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Marketing Camelot – Doberman Dan

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Break out of the accepted and restrictive “norm” of making money. (The one that’s keeping you from earning the massive amount of money you could and SHOULD be earning.)




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Discover my most effective secrets to…

  • Break out of the accepted and restrictive “norm” of making money. (The one that’s keeping you from earning the massive amount of money you could and SHOULD be earning.)
  • Grow your business EXPONENTIALLY… and prosper more than you can currently imagine… regardless of the economy…
  • While others not privy to these secrets work harder and harder for less and less… with fear & anxiety as their constant companions… YOU will be getting EVERYTHING YOU WANT… without doing anything you don’t like or don’t want to do…

Dear Friend,

If you own or operate a business that has been a daily struggle to grow as quickly as you desire… then this message will be crucial to your future prosperity.

Because you’re about to discover how to LEAPFROG over the painfully long “marketing learning curve”… so you can start making BIG PROFITS. As fast as possible.

But first, let’s get something very important out in the open. Something that makes certain people uncomfortable.

This Is A Letter About MONEY!

Most importantly, it’s about making it differently.

Differently than you’ve been trained to make it.

And differently than every other entrepreneur around you.

Why is that so important?

Because how you make money not only determines how you run your business… it determines how you run your entire life.

Keep doing it the way you’ve always done it… the accepted “norm” you’ve been conditioned to believe is the only way… and your business and income will always be outside of your control.

In other words, if you follow all the traditional ways of building your online business, you’ll be…

A SLAVE To Money!

Your personal goals and desires, your family… heck, your entire life will always be relegated to the back burner as you’re forced to “eat what you kill” day in and day out.

For the rest of your life.

Or… you can pay attention to me for the next few minutes and discover how to become the MASTER of money. With my unique system designed to CREATE THE BUSINESS AND LIFESTYLE OF YOUR DREAMS.

After more than 30 years as a serial entrepreneur — the last 20 years specializing in direct response marketing, both online and offline — I’ve perfected a darn near “can’t fail” system.

One that can grow your business EXPONENTIALLY. And produce almost OVERNIGHT sales increases for nearly any type of business..

But first, let me ask you something.

Are You Working Harder And Longer…

With Less And Less To Show For It?

Do you feel stressed out the minute you plop down in front of your computer to work? And even more stressed when you call it a day?

Do you want more money and more free time… but you keep getting less and less of BOTH?

Now that the barrier to entry is so low for starting a business (thanks to the Internet) …and competition is everywhere…I’m willing to bet it’s tougher than ever for you to make a comfortable living.

And even harder to GROW your business.

Doesn’t all the stuff outside your control holding you back make you feel… well…


Never really knowing what to do about all your constant struggles and problems.

Never able to truly resolve anything.

Feeling confused and overwhelmed.


Listen, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs these days no longer know what to do to survive and thrive in this precarious “new economy.”

And even scarier… what to do about the impending socioeconomic and demographic shifts that will soon affect ALL businesses.

Heck, nowadays…

Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Know

What To Do About Anything!

So you just trudge onward, spending your hard-earned dollars trying to market and expand your business. Hoping and praying it will somehow work.

But it rarely does.

Or if it does work it never lives up to your expectations.

If all that’s not bad enough, there’s been a proliferation of businesses in almost EVERY market willing to cut prices to the bone. Always offering “loss leaders” — and even totally FREE products — to steal away as many of your customers as possible.

How In The World

Do You Compete Against THAT?

I meet so many business owners who naively believe if they’re really good at whatever they do… and the products they offer are top quality… and they keep putting out their “me-too” marketing messages… that should be enough to make them successful.

It may have worked in the past… but it sure ain’t working now.

In fact, that stuck-in-a-box thinking will put you on the fast track to bankruptcy court.

The biggest secret you’re missing is this:

Even the best business owner in the world, with the greatest products and services in the world, will struggle and suffer… and even go broke… without a proven, predictable and reliable system that brings you…

A Constant Flow Of New Customers!

Never in the history of business, advertising and marketing have we been in a more precarious position. We live in very uncertain and insecure times.

And the times they are-a-changin’.

On an almost DAILY basis.

So fast in fact, if you can’t keep up you’ll be left behind to wither and die.

While those who do keep up grow and prosper.

In spite of the lying sociopaths in their $4,000 suits reciting scripted and rehearsed “the recession is over” propaganda — mindlessly regurgitated from their teleprompter…

The Economy Is A Zombie

Not totally dead.

Not alive either.

As if that hasn’t made building your business hard enough, Big Brother keeps sticking his hand deeper and deeper into your pockets.

You, the producer… the entrepreneur… the person who makes this world go ’round. The least appreciated and most vilified person in this country… the Atlas who doesn’t dare shrug…

YOU Are The Target For The Socialists’

Ever-Increasing Confiscatory Taxes!

Yes, we are now at the precipice of an EXTREMELY uncertain future.

If you want to survive, you can no longer afford to screw around with fad-of-the-month online BSO’s (bright shiny objects).

Dabbling in this and that.

Throwing mud up against the wall, hoping something will stick. You might have been able to get by with that a few years ago. But not today in this economy.

It’s now more important than ever to build your business on a rock-solid foundation of…

Proven, Time Tested, Highly Effective

Marketing & Business Principles That WORK!

We’re coming down to the wire, my friend. There’s not much time left to transform your business into a systematized, predictable, reliable and extraordinarily profitable money machine.

A financial fortress that will keep you and your family safe from the coming economic changes.

And FINALLY allow you to enjoy the prosperity you desire. While most other business owners struggle day in and day out, living hand to mouth. With fear and anxiety weighing upon their exhausted shoulders.

If you wait much longer to finally seek out the proven tactics, strategies and secrets you so desperately need to get things growing FAST in your business… it’ll be too late.

You’ll be like the thousands of other business owners who coasted when they should have been putting the pedal to the metal.

And you’ll be stuck grinding it out, day after day…

Forever Entangled In The Rut Of “Eat What You Kill”…

With No Hope Of EVER Escaping!

It’s time to face the truth:

If you knew how to break through this plateau that’s holding you back from the exponential business growth you so desperately desire, you would have done it by now.

If you’re like most positive thinking entrepreneurs, you’ve been too busy operating your business on hope. Hope that somehow, some way, something is going to change and turn everything around for you. Even though you’re stuck in a rut, doing the same things you’ve always done.

I admire your positive attitude. But be realistic. If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting you where you want to go…

Doing More Of The Same… Yet Expecting

Different Results… Is Just Plain DELUSIONAL!

Oh sure, I understand why you’re stuck. You’re probably suffering from a combination of entrepreneurial A.D.D. Along with “online marketing” overwhelm and confusion.

There are so many ways to market your business online nowadays you don’t know what to do.

And even worse, the number of online marketing “experts” and gurus are LEGION. They’re all touting different dogma and new, shiny, sexy “push button” solutions.

All shouting at the top of their lungs vying for your attention and money. And all contradicting each other.


It’s No Wonder You’re Confused!

Who wouldn’t be?

But the question remains…

Amongst the gaggle of self anointed “marketing wizards”, who can you trust to help you build your business on a rock solid foundation…so you can multiply your income as quickly as possible?

If you follow the advice of most online marketing “ex-spurts” you’ll wind up building your business — and entire financial future — on constantly shifting sand.

Sadly, most online business owners today are slaves. They’re completely at the mercy of a tyrannical Big Brother who has the power to dictate and control your entire financial future.

Because of their ignorance and over-dependence on only one media, millions of hard-working online entrepreneurs are needlessly suffering. And very soon, most will be OUT of business, bankrupt and deeply in debt.

It’s past the point of ridiculous for ALL online marketers.

Google hiccups and thousands of small business owners scramble to try and figure out why their sales have plummeted. Many are, for all intents and purposes, forced out of business overnight. Literally.

Are you working harder and harder for a smaller and smaller piece of the pie?

There is a solution, you know?

Stop Being A Slave!

A slave to your business.

A slave to the search engines.

And MOST importantly… a slave to ANY one media source.

Would you build your multimillion-dollar dream home on a foundation of quick sand?

Of course not!

So why are you doing it with your business?

That’s why you need to be very careful whom you rely on for business building advice.

Beware both the “whiz kid du jour” promoting the latest and greatest online marketing “magic bullet.” And the veteran grey beard consultant, teaching marketing techniques from his distant memory that worked back in the Wild West days of the Internet.

Both of those guys will lead you down a one-way street to financial ruin.

But even in the midst of all this chaos and the dramatic shifts in today’s business environment, there is HUGE opportunity. If you know the secrets to creating systems that bring in cash flow surges and floods of new customers as easily as turning on a faucet.

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