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We understand the complexity of the subject at hand and the concepts we teach may be difficult to grasp but that’s why we prefer members to have a basic level of understanding in regards to forex and technical analysis.



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our course is designed to change your mindset and adopt a different approach to the market, one of higher Conscientiousness.


We understand the complexity of the subject at hand and the concepts we teach may be difficult to grasp but that’s why we prefer members to have a basic level of understanding in regards to forex and technical analysis.

We know this course is not for the many but for the few and we prefer natural growth in our community of individuals who are patient, determined and persevering by any means necessary. This journey is as much of an emotional and psychological development as it is an actual forex educational platform.


We have precisely coordinated each lecture to thread into the next one in a sequential format, this is so that the information you learn is all linked and will all be applied to one another. This is better suited to your learning experience and will allow you to feel comfortable learning these new concepts.

You will be receiving 35+ Content related videos alongside additional Psychology and Mindset videos that will develop your skills all round. All the content is secured in house; so if there is need for improvement we can adhere to that and we can upload new content as we keep developing, innovating and refining our strategy. With this you can clear out the noise and focus on the important aspects you need to develop your skills and become more conscientious when trading, in turn completing your initiation. 

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Foundation 1

  • 1. The Origins of Fiat
  • 2. Market Participants. 
  • 3. Pips.
  • 4. Leverage and Lot Sizes

Foundation 2

  • 1. What is a trend?
  • 2. Candle Anatomy 
  • 3. Supply and Demand 
  • 4. Major, Cross and Exotic pairs. 
  • 5. Spread, Volatility, Liquidity and Volume. 
  • 6. Market Sessions
  • 7. Buy Vs Sell. 
  • 8. Different types of orders

Foundation 3

  • 1. What is a broker? 
  • 2. Using TradingView and MT4. 
  • 3. Using a demo account.
  • 4. Using a live account.


This section will provide the very basics of Forex and what you will need to advance and learn the fundamentals of our strategy.

We understand that we must cater for those individuals whom do not possess experience and knowledge in forex. This is why we teach the minimal amount of information required to proceed and learn the more advanced concepts.

This information can all be found for free online but we have cleared the excess, irrelevant, information to ensure your time and effort isn’t wasted, streamlining the process for you. 




  • Retail vs Institution.

Market Structure:

  • Shift in Momentum.
  • Equilibrium.
  • Premium and Discount.

Account Management

  • Risk:Reward Ratio.
  • Risk Management.
  • Trade Management.


This section will lay the necessary foundation and allow you to better understand the forthcoming more complex concepts.

This section will give you a clear insight into what to expect later on in the course.

We look to develop your currently existing skills and apply new methods and techniques for you to practise. 

By going over some of the basics we allow you to see the market for what it is in a simplistically and objectively. By returning to the fundamentals we can recalibrate the method and approach you take to the market to a more logical and structured one

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1. Introduction

  • External Range Liquidity.
  • Mitigation.

2. Confluence.

  • Volume.
  • Momentum.
  • Cooperation.
  • Indexes.
  • Fixed Range.

3. Entry Techniques.

  • Inefficiency.
  • Mitigation.
  • Lacuna Candles.
  • Sponsorship levels.
  • Blind Candles.

4. Bonus

  • Zooming in.
  • Following the Narrative.
  • Top-down Analysis.
  • False Retracement.
  • KJ Reaction.
  • Backtesting
  • Continuation vs Reversal.


This section will provide you with the important concepts you need to learn including entry techniques and most of the technical analysis information required. 

This is the bulk of the course and where you will really begin to learn about the techniques and strategies that differ us from most retail traders. This section will consume most of your time but in return, will be the most rewarding; enhancing your ability to trade effectively

TIER 3: 


1. Wyckoff Methodology

  • Wyckoff Laws.
  • Wyckoff Schematics.
  • Application.


1. Emotional Intelligence.

  • Harnessing your emotions.

2. Mindset

  • Shifting your psychology.
  • Playing to your strengths.
  • Dealing with losses.
  • Remaining focused. 

3. Extras

  • Weekly zoom forecast calls.
  • Previous pair breakdowns.
  • Recorded webinars.
  • 1 to 1 Mentorship calls.

4. Discord

  • All exclusive access to premium chat including various extras.


The end section nicely ties up the course, you will learn much about harnessing your emotions and making sure you can perform under pressure. 

You will learn to remove emotion from your trades and learn how to suppress any negative factors in relation to psychology and trading. 


What you will receive:

  • Member’s chat.
  • Over 30 E-Books (constantly updated). 
  • Catered motivational and mindset material.
  • Access to strategy related PDF’s.
  • Terminology channel to aid understanding.
  • High-value self-educational videos.
  • Previous Chart Breakdowns
  • Weekly forecast calls.
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship inclusive within the server.

We use Discord premium chat as a means to communicate with our members but also to provide for more value than they would get from a traditional chat such as Telegram.

We have dedicated channels for Mindset and Motivation to enrich our members with fresh psychology content as well as E-Books, videos and PDF’s. We provide them with a channel dedicated to our own personal trading journal to see first hand how progression has been made and gives them a sense of transparency. The channels are constantly updated with new material to keep the member’s flourished with content.


We have quite a bit of content for you to learn and we understand it can be time consuming to not only learn but properly understand and apply what we teach to real-life scenarios. But our platform is fully flexible to your schedule. Fit the lessons in whenever you can and with our well-designed learning dashboard we can keep you on track much easier and let you know how well you are progressing. 

You can apply as many hours as you want, the course is designed in a tier format, catering to those with limited experience compared to those who already have an existing knowledge. Every member is free to learn as they wish and we are available for support and assistance throughout.

Get Onyxtradehouse – Course, Only Price $87

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