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How to Build a Cult Following and Create a Multiple 6-Figure Income Using Low-End and Largely Automated Info Products, Online Courses, and Membership Sites!

I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and going deep into the strategy and detailed specifics of how I first created my online empire; a HIGH multiple 6-figure empire which I was then able to use to springboard to 7-figures and beyond; to where I am now.

The ‘rules’ of online marketing say that if you want to make SERIOUS money you need to be selling high-end, and plenty of it.

Discovery calls, lots of 1:1 coaching, lots of 1:1 EVERYTHING.

I love high-end client work with my VERY select small group of clients, but the truth is I never wanted to build a business based around coaching.

And, I didn’t.

Between 2007 and 2009 I blogged online for free (and made a lot of INDIRECT income as a result, as my offer was in person coaching at the time), and didn’t sell anything online.

Between 2010 and 2012 I built my first online business to HIGH multiple 6-figures with not a single.fucking.product. that cost over $99.

$99 was my HIGHEST price point.
I built this business to over 35k a MONTH.
I was a BRAND NEW MUM at the time and also still working in person with clients.
I spent about 20 hours a week – all the spare time I could muster – building my online biz and ‘info product’ empire.

Nobody TOLD me you can’t make money with low-end products.

Nobody TOLD me the way is to spend all day every day on the phone.

Nobody even TOLD me about having a sales page or a sales ‘system!’

Heck, I wasn’t even using FACEBOOK ADS!

I would whack an E-JUNKIE link up on Facebook, put a link to my stuff in a blog, run the odd VERY DIY rough and ready webinar here and there, and, well, people just bought.

Of course it wasn’t quite THAT simple, but to be honest it felt it at the time.

Looking back, my secret is clear.

I know how to build a CULT following.
I know how to be a CONTENT MACHINE and leverage my creation and time massively.
I know how to produce CONTENT THAT SELLS.
And I know how to get people to take massive.fucking.action.

All of which NATURALLY resulted in me creating a multiple 6-figure ‘info product and low-end membership site’ business, way back before a single business-in-a-box-dot-all-the-i’s RULEBOOK ever existed.

I didn’t even have a pretty WEBSITE!

Now, for the first time, after it being REQUESTED and me realising why the FUCK have I never spoken about this when it is SUCH POWERFUL INFORMATION, I want to share with you exactly how I did that and exactly how you TOO can create multiple streams of revenue using LOW-END and SIMPLE to produce and sell information products, membership sites, and online courses.

How you can leverage the knowledge already in you, launch before you’re ready, build a cult following of people ready to LEAP to your command.

And how you can do it all in such a way that you are able to AUTOMATE as you go, so that you not only (after this workshop) will know how to create an extra 30, 40, 100k AT WILL but so that you can also increase your monthly RECURRING revenue bottom line.

DON’T KEEP READING THOUGH … if the way you wanna make all your money is hand over fist and ONLY doing high ticket.

There’s a lot of nose-turning-up at lower end stuff.
A LOT of marketers insist that the big bucks are all about the big ticket.


I like to have my fingers in ALL the pies, I’m a creator at heart and don’t plan on slowing down! But I can tell you I fucking LOVE selling low-end.

I’m able to OVER DELIVER MASSIVELY to my community.
I’m able to EASILY build a large following (which has always been what I wanted and feel called for!)
I’m able to AUTOMATE tens of thousands of dollars a month of RECURRING INCOME.
I’m able to create to my hearts content!!
I’m able to do it all REALLY fucking quickly and simply because I get out of my own way about making it perfect or following the rules … I was doing all this stuff long before I knew there WERE rules and I can tell you that MOST IF NOT ALL THE RULES ARE A MADE UP WASTE OF TIME!!

So if all of that sounds like it’s up YOUR alley …

And you’d like to add an extra 10, 20, 30k or more a MONTH to your RECURRING bottom line …


And build a KICKASS community who will not only buy from you QUICKLY, but buy again –

And again –


And also refer all their friends and tag you on shit DAILY because you over deliver SO MUCH VALUE –

And a percentage of whom will AUTOMATICALLY self-select up into your higher-level VIP stuff, meaning you actually will NEVER HAVE TO DO DISCOVERY CALLS AGAIN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO (I don’t EVER do them, I’m too busy writing speaking creeating, yet my 1:1 business is solid anytime I want clients …!)


4 hours of training, DETAILED specifics, worksheets and handouts, a FOLLOW up overview and breakdown, plus LOADS more.


How to Build a Cult Following and Create a Multiple 6-Figure Income Using Low-End and Largely Automated Info Products, Online Courses, Membership Sites

YOU supply the wine or coffee.

I’ll bring the rest.

You Will Learn:

  • The ins and outs of a low-end product suite, how and why, where to start, and how to tie it in with higher end offers
  • How to QUICKLY grow a cult following of eager customers who want to buy now, repeat buy, and then KEEP BUYING and REFERRING THEIR FRIENDS
  • How to be a CONTENT MACHINE on as little as an hour a day, dominate your niche, and build a KILLER foundation for cult tribe growth and hungry buyers who love your work!
  • Pricing, how to price RIGHT so people buy
  • How to pre-launch to build MASSIVE anticipation and immediate response
  • How to create your course, program, or offer
  • How to SIMPLY and QUICKLY put together a sales post or page that is a HELL YES NO FUCKING BRAINER offer
  • How to RUN THE LAUNCH RACE without even really REALISING you’re launching (honestly this whole ‘I’m launching and it’s like having a baby thing and now I have to pass out for 2 weeks because OMG I just LAUNCHED thing’ … don’t even get me started. I launch every week and twice on Sundays  … it’s a piece of cake. MAKE MONEY AT WILL!
  • WHAT TO EVEN SELL: how to KNOW your offers are gonna go like hotcakes
  • 20 different option for online low-end products and programs, with a freaking BREAKDOWN for each of how to put it together using my Product Creation Planner
  • Leveraging social media in a way that feels fun and easy and results in DAILY SALES
  • How to create a base of at least 10k a month of RECURRING monthly revenue

And how to NATURALLY elevate a percentage of your LOW-END tribe into your HIGH-ticket offers, so you have a steady stream of high-end clients and ‘big sales’ and never have to do another strategy session again!

When You IMPLEMENT What You Learn, You Can Expect:

  • To grow your tribe QUICKLY, organically and easily – with or without much ad spend!
  • To go from idea to LAUNCH in a matter of weeks, or even days or ONE day if you so choose
  • To create RECURRING monthly income so you can make money while you sleep and whether or not you choose to do live coaching
  • MORE money in less time so you can USE your spare time creating more, writing more, growing more, doing more of what you LOVE
  • Simple hustle, launch, sales, lead gen and marketing strategies that rely simply on YOU BEING YOU and communicating in a natural and fun way with your audience
  • NO MORE pricing anxiety
  • Your next 20 offers MAPPED OUT and ready to ROLL out with my quick Product Creation Planner
  • A sense of excitement, motivation, fun and empowerment from actually taking OWNERSHIP of your money situation and doing what you love
  • A powerful freaking low-end business you can scale into the multiple 6-figures and even springboard into 7-figures and beyond like I have!

Who is This For and Not For

Pretty fucking simple, I’d say!!

It’s for anyone who wants to make serious money selling low-end!!

Aka: you are a high level creator, you want a BIG following, you love the idea of automated recurring income, you may or may not want to do high-ticket stuff but you don’t want to HAVE to do it and you sure as shit don’t feel that personal branding, messaging or BUSINESS should be about sitting on the phone all day! You were born to LEAD A REVOLUTION … start a COMMUNITY … make a fuckload of money by creating awesome stuff which can be sold over – and over – and over – again!

If that’s you then GET ON THIS NOW, as the bonuses WILL sell out!

AND I’ll Be Covering, By Special Request of My COMMUNITY (that’s you!!)

  • A practical READY TO USE step-by-step approach to putting it all together
  • How to simplify and best pre-qualify the course or product that we wish to create; how to know how to launch or is a launch even needed and what will SELL
  • How robust and content packed to make your lower end products versus your higher end.
  • How much of your time to devote to low end and free content vs time for high end
  • Which systems and “tech” I use for automation and putting it all together
  • Getting started with membership sites

Make no mistake:

You CAN make money doing what you love.
A FUCKload of money.
And have a POWERFUL impact with your message.

You need to acknowledge that the stuff inside of you is for real.

And then do the fucking work.

I’d love to show you how YOU TOO can finally create consistent and recurring income by creating simple low-end offering, attracting more of the RIGHT clients to easily and readily buy them, and then guiding people through an automatic ONGOING SALES PROCESS so they keep spending with you, your monthly BASELINE just keeps growing, and you funnel naturally and effortlessly into your higher end offers as you build your brand, make your millions, and change the world!


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