promise you that. Ask ANYONE who's gone through it! This stuff is LIFE-CHANGING.

It will challenge EVERYTHING you think, EVERYTHING you believe, EVERYTHING you've been taught.

MOST bloggers who I talk to that go through this course, within TWO MONTHS after they are done with the material and have implemented things, triple their income.

That means, if you make $2k/month now on your blog, you'd make $6k/month.

If that means you make $4k/month now on your blog, you'd make $12k/month.

And if you're just starting out, be patient, you will make money faster than all your peers. We have to set you up a solid foundation and that takes time.

That's the average result of this course. Will it work for you? That's entirely up to you and whether or not you put the work in that is required, but that IS the majority of bloggers results from what I've seen.

Don't believe me? Read Kelan and Amber's testimonies below:

I'm not kidding when I say EVERYONE LOVES this information!

You'll learn everything I did (all my secret tricks and tips I learned by trial and error – NO COPY/PASTE HERE!!!!!!!!!) to go from a brand new blogger to where I am today.

Listen, I'm here to kick butt, take names, and change the world and I hope you're here to do the same.

If you're ready to get in here and get going and stop messing around spinning your wheels trying to do things that don't work, you're in the right place.

Run, don't walk because there's no time to mess around. Your family…the world…your finances…they're all waiting!!! <3

Who is this course for?

If you're tired of spinning your wheels trying to make it online and want to create an empire and lucrative path that NO ONE can take away from you!

The world wants you to spend all your time hustling your butt off, investing in stupid stuff, in shiny stuff that won't matter TOMORROW!

But as a single mom, and really grounded in business for over 21 years, I recognize shiny for what it is and help you stay away from all that. So you focus on what REALLY works, not what THEY WANT you to focus on, but the things that will actually GROW. YOU. FAST!!!!!!

It's like getting a fast-pass ahead of all your peers. It's an unfair advantage. Something NO ONE can take away from you.

Let's build the Sarah Titus way. The multi-million dollar way!

It means being generous and giving.

It means loving on your audience and building a solid foundation in the RIGHT areas.

It means thinking differently and challenging the status quo, having FUN blogging instead of feeling like it's drudgery work,

It means guarding your time so you're laser focused and can get ahead,

It means NOT working your patooty off on the wrong things so you have to spend 70-80 hours a week working just to get ahead, and…

It means selling with dignity, honor, and honesty.

The Proof is in the Pudding:

I opened up my blog to the world on December 23, 2014 and to this date (December 31, 2019), I've made over $9.6M blogging! It's incredible to think about.

Each month for six years, I've successfully grown my blogging empire to what it is today.

I want, every mom in the world to be able to have the same opportunity to do what I do.

That's my passion.

It's my promise.

I hold nothing back.

I show you everything.

Get Honest Bloggers Academy™ – Sarah Titus, Only Price $327

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome
  • Resources
  • Best FREE Blogging Facebook Groups
  • Expenses and Taxes (+Business Expenses Excel Spreadsheet Template)

Student Orientation

  • How to Change Credit/Debit Card Information
  • How to Navigate Your Course
  • How to Access Your Courses
  • How to Grab Affiliate Links
  • Anatomy of a Course
  • Glossary
  • Mistakes to Avoid

P.E.N. – The Life Changing Process To Find Meaning

  • You Need P.E.N. (Passion, Excitement, and a Never-Die Attitude)
  • You're Like A Store
  • Multiple Topics In One Cohesive Brand
  • It's Not About Money
  • It's The Story You're Creating Today
  • How to know what to blog about
  • How to Discover Your Audience's Pain Points
  • Creating Your New Elevator Pitch
  • Creating Your About Me Page
  • Creating a Space That Resonates
  • Choosing a Domain/Product Name That Will Become Popular

You've Gotta Get the Mindset Right

  • Blogging is a Blessing AND a Curse – Here's How to Navigate It
  • Things Are Gonna Break
  • How to Hook Your Audience
  • Be a Leader
  • Having Quality Information Coming In Is Pivotal To Your Business
  • Why You're Not Making More Money
  • How to Stomp Out Rudeness on Your Blog
  • It's NOT a Numbers Game
  • Being Authentic Gets You More Sales (3:13)
  • Don't Believe Your Own Press
  • Refuse to Stay Down
  • You Succeed When You Know Who's Boss
  • Don't Forget Who You Are
  • Staying Positive When Everything Feels Like It's Going Wrong

How To Turn Your Blog Into A Six-Figure Money Making Machine (Step by Step)

  • Goal 1: Get To 50,000 Pageviews Within 3 Months
  • Goal 2: Get To 100,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • BONUS for Goal 2: How to Hijack Link Up Party Traffic
  • Goal 3: Get To 200,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Goal 4: Get To 300,000 Pageviews Within 3 Months
  • Goal 5: Get To 400,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Goal 6: Get To 600,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Goal 7: Get To 800,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Goal 8: Get To 900,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Goal 9: Get To 1,000,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Goal 10: Get Past 1,000,000 Pageviews Within 1 Month
  • Are you plateauing? Here's why!

Setting a Proper Foundation That Leads to Success

  • First Things First
  • Do This Every Month and You'll Stop Failing By 75%
  • How to Study Your Peers to Grow Like Crazy
  • Hustle Your Way To the Top
  • You're Stealing From Yourself
  • You'll Fail A Lot More If You're Not BETA'ing
  • You're Not Writing Enough
  • Target, Ready, Aim, Shoot
  • The Right Plugins to Protect Your Hard Work
  • Don't Do This Marketing Tactic (Tripwires)!!!
  • How to Guarantee Your Own Success

How to Really Accomplish More In Less Time

  • Before You Begin
  • I Promise To Crush Your Overwhelm
  • Set Up A Routine For Your Blog
  • Take Shortcuts When Possible
  • Scheduling the Perfect Editorial Calendar
  • Important, Middle, and Non-Important Things to Work On In Your Businesss
  • My Work Schedule: How I Balance Everything
  • Raise Your Income Substantially By Doing This

From Work Horse to Calm Queen

  • My Daily Routine
  • You Need To Know Absolutely Everything
  • We Spend Time On What's Important To Us
  • You're Not Doing Anyone Any Favors By…
  • Hire Assistants From Your Own Audience
  • Delegate the Right Things to the Right People

How To Easily Make Money On Your Blog Today

  • Set Solid Boundaries
  • Be Firm and Stick To Your Guns
  • Easy Income: Start with Ads
  • Make Money With Ads
  • Next Do Affiliate Marketing
  • Make Money With Affiliates
  • Now Do ADVANCED Affiliate Marketing
  • Be Careful with Sponsored Posts
  • Make Money With Sponsored Posts
  • Making Money With Book Sales
  • More Ways To Earn Money
  • Creating a Shopify Store
  • Being a Blogger Comes with Some Cool Perks

How To Make Money When Blogging is Slow

  • This is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Niche Down
  • You Need To Prepare Yourself For The Slow Times
  • Close Out All Loose Ends And Say Goodbye to Future Overwhelm
  • There's Never a Better Time to Work On Your Dream
  • Get Ahead on All Your Work So You're Not Fumbling
  • You Need a Wide Variety of Stuff to Work On

How To Make Real Money As A Virtual Assistant

  • Is Being a VA Right For You?
  • Getting Started As a VA
  • What Kinds Of Jobs You Can Do As a VA?
  • Where To Find Work As a VA
  • Building Your Profile And Portfolio
  • Setting Your Rates

How To Get People To See Your Content

  • Best Way to Get Fresh Eyeballs on Your Stuff
  • Putting Yourself Out There
  • Boost Your Alexa Score
  • Before and After You Publish Your Blog Post
  • How To Make A Post Go Viral
  • SEO Made Simple
  • SEO: How to Get Blog Post Ideas From Google Search Console
  • Repurposing Blog Posts No One Reads To Gain Traffic
  • How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

Bonus #1: Free Binder {200+ pages}

  • Inspirational Blogging Binder {200+ pages}

Bonus #2: Free Binder {30 pages}

  • Blogging Stats Binder

Bonus #3: Free Q&A Coaching Sessions with Sarah Titus

  • How do I make the most amount of money without media ads?
  • Why is establishing an email list early on so important?
  • What is the number one mistake a blogger can make?
  • How can we improve our content and writing? How do we write in a relatable/approachable way?
  • What's the number one reason I'm not already rich from blogging?
  • How do you decide what your blog should be geared for or to?
  • How do you avoid blogging burnout and keep things fresh like you do?
  • Do you recommend making multiple freebies for readers to opt-in to instead of one site-wide freebie?
  • When you were first starting out, how did you convey authority and trustworthiness?
  • What's the BEST way to KEEP email subscribers?
  • My open rates are only 10% , what can I do to get them higher?
  • I'm scared to do something different because no one else is doing It

Get Honest Bloggers Academy™ – Sarah Titus, Only Price $327

Not to mention, there are over $500 worth of free bonuses!

BONUS #1: Free Blogging Binder {$57 Value}

This 180+ page blogging binder will get you where you need to go and quick, in an organized and streamlined way, so you can do more of the things you love in blogging. It includes both black and white and color versions!


BONUS #2: Free Blogger Stats Binder {$57 Value}

A binder from my own personal collection. You can't just look at a blogger and compare where they are NOW to where you're at now. They are ahead of you, so it's not a fair comparison! This 30-page binder helps you see their entire journey, so you can compare the month you're in currently to where they were in that same month of blogging.

Information collected over the years, directly from the source (income reports, webinars, etc.) Binder includes four top bloggers and goes into detail of their entire blogging journey from start to finish with as much detail as possible. This is what I use to compare my own growth with theirs to see if I'm on the right track or not!

Bloggers Stats Included:

  • Melyssa, Melyssa Griffin
  • Michelle, Making Sense of Cents
  • Abby, Just a Girl and Her Blog
  • Ruth, Living Well Spending Less

BONUS #3: Free Q&A Coaching Sessions {$397 value}

I've gotten some great blogging questions over time and here are the best of the best, most frequently asked.

Some Questions Include:

  • How do I make the most amount of money without media ads?
  • Why is establishing an email list early on so important?
  • What is the number one mistake a blogger can make?
  • How can we improve our content and writing? How do we write in a relatable/approachable way?
  • What's the number one reason I'm not already rich from blogging?
  • How do you decide what your blog should be geared for or to?

Bonus #1: Free Blogging Binder {$57 Value}

Bonus #2: Free Blogger Stats Binder {$57 Value}

Bonus #3: Free Q&A Coaching Sessions {$397 value}

Create gorgeous printables people want to buy!

Get Honest Bloggers Academy™ – Sarah Titus, Only Price $327

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