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Gorgeous one – you’ve heard the hype and you know how it goes: ain’t nobody gonna see you for all that you are until YOU love all that you are! Well, wanna know what I have to say about this idea???

Screw that. You get to have it all, now, always. And the last thing I’m going to perpetuate is some sort of limited thinking idea that the he or she you long for can only see you when alllllll your shiz is healed, fixed, whatever. Just like with money makin’, we can choose the outcome NOW –

And we can also do the WORK now, of shifting, healing, re-creating, re-BECOMING all that we always were. And so on. But we must do the work for its own sake. <<< what other reason could there ever really be?! Aka, we do the work of dropping in to ever greater love, acceptance, receiving, and so on, because the work ITSELF is the return, and because we know it all works together in order for us to ever faster get to where we want to go. NOT because we buy in to the idea that ‘I can’t have this, until I do that’. We do not.

That’s why I’m SO excited to share my incredible Love & Acceptance home study course with you for 30% off, now. Because I want to remind you that

a) you can have it all, now, and

b) you are damn worthy of dropping in to complete love and fuck yes-ery of YOU.

Yes, it can indeed be the path to many things, but the real thing, the real REASON to do this work? Is the simple irrefutable truth that you? You’re worth loving fully. And that doing so, from the inside out, is an incredible incredible thing. And yeah, if you allow it to be and choose, it can be a gateway to even greater certainty in how you claim EVERYTHING. Plus it is also amongst the most fun and instantly expansive work ever to do. Nothing like a little high vibery to remind you of who TF you are!

Read below for details. Or just grab your place now!

Did I ever tell you about the time I first realised that I was never ever going to receive the love and acceptance or even ATTENTION I wanted from another person until I first gave it fully to myself?

This is a story about a man.

But I’ll get to it in just a moment!

Because really? It’s a story about life.

And here is the TRUTH, on THAT:

You simply won’t – can’t! – receive love or acceptance or even the smallest bit of true affection from ANYBODY if it doesn’t exist in full, in you and FOR you, to begin with.

This is true romantically.
It’s true relevant to how to attract or magnetically call in your soulmate clients.
It’s true with friendships.
And it’s even true in even the very briefest or most fleeting relationship or encounter you have with people you meet, in business and in life, daily.

Did I say this was a story about a man?

This is a story about you.

And what it would take to sink deep deep DEEP down into pure and unlimited self-love and acceptance, and as a result of that a life of absolute, blissful, never-ending FLOW.

The way it was ALWAYS meant to BE gorgeous!

Don’t you think?

Here’s the thing, and here’s where this is OH so relevant to you, to your dreams, for your business, for your self, for your life:

We cannot allow ourselves to HAVE or RECEIVE or in any way GET anything that doesn’t ALREADY LIVE IN US.

It’s a bit of a conundrum … a bit of a bitch, really, I suppose … at least it would be if your mindset was one of fear and scarcity, anyway  … to think that in order to GET something we LONG for, we have to first have it. It makes no sense, on the surface of it, does it?!

Only thing is –


– we don’t play on the surface of things, you and I, do we?

NOPE. We do not.

We go deep.
We DO the work.
ALL the (fucking) work.
Literally AND figuratively, if needed. Not that that’s particularly relevant right now. lol. But it just came out. Haha. Where were we?

No surface playing.

No sirree.

That’s not who we are. It’s NOT what we came here to do. And it sure as fuck isn’t what’s gonna get us to that place where we GET to have it SO.DAMN.EASY.

So damn FLOW based.

So damn YES.

Want to know a secret? I fully believe that even the toughest of struggles, or hardships, or any pain that we go through, when we’re grounded in alignment, is actually FLOW.

We GET to endure whatever we (do in fact) choose along the way in order to grow.

Every different thing that life hands us is a blessing.

But here’s what gets to be in place, in order for your life to be full of deliberate blessings, designed and LET in, by you.

Identify everything you long for.


Want abundance? Get INTO abundance on the inside.

Want to RECEIVE more, with ease? Be IN receiving already.

Want so damn much stuff in your life to be THANKFUL for? Say yes to being in GRATITUDE, now.

And so on.

And so forth.

And today –


Today we’re here specifically to talk about how this concept – this TRUTH, excuse me! – applies to love.

To acceptance.

To being blissed out and so damn in love and gratitude and acceptance of YOU, that you find your entire life and every different part of your business and day to day occupation as well, OVERFLOWING with demonstrations of MORE love, COMPLETE acceptance, and head to toe floooowwwwww.

Why would you want all of this?

Well APART FROM THE FREAKING OBVIOUS (like … love feels amazing! Being accepted FULLY for who you are is incredible! Flow is, well, flow is fucking flow, nothing else to know. It’s the greatest drug on earth, and INSANELY good for you), so yeah apart from the OBVIOUS, why you’d want love, acceptance, flow?

It makes business and life so damn easy.

So damn perfect.

So damn ALIGNED.

And also? It makes it so you ALWAYS know exactly the right move to make, the right path to take, and whether something is hell yes or hell to the NO.

I’m still going to tell you the story. About the man. But I want to keep talking about you first, because here is what I know for sure:






I can tell you that since learning how to NOW fully love and accept every part of me, and ACTUALLY FUCKING MEAN IT, ’cause God knows that’s NOT something you just say and it also has ZIP to do with how much you’ve thus far ‘accomplished’, I’ve just found that EVERYTHING is so much easier.

Results just APPEAR.

And I have ZERO need to ever question myself or feel uncertain as to the next or correct move to make.

So let me tell you, a little about what YOU can expect when you join my LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE course on this page here today.

Oh, did I mention? This is more than a story that I’m sharing here right now! It’s 14 Days to change your LIFE. 14? Hmmm … let’s see now.

Introducing LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE Baby!!

14 Days to Sink Deeply Into Pure Self-Love, Unadulterated Self-Acceptance, and Absolute – Blissful – Never-Ending – FLOW: The Way It Was Always Meant to Be

Does it sound intriguing, sound good, sound like EXACTLY WHAT YOU KNOW YOU NEED AND IT’S TIME FOR?


I thought so!

Well, it has very little to do with what I think, anyhow!

My soul told me. As it always does … and I listen … in part because I love and accept myself!! Okay? Okay! Haha. For real though

And see what I MEAN, by how easy it gets to be when you never have to freaking QUESTION, who you ARE? What to sell and how to sell it is just ONE example of OH, so many!

A Little of What We’ll Be Doing Together, in Love and Acceptance

SO much darling. So VERY very much. You know how I do love to let my content go all over the place and any which way it needs, don’t you?! Well, if you don’t know yet – you’ll soon find out!

And it will be, of course, as always –

Perfect. Because my job is simply to LET it out, for you.

Speaking of which – here’s a little of what we’ll be covering, in LOVE, and in ACCEPTANCE, and in stepping into, FLOW.

  • What Do You Actually Long For, and Crave?

In order to drop into self-love of the highest order, we do GET to first identify, and claim it. This is scary, I know. Especially if you’ve had reason to believe maybe you can’t ever have what you want, or that it would come at great cost; a cost you’re perhaps not willing to bear. But the whole point of you being here, and doing this work with me, is that it’s time to take a deep breath and admit what it is you WANT. Isn’t it?

So, this is where we will begin, and the questions and inner work I have for you on this will LIGHT YOU THE FUCK UP. Right up!

  • What Do You Know You’re MEANT TO FUCKING HAVE?

This is where we get a little bit aggressive, we step into our power, we throw our hands up in the air and say enough is ENOUGH. IT’S TIME TO CLAIM MY BIRTHRIGHT. You damn straight KNOW that your birthright is to be loved so deeply it’s PART of you, accepted so fully it becomes as though there was NEVER any question, surrounded and swimming in such flow you couldn’t even imagine a life without it!

INSIDE of you, you already know how it’s meant to be. We’re going to dig this out. And put a fucking stake in the ground to claim it.

  • What Do You Not Even DARE to Ask For, What is The ‘Beyond the Pale’ Stuff You’ve Not Yet Admitted to Even YourSELF?

Oh yes. We’re going alllllll the way with this work. Into your deepest fantasies. And wildest desires and dreams. Nah …. this is not remotely about sex. Even though, sure, if it is then it is! But I’m actually talking about LIFE, and every part of it. Business. Money. Clients. Body. Environment. Uplevels ALL around! You name it!



(We’re gonna need you to admit it though, for that to happen … but fear not. I know EXACTLY how to get you doing that! It’s what I do … get to the truth … help YOU to get to the truth … of you).

  • BIZ-NIZ baby, and MONEY.

So freaking intertwined, aren’t they? So freaking IMPORTANT. So freaking WANTED, the way we, well, the way we want them to be! And SUCH a fucking spiderweb of mayhem, and fear, and resistance, and turmoil, if we allow them to be! Well, guess what – you don’t need to keep doing it that way. It DOES get to be as you’ve always dreamed of. And when you say yes to loving and accepting YOU, you also open up to clarity and innate natural wisdom on how to show up and create the business and the money situation you know you DO get to have.

So, we’re going to do some powerful work on just that. Creating exactly the business and money situation you DO get to have, when you get out of your own way and act FROM self love and self acceptance.

Talk about flow!

  • Self-Care.

The thing is … the thing IS … you will naturally be in the best shape of your life and feel amazing as FUCK, when you’re coming at it from love and acceptance. Also, OBVIOUSLY – this will happen without you REMOTELY needing to do a single.fucking.thing. that doesn’t feel amazing.

I said a big fuck you to following diets or anything REMOTELY restrictive to do with my body, my health, my mind, my SELF, so long ago I can’t even remember.

I know that if it’s not ALIGNED.
Then it’s a no.

And I also know and believe and have LONG since proven that the more I just follow what’s within? The faster and faster and with greater ease I get to have my every desire come true, to do with, well, everything, but right now I mean around my body and my self, and how I feel inside and out.

Here’s why:

When you are IN love and acceptance then there is nothing you ever need to do. You know inherently what is right for you, what you need, and what the aligned action is that will get you the RESULTS you crave.


Being in love and acceptance just allows you to listen, to hear, and also to have the faith to act.

Makes sense, right?

Let’s continue. There’s SO much more.

  • Relationships.

OH yeah! We are SO going there. Of course we are! Romantic ones. Current ones. The ones you want. Friendship ones. Client ones. Peers and team and support and fuck, even the random people who you in some way connect with just as you go about your day!

You GET TO HAVE soulmate relationships in ALL areas of your LIFE baby. Fully! Man, I am SO beyond passionate about this, and why wouldn’t I be? For years I accepted second best, or not even. In MULTIPLE areas.

I was in romantic relationships – marriages, two of them! No not at once lol – which were SO not my ideal or what I longer for or what I at my core DO get to have.

I had friendships which DRAINED me, and where I felt OBLIGATED and also as though I couldn’t fully be me.

And don’t even get me started on the energy suck of the sort of clients I allowed myself to attract at one point!!

This was ALL MY SHIT, not ANY of theirs.

Guess what? Your shit is ALL YOUR SHIT, not anyone else’s! Guess what else?

We is gonna SHIFT that shit. And fast. So you can attract in ONLY pure and 100% ABSOLUTE soulmate relationships.



Give yourself permission for it to be that way. x

  • The Emotions and Energy of Being in LOVE, Acceptance, and Flow, With You.

This is maybe my favourite thing to talk about with you, on this journey. Haha, everything’s my favourite, I sometimes feel! But no, this is truly my favourite, because ALL results stem from what you feel. So, I’m so excited to do the work with you to help YOU tap into the emotions, energy, and also, beliefs and behaviours of what would be true NOW if you were already in love, acceptance, flow.

Bonus?? This actually makes it so you ALWAYS and AUTOMATICALLY know exactly what to aim for, and also do.

It’s powerful fucking work. And SUPER fun, too! Speaking of which:


I don’t say ‘Play Life’ for no reason, you know!! When you’re in love and acceptance you lighten your load NATURALLY. It means there is literally zero need to HOLD ON to anything which doesn’t serve you. You’re able to INSTANTLy see what’s a yes –

And what is a no.

You’re also able to FULLY direct your energy to where it needs to go, WHICH BY THE WAY is living your flipping LIFE. And THAT? Includes being able to be in play, and fun, and also?


Can’t wait to work on THIS bit with you!!

  • Asking For What You WANT, and Getting It.

I’m writing this on a flight; I often write my sales pages whilst flying. I’m headed back to the Gold Coast, Australia, where I live in my sub-penthouse ah-MAY-zing (and huge!!) full ocean views apartment with my two children. Alyssa, and Nathan; 7 and 3. I just went to Bali for 3 nights, to do another big stint on the tattoo I’m having done pretty much all down my left side! 9 hours at the tattoo studio yesterday, #eek!! My arm is looking SHIT HOT AMAZING though, if I do say so!


I’m in business class … of course … because I long ago CHOSE to love and accept myself enough to also receive ABUNDANCE, on tap, and live the VIFuckingP life I like to live … and we just had our starters. Prawns with corn; SO good. My next course is about to arrive, and I’m sitting here writing this page and thinking – I’d really like some nuts and some olives!

The old me, even in business class, wouldn’t have asked. I don’t want to be a bother. Or seem demanding! Or GREEDY. Or just, you know – remind people I exist when maybe I shouldn’t! And besides, she might think I’m RUDE or a DIVA. Is what I would have thought. WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD THE STEWARDESS THINK I AM, JUST ASKING FOR EXTRA SHIT?! And if I HAD have summoned up the bravery (or hunger!) to ask, I would DEFINITELY have said sorry in doing so.

Sorry for hassling you.

Sorry for asking.

Sorry I’m here.

Sorry I’m still really hungry.

Sorry I have the AUDACITY to ask for NUTS!

Sorry for being me.


Is what we’re saying.


With or without the nuts!

Do you notice yourself doing that, from time to time? Apologising for BEING here, basically, or daring to breathe? Yeah … this gets to stop.

The NOW me loves and accepts herself enough to always ask for what she wants. Politely. With a smile. With full SELF acceptance, which therefore means that the OTHER person of course accepts me. And I ALWAYS get what I want, with ease, and gratitude and the other person, if relevant, is blessed and happy to supply it!

This is a little thing.

But yet it’s not.

Can you think of places in your business and life where things would be different if you just started being okay with asking for what you WANT?!

Side note: after my nuts arrived, the man next to me also requested nuts. I love that. I feel like I empowered him in a small way to ask and receive more, and get even more pleasure out of his flight experience!

It’s ALWAYS okay to ask for what you want.

And you ALWAYS get what you ask for.

When you fully love and accept yourself, it will be NATURAL for you to request your desires, and also?

Receive ’em.

  • Decision Making, and Knowing the Way Forward.

SO freaking important, right?! How much time do you imagine you’ve wasted by second guessing yourself and DILLY dallying before taking action, because you just don’t know what to DOOOOOO?

Well, the person – the YOU! – who fully loves and accepts herself, or himself, doesn’t do that shit.

That person is in love and ACCEPTANCE, which means he or she – okay, let’s go with you you YOU! – can GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and just know what is RIGHT, what is WANTED, what is true.

You ALWAYS know the decision.

It’s just that you’ve conditioned yourself to not believe what’s going on inside.

Because if you don’t love and accept yourself WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BELIEVE OR TRUST YOU?


And here is what all of this comes down to, really, because I could go on – and on – and ON! And I certainly will, in the course. So join!! But okay:

  • UNAPOLOGETIC Freaking LIFE. And You.

What it all comes down to REALLY, is you get to live your life unapologetically. You get to be YOU. You get to go all in. To live the life you long for. You get to be able to even SEE what that life is, by saying ‘thank you, but NO thank you’ to fear and what if and doubt and tuning in to what you actually DESIRE, when you’re in love and acceptance and can be damn HONEST about it.

Oh and ALSO, one thing we’ve BARELY mentioned here …!

Well, we’ve kinda mentioned it but let me be perfectly clear:


So, there’s that. Yes. It’s QUITE good, let me tell you!

Oh! Speaking of which! Sort of, anyhow! I was supposed to tell you a story about a man, wasn’t I???

Let’s get back to that in a moment

But for now, yes – these are some of the things we will cover. Some of ’em!!

Heard enough and know you NEED to be IN? Enough chit chat then!

Let’s DO this gorgeous!!

Sneaky hint: it’s NOT actually gonna be 14 days … something extra is actually suddenly coming. I had to scroll back up to add this note right here, as a little surprise popped out of me a bit later on! Keep reading! In ORDER, please!! No jumping ahead!

Oh, and ALSO, while we’re throwing in extra shit:


Say YES to being in Love & Acceptance and you’ll also get a copy our pre-work training!

In the LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE pre-work training I spoke about how to release shame and guilt around reasons why you have until now NOT been able to give yourself full and unconditional love and acceptance.

Needless to say: this is IMPORTANT fucking work to do. And I’m honoured to get to do it with you! Can’t wait, in fact! Can you?! Good … that’s why we have pre-work! That’s why I created the pre-work!


I feel as though we’ve come so far already, don’t you? There’s SO much I want to say to you about all of this still! I guess that’s why I’m doing a course on it!!

But here is what I DO want to tell you right now. About what you can expect, from saying yes to this? Sure. But let’s be clear:

This is what WILL happen.

  • You’ll Fully Embrace You
  • You WILL Understand How to Attract Your Soul Clients Like WOAH, and on Repeat
  • You Will ALWAYS Know What to Sell Next
  • AND How to Sell It
  • You’ll Be Able to Tap In To EXACTLY How to Take Best Care of Your Health, Your Fitness, and Every PART, of Your Self
  • You’ll Naturally Direct Your Energy Only to What Matters
  • You’ll Make Decisions Like THAT! Faster, Even!
  • You’ll Have FULL Confidence and Certainty on How to Move Forward
  • You Will Feel Comfortable and At Ease No Matter the Situation – Social AND Biz
  • You’ll Feel Like a Fucking Grown Up!
  • You’ll Release Shame, Blame, Guilt – for GOOD
  • You Will FULLY Own Your Natural Powers and God-Given Gifts

I mean … I feel like I could expand on each of these points a LOT. But I also feel like: they speak for themselves. And I’d love for them to speak THROUGH me, and into YOU. When you join me in LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE!

I imagine there’ll also be so.VERY.much more you’ll notice shift and change from our Love and Acceptance work, beyond what I could possibly try and figure out right now! As I’m sure I don’t have to tell you!! Man … I’m starting to feel like this should be 21 days not 14!!

Oh – did I mention?!



BONUS #1 – Replay of the Pre-Work Live Training!

In the replay of the LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE pre-work LIVE training I’ll be talking about how to release shame and guilt around reasons why you have until now NOT been able to give yourself full and unconditional love and acceptance.

BONUS #2 – Fuck 14 days. I’m Making it 21!!

There’s just too much good stuff I need to let out!

Pay for 14.
But let’s do 21!


I’m having so much fun writing this, by the way. I didn’t even MENTION how simple it is to come up with killer offers and SELL them with ease when you’re in love and acceptance, did I?!

FEAR NOT. We will cover that fo SHO in this course! ‘Specially now that we have the extra 7 days!! Oh, and I just ASKED FOR WHAT I WANTED AGAIN, by the way. And got it. Chocolate!

ARE YOU SERIOUSLY STILL WAITING?! Okay, thank you for reading all of this! I appreciate it! I do like the writing you know 


So here we are gorgeous.

We did it.

I’ve flown however many miles away from Bali. About 90 minutes in the air so far, so I guess that’s how long I’ve been writing; in between eating … rather a lot!! Tattooing takes it out of you! And I’ve downloaded this rather beautiful and powerful thing for you. Which I’m so beyond honoured to soon DO with you.

Love and Acceptance.

PURE Self Lovin’,

Unadulterated self ACCEPTANCE.

And absolute –

Blissful –

Never-ending –


The way it was always meant to be.

I hope you’ll say yes.


Let it do the same –

To yours.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

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