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Long Tail University – The SEO Course That’ll Make You Better Than 99% of Experts Out There

Hey there, my name is Spencer Haws, creator of Long Tail University.

If you are ready to take advantage of long tail keywords to generate free traffic to your website, then you've come to the right place!

Long Tail University is a system that has been battle-tested dozens of times by my team and hundreds of times by my students, readers, and fellow marketers. This is the EXACT system I've used to find profitable keywords across all my businesses. And it's worked for me for years. 

Yes, I've used the in-depth strategies taught in Long Tail University for finding powerful and easy to rank for keywords to build a six-figure niche site empire; however, that's not what this course is all about. This goes way beyond small niche sites. I've also used these tactics to build loads of free traffic to my other businesses as well; including, and Long Tail Pro

So, no matter what type of online business you have or want to build; niche sites, authority blogs (like Niche Pursuits), or a product business (like Long Tail Pro)…Long Tail University is going to give you the content strategies you need.

When you complete the in-depth training inside Long Tail University, you will be a keyword research guru!

Here's what you'll get after going through the training:

Confidence: No more guessing, "Is this a keyword I should go after?"

  • Knowledge: You will have a full arsenal for finding and analyzing keywords like never before.
  • Easier: Uncover easy-to-rank for keywords; even in markets that you thought were difficult.
  • Save Time: You won't have to waste all your time putting loads of effort into keywords that you never should have been going after in the first place.
  • Increase Profits: At the core of everything you will learn are the skills to take your business to higher profitability through increase traffic and earnings with your website.

Literally 1,000 – 4,000 free visitors to your site, each and every day!

These money-makers are called long tail keywords.

Why target long tail keywords?

They’re easy to rank for

MOST of the traffic is in the long tail – really!

“20% of Google search queries are ones we haven’t seen in the past 90 days”

That’s a great theory, but how exactly does it affect the bottom line of my business? Well, it depends on your business…

How properly targeting long tail keywords can help independent site builders and SEOs: 

Brings down your total cost

Brings in more traffic overall

Targets more specific problems, which leads to higher conversions

You’ll rank for keywords much faster

You’ll have hundreds more content ideas

You’ll need less link-building!

How it could benefit a brick-and-mortar business:

  • Brings your cost down as well?
  • Brings in more traffic overall
  • Helps when you show up in Google when people search for your services in your area
  • Your competition probably doesn’t know about these strategies
  • You may be the only business in your market with a good blog
  • Your marketing budget will go much further!

For EVERYONE, though… Properly targeting long tail keywords almost always = more money. 

Here’s what you’ll learn with the Long Tail University course:

  • What makes a good keyword
  • What makes a bad keyword
  • How to target keywords with content
  • How to use keywords to generate revenue
  • The 2 tools I use to find endless keywords
  • How to leverage different keyword modifiers to target even longer-tail keywords
  • How to create keyword-driven content strategies
  • How to track keyword ROI
  • How to “out long-tail” your competition
  • Google’s 10 biggest ranking factors
  • …and a whole lot more!

Get Long Tail University – Spencer Haws, Only Price $22

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