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If you’re ready to step up your game as a Virtual Assistant, get the HUGE competitive advantage that will allow you to and attract new clients like a magnet – just click one of the buttons below right now to secure your spot in this powerful 5-week certification program and get started today

… and to virtually guarantee you have EVERYTHING you need to look like an online marketing genius in the eyes of your clients!



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If you’re ready to step up your game as a Virtual Assistant, get the HUGE competitive advantage that will allow you to and attract new clients like a magnet – just click one of the buttons below right now to secure your spot in this powerful 5-week certification program and get started today

Or read on to discover why the all-new Internet Marketing Specialist 2015 program is the single best, fastest way to get the skills and “know how” – and MOST importantly – the confidence you need to support ANY subject matter expert, professional or small business online …

… and to virtually guarantee you have EVERYTHING you need to look like an online marketing genius in the eyes of your clients!

Dear Virtual Professional,If any of these sound like you …

  1. You want to start a lucrative career as a Virtual Assistant …
  1. You are working for a client (or clients) in the offline world who want to take their business online …
  1. You are a Virtual Assistant working for a client (or clients) who are already doing business online …

… then that means you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Right here. On this page. Reading this message.

It also means you are now at a critical crossroad in your career as a Virtual Assistant, because the decision you make in the next few minutes will have a lasting – and far reaching – impact on your career, for better or for worse.

There’s simply no getting around it.

You see …

The skill and “know how” required to set up, manage and market an online business is easily THE most important specialty for a Virtual Assistant to have in today’s highly competitive online environment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently working as a Social Media specialist …

… and InfusionSoft or Ontraport specialist …

… a Virtual Event specialist …

… or even a Product Launch specialist.

Whatever your “core service” or specialty is, there’s a better way that is ultimately more profitable – and more “in demand” – and will position you as a highly sought-after Virtual Assistant, with more opportunities than you ever dreamed possible.

It’s what I like to call …

The BETTER way to a more rewarding,
more profitable career as a VA:

The Versatile Specialist.

Please don’t misunderstand …

I highly recommend specializing in a core service.

Those who specialize are able to command higher fees, they are able to generate more income, and they are ultimately in more demand.

But to do well in this business, you also need to be versatile.

You may say, “Nope. I only do social media …” or “I only do virtual events, like webinars and teleseminars.”

Well, that’s all fine and good – but let’s face facts:

First, by failing to learn the critical skills your clients need most, you are leaving a boatload of money on the table, and missing out on a tremendous opportunity to be indispensable to your clients!

Second, there are many wonderful clients that can’t afford to pay multiple specialists. If you can’t get it done for them, many will simply go elsewhere.

However, if you can perform a whole host of “Magnet Services” – smaller but critical functions that your clients MUST get done to run their online business efficiently and profitably …

… then you quickly become a huge asset to your current clients, and a powerful magnet to new clients.

And it just so happens that …

Internet Marketing is the best
“Magnet Service” you can offer your clients –
and gives you an edge like no other!

Clients are drawn to you by your core service.

But when they see the wide assortment of Magnet Services you offer, it puts you on a whole other playing field.

You immediately present yourself as a valued, highly respected professional.

Internet Marketing represents the single best assortment of complementary Magnet Services you could offer to any of your specialized, core services – whether it’s social media, InfusionSoft or Ontraport, virtual events, product launches, or anything else.

Knowing how to …

… set up and build targeted email marketing lists …

… create user-friendly squeeze pages and marketing funnels …

… create keyword-rich content pages …

… publish online newsletters and blogs …

… set up a JV and affiliate management system …

… track and analyze traffic with Google Analytics …

… plus, how to set up and manage every other Internet Marketing system your clients need to run a profitable online business …

… gives you an edge you simply can’t get any other way!

The Internet Marketing Specialist 2015
program gives you the skills and strategies
clients are desperate for right now. 

As a member of this exciting income-building program, you’ll get a comprehensive package designed around our “4 Ls” for online training and mastery …

Internet Marketing LIVE: You get 5 weeks of live, interactive Internet Marketing training sessions giving you the cutting-edge skills, strategies, and techniques your clients need from you right now.
You’ll join me each week as I guide you step-by-step through one intensive, 2-hour-plus training session (over 10 hours of intensive training in all) … where you’ll get the practical, high-level, “hands on” skills and strategies you need.

No messing around with theory, no guessing … you’ll learn only what’s working right now, along with the extra services you can provide your clients that they’ll love you and pay you handsomely for.

You can take what you learn in these training sessions and immediately apply it the next day in your own business, and in your clients’ businesses.

Plus, each of these live sessions will be professionally recorded, so you never have to worry about missing a single one.

You get lifetime access to the complete program – including all the recordings, training resources, tools and everything else in the program – so you can catch up, or review the material, any time you like.

After all, you know what they say … repetition is the mother of skill!

Internet Marketing LAB: You get practical, easy-to-implement video demos featuring the best Internet Marketing tools to package your work and make everything you do for your clients shine.

You can beat the bushes on your own, and spend hours and hours of trial-and-error to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Or you can simply sit down at your computer, click over to our Internet Marketing LAB in your private Member Area, and use the same tools that other Internet Marketing Professionals have already battle-tested and rely on every single day in their own businesses!

Internet Marketing LIBRARY: You get our comprehensive database of royalty-free checklists, templates and PDF resources that you can take and simply plug-and-play into your client’s businesses.

Look, you know as well as I do the enormous amount of time it can take to create all the forms, task lists, checklists, and other resources and documents you need to run a professional business.

Fortunately, we’ve done it all for you. You’ll get a comprehensive collection with everything you need to find and service clients … right out of the gate!

Internet Marketing LIFE: You get lifetime access to our brand-new, private Facebook Group created exclusively for graduates of the Internet Marketing Specialist 2015 program.

Immediately after you join the program, just send us a request and – once approved – you’ll be able to instantly connect directly with myself and your fellow peers, along with several key VAClassroom alumni who’ve built highly successful Internet Marketing service businesses.

You’ll be able to get your questions answered … give and get support and encouragement … share new ideas, tools, and resources … and a whole lot more.

I don’t have to tell you, the value of this benefit alone is easily worth the price of admission for the entire program!

Brand-new Internet Marketing Specialist 2015 certification.

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your personal portfolio – called Your Internet Marketing Portfolio – for review by our expert advisory committee.

Upon approval, we’ll send you your Internet Marketing Specialist 2015 Certification Kit designating you as a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist.

Include it in your portfolio – and showcase it on your website – to prove to potential clients your dedication to lifelong professional and career development … and to keeping your Internet Marketing skills, knowledge, and expertise on the cutting edge!

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