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Mind Bending Language Roundtable Training

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“An Ultra-Rare Opportunity To ‘Get Inside A Master Hypnotist’s Head’

And Really Understand The Thinking Process I Go Through When I’m DoingFree-Flowing Mind Bending Language…

To date this has only been available to my mastermind group members who paid a $15,000 enrollment fee to join; and some high-calibre invite only guests…

September 22, 2016

From: Igor Ledochowski

I’ve got something brand new that’s very special.

To be honest with you, I’ve hesitated over releasing it to a wider audience.

That’s because what I have been holding onto is ADVANCED STUFF.

Maybe even a bit too advanced for most people subscribed to the Hypnosis Training Academy.

Don’t get me wrong – you don’t need a super-human brain to understand it.

Not at all.

But what I have does require an unusually enquiring mind… along with an almost obsessive “thirst” for the DEEPEST level of insight into the spearhead hypnosis skill that is mind bending language.

In other words:

And that may rule you out right off the bat.

Sorry if that’s the case.

Like I said, this is not going to be for everybody.

It’s not even going to be for many of the people subscribed to the Hypnosis Training Academy.

Who it is for is for people already fairly well versed in mind bending language. More than that though… it’s for…


That’s right.


Granted, if you’ve already shown an interest in mind bending language it’s fairly likely you’re also a thinker.

Thinkers tend to gravitate to mind bending language. They recognize the linguistic artistry of it. It appeals to their intellectualsupremacy.

Therefore, if you’ve in any way delved fairly seriously into mind bending language before (and, preferably have some experience of using it in your own life)… I guess you could say… this message is talking to you.

That’s because it’s about accessing the video training of my Mind Bending Language Roundtable Program – which reveals for the first time…

The “Thinking Matrix” Behind My Mastery Of Mind Bending Language

The “thinking matrix” is the unique way I think about and mentally process what is going on, moment-to-moment in a mind bending language conversation.

My “thinking matrix” (my personal way of thinkingdrives everything I DO in a mind bending language interaction with another person.

In fact:

More than anything else (more that the techniques and principles) it is my unique way of THINKING that gives me such a “natural ability” for using mind bending language in such an inspired and instinctive way.

So, although getting DEEP into my unique way of thinking when using mind bending language is advanced stuff – it’s ALSO fundamental to your supremacy as a mind bending language practitioner; as I’ll come onto in just a moment.

But first…

little background as to how my Mind Bending Language Roundtable training came about:

As you may, or may not know, I facilitated a high-level Hypnosis Mastermind Program – providing intensive coaching and training for people interested in enhancing their lives through the use of my hypnosis methodologies (including, of course, my applied conversational hypnosis techniques and my applied mind bending language techniques).

That Hypnosis Mastermind Program was priced much higher than most of my trainings.

It required a $15,000 investment from each of the enrollees.

As you can imagine the enrollees were high calibre people with serious motivations and aspirations.

They included: a medical doctor… a high-level corporate executive… the owner of a high-tech engineering business… a university professor… a financial guru… and… of course… practicing hypnotherapists. In other words, the enrolees were all what I call…


They were also all at the top (or near the top) of their respective professions and industries.

Anyway, here’s the real point:

When you work intensively over a period of time with the calibre of people (of thinkers!) who made up the enrollees of my Hypnosis Mastermind Program – you get an opportunity to really “push the envelope” on certain aspects of applied-hypnosis.

That was certainly the case with Mind Bending Language.

Perhaps more than any other aspect of applied-hypnosis covered throughout the Hypnosis Mastermind Program, it was mind bending language that enrollees really wanted to “deep dive” into.

They wanted to go beyond mind bending language techniques.

They wanted to push on further than mind bending language examples.

They weren’t even satisfied (ultimately) with mind bending language demonstrations and point-by-point dissections of the demos.

Of course, they did get a lot out of all the techniques, examples, demonstrations and point-by-point dissections covered at various points throughout the mastermind experience.

But remember those enrollees were all thinkers. Very high calibre thinkers. Top of their profession thinkers.

And there’s nothing a thinker wants to know more than how another thinker at the top of their game… THINKS!

Hence, the enrollees on my $15,000 per head Hypnosis Mastermind Program really (really!) wanted to know how I think when I am in the Mind Bending Language “zone”.

They really wanted to examine very closely the “thinking matrix” I have locked-away inside my head when using mind bending language.

So, long story short:

So the Hypnosis Mastermind Program enrollees and I decided to get together for an exclusive one-off day where we really explored and delved into…

The Thinking Behind My “Seemingly Effortless” Use Of Mind Bending Language

The exclusive one-off gathering (consisting of just me, some mastermind enrollees and a few other invitation only guests) was most definitely NOT my usual live training experience.

It was more an advanced think-tank and deep-dive exploration of my own “thinking matrix” when I am in action using mind bending language. Again, this one-off gathering was informally called:

The Mind Bending Language Roundtable

And it’s access to the video recording of the Mind Bending Language Roundtable that I’m writing to you about and offering you today.

This is THE same video recording of the private gathering that was only open to enrollees of my $15,000 per head mastermind enrollees and a few other invitation only guests.

It has NEVER been released before.

And maybe never will be again.

So this is like the day a new Panda is born – it’s a BIG, BIG, DEAL.

Especially since it gives you access to something you wouldn’t ordinarily ever get a chance to access.

So what exactly is the BIG DEAL about having “fly-on-the-wall” access to what happened and what was privately divulged at my Mind Bending Language Roundtable anyway?


You can think of the Mind Bending Language Roundtable as your rare chance to delve into the DEEPER “inner workings” of mind bending language and it’s practical application in a way that’s never been done before!

More than that though, the Mind Bending Language Roundtable training offers you that ultra-rare opportunity to take a…

Sneak Peek Into My Unique Thinking (My “Thinking Matrix”) When I’m Actually Doing Mind Bending Language

Which, really, is valuable beyond assessment.

After all, when I’m using mind bending language (or any type of hypnosis for that matter) it is “my thinking matrix” that drivesthe hypnosis techniques and moment-to-moment decisions I make when interacting with a person or paying client.

Likewise, when you get to “see into” what I’m doing (or not doing!) moment-to-moment with mind bending language – you will naturally start to model my thinking and you will find yourself more instinctively making the right mind bending language “moves” as your conversations and interactions unfold with another person.

Model My Thinking And You Can Get My Results

It’s the way I think that holds much of the power when I’m doing mind bending language.

Sure the techniques and principles are very, very important. Of course they are.

But it’s the thinking the goes on behind the techniques and principles that ultimately drives the results from the techniques and principles.

Likewise, when your thinking is “in-sync” with the way I think – you’ll find that you too will naturally express yourself in a mind bending language way.

And you won’t have to consciously think so much about the techniques and principals of mind-bending language; allowing your words to flow more naturally.

Here’s a quick analogy that will help you to understand how IMPORTANT – how FUNDAMENTAL – having the right thinking processes has on your results:

I’m going to use the game of chess as the analogy…

In the game of chess, each player is restricted by the 64 squares on a chess board.

Each chess player also always starts with 16 chess pieces.

Now, assuming you know the rules of how chess is played, you should be just as good as any other chess player in the world, right?

Certainly (if you know the rules of chess) you should be equally as good as a chess grandmaster like, say, Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Botvinnik, or any other chess grandmaster for that matter, right?

Obviously, you know that is not true.

And WHY is it not true?

There is the matter of time spent playing chess, of course.

But not everyone who plays a lot of chess becomes really good at chess. Why not?

The answer is obvious when you stop to think about it. It’s because not everyone thinks about – mentally processes — the game of chess (or more specifically their strategy of playing the game of chess) in the same way.

Therefore we can conclude:

The BIGGEST difference between an okay player of chess and a chess grandmaster…

Is The Person’s Ability To Think AndStrategize Their Moves In Real Time Based Upon All The Unique Variables In Front Of Them


The same holds true for mind bending language.

And that’s ultimately what access to the Mind Bending Language Roundtable training gives you…

  • It allows you a rare insight into how I think and strategize my mind bending language “moves” in real time based upon all the unique variables (i.e., individual person, location, context, issue being discussed etc) in front of me.
  • You’ll also get insight into how I intuitively trust myself to respond in the best way right when I’m in the “thick” of a mind bending language conversation.
  • You’ll get insight into the assumptions I have about mind bending language and the whole human-to-human dynamic when I’m using mind bending language.
  • You’ll also get insight into the core beliefs I have about my value and purpose in the context of a mind bending language interaction with another person.

All in all, you get a distinct “feel” (and an: ah! I see! I get it! experience) for how I effectively think about mind bending language…

So The Expression Of Mind Bending Language Becomes Rather Effortless

This is what you will “absorb” from going through my new Mind Bending Language Roundtable training.

You will naturally start to model my thinking patterns and YOU TOO will be able to effectively think about mind bending language — and your expression of mind bending language will, by extension, become rather effortless.

Yes, rather effortless for you.

You’ll no longer get “stuck in your head.”

And you will start doing mind bending language in a more intuitive and inspired way just like I learned to do.

This Is The Secret To Doing Seemingly Effortless Mind Bending Language

And just so you know:

The thinking part (the mental processing I go through) when using mind bending language is not that difficult.

Nowhere near as difficult as all the thinking and strategizing that goes into playing chess, as example.

Instead — (and as you will see from watching the video recording of the Mind Bending Language Roundtable) — a big “secret” to fine-tuning your mind bending language thinking is to…

S-l-o-w Down Your Mental Processing

By slowing down your mental processing you will be able to think and respond with more clarity… and that allows for fastermore decisive mind bending language applications in real life situations.

In fact I have a saying: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

And that is especially true when it comes to the thinking that goes on in your mind when you are using mind bending language.

Get Mind Bending Language Roundtable Training – Igor Ledochowski, only price $49

Here’s something else that’s interesting:

When your mind bending language thinking is “in sync” and finely-tuned and calibrated… you will naturally find yourself taking on and being comfortable with the IDENTITY of a mind bending language master.

It’s almost like a switch gets flipped!

Suddenly mind bending language goes from…

Something You Do… To… Someone You Are

And THAT, as they say, makes all the difference!

That’s when mind bending language becomes EASY.





And your results you get with it go off the charts.

It’s exciting when THAT happens.

And it WILL happen to you once you have your thinking fine-tuned and calibrated through the process of watching and absorbing the rare insights divulged in the Mind Bending Language Roundtable training.

Then there’s the “added benefit” you get:

When your thinking is in-sync and finely-tuned and calibrated as a mind bending language master…

…you will find that you have HEIGHTENED AWARENESS of human dynamics and GREATER SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE in ALL your personal interactions…

Even When You Are NOT Actively Using Mind Bending Language

That’s an advantage that will always give you a powerful edge in any meeting, conversation or negotiation.

It’s something that will allow you to spot things in human-interactions and human-dynamics that others completely miss.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line:

The Mind Bending Language Roundtable gives you my personal insights and ways of thinking about mind bending language.

You can’t get that anywhere else to the DEPTH it is explored, dispensed and divulged in the Mind Bending Language Roundtable recording.

I’ve never shared anything this DEEP before about my “mental framework” (my “thinking matrix”) that makes me so successful and intuitive at using mind bending language.

The Mind Bending Language Roundtable gathering was a totally one-off event.

Remember: It was only attended by a handful of people from my $15,000 Hypnosis Mastermind Program and a few invitation only guests.

So, in a very real way, having access to my Mind Bending Language Roundtable will be like…

Sitting In On A Secret “Closed-Door” Think-Tank Meeting That’s Normally Only Accessible To A Privileged Few

Get Mind Bending Language Roundtable Training – Igor Ledochowski, only price $49

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