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NLP Language Guru – Michael Breen

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At Last One Of The World's Foremost NLP Experts Reveals His Secret Blueprint & Toolkit For Masterfully Using The NLP Meta Model

So You Can…

Conversationally Eliminate Client's Problems, Transform Limitations, Create Lasting Change… Quickly, Easily And Entirely RISK FREE…

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could transform friends, family and clients limitations in a fraction of the time they had been struggling with that very same problem?

… have you ever wished you were so good with the language side of NLP that people frequently thought you MUST be a mind reader because you seem to know things that they never shared?

would you like to have the exquisite ability to "connect up the dots" and deliver penetrating insights on topics that previously you know very little about?

… do you wish to be the go to guy or girl?… that unique person whose insights and perspective is always in demand… where clients and family seek you out to help them find previously undiscovered solutions to seemingly daunting problems…

would you like to become really good with two of NLP's most powerful language and thinking models?

… have you ever wanted to know really well the ONE framework that every master trainer and highly paid consultant who uses NLP professionally to create great results for their clients uses?

Well the good news is, this person can be you.

The key is to get really good with two powerhouse models of NLP…

The first you may have heard of, perhaps even studied before it is called the Meta Model – and expert use with it lies at the heart of skillful work with NLP.

The second model is the a closely guarded framework that has never been written about in any book on NLP, but is known by many as the "Swiss army knife" tool for working with language and NLP. It's called the Framing Tool.

In this exclusive home study program you will learn both.

Let's first take a look at the Meta Model… a tool so powerful that Richard Bandler once said…

“Why Mastering The Meta Model Is One Of The Most Useful Skills You Can Ever Learn In The WHOLE of NLP”

Becoming really skillful with the NLP Meta Model lies at the heart of becoming really good with NLP. It is used extensively by every really good trainer and practitioner of NLP to get to results fast.

In fact if there is one tool that supersedes just about all the rest, in terms of immediate real world advantage and ease of use then the Meta Model would have to be it.

When you know the Meta Model really well, it can accelerate your skills with the rest of the technology such as mastering Strategies, Slight of Mouth, Sub-modalities and a whole lot more.

Yet the unfortunate TRUTH is many people who learn NLP rarely develop great skill with the Meta Model.

Yet when you learn the two EXPERT models thoughts in this training program you can rapidly get to the heart of your client's issue and have the tools to transform seemingly stuck problems quickly.

When you are working on making changes for yourself or helping others you will always have one of the most powerful tools ever created to cut through limitations, mis-perceptions and limiting beliefs AND best of all you will be able to do this entirely conversationally.

Yet the Meta Model has many, many uses.

Such as:

  • Being an excellent tool for persuasion and influence
  • Helping you quickly transform people's maps and models about any context (not just therapeutic ones)
  • Becoming an expert planner and problem solver
  • Become a better consultant and communicator
  • Be an expert coach, manager, analyst, hypnotist, parent
  • Eliciting high quality information (for engineering contexts for example or anywhere else where clear communication and the avoidance of ms-understandings is a must)
  • Doing trance work (yes you heard that correctly)
  • Changing beliefs
  • Installing strategies
  • Interrupting, changing and amplifying states
  • Become an expert trainer and facilitator
  • Designing and planning a new business venture
  • Using it as a tool for spiritual development
  • Become your own guru, change agent, expert
  • Etc. etc.

The list is potentially endless.

Yet the sad situation is most people simply don't know. But it doesn't need to be that way…

That is why I say that really mastering the Meta Model is one of the most rewarding and useful skills you can learn from the entire domain of NLP no matter what you do or aspire to be in your life.

The application of the two tools you will learn in this program is nearly endless.

Yet very few students who learn the Meta Model are aware or use the Meta Model in such a wide variety of contexts and applications.

This raises a good question…

“Just Why Do So Many Students Fail To Get Great Results?”

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have studied the Meta Model, yet not everyone gets great results. Why?

Here are the three most common pitfalls you need to know about.

Get NLP Language Guru – Michael Breen, Only Price 49$

1. Using Outdated Knowledge

Although the Meta Model was first detailed in 1975 in "The Structure of Magic Volume 1" – the book is primarily designed to teach you a tool for how to become a more effective therapist, circa 1970's.

The book is not about how Richard Bandler and a few elite NLP trainers use it today.

Yet unfortunately many training courses, NLP books and authors are teaching the Meta Model in the same stimulus-response way as outlined in the original text.

So we have stimulus-response type interactions like:

  • Client"Life sucks!"
  • NLPer"How specifically does your life suck?"
  • Client"You know its just that everything is dark and gloomy."
  • NLPer"How specifically is it dark and gloomy?"

You get the idea… it is annoying, it's boring and 25 minutes later both client and (inexperienced) NLPer are feeling depressed! And the well intended practitioner is left scratching his head.

If you have learned the Meta Model already – do you still use it in this way?

Do you really want to only know how to use it in therapeutic contexts or would you like to be able to use it anywhere in your business and personal life?

But here is the hitch… only a few NLP trainers teaching today have the insight and expertise with the Meta Model to teach you how to use it really well.

When you learn what is taught in this training you will be using up to date knowledge and strategies based on decades of experience by one of the worlds foremost experts on the Meta Model.

2. Don't Have Any Explicit & Useful Strategy

The second biggest trap that many people have shared that they have fallen into is when trying to penetrate the Meta Model, whether from books circa 1970s or the more recent publications, is that for the most part there is no strategy given telling you how to know what questions to ask.

Yet all the great NLP trainers, like Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Michael Breen and others have an expert strategy they use when the apply the Meta Model. Wouldn't it be nice to know what that is?

Without an explicit strategy, a way of organizing and using this powerful Meta Model all any student will be able to do is shoot back pre-packaged questions but have no idea of:

… where that line of questioning is going?

… how does the model work?

and what framework I can use to drive it forward

And too many students fall into this trap.

3. Fail To Map It To Beyond Therapeutic Contexts

The third big trap that many students fall into is they don't know how to use the Meta Model in contexts outside of therapeutic environments. Which is a BIG problem if you aren't making your living as a therapist!

So they are stuck thinking that you can only use in in therapeutic contexts.

This happens because if the main way you learned the Meta Model was just in a training room and don't see any other contexts then your brain, can have difficultly mapping that same tool/technology into OTHER contexts.

Essentially many NLPers have a form of brain-lock.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way…

“Discover The SYSTEM For RAPID Results”

For decades many NLP trainers were re-producing effectively much of the same stimulus-response type format to using the Meta Model that was outlined in Structure of Magic Volume 1. Essentially it looked and sounded the same and almost everyone was teaching it as a therapeutic tool and doing little else.

Of course Richard and John (Grinder) were refining and developing their own views on how to enhance the Meta Model, but it wasn't until the late 90's that a new face came on the NLP scene to articulate and design a new framework to work with the Meta Model to create brilliant results…

His name is Michael Breen, a twenty five year veteran of NLP and now a renowned master trainer who has developed special recognition by his peers for his mastery with the Meta Model.

For decades Michael has been refining and enhancing how to use the Meta Model for NON THEARPUTIC CONTEXTS to get magical results.

It all started out after Michael began training with Richard Bandler back in the mid 90's.

Here is how Michael describes it:

"In 1994, I took my first training with Richard Bandler. And it was a bit of a shock, aside from Richard's unique personality, his use of language was substantially different from any of the other people who were around in the early days of NLP. And more than that, he seemed to be getting much better results, much more quickly…. I noticed that he was asking the wrong questions from the point of view of the old style of working with the meta model. 

I started asking Richard some really dumb questions and Richard very kindly gave me some answers and gave me some references and told me some things to do. And as I started to explore and ask questions, what became apparent was that the way that I had been taught to use the meta model was not the way that one uses the meta model in order to get results."

Michael went on to explore exactly how Richard was using the Meta Model to get really good results fast and helped train over 25,000 students while he co-trained with Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul Mckenna for over a decade. Together it became the largest NLP training company in the world.

Michael then took NLP in to the business environment and co-ran one of the most successful consultant companies in Europe and then went on to create the UK's first Business Practitioner and Master Business Practitioner that Celebrity Hypnotist Paul McKenna described as:

"There is nothing else like it, anywhere in the NLP world."

But he didn't stop there.

“Learn The Expert Strategies Behind How Dr. Richard Bandler Uses The Meta Model”

After years of working with Richard, Michael codified how Richard uses the Meta Model.

He captured the major distinctions in how to use the Meta Model expertly in any context and the good news is, he has now made it available for you to learn inside this program.

Michael has gone to great length to capture:

  • The exact blueprint that people like Richard and Michael use when helping their clients get really good results
  • How to transform limitations with ease, while having your clients feel like doing so was the most natural feeling in the world
  • How to calibrate to a person's map/model quickly so you can zero in on what is keeping them stuck and what needs to change
  • How to feel confident that you can get great resultsquickly for your clients, friends and family
  • How to use the Meta Model to penetrate deeply inside someone's mind and help connect up ideas in unique and compelling ways that leads to your clients taking action

The process he first described in the original version of this program ("Meta Model the complete series") has quickly become the go-to guide for learning every key aspect of the Meta Model.

Renowned NLP Master Trainer Eric Robbie says it is

"first rate, as it concentrates on … how Richard Bandler uses it, to explore language and beliefs rather than just gather information."

The original series focused on the Meta Model primarily.

This new and expanded edition adds for the first time ever hours of additional material on Michael secret "Consultants Framework" – it's called the Framing Tool and lies at the heart of how to take your skills with NLP to a whole new level.

“Master The Secret Consultants Framework For Becoming An Expert Coach, Consultant & Problem Solver”

Michael calls it "The Framing Tool". You will call it the best tool you have learned perhaps since learning NLP.

It works amazingly well with The Meta Model and was specially created by Michael to help students and fellow consultants quickly calibrate to the client's "Frame of Reference" and to to systematically think through the presenting problem to create viable solutions.

It's not available in any books, it is not taught by anyone else or available on any other NLP training courses.

For over a decade the Framing Tool has been a cornerstone part of the "secret sauce" Michael uses in every engagement, whether he is helping coach a Fortune 500 leader, celebrity, design world class trainings, model brilliant exemplars or assist a troubled client who is stuck with an insurmountable problem.

It is the same tool he has been paid high fees to teach leading consultants and business professionals. And up until now it has never been released in a video training product.

The Framing Tool fills the gap of helping you quickly and rapidly identify:

  • Are you solving the right issue?
  • What really is at the root of the client's problem?
  • Will the solution you propose meet the clients real requirements?
  • Where is the leverage point for creating change conversationally and fast?
  • How can I ask "killer questions" that completely change how the client is holding the problem state?
  • How can I know what Meta Model patterns will likely have the biggest impact on my client?
  • How the client is organizing their world and what ideas haven't they yet considered that could be key in creating magical results?
  • How can I present ideas and suggestions in a way where they lead the client to taking almost immediate action?
  • And much much more

The Framing Tool is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" every person can benefit from because it teaches you HOW TO THINK really well and systematically, so you can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot through tough problems.

Combine these two – The Meta Model and Michael's Framing Tool and you have one of the most powerful arsenals for thinking through any problem, presenting ideas and finding solutions in a way that works.

So when you buy this training you get to enjoy not one but TWO of the most powerful language and thinking tools ever created in NLP, but for the price of 1!

Get NLP Language Guru – Michael Breen, Only Price 49$

What You Get Inside This ULTIMATE Meta Model Home Study Course…

OK, so lets talk about exactly what you get inside this ULTIMATE home study Meta Model course

First off, it is important to realise that this training is complete step-by-step program on how to become really good with using Meta Model to create genuinely magical results, in just about any context.

WARNING: If you are look for a therapeutic version and application of the Meta Model – THIS ISN'T IT!

This unique and updated version of the original Meta Model series is designed for learning how to use the Meta Model and Framing Tool in real life everyday contexts. We have added several hours of new content in addition to including the original Complete DVD series of content.

The Framing Tool combined with the Meta Model is like putting your skills and knowledge of how to work with language and people on steroids. The kind that help build muscle fast and helps you figure out exactly what question to ask.

So lets have a look at what is included in this unique training program…

Discover The Major Patterns Of The Meta Model & How They Are Expertly Organized

Module 1 is called the Big View, because it lays the foundation for everything else you need to know about the Meta Model.

You won't be learning about outdated therapeutic ways of thinking and using the Meta Model, rather Michael is going to teach you exactly how to organize and think about the Meta Model so that you can quickly penetrate beyond stimulus-response approach common in NLP. How to use this powerful tool anywhere.

You will:

  • Learn the most up to date structure and hierarchy of the Meta Model as used by Michael that is the platform from which you will be able to get such good results with the technology
  • Learn the most up to date structure and hierarchy of the Meta Model as used by Michael that is the platform from which you will be able to get such good results with the technology
  • Discover the strategy that Michael patterned from Richard Bandler who was asking the "wrong questions"… yet getting amazing results
  • Discover how to apply the Meta Model so you can get truly magical results in any communication context from coaching to change work to persuasion. As shared earlier there is a world of applications and contexts which you can use the Meta Model on.
  • Learn what is at the heart of how you effortlessly change and transform someone' model of the world.
  • Why the way many people teach the Meta Model is NOT the way to get results and will leave you handicapped to simply knowing ONLY stimulus-response style use of the Meta Model
  • Discover the organizing principle behind how Michael and Richard Bandler use the Meta Model that is key to doing great work. This one distinction when applied will immediately transform the results you get and not in any book.
  • Learn the underlying processes that drives how human being experience the world. When you get this big ah-ha idea you will never be stuck wondering what are you trying to do when you are working with the Meta Model.
  • Learn a powerful thinking orientation tool for mapping "on the fly" areas of opportunity for you to land well targeted questions that can instantly open up room for change and transform peoples thinking about the world.
  • Say goodbye to asking questions looking to "fill in the blanks" and learn the masters way to questioning and interacting with clients that is conversational and easy flowing in its approach
  • Find out how to elegantly pick apart perceived limitations and create unseen potential and possibilities for your clients… this is based on the very same thinking processes Michael teaches and uses with his high paying clients
  • Discover the "simplest question", the one question that opens the door to their model of the world and enables you to quickly calibrate to how they are organizing their world. If you don't know how the problem state is operating you have hit or miss change of being able to change it. This ONE question is one of the fastest ways to discovering how a person is organizing their world.
  • Learn the linguistic patterns that are core to how a person motivates themselves and essential to creating feelings of stress, ease, frustration, excitement etc. By helping your clients make a simple change using these words, you can create a 'magic' away previously stuck states and move them to action
  • Develop multiple ways to navigate a clients presenting statement so that you never are stuck for finding multiple ways to shape, influence and remold how they perceive their world. This isn't Jedi Magic but it is pretty close to it!
  • Master the "reality" building block pattern that defines the structure of how a person organises their world and shows you the key leverage points to help the speaker discover new and better ways to think about things. Learn this skill and you can create more choice and freedom for yourself and your clients lives
  • Learn how the brain can misrepresent and organises processes in the world that unchallenged can keep a person unknowingly stuck and unable to find a meaningful solution yet with one powerful question you can help guide them back to seeing a solution…
  • Learn about the 13 major patterns of the Meta Model, not just what they are, but their relationship to each other and how they work to create a very powerful tool for information gathering, influencing and transforming a person's representations of the world. Most resources on the Meta Model treat them as separate and isolated patterns but you will know how they all connect
  • Step inside the three primary classes of predicates – the so called qualitative aspects of language and how mastery of these can enable you to dramatically influence precisely how a person represents what you express
  • Hear gems of wisdom from Michael on how to put what you have just learned into practice

In addition to this professionally recorded 60 minute video training you will also receive:

Exclusive reports and assignments targeting:

  • What it actually takes to master the Meta Model
  • A 10 point strategy for ensuring you are following a highly effective strategy for working with the Meta Model
  • The Meta Model "flight check" self-diagnostic process for ensuring you are consistently on target
  • A proven process to get really good with the lower layers of the Meta Model
  • Also receive your very own custom high quality Meta Model wallpapers in 4 different sizes and two different styles so you can imprint the structure on your mind. Print for cool poster or save as desktop wallpaper.

This training is jam packed of immediately usable and useful distinctions and powerful ways of using the Meta Model to get magical results.

With the foundations firmly at your back we dive into…

See & Hear The Major Patterns In Everyday Interactions SO You Can Do Them Too

Once you have a firm grip on the key patterns of the Meta Model and how they work together you are going to have a opportunity to put what you have learned immediately into practice. So we have created some cool assignments for you.

In "Everyday Examples" you will:

  • Learn the meta pattern for what it takes to get good with the Meta Model
  • You will complete three fun assignments based on analysing public video of
  • A group dialogue on a popular TV show
  • A heated exchange between two well known celebrities in an interview gone wrong…
  • A hot exchange between a well known atheist and a believer in God, both trying to impress on the other that their view is right and the others wrong!
  • Receive complete Meta Model assignment templates so you can track through each class of linguistic pattern
  • Enjoy sample answers for all assignments so you can compare against your performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • By the time you have completed these cool assignments you will have a very good ear for "Meta Model violations" and will be ready to turn your focus to the next step in this mastery learning process… it's time to zero in on…

The Secret NLP Framework That Will Take Your Results To THE NEXT LEVEL

OK, this is where the rubber really meets the road.

Almost all trainings on the Meta Model just cover the basic stimulus-response patterns of the Meta Model and that's it. It is left up to you to figure out what strategy to use on how to apply them. Not anymore.

In this section you will learn about one of the most secret and powerful NLP thinking tools for working with problems. Michael developed it after years of working and refining how he used the Meta Model while helping his high paying clients solve their most pressing personal, professional, organizational and coaching problems.

The Framing Tool has never before publicly shared in a video product, gives you an expert framework for identifying and mapping the clients "Frame of Reference". This becomes mission critical if you want to be able to do:

  • Elegant work
  • Create the biggest amount of change using the smallest intervention
  • Appear to be "psychic" to friends, family and colleagues
  • Penetrate deeper beyond the immediate problem or solution set and anticipate challenges
  • Create solution sets for your clients that work (and not the obvious things they have already tried but failed to get them to their outcome!)

You may have heard before NLP is the study of subjective experience, yet one of the omissions that most people don't know about is it also refers to "what can be calculated from it".

The Framing Tool is a powerful framework that enables you to do the second part – to calculate what must be present, what can't be present and what must always be present within someone map or model.

Knowing this kind of information, as you will learn will enable you to dramatically transform your effectiveness with the Meta Model.

Inside this LIVE Presentation from a conference in Norway you will learn:

  • The organizing theory that is behind the Framing Tool (a swiss army knife tool of NLP)
  • How conversational hypnosis is not separate from every other type of communication
  • How to create elegant interactions with your clients using Michael's exclusive S.S.C. model
  • Hear about the fascinating story Michael Breen and celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna went through when presenting to Doctor's on "fake" placebos (and what gem of wisdom this holds for all influencers)
  • Where YOU fit into your clients process and why most practitioners get this wrong
  • Learn a means for making it easy for a client to take the desired action
  • Exactly what is the "frame of reference" and how understanding this is essential for finding key leverage points for creating transformation for your clients
  • Learn what is the number 1 thing you want to pay attention to when listening to your clients
  • Discover how we "glue" our experiences together so you can know how to interact and influence a clients model of the world
  • Discover the little known but key dynamic process of specification and abstraction and causal modeling that underpins how people bind their experience… so you can effortlessly track what issue is really driving the clients problem

The Framing Tool is very powerful because in one simple framework you finally have a way to place any utterance anyone says and identify the key frame of reference that informs you how they are binding their experience.

Once you know how they are "structuring" their reality you have an immensely powerful tool to be able to influence, shape and transform it.

No longer will you be "throwing Meta Model questions against a wall and hoping something sticks". You finally will have a very structured and useful way for working with the client's presenting problems.

Discover The Organizing Questions That Can Make Your Seem Psychic!

In lesson 4 we join Michael back in London, as he teaches you the process of how to put the Framing Tool into action so you can quickly ask better questions, killer questions that lead to transformation and change. People may even wonder if you are psychic!

Specifically you will learn:

  • The four organizing questions the drive the framing tool… never before shared in any product… that will allow you to be agile and skilled with your questioning and finding the edge of your clients model… especially valuable when looking to do conversational change
  • How when you know the reference frames a speaker is using gives you the leverage point to know where to change a clients perspective using sometimes just a single question…
  • How to use the Framing Tool to develop your "theory about the person" so you can quality calibrate to the clients model of the world
  • How you use questions to improve your OWN thinking… so you can be more intelligent, smarter and resourceful change and persuasion agent
  • How by shifting your frame of reference and using the Framing Tool in connection with the Meta Model you can shift the client's world view – and in doing so you can transform the "problem" (even seeminglydisappear the problem)
  • 20 page exclusive report detailing how to use several the core Framing Tool questions for enhancing your skill with the Framing Tool to ask "killer questions"
  • 11 page exclusive report called "Going Deeper On The Framing Tool" that teaches you what causal modeing is and the four key classes of cause effectt patterns that bind reality (ever master of NLP knows these) and lie at the heart of creating compelling arguments patterns
  • An 8 page step-by-step report walking you through the key steps and questions to becoming more skillful with the Framing Tool
  • You will also receive several Framing Tool Assignments To Develop Your Skill & Put This Powerful Framework In To Action.

With a core understanding of the Meta Model and Framing Tool under your belt it is time to turn our attention to "deeper applications" of the Meta Model

Delve Deeper Into Several Powerful Applications Of The Meta Model For Use In Everyday Life

"Deeper Applications" is designed to teach you…

  • The real purpose of creating rapport… that has nothing to do with like ability yet is essential to doing effective work
  • What patterns lie at the heart of how to create a compelling argument so that people listen to what you have to say and become open to your suggestions…
  • How to use a combination of truisms and presuppositions elegantly so you can place ideas inside another person's mind with minimum resistance
  • How the choices you make with language can have a profound difference on the experience of your listener
  • How to become good at intentionally using language to effect another person's experience
  • Discover what language patterns lie at the heart of motivating yourself and others
  • Learn elegant use of counter-examples to ensure you frame the problem so it is solvable (this is a key habit of all expert problem solvers and coaches make that novices and less skilled folks don't).
  • How to identify generalisations both overtly and covertly and how to break generalisations quickly and easily
  • How to set the frame of reference in a conversation so that avoid unnecessary "resistance" during one to one and group communications
  • And much more

Get NLP Language Guru – Michael Breen, Only Price 49$

In Depth Video Demonstrations Of Client Sessions

After learning exactly how the Meta Model works and is used by those who are highly skilled with it, Michael takes you into two live Person To Person client interactions.

This is where the "rubber meets the road" and you see Michael use everything he has been teaching you to effortlessly transform limitations and "disappear" problems for two business professionals.

  • The dialogue is completely conversational…
  • The intervention seemingly invisible (to the traditional NLPers eye), fast and lasting
  • You will love the ease at which Michael quickly transform the client's problems
  • You complete this section with an assignment to use and apply what you have learned to track exactly what Michael is doing

Many folks who are welded to the old way of thinking and using the Meta Model are unable to track conversational Meta Model usage in action unless it follows the traditional stimulus-response approach. By the end of this section you will have a firm grip on how to use the Model like true experts do.

But we don't stop there. In Module 7 we provide you with a much deeper understanding of precisely what Michael is doing as he is doing… will be disclosed to you.

Director's Cut Expert Analysis of Client Sessions

Tons of NLPers told us they would LOVE to know exactly what Michael is doing when he is doing it, because it can be difficult to track all the processes and activities at work when an expert is doing great work. So in this final disc you will enjoy TWO expert analyses of both interventions, giving you moment by moment description of what is occurring when.

This will open your eyes to a WHOLE new world of activities that every skilled change agent and practitioner of NLP needs to be doing in addition to using the Meta Model when doing elegant work.

In this training section you will learn:

  • Exactly what Michael is doing as he is doing it
  • How he is using the Meta Model and Framing Tool constantly yet he isn't sticking to standard "Meta Model questions"
  • Learn the key patterns Michael is employing to create seemingly effortless change
  • Observe how Michael is employing everything you have been learning here to get a powerful result, fast
  • Why he doesn't just stick to the Meta Model and Framing Tool when doing intervention work and why you won't want to too
  • And much more

In total you will receive 2:20 of expert step-by-step analysis and instruction on how Michael is employing the Meta Model and Framing Tool to do conversational change.

Quick Review:

This program is the most in depth expert training in how to master the Meta Model and Michael Breen's expert thinking and problem solving tool called The Framing Tool. You will receive over 7.5 hours of rich video training.

The entire program is being delivered digitally via our secure NLP Times Training Portal. This means you will enjoy near instant access to the full training shortly after purchasing today and there is no delay waiting days or weeks for it to arrive or international shipping costs to take care of. Nor do you need to worry about DVD scratches or bad discs.

Everything you have read about here will be DOWNLOADABLE & viewable within the training portal. No materials are being shipped, this is a digital download product.

What This Course Will Do For You

By the time you have gone through this course you will be able to:

  • Ask penetrating questions that quickly transform client's problems
  • Have learned the same strategy that Michael modeled from Richard Bandler in how to expertly use the Meta Model
  • Rapidly calibrate to a person's map/model so you can rapidly help them create a new way of thinking the"disappears" very often their problems
  • Feel confident that you can get top results for your clients, friends, family or loved ones consistently and fast, in multiple environments
  • Have TWO phenomenal models in your toolkit to help you become more persuasive, challenge any argument, influence others
  • Transform limitations with ease and have your clients feel like doing so was the most natural feeling in the world
  • Become a person who can penetrate deeply inside someone's mind and help connect up ideas in unique and compelling ways that leads them to take action automatically
  • Never be stuck for a next question to ask or be limited to "stimulus-response" approach to using the Meta Model that is so widespread today
  • Actually know what you are doing, when you are doing it and not hoping that "something will stick"
  • And much much more

Special Bonuses Worth $599.00

But the value of this program doesn't end there.

In addition to the hours and hours of video training and accompanying content, as a valued customer you will also receive two cool additional bonuses….

First Month Free To Our Elite Monthly NLP Training Program worth $599  (Activation Upon Your Choosing)

If you choose to activate this bonus you can do so from within the bonuses tab within the training portal and enjoy the first month of the Platinum Audio News Club for free. This is a saving of $49 on the first month and you also will enjoy over $599 of special bonuses inside including:When you purchase Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model you will also be entitled to receive issue 1 – called NLP Goals and TOTEs entirely free. However membership in to the club will only occur at your choosing where you decide you want to.

  • 4 hours of expert answers from Michael and some of the most common questions people have on NLP.
  • Expert interviews with John LaValle and Charles Faulkner
  • Exclusive 89 page NLP Modeling report
  • Double hypnotic induction demonstration video with Master Trainers Owen Fitzpatrick and Brian Colbert
  • Over 60+ training videos

How To Know If This Program Is For You…

If you have never learned the Meta Model and want to learn two of the most powerful frameworks available today in NLP, then this is the most extensive, up to date and thoroughly step-by-step training program available anywhere. You will be learning the same expert strategy for using the Meta Model that only a handful of the leading experts in NLP know.

If you have already studied the Meta Model before either through a training or book resource, and you are wondering if this is the right program for you…

Just answer do you…

  • Want to get beyond knowing the theory of the Meta Model and become truly skilled in using it
  • Would like to learn the EXPERT strategy and unique framework for using with the Meta Model that ensure you always know what question to ask and have a clear direction you are working toward…
  • Do you want to learn how to use the Meta Model to get results fast/faster with your clients
  • Do you want to discover how the Meta Model can be used in real life with clients, in business contexts and everyday situations, and finally have a training program that shows you all this in action.
  • Would like to raise your perceived intellectual power up several notches because you know how to penetrate seemingly tough problems, discover leverage points and transform seeming problems.
  • Be able to use the Meta Model, without using any of the 13 standard responses. This is advanced level skillthat you will see Michael demonstrate during the client interventions
  • Would like to become a very skilled problem solver and have an awesome tool for doing so…
  • You want to work with some of the most up to date and latest material on the Meta Model and Framing Tool
  • Add one of the most useful technologies for creating change to your toolbox… whether you are a coach, manager, therapist, parent or hypnotist mastering the Meta Model opens up the doors to a whole new world for creating transformational results
  • Desire to progress in your career, make more money… then mastering the Meta Model is for you because it gives you immediately useable and powerful tools for becoming the kind of asset to your department, manager and clients want to have around them. I've personally used this tool to win contract negotiations and in doing so raised my rates significantly.
  • Have greater confidence, know what makes people "tick" and be able to gracefully help others achieve their goals

Finally if being a great thinker, problem solver, persuader, change agent, influencer is something that is important in the work that you do… then this program is definitely for you.

We believe so much in how powerful this program is that we are offering a sixty day risk-free trial (details below) so you have nothing to stop you from ordering today.

What Is The Investment?

If you're wondering, "How much does it cost to acquire all these career and life changing skills?"

Well I'm pleased to say you investment is TINY comparison to major financial investment and tens of thousands of hours, Michael has paid up front to get these skills. He has personally invested over $150,000.000 in his own training to work with and model the very best.

Thankfully you'll be saved all this time and effort.

Because you will be getting the fruits of all that work, for one great price.

You learn the same core strategy Michael modeled from the Co-Creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.

And enjoying all the enhancements Michael has made from decades of 'in the field' testing and innovating he has done with the technology.

Michael has taught over 20,000 students how to use these two tools to create breakthrough results.

Conservatively if you put a estimate on this investment; the time, the expertise and hard-cash to acquire the 'best of the best' strategies and knowledge shared in this training it would easily total well over six figures…

Attending a live workshop that covers all this material would likely take three days and cost you $697.00.

But today you can learn all these skills for a fraction of that price and from the comfort of your own home!

And get everything for just $297.00.

Which includes everything… all 7 hours of video training, plus the assignments, bonuses etc. I mentioned above.

Many other NLP courses cost much more than this, yet none of them expose you to these frameworks and strategies modeled from the best NLP trainers alive today. Because simply put, other trainers don't have Michael's masterful modeling and NLP skills, haven't worked so closely delivering training with Dr. Bander for ten years… or created so many innovations including Michael's exclusive 'Framing Tool' framework.

That's what you'll be learning in this unique program. The strategies and secrets taught in Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model has been proven for over a decade… used by elite communicators, coaches and people helpers around the globe and leveraged by managers in major multinationals.

But hey, I realise you may still be a little skeptical, so I am going to give you a…

30-Day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

Look, I'm going to take all the pressure off your decision.

Get Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model today entirely risk free.

Put this material to the test… and… if you are not happy for any reason… I'll gladly give you a full refund in the next 30 days. This means you get to test out the entire course, go through the entire program, watch all the videos, listen to the audios, do all of the assignments, pick up every one of the insights and powerful strategies Michael, shares entirely risk free.

I can make this guarantee because I know that this course delivers… strategies and material that you can't find anywhere else. It really works. The distinctions Michael shares takes your coaching, problem solving, listening and intervention skills to the next level… you'll start seeing results right away… and you're friends, family, colleagues and clients will be much happier for it.

So if you're ready to claim your copy of Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model click the add to cart button below.

Get NLP Language Guru – Michael Breen, Only Price 49$

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Unlock your full potential with our NLP Language Guru – Michael Breen courses. Our courses are meticulously designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for excellence.

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