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Attraction is a skill that permeates your body and your mind. And learning this skill, that’s your journey, it’s about becoming your best self. In my best-selling book The Game, I document my journey learning from the best of the best.



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By Neil Strauss

Date: Monday, May 10th, 2010

There’s a secret that all masters of seduction know…

Girls are not attracted by your money, your looks or your car, but how you make them feel.

Yet the “dating game” is not just a funny opener or a routine…

Attraction is a skill that permeates your body and your mind. And learning this skill, that’s your journey, it’s about becoming your best self. In my best-selling book The Game, I document my journey learning from the best of the best.

Now is YOUR chance to become an instant expert as you too learn from the most powerful masters of seduction in the world.

If you want to boost your attraction skills, because you have holes in your game, if you are looking for a seduction style that matches who you are and that you feel comfortable with, if you want the fathers of the modern seduction community to explain their school of thought in their own words, if you are overwhelmed by the abundance of wrong and contradicting information about seduction, then this is the MOST COMPLETE collection you will ever see.

For the sake of the art and for the sake of the students, I pulled some strings and got together a group of amazing teachers, most of whom are my personal friends and gurus from my book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists.

This Collection has EVERYTHING you will need to know about approaching, building attraction and rapport, and finally giving a girl the night of her dreams. There is NO part of the game that this collection does not cover.

The eight training audios including Mystery & Ross Jeffries, Zan, Juggler, Twotimer & Brent, Hypnotica, David Shade, Carlos Zuma, and myself…

Combined with the Master the Game pack at a limited special discount, for you as a Weekend Wingman reader, is 30 full days of training: directly from me and all of my coaches through my Stylelife Academy(available for new members only). As you know, Stylelife Academy is the only way to get direct access to me outside of conferences, including direct live telephone training where you can ask me any pick-up question that you like.

And this package wouldn’t be complete without adding one more thing…

What am I referring to? My coveted Red Book, of course.

This is a super rare treat and warrants some explanation.

When you read The Game, you may have wondered in astonishment, “How the hell did Style pull of that stunt?”

Well, the Red Book contains literally all of the techniques from The Game, revealed and laid-out in scientific detail, ready for you to emulate and implement step-by-step.

You see, my 2003 best-seller The Game is a narrative. It was always meant to entertain, never to really educate.

But did The Game ever tell you what really went on behind the scenes, when I, Mystery, and the other pick-up gurus from The Game, met hundreds of women between Los Angeles and Eastern Europe?

My personal, never-published internal training manual from those days, the Red Book, completely demystifies all of my techniques from The Game and gives you the “ah-hah” moments you’ve been waiting for, ever since you read my original book.

There it is… out for you to grab…

  • Eight (8) audio CDs worth of conference-caliber training from me and seven other pick-up gurus – sold before for $320.
  • Thirty (30) days of Stylelife Academy training with direct access to me and my friends and coaches, plus 24/7 online training with thousands of missions that teach you pick-up — $135.50 value with this offer then $85.50 per month if you remain subscribed.
  • My jealously guarded Red Book, never published and thus of priceless value. The ideal companion to The Game, it answers all the questions you ever had of the “how did they do that?” kind.

As you can see in the photo, the 8 CD guru interview series also comes with a full transcript so you can highlight and quickly reference any of the hidden gems you find inside. But at my time of typing you this message, there are only 57 of these transcripts remaining.

We don’t intend on reprinting this package anytime in the near future because we are already in the works of creating its sequel, a second series of guru interviews. So as we clear our shelves and make room for this new product, you’ve stumbled upon a unique opportunity. Although worth well over $450, while supplies last this page gives you access to a very special  limited time price.

Get Master the Game Pack of author Stylelife Academy only price 42$

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