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Are your Facebook ads not generating the conversions you want?

I've been able to generate well over a MILLION DOLLARS in revenue strictly from Facebook ads and an optimized online business system.  This is how I’ll make it happen for you…

Hey there. Travis Petelle here…

It was just a few years ago that I was struggling with ad conversions, not sure on how to proceed. Facebook offers a hefty list of advertising objectives and it’s not difficult to get lost beneath it all. 

The easy thing to do would be to quit and try something else. I guarantee you that there are some great assistant positions. I have friends out there who run around all day following their bosses’ orders. However, this service isn’t for quitters.

You may feel like everything is stagnant. You may feel like you’ve exhausted all your efforts and don’t know where to go. We both know you’re not in this business for mediocre conversion rates.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I struggle with my Facebook advertising…
  • I spend WAY TOO MUCH money on ads that yield nothing for me…
  • I have a hard time finding that first BIG WINNER…
  • Even when things start to work, I have a hard time scaling my ads to gain momentum…
  • I get stagnant results from my marketing all around…

It's Time We Fix Those Ad Struggles…

After working tirelessly, everything started to click into place for me. I learned the strengths on each individual ad set. I found a formula that would crank out big winners based on my specific consumers. I came across the heaven-sent Dynamic Product Ads and, most importantly, I had a few years to really dig into every aspect of this process.

The amount of experience and time I’ve had with these Facebook ads is what makes this training so great. Sure, you could check out tutorial videos or read blogs, but nothing will compare to my steadfast knowledge gained from years of trial-and-error.

During the length of this training, I will share everything I’ve learned in real life scenarios so that you, too, can drop consistently effective ads.

Just look what some others have had to say about what you'll discover inside…

Welcome to my LIKE A Boss PRO Facebook Training…

In this Facebook training program, I dive into scenarios that every business faces when it comes to Facebook advertising.  In this recorded event, you'll get to see real life case studies of scenarios like launching a brand new product, how to scale a winner, how to run effective carousel ads, how videos have changed the game, dynamic product ads, lead generation, CPA ads, branding campaigns, and so much more.

In the LIKE A Boss PRO Facebook Training event, I walk you through many of the scenarios that arise when you advertise on Facebook.  You'll get to see real life case studies for advertising campaigns that have been used for…

  • Finding your very first winner…
  • Scaling your winners to huge numbers…
  • What you need to do for those campaigns that are neither big winners or absolute losers…
  • Maximize results with Carousel Ads…
  • Using video ad campaigns for huge results…
  • Utilizing the power of Dynamic Product Advertising & Facebook retargeting…
  • Generating none stop leads that buy from you over and over again…
  • Bringing Brick & Mortar businesses to the forefront in your local atmosphere…
  • Creating authority online brands that become household names…
  • Building a marketing plan that considers all effective strategies that fit with Facebook advertising…
  • And So Much More…

In the LIKE A Boss Pro Training, you’ll receive over FOUR hours of video sessions relating to all of the subjects above. I’m giving you just shy of five full hours of content PLUS direction to several external resources for your additional benefit.

This deal won’t last forever though. I’m offering you a discounted rate of what this extensive service typically costs. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by jumping on this deal. 

I don’t do personal one on one coaching sessions anymore and, if I decided to do more, it’s a much larger entry fee. Other training services out there don’t go as in-depth in to the topics we hit on here, plus they run at about $997 a pop. The other alternative is to take a stab at Facebook ads by yourself. This is respectable. It’s exactly what I did. However, it took several years to learn everything I know right now. I have it all here for you at the click of a button.

Let’s go through this again. One hour of one-on-one time with me can cost between $800 and $1500. With almost five hours of content, that’s about a $4500-$5500 value.

I can’t begin to count how much it cost me when I started out in this business. I lost THOUSANDS of dollars because of failed product launches and non-optimized ad campaigns. When your livelihood depends on your ability to pump out stellar products and properly advertise them, three years of guess-and-check is a luxury that not many people can afford.

Don't Miss Out On This Amazing Opportunity To Sky Rocket Your Facebook Advertising…

As the LIKE A Boss Pro Facebook Training package gains more steam and the feedback starts to roll in, I’ll be bumping the price up to $497. But I’d like to offer you my Hustling Friends Discount at only $97. Get it while it’s hot, folks.

This isn’t stuff that you can find in a textbook or on some website. This all comes from very real experience of TRYING and FAILING over and over again. I’m not offering you a service that I scammed off a few online case studies. This service has been years in the making. There was a lot of sacrifice and passion behind the scenes here. 

I don’t want to see you fail. I don’t want to look down and see you struggling. I want to look beside me and see you climbing faster than I did. I want to look on your website and see your training videos on how you surpassed where I am. LIKE A Boss Pro will get you there. Just do me a favor and don’t miss out on your opportunity.

Here’s the deal. You’re struggling with your Facebook ad conversions and finding your winners. You need some guidance on how to make your products and your ads land. I have a ton of content that will guide you through the entire process of making that happen. Instead of dropping five grand on other training sessions and personal consults, you can get all your answers for less than one hundred dollars. Take yourself on a nice vacation with all that money you’re saving.

You won’t regret it. The feeling you get as you see your first product take off is something that I can’t prepare you for. It’s a euphoric feeling of success that you can only find after relentless and dedicated hard work. I want you to experience that so you can start raising your standards and goals. Make one hundred thousand dollars. Then make a million dollars. Then keep going. 

You know you want this. Click now to buy this life changing training.

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