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How to Write a Book on Anything in 14 Days or Less – Steve Manning


Okay, these techniques aren’t a fluke. They’re not the same old, same old. They are revolutionary strategies that will change the way you think about writing from now on. These techniques work for fiction, non-fiction, reports, even academic works



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Techniques You’ve Never Seen Before!

Okay, these techniques aren’t a fluke. They’re not the same old, same old. They are revolutionary strategies that will change the way you think about writing from now on. These techniques work for fiction, non-fiction, reports, even academic works (one of my students actually used them to write his successful Ph.D. dissertation in just 14 days)!

A whole new way of writing success

What I’ve done is develop strategies, techniques and technologies that, in just a matter of hours, will turn you, the novice or veteran writer, into a book-writing machine.

I got involved with these strategies more than a decade ago when so many of my students and writing friends started to complain that they’d love to write a book, but they just didn’t have the time to create one. They really thought that to write a book you had to place yourself in a cold, sealed room, with a flickering candle, wearing gloves with fingers protruding and holding a large quill pen. You had to stay there for years, and years and years, throwing away more than what you kept… and facing inevitable disappointment.

Others thought writing a successful book was simply dumb luck. You wrote a book and you knew somebody, or you got the right person on the right day or the rabbit’s foot finally worked.

I tell you, NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. After more than a decade of research, more than a decade of finding, evolving, creating, and developing these strategies—strategies that many of my clients are using right now—I’ve encountered some amazing truths that I’ll share with you right now. These are truths you’ve probably suspected all along:

  1. Talent: in order to write a book, the less writing talent you have, the easier it will be for you. If you’re a writer right now, it’s an uphill struggle as you try to perfect what’s already perfect. These techniques will free you from the bonds of perfection and you’ll discover in minutes that you already have all the talent you need to write an outstanding book… honest!
  2. Creativity: I have one word of advice for you when it comes to creativity. DON’T. I’ll show you exactly what publishers want… and it’s NOT creativity. Those who wish to be creative will rarely be published. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll be a very successful author.
  3. Time: You’re a busy person. You’ve probably been told it takes years to write a good book. These are lies. You can write a book in 14 days or less, even if you’ve got a full-time business or career and have other demands on your time. No tricks, no asterisks. As one of my students, professional speaker John Watkis, said to me, “Steve, if I hadn’t used your information I’d probably STILL be writing my book. A book that’s now published and selling fast!”
  4. Luck: Forget luck. Luck has nothing to do with writing and publishing your book. Follow the guidelines I’ll set out for you and you’ll be on a direct course for publishing success.
  5. Writing ability: Do you know how to talk? Then you know how to write! Writing isn’t like painting or sculpting or playing tennis. You don’t need to spend years learning the basics and mastering the techniques. You’ve already done that as a child. You’re already a master writer. I give you the techniques to make it happen!
  6. Getting an agent: I don’t want you to simply write a manuscript. I want you to SELL your book to a publisher. I’ll give you the three steps to getting an agent that will have several of them lining up within 36 hours! That’s right, 36 HOURS!

Now, those are all bold claims. And each one of them has been challenged by “professional” writers. But when they see the techniques and strategies, when they actually use them, they actually write me letters afterwards apologizing and agreeing that these strategies not only work, they work better than anything they’ve ever seen in their lives.

But let’s talk about you specifically. You the new or veteran writer. You the person who knows what a book could mean to your career, or your life.

Why you can’t afford NOT to have that book…

First, let’s start with your career. What would happen if you wrote a popular non-fiction book for the general public? What if you were the person being interviewed on radio, television or in the newspapers? What if you were the person asked to speak to large audiences of potential clients? Would that help your business? Would that give you a constant stream of client prospects wanting to talk to you and buy your services?

You know the answer to that one already. You’ve seen what happens to people who gain notoriety in the media because of their books. They’re swamped with business. Why? Because their book has given them the credibility, the notoriety and the celebrity that makes them constantly in demand. No more trying to convince a client that you’re good… you’ve “written the book” on the subject so their search for a professional ends as soon as they see you. Your book is your ticket to the career rocket.

What about a trade non-fiction. You know the answer to that one, too. Write that book and you’re recognized among your peers, among your professional colleagues, as the expert in the field. Client referrals, career offers and industry accolades are just the beginning.

Maybe you see yourself as the next Michael Crichton or John Grisham. Perhaps fiction is where your writing path leads you. Listen, many people have given up their business because writing ABOUT the business, in thrillers, is more lucrative. If that’s what you’ve always wanted to do, then get ready for a REAL thrill. You could be doing just that faster than you ever thought possible.

As Ray Bradbury said, “It’s true. I wrote the first draft of Fahrenheit 451 in just nine and a half days”

With all the benefits that come from writing a book, with all the credibility, notoriety, recognition and outright wealth—directly or indirectly—there is simply nothing you could be doing that will have anywhere near the payoff that writing your book will have.

In fact, if you asked any very successful professional what they’d do differently if they had their career to do over again, almost universally the reply would be “I’d write my book sooner, and I’d write more of them.”

That’s why I’ve committed my professional career to helping people, just like you, write their book faster than they ever thought possible.

I started studying the speed writing techniques of the masters, past and present. Mark Twain—who never got it right the first time but always got it right the second time; Jack London—who could sit down and write ten pages and virtually none of it needed to be edited; Isaac Asimov—who held the secret of developing a simple and straightforward style, the very foundation of speed writing; Barbara Cartland—listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific contemporary writer on the planet; Stephen King—who’s outlining strategy became the basis of my now famous blue-printing technique.

Then I started adding my own concepts and proven strategies. Techniques that allowed you not just to write a book, but to make it better than any book out there now!

Strategies that allow you to write an entire chapter in just 75 minutes! An entire non-fiction book in just 25 hours! How to create three-dimensional characters in just seconds. Even how to buy a certified best-selling plot for just 75 cents without ever worrying about copyright infringement. These techniques will turn you into a book-writing machine!

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