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Everything I’m about to share with you comes from the perspective of someone who has brought in over $20 million dollars a year with my online information products … from an office in my home with a full staff who work completely virtually…



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Learn the system that has taken me 12 years and millions of dollars
to create and launch information products that literally “sell themselves”

Are you spending most of your days dreaming
about having your own business?


If you’re nodding your head yes, then I have some great news for you…

I want to show you how you can escape the “rat race” … and even leave your 9-5 … by creating information products that literally sell themselves.

Yes, it really IS possible … in fact anyone can do it … I’m proof of that … and I have made a lot of money selling information products online.

That’s because “information” is one of the most valuable commodities and one of the best business opportunities possible.

(Last year information products was a multi-billion dollar industry)

My name is Eben Pagan and I want to share with you the exact strategies I used to create 50+ Information Products from scratch that have made my business millions of dollars.

Everything I’m about to share with you comes from the perspective of someone who has brought in over $20 million dollars a year with my online information products … from an office in my home with a full staff who work completely virtually.

In my opinion, information products offer the best way to start and grow a business, period.

You don’t need tons of money to get started.

Many online businesses today like mine were started on a shoestring budget.

And you don’t even need “office space.”

So many information product businesses today are being run virtually, from home. Entire teams can coordinate via email, skype, and other great tools that are available today.

And the best part?

An online business works for you 24/7. It’s truly one of the few ways you can “make money while you sleep.”

This is an extremely rare opportunity to go have me walk you through the same systems, strategies and processes I use to create information products that sell.

You can copy everything you learn in this program and use it to start your own information product business and make some extra money on the side.

Here’s My “Secret Weapon” To Creating
Million Dollar Information Products

People often ask me what my “secret weapon” is. They want to know the #1 most important

thing that has helped me sell over 100 million dollars of my information products online.

Any my answer is often a surprise. Most people think that my “secret weapon” is great marketing… but really it’s the way I design my products.

I use a very special “product formula” that helps me create information products that are designed to “sell themselves”.

I NEVER design a product without using this formula. Every product is carefully designed

from the very beginning to “sell itself”, because building an online business is simply too hard if your products aren’t designed this way.

How To Turn Your Knowledge Into An Irresistible Information Product That People All Over The World Actually Want To Buy

The information product formula that I’ll teach you in this program has helped me attract over 1 million customers and clients online. I believe it’s the #1 thing you should learn if you are really serious about growing your online business.

The first thing I should mention, is this is not like other trainings you might have gone through.

This program isn’t a bunch of “filler”” with a big sales pitch at the end.

You’re getting 100% full access to one of my comprehensive step-by-step training programs which comes with actionable strategies you can start using TODAY.

I call this training:

“How To Create An Information Product
That Sells Itself”


“I just attended, 'How To Create an Information Product That Sells Itself,' and the second day's session was packed full of 'action steps' that blew me away because I was able to create actual *usable* content within 15 minutes. I have so many great ideas, but really needed the frameworks that you taught, to hang them on and make them truly valuable. I would very much recommend this course to anyone interested in creating information products.”

— Barbara Ireland

“Unlike many other “gurus” who deliver generic concepts and/or “rah-rah”, you provided an interactive and highly-insightful program. I will certainly be spending a lot more time processing, incorporating and benefiting from your wisdom. I would highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur who wants to start an information business! My experience with all of your programs and your entire team has been nothing short of amazing.”

— Mehran Hamidi

“It was incredibly helpful to move through the exercises, building on my understanding of how to target and meet this market. The techniques we used are ones I will apply again and again, each time I launch a new program. These tools are invaluable. I can't wait to put them into practice!”

— Andrea Nakayama

As you can see my students who went through this training
were incredibly happy and got results.

Here’s a small glimpse of what
you’ll learn inside…

  • The most profitable business skill you can have, but nobody talks about. Most information marketers don’t want you to know this because it is their “secret weapon.” In session 2 I reveal what this is and show you how to use it to maximize your own profits.
  • The step-by-step process I go through to turn a simple idea into a complete knowledge product customers are lining up waiting to buy.
  • The “Niche Test” – getting into the wrong niche can be like driving down a long road thinking your going somewhere until all of a sudden….BOOM… dead-end. Using this “Niche Test” is the same as having a personal niche GPS system… Once you run your idea through this foolproof test you’ll know within minutes if it will be a money maker or not.
  • By the way, If you don’t already have a niche, we cover that in great length – I show you where the most profitable niches are and how to discover your own.
  • We are going to talk about how to avoid the biggest mistake new businesses make when selling information products online. This one mistake can cripple your business even if you have a great product. Learn how to avoid it and what you should do instead. I’ve got you covered.
  • How to go deep inside the mind of your customers and develop a profitable product or service by understanding EXACTLY what your customers want, need and will BUY.
  • Discover the critical “building block” you need to create great products. Leave this out and your product will be a hit or miss success.
  • Are you leaving piles of money on the table? If you aren’t doing 2 things there’s a good chance you are… Learn the 2 most important things to focus on inside an information product business that bring in massive windfalls of cash.
  • Discover the ultimate leverage point in your business…This is how you can grow your business fast, because nowhere do you get more “Bang for your Buck” than doing this. Learn what it is and how to apply it to your business using the formula I’ll teach you inside this training.
  • Coaching and consulting is a huge money maker – and it’s great to be able to offer along with your information products. I’m going to give you a simple, easy to use format so you’ll be able to conduct coaching calls like a pro, and generate another source of revenue for your business.
  • How to make your information product or service a hundred times more valuable by communicating in your customer’s "voice" – so they feel an instant connection with you.
  • How to increase your sales by appealing to the ‘The 4 Learning Styles’. You’ll get the same framework I use and learn how to make sure all your products follow this format.
  • How to avoid “writer’s block” Use this clever little “hack” to make writing easy and effortless so your words naturally flow onto the page.
  • The very first piece of content you should create for any new information product business so you will attract a flood of new prospects.
  • Why some books sell for $10 while others sell for $1,000. If you don’t learn these strategies you're short-changing yourself. You’ll learn how to position your products and services so you can charge 10X more than you think.
  • A secret you can use to format your information product so that the marketing virtually creates itself.
  • How to overcome your fear of rejection and any issues you have about selling stuff. You’ll be amazed when you learn how to do this and your customers start thanking you for letting them buy your products.
  • The most valuable types of information products you can create and how to choose the one your customers will want to buy.
  • Instant rapport. It’s proven that the better rapport you have with your customers the more you’ll sell. Learn how to “Speak their language” so your customers will like you, trust you and buy from you more often.

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