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Illuminated Christian Tradition: feel the presence of Mary and Jesus as you bring devotion and sacredness into your daily life. If you have been raised in the Christian tradition, Catholic or Protestant and have left for a time feeling you can't align with some of the I'm going to call 'political' structures of the church, I want you to know that those structures were man made, not directed from the Divine. From early childhood I had mystic experiences with Lord Jesus who I would enjoy company I would enjoy both conversation and companionship. I was always at church doing something as a girl and was part of the Jesus moment winning souls for Christ as a teenager. I was a youth minister, leading services going to nursing homes from very early on administering to and helping the sick and in need. Something happen I could not have imagined at age 24 sick with terminal cancer, leaving an abusive marriage, I was asked to leave my church. It was definitely a shunning experience. I was going against the group mindset by leaving my marriage, and my ex-husband’s family had founded the church 130 year prior. It was devastating. My heart and life were there in service to God, partnered with Lord Jesus and now, my comfortable home was no more. I cried to tears of loss, having lost my church, my children and my voice (the cancer operations had paralyzed my vocal chords). Slowly I began to recover myself. I traveled to India on a holy pilgrimage studying with the Brahman priest learning the ancient sound healing techniques with Vedic and Sanskrit mantra, studied with the Native Americans, Gnostic's and Essences. I even studied with the Mormons. In my pain, I was asking who am I without my church, who am I without my identity? What am I to do with all I know and all the love I have for humanity. In my 20's I came across a Christian mystic Carol Parrish who had created a lovely Rosary she called the mystic rosary. It was the first Christian rosary I had said, and began using it as a practice. My grandmother Grace Gable had prayed the Catholic Rosary her entire life sleeping with her rosary beads under her pillow. I felt guided to create a rosary filled with light love and a sense of belonging. To have a rosary I could pray that would connect me with Divine Mother Mary in the most beautiful way, and so I begin to work towards a rosary that would help me make sense on my world and feel my life and the journey made total sense. And of course it did. I was meant to live a Christ like life, not necessarily a Christian life. There are studies of the 18 lost years of Christ and it is believed that Jesus studied in Egypt with the Essences and Gnostic’s as well as in India with the Brahmans and Europe too. I had done this, broken with group mind and moved out to learn and grow and become more than my DNA and religious heritage had initially designed for me.The illumination Rosary and the content in this book helps you to prayer uplifting connecting prayers, that both clear your space of both past and present problems, and bring loving connection and unity with the Divine into your Essence, which is your essential nature or spirit awakens as the prayers slip over your tongue and echo out into the ether as your vibrant life force strengthens by praying these three beautiful sets of prayers.included in this book the* Joyful Mysteries* Challenging Mysteries* Glorious Mysteriesalong with study questions and all scriptural references to where the 15 mysteries come from out of the Bible. Whatever your journey has been along your path of spiritual seeking these prayers are meant for everyone.*perfect pairing with the prayer guide as a gift set for yourself or a loved one

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