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  •  Financial IQ and Management
  •  Self-discovery
  •  Positive thinking


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DNA Inspiration: The Law of Attraction Product PLR Value Courses

  • Module 1: 5 PLR Encyclopedias (cost $ 1,797 each) $ 8,985. 00
  • Module 2: 10 PLR courses (cost $ 3485 per episode) $ 35,547.00
  • Module 3: PLR Motivational Videos (worth $ 7,985 each) $ 7985.00
  • Module 4: 400 Personal Development Article Pack $ 10,800.00
  • Module 5: 20 Affirmations & Mantras $ 3940.00
  • Module 6: 20 Personal Development Desktop Wallpaper $ 3,940. 00
  • Module 7:30 Motivational Professionally Made Posters $ 3,810.00
  • Module 8: Beautiful Personal Development Graphics $ 3,910. 00
  • Module 9: 10 Strategic Spreadsheets & Checklists $ 3,970. 00
  • Module 10: 10 Screensavers $ 6,970. 00

Basic training course PLR ​​$ 1,797. 00

Advanced training course PLR ​​$ 2,297. 00

Expert training course PLR ​​$ 2,197. 00

Market Leader PLR Training Course $ 2,397. 00

PLR Guru Training Course $ 2,797. 00


5 PLR encyclopedias with full private label rights and master’s rights!

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Powerful Internet Marketing Mindsets And Techniques

The Complete Guide to Applying 7 Habits to Holistic Personal Development

The Social Bible of Winning Friends and Influencing People in the 21st Century

The Magic Of Thinking Is Very, Very Great In The Age Of The Internet

Wealthy Marketer, Poor Marketer

10 exclusive PLR ​​courses and personal development trainings with non-transferable private label rights

  •  Financial IQ and Management
  •  Self-discovery
  •  Positive thinking
  •  Setting goals and getting results
  •  Habits and subconsciousness
  •  Spirituality, Zen and Enlightenment
  •  Home Business Opportunities and Mentality
  •  Network Marketing Mentality and History
  •  Health And Wellness
  •  Relationships and social dominance

Self-Knowledge Series

Solving the Mysteries of the Enneagrams

Balancing the 4 Quadrants of Life

Balancing Truth, Love And Power

Conscious Blitz

Polarities and these are vital functions

9 Personality Types

Series of Goal Setting and Getting Results

50 Quick Tips On Easy To Organize

Goal Planning Strategies That Really Work

How To Achieve More In A Short Time

Blitzkrieg Results & Awards

Series “Financial Freedom”

Think And Grow Rich In The Age Of Knowledge

Lessons from the Smart Investor

Becoming Richest Person In Postmodern Babylon

Get Our Duty … Free

Home Business Marketing & Opportunity Series

Get away from business young, get away from business rich

Forex Secrets And The Art Of Buying And Selling Any Product

Guru, Greatness And You

Opening of the Underground Home Business Revolution

The Web Entrepreneur Way

Habits And Subconscious Series

Overcoming Addiction 101

Anger Management Secrets

Defeating fear in the 21st century

Discipline 101

The End Of Waiting Around Your Procrastination

Health Series

Berry Boosters

Bodybuilding Bible For The Busy People

The Most Essential Diet and Nutrition Guide for the 21st Century

Sleeping Sanctuary – Rescue for the Sleep-deprived

Victory Stress Buster

Network Marketing Series

Diamond’s Journey

Sponsoring Secrets

Survive Your First Year In Network Marketing

The Greatest Internet Networker In The World

Preparing for Wave 5

Positive Thinking Series

Preliminary Approval And Attraction

The Power of Positive Thoughts in the Postmodern Era

Gravity, Game Force

Purposeful Law of Attraction of Achievements ”

How to stop worrying and start living effectively in the 21st century

Relationships And Social Series

Bringing Out The Best Of The Worst People

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You In Minutes

Battles on Mars and Venus-Cyber-Arena

Nothing to Tell Anyone – Everywhere!

What The Body Says And Their Lips Don’t Tell You

Series Spirituality And Enlightenment

Searching for God in the Postmodern Era

Healing: Inside Out And Outside In

I am not religious – I am spiritual!

Bucket List

5 High Quality Motivational Videos With Non-transferable Private Label Rights

  •  Life is a gift.
  •  Positive attitude
  •  Choice of path
  •  Live today.
  •  Unity

Massive packaging article 400 PLR with non-transferable private label rights

20 Affirmations And Mantras

20 beautiful PLR wallpapers

30 Motivational Posters

18 beautiful PLR graphics package

10 Strategic Spreadsheets & Checklists

10 Screensavers For Personal Development

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