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“Thrill Every Inch Of Her Body Using Tongue Moves & Finger Tricks Your Woman Will Beg You For– THIS Is How You Make Her Orgasm!”

“I’m about to reveal the fiercest, hottest secrets to giving her oral sex orgasms. I’ll even give you graphic color ILLUSTRATIONS showing you super sexy moves to start a bonfire between her legs—and in her heart! You’re going to love it—and so will SHE.”

Hi Sweetheart,

If you’re dying for YOUR lover to say this about YOU—you’re in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Because there’s simply no question–what I’m about to reveal to you today is guaranteed to rock not only your lover’s world—but yours as well. But first things first…

If we haven’t met yet, permit me to introduce myself.

I’m Gabrielle Moore, your teacher, partner, and friend.

I’m also a happily married bi-sexual woman, which gives me a uniquely personal perspective on BOTH sides of the “great sex” equation, especially when it comes to oral delights.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of good people like you achieve their sexual goals, introducing new levels of love, intimacy and good old fashioned LUST into their unions in the process.

Because of my track record healing relationships, many call me the world’s most straight-talking and experienced educator in mastering the art of intensely pleasurable sex with your partner.

Some have even called me…

The Oral Sex Whisperer!

That’s kind of funny—but it’s actually pretty accurate.

Because once you tap into the psychology of what turns boring sex into HOT sex—and what turns awkward oral sex into HOT-HOT-HOT oral sex orgasms—things turn around so fast you’ll hardly believe you ever used to have any difficulties with orgasmic oral sex.

And while it’s an honor to have people say this about me, the way I identify myself is equally important because…

I Call Myself A Woman With A Mission

I’m dedicated to making sure anyone in the world who wants to can elevate their sex life from “ordinary” to extraordinarily satisfyingseductively sensual, and downright HOT.

Not by laying back and selfishly expecting your partner to serve you—but by understanding and truly desiring to give your partner the exquisite gift of the most incredibly satisfyingly orgasmic oral sex of her life.

Today it’s time to provide you the answer, and more important the SOLUTION—to an issue that has proven to be a source of frustration and anxiety in many, many sexual unions. It’s actually one of the questions I’m asked most frequently…

“How Do I Make Her orgasm With Oral Sex?”

First of all, you’re not alone in this dilemma.

I literally hear from hundreds of men AND women every single day, who have the same confusion over WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to do it.

One man was even bold enough to ask me a question a LOT of men secretly would love to ask…

“What Do Lesbians Know About Giving Amazing Oral Sex That I Don’t?”

Being bi-sexual myself, I knew exactly what he meant. Because as I said at the beginning, there are some things only a woman knows.

What it feels like when your clit is teased properly with a velvety tongue and skilled fingers—and HOW to do it–is one of them.

Let me be perfectly clear here—it’s more than just becoming extremely skilled. Sure, that’s part of it. But if you don’t understand the “inner game” of hot sex, you’ll never get there just by manipulating her parts.

It’s much deeper than that—and it’s all part and parcel of how I came to be an international sex expert in the first place.

Because I realized that until men understand exactly how to touch the deepest part of a woman—her heart and soul—you just aren’t going to get her to the highest levels of ecstasy.

It’s crucial to recognize that the most important sex organ of all is between your ears—once you “get” that–you truly open the door to becoming a world-class lover.

And here’s the really fantastic part…

This Can Work For ANYBODY…

The beauty of this is that no matter where you are in your life journey, it works like magic to make you irresistible to your partner.

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you follow the step-by-step guidance I have for you, your woman is going to experience levels of ecstasy, elation, and intimacy like she has never known before.

And It’s Never Too Late!

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are…

  • Old, young, or anywhere in between…
  • Fat or thin…
  • Short or tall…
  • Able-bodied or physically challenged…
  • Handsome or plain…
  • Extremely well-endowed or “modestly” equipped… In a relationship that has lost it’s spark… Conservative or liberal…
  • Hindered by medication side-effects…
  • Straight, Gay, or Bi-sexual…
  • A man or a woman.

Because more than “put part A on part B and rub really fast”—this is about loving your partner from the inside out. All that matters is that you truly desire to give your partner the most fantastic oral sex experience she’s ever had—and you want to be able to do it over and over again for the rest of your lives.

So you do your part, and I’ll give you a treasure chest of specific strategies, tips, and techniques that will rapidly multiply your oral skills.

Get Hot Licks – Gabrielle Moore, Only Price $19

Let’s Start With This…

Do you often wonder why your woman doesn’t seem interested in having you spend much time (or any at all!) “down there?”

Here’s Your First Clue…

Let’s say you’ve stormed the beach and now you’re mechanically flicking your tongue on her like some kind of crazed lizard—or rubbing the bejeebers out of her clit to the point she is squirming to get away.

And all the while you’re secretly thinking…

“Why Doesn’t She Hurry Up And orgasm?”

Well guess what?

You are definitely missing key emotional components that will make your woman EAGER to have you nuzzling between her thighs.

That’s why you must have the right “between the ears” intention BEFORE you get between her legs. In other words…

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

I must be the luckiest woman in the world to have a life calling that feels this GOOD! Think about it—I get to spend my days (and nights!) researching all the crazy, dirty techniques that will teach you how to give your woman the hottest, juiciest oral sex orgasms of her life.

Don’t tell anybody, but it gets ME pretty hot just talking about it with you. But more importantly, it’s such an incredible honor to be an instrument for this kind of life transformation for good people like YOU.

Because this isn’t about me…

It’s All About YOU And YOUR Partner!

At this point you might be wondering if this is something that would be helpful for you, right? So let me ask you a question…

Are you concerned about ANY of these aspects of your relationship?

  • Your partner seems bored with your sex life…
  • You’re afraid you can’t satisfy your partner enough…
  • You worry she will find someone else and wonder why women cheat…
  • You don’t know what to do with tongue, fingers, or hands to pleasure her with oral sex…
  • You want to know when to move from oral sex to penetration…
  • You don’t have a clue how to convince your partner that oral sex is a GREAT idea…
  • You want to be better than average at giving oral sex—in fact you want to be an oral sex master…
  • You want to know what kind of foreplay leads up to oral…
  • You want to be able to give her intense orgasms and multiple orgasms too…
  • You’re anxious about how to give her the first clitoral kiss…
  • You’re confused about rhythm, position, and best techniques…
  • You don’t known how to identify whether or not she is REALLY turned on or faking it— or worse yet TOLERATING it…
  • You’re not even sure what her “bits and parts” are—WHERE they are, or which ones are the best for giving her incredible pleasure…
  • You want to know what to do if she says she is too sensitive or it tickles—do you stop? Keep going? Change position?
  • You want to know whether you suck her clit or lick her clit? Which is best?
  • What is the best position for giving her oral sex?
  • How do you find out what she likes?
  • How do you make sure you are practicing safe oral sex and good hygiene…
  • You wish somebody would give you a step-by-step guide to show you exactly what to do to give her orgasmic oral sex…

If you could relate to even ONE of these statements, you will find the perfect solution right here.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You

As you will soon see, I’ve created an incredibly valuable resource for you, with everything you need to assure you can send your lover into orbit by “hot licking” her to orgasmic oral sex.

Not only do you need to know exactly what kind of sequences will practically guarantee she’ll soon be having the kind of exquisite release you both want—you also need to understand the “inner game” of being the most tuned-in and exciting partner she’s ever had.

You’re going to be amazed at what a difference this makes to your entire life, and how confident you’ll be in your skills as a tender but passionate lover.

That’s why I’ve created the most all-inclusive and easy-to-understand program you’ll find on this topic. It’s called…

“Hot Licks: The Ultimate 5-Step Program For Mastering The Art Of Giving Her Exquisitely Orgasmic Oral Sex”

The program is designed to give you everything you need to make sure you know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and of course HOW to proceed to build the excitement and tension that culminates in explosive orgasms (as many as she and you can handle!) when you go down on your woman.

Once you have access to my inner sanctum of knowledge, you’ll be able to add a new dimension to your lovemaking that will thrill you—and leave your partner begging for your tongue and fingers every time you make love!

As soon as you sign up today, you’ll receive instant access to the entire Hot Licks program as a digital download.

And I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you that will make this even sweeter! I’ve personally recorded every word of this entire program, just for you.

So you’ll also have instant access to MP3 audios of my voice instructing you every step of the way—and sweetheart we are going to have SO much fun!

It’s not an overstatement to say that this is how…

You Become A Cunnilingus Expert!

All you have to do is start with your Day One Module and go from there. It will quickly become automatic for you.

But that’s not all. While the program is super easy to understand, there are even more hot tips, techniques, and delicious “extras” I’m giving you to make sure you make the most your lovemaking.

Get ready for a huge transformation in your life because…

Get Hot Licks – Gabrielle Moore, Only Price $19

You’ll Lick, Kiss, And Stroke Her To Ecstasy Every Single Time

If right about now you’re wondering if this can truly work for you, I don’t blame you. That’s a reasonable question.

So take a look at these comments and see for yourself…

Here’s what your Hot Licks program consists of:

Hot Licks Day One Module:

Getting Started: Parts, Hearts, and The Amazing Art of Oral Sex

  • Think oral sex is deadly serious? Think again—Why laughter really IS the best medicine! The surprising ways humor can overcome anxiety, fear, and even reluctance to participate in oral sex. (And don’t worry – this isn’t about making fun or putting anyone down – this is ALL about increasing intimacy with your partner!)
  • If you want to go down on her – you’d better know what’s what and where to aim! Gabrielle takes you to class with full color illustrations clearly showing you the “gateway to heaven.” (This is so amazingly sexy you just may want to iick the page!)
  • Forget penis envy—your partner’s “love bud” contains more then DOUBLE the amount of nerve endings of a penis and that means loads of pleasure for her.
  • Discover what part of you is the true measure of giving pleasure to your partner – and how to use it to your best advantage (WARNING: She may beg you for MORE when you train this body part properly, so be prepared!)
  • The often misunderstood “brain game” that can block her from wanting oral sex with you and the simple shift that can have her hot to trot instead! (Hint: This isn’t about HER – it’s all about YOU – if you really want her to really want YOU, you must do this!)
  • What breasts, coffee, and “Day 15” have to do with sexual chemistry – and how
  • you can tap into a peak experience by taking advantage of these odd but effective scientific truths (Keep an open mind and you’ll soon see there are MANY ways to get your lover turned on and ready to open up for you!”)
  • Just say no to faking! How to read your lover’s reactions like a virtuoso so you’ll always know for sure what state of arousal she has reached. (HINT: You can play her like the sweetest violin once you know the signs that she’s truly excited—and soon she’ll orgasm for you as the climactic grand finale!)
  • Predictably common objections to oral sex, and how you can quickly overcome them. If your partner always has a reason why the answer is “NO” this will soon turn things around for both of you. (HINT: Smell—taste—position—timing—and even loneliness—sound familiar? You need this!)

Hot Licks Day Two Module:

Good & Dirty: Keeping It Safe, Sensual, and Sweetly Scrumptious

  • How to make sure everything is clean and tidy before you get down and dirty!
  • You’ll soon be cruising to the land of honey sweet nectar when you do this. (Pay attention to this one because it’s also another way you can overcome her resistance to oral sex and build her confidence!)
  • Hair, hair everywhere! What to do about stubble, strays, wisps, and fuzz. (HINT: Want to nibble her smooth andjuicy as a peach? This is how you take care of it the FUN way!)
  • Want to make sure your tongue is a lethal weapon of love? How to exercise your tongue so you can give her a tongue lashing she’ll never forget – and send HER to the land of bliss every time! (She’ll never want anyone else but YOU when you do this!)
  • You may know oysters are considered an aphrodisiac. But did you know there are EIGHT more common substances that also fan the flames of passion? (You probably have some of these in your kitchen right now!)
  • FIVE essential things to do BEFORE you have oral sex. Remember, you want her to LOVE it – so do this! (Ignore these at your peril!)
  • Taste, smells, and “Liking” It. These tips and techniques will help you ease into oral sex so you’re both comfortable and enjoying the ride! (Hey guess what? You don’t have to do everything right away You can still have fun working up to it slowly!)
  • The hottest secrets for sensual foreplay. You’ll learn everything from how to give a sexy massage to ways to “read” your partner’s responses to creating a love nest. (This is worth its weight in gold if you want her to eagerly embrace oral sex with you!)
  • Predictably common objections to oral sex, and how you can quickly overcome them. If your partner always has a reason why the answer is “NO” this will soon turn things around for both of you. (HINT: Smell—taste—position—timing—and even loneliness—sound familiar? You need this!)
  • What never, ever to do during oral sex. You love your partner and want her to be safe & comfortable – so be sure you follow this to the letter! (Don’t worry – once you know this you’ll be good to go at it as much as you want!)

Hot Licks Day Three Module:

More Than A Hand Job: Fingering, Stroking, And Your First Clitoral Kiss

  • A closer look at your target – A fully illustrated guide to her gateway to bliss, what everything is called, and why it’s important to both of you. (HINT: More than playing doctor, you need to know what your target is before you can hit it accurately!)
  • Your first clitoral kiss (or your first GOOD one!) How to make a lasting POSITIVE impression, tease, arouse, and savor her to perfection. (You’ll be amazed how easily this becomes second nature to you—and extremely ADDICTIVE for her!)
  • Tantalizing tongue techniques that will leave her panting for more! Not too hard —not too soft—but just right. (This is ESSENTIAL to her satisfaction and willingness to participate in oral sex with you!)
  • THREE things to say to your partner that will boost her confidence AND her desire! THREE things to say to your partner that will boost her confidence AND her desire!
  • Laying it on her with style what to do with your tongue and hands to get her off to a good start. (This is SO easy to do – and SO exciting for both of you!)
  • NINE seductively specific tongue techniques that will send her over the edge!
  • This one thing alone will automatically put you at the head of the class when it comes to cunnilingus mastery. (My personal favorite is the “SHADOW”—and I think she’ll love it too!)
  • 90-Seconds To Blast Off. How to easily tell when she is perched on the verge of an explosive orgasm—and what to do when she is. (You simply MUST know this if you want to make her scream with ecstasy as many times as you both want!)
  • The surprisingly easy and effective technique you can use if your jaw gets tired. Don’t let her orgasm fade away because you’re losing steam – do THIS instead! (She will LOVE you even more for this – and chances are she will orgasm even faster!)

Hot Licks Day Four Module:

Positioned For Success: From Erotic to Exotic, How To Go Down In Style

  • The very best position for giving her satisfying oral sex. You may think you already know it – but you’ll be surprised at the subtle techniques that make ALL the difference to her pleasure. (NOTE: Porno films may think they’ve got the answer – but they don’t. It’s all show and no go – so be sure YOU get this right!)
  • Need a little help? Here are adaptive positions for oral sex. There’s no reason to pass up oral sex if you have physical challenges – this will show you the way. (You’llbe so relieved and happy when you realize your DESIRE to have oral sex is what’s most important – a little creativity will take care of the rest!)
  • THIRTEEN additional erotic positions for giving her oral sex! And don’t worry -you won’t have to read a complicated “recipe” – the positions are fully illustrated for you. (I must confess the CRAB is so darned hot -1 LOVE it! See what you and your lady think.)
  • 69 Anyone? Why this may not be the best position – but how to make it work for you anyway. (Don’t fret if you it’s too awkward – there are SO many other positions for you to try!)
  • How to get so comfy you can lick her as long as you want. From neck cramp to tired arms – these tips and techniques will have you loving her in comfort! (NOTE:
  • There’s a reason “giving head” became a term for oral sex – because your head is right up there at all times – so get comfortable and have fun!)
  • Effective solutions for “ISSUES” you may have to deal with. Hey, everybody has some, so don’t sweat it – from too much pubic hair to not enough interest – these solutions will fix what’s broken! (Darling, you’ll get answers to the questions you were afraid to ask – so be sure you pay dose attention!)

Hot Licks Day Five Module:

Your Blueprint For Bliss – Blow-by-Blow Routines and Techniques For Oral Ecstasy

  • Your 12-Point “checklist to make sure you’re on the right track with your oral sex routine. This makes it super easy to keep you on point for HER orgasm! (You’ll find this makes so much sense and will turn her into an eager participant in oral sex every time!)
  • FOUR powerfully effective oral sex “routines” that are orgasm fire starters every single time! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced—you’ll find these routines are incredibly hot and satisfying for BOTH of you. (Better get ready from some multiple orgasms when you start using these!)
  • SIX sure fire steps to bliss to use every time you have oral sex. This covers everything from first lick to orgasm and builds excitement as reliably as the sun comes up each day. (Your partner will orgasm up too when you do these six steps!)
  • Look Ma No Hands! Feeling adventurous? Then try the TEASE technique and drive her absolutely WILD with excitement! (O.M.G. I so LOVE this technique – please, I beg of you, DO this to your partner. She will adore it!)
  • Advanced techniques that will intensify your oral sex experience. Change it up between these 3 techniques and you’ll enter a whole new dimension of ecstasy together. (This is better than the Kama Sutra! So deliciously sensual and erotic. Mmm – good.)
  • Effective strategies for successfully dealing with premature ejaculation or impotence. No matter what difficulties you’ve had in the past, these little-known techniques can open a whole new world to you with oral sex. (When you and your partner are aligned with this, the sky is the limit! You really CAN enjoy your lovemaking again.)
  • “The First Time.” Whether it’s YOUR first time, or HER first time, you can feel confident when you follow these loving steps to success. (How lucky you are! The first time will be so wonderful for BOTH of you when you follow these sensual steps.)
  • It’s Toy Time! Vibrators large, small, anatomically correct, and even G-Spotters? YES! Fun ways to add more excitement and zest to your oral sex pleasures. (Remember I promised to tell you what makes me orgasm – and this is one of them! You’re going to love playing with toys again. 😉

Get Hot Licks – Gabrielle Moore, Only Price $24

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