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MaxPersuasion 2007 – Kenrick Cleveland

Dear Future Master Persuader,

You have a major problem and you might not even know it yet!

It was the same problem I had over 30 years ago – that lead me on a life long journey of studying the “art of persuasion”, NLP and hypnosis.

Since you are reading this, you are traveling down the same road I did..when you continue reading you will learn how I’m going to save you hundreds, if not thousands of hours of time and frustration.

What is this problem that I know you have?

When I was young I was a struggling salesperson for a gym. I quickly found out that memorizing a sales script wasn’t going to pay my rent or put food on the table…it was just going to leave me hungry and homeless.

My manager at the time told me, “things come in bunches like grapes – you get a bunch of yeses then you get a bunch of no’s.” That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to know why and how do I systematically get results?

That is the problem that I faced and I know you face as well…getting the results you want and replicating those results over and over again.

How do I know this?

I have been accused of being a mind-reader or a psychic (the skills I learned and are going to teach you will make you seem like one as well) – but I don’t need to be one to know that every single one of the thousands of people I trained to be an effective communicator and persuader all had the same problem..Getting Results and Getting Them Consistently.

My Search for Answers Began with Richard Bandler and NLP…

It was the late 70’s when I learned about the new emerging technology called NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) was a new study of excellence and how we can properly communicate with others to create change. After my first seminar with one for the co-founders of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, I knew I was on the right path for answers.

During the Seminar, Dr. Bandler asked, “If there is one thing I can give you that you want, what would it be?” And What did I tell him? I wanted to be an NLP Trainer and master all the skills that I witnessed during the seminar…

That is exactly what I did. For years I trained with all three co-founders of NLP and then became an NLP Trainer under Richard Bandler. Which was no easy task at the time – you had to be invited and not just pass a few courses.

During these years I wasn’t happy with just learning the skills – I wanted to know why they worked, how they worked and how far I could take them.

When I first learned the famous “handshake interrupt pattern” I knew it worked in an NLP seminar setting – but did it work in the “real world”?

To find out I must have stopped 100 people on the streets of Downtown Portland to test the limits of the skill…and I tested the limits and possibilities of all the skills I learned and teach.

It was also during these years that I had my first experience with the “Dark Side” of NLP and Persuasion. Which really opened up my eyes to what is possible with these skills and how to consistently get the results I was looking for…we will talk more about that in a few.

The Problem with NLP Reveled and the Solution…

NLP is a very powerful technology and tool-set – but as I mentioned before it was being developed as a therapeutic tool and not for sales and influence.

So I made it my mission to translate the skills and strategies I learned and re-engineer them for that purpose… to sell and sell more consistently. It allowed me to take my loosing sales record at the gym and turn it around to having the highest closing rate in the country.

But that’s not all it allowed me to do. It allowed me to teach these skills in a way that was easy to understand and use them in a practical manner.

Seeing the possibilities of using the skills and strategies from NLP for sales and influence, I worked with Dr. Richard Bandler to create the Business Practitioner course and the Business Master Practitioner course. During this time I was the only trainer authorized to teach and certify students for these courses.

It was also during this time that I to conduct one of the largest business NLP trainings in history. Which resulted in adding over $1 Billion of deposits for Home Fed Bank.

After, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to taking what I had learned, building upon them and translating them into real world skills that people like you can use to improve their lives..through learning how to communicate with others to get what you want (persuasion).

Why Does This Story Matter to You
and How Will It Save You Years of Frustration?

I often hear from my persuasion students that they read a NLP book or went to a NLP seminar only to be left more confused. They learned powerful strategies and skills, but couldn’t use them in every day life or business life…and I know how frustrating that can be. I felt the same way over 30 years ago when I started on my journey.

After going through one of my trainings or courses they were able to go back and easily understand the material and strategies that once left them confused.


Because I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to learning and teaching these skills and strategies in way that is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to consistently get the results you are looking
to achieve.

Now you can continue down the path of frustration and wasting your time or you can finally take action and learn how to use these skills and strategies in a way that will make the “art of persuasion” understandable and allow you take action quickly…

I am not selling “snake oil”! These are real world persuasion skills that you will be able to learn quickly and provide you outstanding results just as fast…and to prove that I am going to give you one of my courses Persuasion in 30 days for FREE ($59.95 value) when you sign-up for the $.99 14 day trial below…you can even keep the course if for some weird reason you decide the program is not right for you.

What is Persuasion and Why You Need to Learn this “Lost Art”
to increase all aspects of your life?

It is a “huge” misconception that the persuasion skills I teach are all about manipulating people into getting what you want. Yes, the skills you are about to learn are extremely powerful and could be used by someone with bad intentions and then some…which you will learn all about in Dark Side I and II part of the “ultimate persuasion package”.

Like most things in life there is two sides to every story. Just like a skilled martial artist can use his skills for evil or good…the same is true with the skills you will learn.

Persuasion is not just for “Sales”!

The real power of persuasion is creating win-win situations and leaving all parties in a better place. This doesn’t only apply to sales…but to every communication, every interaction you have.

Imagine knowing what your spouse is thinking and being able to give them what he/she wants to make them happy. Or you are a doctor and you want to get your patient to eat better and exercise. Or you are an owner of a company and you need your employees to be more motivated. There are literally countless number of non-sales applications to learning these skillsAll resulting in creating a better life for you and everyone around you.

Now that you know you are in the right place for learning how to Persuade…
What is the Ultimate Persuasion Package?

For over 30 years I have been a student and a teacher of these skills. Always learning and testing the boundaries to know what is possible with them. The Ultimate Persuasion Package gives you a direct link into my brain so you can siphon out all my knowledge guaranteeing you get the predictable results you are looking for.

The only way for me to stand by that guarantee is to teach you what is possible with these skills. For that we have to take a journey together down the “Dark Side” of persuasion and NLP – which is why Dark Side I and Dark Side II are part of the Ultimate Persuasion Package.

You will not find anyone else teaching this information on the planet!

And I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to throw away their frustrations when trying to apply these skills to persuasion and influence – so I am going to make it a no-brainer to sign-up today.

It will cost you less then the amount of change that you will find in your sofa cushions or spare change that is scattered on the floor of your car…not to mention I am giving you a FREE Course valued at $59.95 just for taking action today.

What’s Included?

I am not sure what is going to blow your mind more, the strategies and skills you are going to learn or the special price you are going to receive when you order today.

The Ultimate Persuasion Package includes 4 courses + 1 FREE Course (for you to keep even if cancel your trial…it’s rare but it does happen).

You are going to get:

  • MaxPersuasion 2007 3 Day Seminar Recordings (Persuading the Affluent)
  • Dark Side I
  • Dark Side II
  • Unconscious Persuasion 7 DVD’s (via download)
  • Persuasion in 30 Days (Your Free Course)

MaxPersuasion 2007 3 Day Seminar Recordings (Persuading the Affluent)

This was a 3 day seminar that participants paid $2,997 to attend. You will receive all 3 days of recordings, transcripts and workbooks.

After you listen and learn this material you will be part of an elite group of persuaders that has to power to influence at will (and not just the affluent). You will also understand why Kenrick is world renowned for being able to install the skills and strategies that he teaches right into your behavior.

This seminar was so powerful that Jay Abraham said,”Mr. Cleveland holds the key to sales success undreamed of by most sales people“.

One of the best things about this course was the people who attended it. The questions that were asked allowed me to give sophisticated strategies and real life situations that inspired me with blazingly powerful language that you simply won’t want to miss.

Here are just a few of the skills and strategies you will learn:

  • Discover the importance of visual acuity for gaining rapport and how to enhance your powers of visual acuity, allowing you to easily gain rapport with anyone.
  • Learn the secret to gaining rapport instantly with over 95% of the people you come in-contact with. Forget about having to match and mirror for minutes..when you know this technique gaining rapport happens in a blink of an eye.
  • Finally find out all the tricks and techniques that will allow you to put to bed any confusions you ever had about gaining rapport…especially if you are afraid of getting “caught” while matching and mirroring.
  • Learn the one thing that you can use to bypass the conscious mind causing your message to instantly sink-into the subconscious…and you been using this technique all your life and just didn’t know the true power of it!
  • Discover your “Hero’s Journey” and how to use it to not create millions at the box office, but as a powerful persuasion weapon in your arsenal.
  • What is “criteria” and why knowing it will boost all your persuasion abilities? Learning this one simple technique will put you on your way to becoming a master persuader and fast.
  • Discover how easy it is to elicit anyone’s criteria..if you sell for a living then this one technique will change your life forever, not to mention your bank account.
  • Ever wanted to learn how to add to someones beliefs? Learn how to leverage criteria to instantly reshape someones beliefs – wouldn’t that come in handy in a sales situation or everyday life?
  • Become aware of the 18 most powerful words of to use them effortlessly in your language to bypass all resistance of the conscious mind.
  • Finally learning the power of using presuppositions in language is explained in a way that will allow you to understand it’s true power…and use it instantly!

Here are just a few comments from people who attended the seminar.

I had used the principles in Kenrick’s Maximum Persuasion for my sales staff. The added dimension of unconscious selling caused my sales to skyrocket.
Jim Van Wyck – Edmonton, Alberta.

Once my staff began using Kenrick’s Criteria Model in sales, we went from a $1 million dollar business to $7 million in just two years. The training paid off for each of my staff members at incredible rates.
D. Stewart, New York

The most powerful sales course I have ever taken. Not only will your selling skills multiply and your sales skyrocket, your life will be forever altered in the best possible way: a life of confidence, rapport and fulfillment.
John Ocwieja, financial advisor, Chicago, IL

Wow! The personal experience of this workshop was extraordinary! This will be life changing. The success potential of this training is immeasurable! Thank you so much.
Gary Goldberg, President, Financial & Tax Strategies Inc. St Louis

This is the ONLY way to get hold of the 2007 Maximum Persuasion Seminar. So, for all of you who have been asking, the time to act is now.

You will get instant access to Module 1 when you sign-up today for your trial and a new module will follow every other week (6 modules in total).

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