Linked Leads Accelerator 2.0 – Brian Downard



Linked Leads Accelerator 2.0 – Brian Downard


What if you woke up every day EXCITED because you know that your calendar is already filled with at least 1-3 opportunities…?

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What If You Never Had To Worry About Where Your Next Clients Were Coming From…?

What if you woke up every day EXCITED because you know that your calendar is already filled with at least 1-3 opportunities…?

What if you had the confidence to attract and enroll high-ticket clients at will in the next 4 weeks…?

And what if you could easily outsource this client generating system for just $8 per day so leads come in on autopilot…?

Hi, I’m Brian Downard, app developer turned marketer, Founder of BD Ventures and Creator of the Linked Leads Accelerator.

And back when I dropped out of college to pursue my business full-time…

I had no idea what I was doing.

I had no repeatable process to get clients so I had to take whatever came my way…

That meant getting underpaid, working for bad clients and doubting whether or not I really had what it takes to own a business because I always felt stuck.

But on the outside, it seemed like I was doing great…

We did have some big clients like Marriott hotels and were closing 5-figure deals at 19 years old. Not too shabby.

But in reality, it got to a point where I couldn’t even afford to put gas in my car to visit my girlfriend or make the minimum payments on my credit card…

That’s because we’d get one client, put out heads down and work for 2-3 months for them, spend the money, come out of our cave and realize we didn’t have any other opportunities. Ouch…

I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I’m about to share with you is what helped me turn everything around and start to build momentum in the right direction.

It’s a system I’ve worked with 300+ clients on implementing into their business and have created more than a dozen six-figure earners.

Which is why every week I get messages like this:

(See more client stories below)

People who are taking this system and changing their lives.

It’s not just about getting more clients and leads…

It’s about the potential you unlock for yourself when you grow your business.

But if you’re like me, you’ve experienced or are experiencing one of these things right now:

  • Being stuck in a cycle of “feast and famine” where some months you’re flying high and others you’re ready to move to Mexico to start bartending
  • You have no systemized way to bring in opportunities and set appointments with your ideal clients so you wait for clients to come to you
  •  You’re not crystal clear on your offer and what it can do for your clients so you loose potential deals because of confusion
  •  You spend too much time on trying to create new opportunities
  •  You’re attracting bad leads who aren’t qualified or financially ready to work with you
  •  You get “ghosted” by leads who you think are excited to work with you and don’t know why
  •  You’re pouring money down the FB advertising hole without a clear plan for optimizing your funnel
  •  You’re just not sure how to get your ideal clients to respond to your messages online even when you personalize every single message you send

And when these things happen…

You end up in what I call the “Lead Generation Blackhole” where dreams go to die…

But it’s not all bad news.

Like I shared above there’s a light at the end of the tunnel when you’re following in the right footsteps.

So instead of…

  • Cold calling people who tell you to “fuck off”
  • Cold emailing people you tell you to “take me off your list. P.S. fuck off”
  • Going to unpaid events and meetups where everyone is trying to sell their crappy services or want something for free
  • Throwing money at Facebook ads or AdWords with no experience hoping you’ll just “figure it out”
  • Doing work for free hoping they’ll eventually turn into a client
  • Working for your friend’s friends at a discount
  • Creating a bunch of random content and publishing it online
  • Asking for referrals from friends and family (again)

You instead create a repeatable system based on a proven framework

And don’t be embarrassed if you’ve done one or more of these things!

We’ve all been there and it happens to smart entrepreneurs all the time.

So how do we overcome this?

How do we create more impact and income?

And how do you keep stacking your success by creating positive momentum?

How do you get to a place where you have:

  • The confidence to command premium prices, put your offer in front of strangers and get them excited to buy from you
  • The ability to create opportunities on demand using social media without being pushy or salesy
  • The clarity of what you need to fix when you’re numbers are down
  • The freedom of being emotionally tied to every sale because you can use simple math to reach your income goals

Because the difference between having a system and not having a system is MASSIVE:


“How am I suppose to get another client right now?”

“I really need to make something happen before the end of the month or I’ll have to do something else.”

“Why are other people able to get clients online but I can’t seem to figure it out?”


“I get to be picky about who I work with because there are so many opportunities.”

“Let’s see who’s responded to my messages today and wants to book a call.”

“Why the hell did I not do this sooner?”

So what are you missing in order to achieve this?

You need the following:

  • A proven formula
  • A system that fits your business and offer
  • Guidance to fine-tune your system
  • Confidence in getting the results using simple benchmarks

And today’s you’re lucky day…

Because that’s exactly what I’ve included in our new program that will show you how to build your own client generating machine in less than 30 days.


How To Go From Random Opportunities To A Systemized Client Generating Machine – And Gain An Instant Edge Using The O.P.E.N. Technique

This program is specific…

We include the exact steps you need. All of my best tools, templates, benchmarks and beginner to advanced tactics.

This program is rapid…

We’ll get everything setup in 30 days with materials you can apply right away.

When You Have This System You Can…

  • Automatically attract 5-10 client opportunities every week in less than 10 minutes per day on LinkedIn using the O.P.E.N. Technique
  • Position yourself to stand out from others when it feels like LinkedIn is already saturated
  • .Find the RIGHT decision makers in your niche who are active on LinkedIn and never worry about where your next clients are coming from
  • Confidently connect with people without scaring them away or personalizing every message
  •  Come up with irresistible offers to further the relationship
  • Use automation tools without worrying about getting your account banned
  • Turn messages into calls and meetings with your ideal clients using the M2M Method
  • Stop struggling with follow ups after the initial connection request is sent and stay on top of your opportunities
  •  Never get discouraged when your messages aren’t getting positive responses + how to optimize and fix them so things finally “click”
  • Outsource the entire process to a VA for $8 a day so you can wake up with sales appointments already booked on your calendar
  • Track your success so you can use numbers to work backwards from your income goals with our proven system

How It Works…


5-10 leads every week, 2-3 clients per month


Beginner To Intermediate


4 Weeks (with lifetime access to content and community)


Videos, guides, checklists, private community, group calls

MODULE 1 – Optimized Positioning ($1,997 Value)

  • How to position yourself and stand out from others when it feels like LinkedIn is already saturated
  • Create a high ticket, irresistible offer and laser-focused niche
  • ID your perfect (high-value) clients that you enjoy working with and genuinely care about
  • Restructure your offer at a better price point to make it easer to hit your income goals
  • How to use “authority accelerators” to earn trust from prospects instantly
  • Write profiles that magnetize clients to you
  • Validate new offers before you waste time on a bad product / market fit

MODULE 2 – Prospecting Filters ($1,997 Value)

  • Finding the RIGHT decision makers in your niche who are active on LinkedIn and how to get on their radar fast
  • Getting people to actually connect with you without scaring them away
  • Make sure you’re only speaking with qualified prospects and referral sources so you’re not wasting time with tire kickers
  • Simple ways to filter out bad leads
  • Ingredients you need for the perfect outreach script
  • How to use value-first outreach and prospecting offers to massively increase your response rate
  • Coming up with a good offer to further the relationship

MODULE 3 – Engagement Scaling System ($2,997 Value)

  • Create opportunities at will by automating outreach so you can have a powerful new lead source that bring you qualified prospects every week without fear of being banned
  • How to not get discouraged when your messages aren’t getting positive responses + how to optimize and fix them
  • Where to find quick wins in your current network
  • How to create overflow of opportunities so you can be picky about who you work with
  • How to stop getting ignored by people when you do outreach
  • How to create a simple “SOP” to outsource this to a VA so you’re only speaking with people who want to speak with you

MODULE 4 – Nurturing Sales System ($1,997 Value)

  • Simple, powerful sales strategies that work in 2019 to convert high-value clients quickly. Plus, the systems you need to nurture leads long term.
  • How to move conversations from the inbox to the phone + the 2-call vs. 1-call close (and when to use them)
  • How to sell from a position of authority where people convince you why they should work with you instead of the other way around (no high pressure tactics)
  • Exact high-ticket sales script and objection handling to consistently close more deals
  • How to stop struggling with follow ups after the initial connection request is sent and stay on top of your opportunities
  • Create and grow a Facebook community fueled by LinkedIn outreach that only requires a few hours per month to manage
  • Tracking your success so you can use numbers to work backwards from your income goals


  • Plug and play scripts, templates, SOPs and tools that help me earn multiple 6-figures
  • Access to group accountability and support in our private community FOR LIFE
  • [Bonus Resources] Access to Brian’s private SOP library to get the exact steps and systems we’ve created to scale our agency and coaching business
  • [Bonus Training] How to make money with a Facebook group from people you invited off of LinkedIn using the “local celebrity” technique
  • [Bonus Resource] My entire client acquisition chatbot to enroll clients on auto-pilot

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