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Primal Attraction Activation

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You see, the goal of every living organism is to survive and replicate.

To achieve this goal each species has develop a unique set of mechanisms that allow them to survive and replicate in the most efficient way possible.

So we humans have evolved a mechanism inside our brains over millions of years of evolution that allow us to survive and replicate in the most efficient way possible.

And right now our advances in science, technology and consciousness have allowed us to become aware of this mechanism and control it.

Enough studies have been made about what humans find attractive in their partners, and enough data has been collected. Now we understand exactly how and why the attraction mechanim In women works. And this system shows you how to actiavte it, so that every women feels raw primal attraction for you.

What If You Could Have Precision, Predictability And Control When It Comes To Getting And Enjoying Hot Women?

This system gives you the magic bullet for attracting women in an easy step by step way for any man to start using it.

After spending year after year immersed in the subject, reading the books, hearing the tapes, watching the videos I still didn’t understand how attraction worked and how to create it at will.

But after discovering how this mechanism worked I immediately went and watched what every top attractive man in the world was doing to activate this mechanism inside women.

I was shocked!

Every attractive man was doing the exact same thing.

They have the same facial expressions, the same body movements, the same internal dialog, they even use the same lines.

And I have created a system that allows anybody no matter their age, looks, or income to download this attractive format into their subconscious to become attractive fast.


The four steps inside the Primal Attraction Activation System combine to create the most complete and efficient system EVER TO BE PRODUCED to help any man BECOME attractive fast.



First of all in this program I give you the theory you need in order to attract women.

You need to know what works and why, and inside this first step I lay it out all for you in the clearest way possible.

I’ve watch all the videos out there on the subject and read all the books and I belief that you don’t need hundreds of pages to explain someone how attraction works in fact I think is of a great disservice and confuses lots of people, I’ve never seen attraction explained so clearly anywhere else.

In this first step I talk about the concept of the primal attraction mechanism every women evolved, this is the concept that every top pick up artist out there understands at a very deep level.

The concept of the primal attraction mechanism and how to activate it, is something that all the experts understand and use in every one of their interaction, but for some strange reason they never tell you.

At least they never tell you in the easy way I explain inside the system.

The goal of this step is that you understand what is going on with females and males and that you understand exactly why women get attracted to some men and not others.

The principle is explained in terms of evolution because we are all living organism and have developed different strategies for survival and reproduction and after millions of years of a natural selection process this primal mechanism are hardwired inside our brains.

That is why when you see a hot woman you become attracted instantly you are not consciously choosing to become attracted to this very hot woman you are seeing, a mechanism that you have inside your brain is activating because it perceives that there is someone that is of very high reproductive value and as a living organism this is one of your most important missions in life to reproduce.

Now we know how this mechanism functions in man and we also know how it functions in woman, and thanks to the recent advances in the pick-up arts that don’t have more than 3 decades of creation we now know exactly how to activate this primal attraction mechanism in woman predictably and consistently.

When you understand how women attraction mechanism works and you know how to activate it, they will have no choice but to feel attraction for you.

Because this mechanism is hardwired it works on her brain subconsciously, making attraction automatic and not a conscious choice.

Knowledge of how and why this primal attraction mechanism works is important and necessary but not enough, because there is a level of artistry to the equation.

You need to know what works but you also need to be able to execute and this is why I created the next steps.

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If you want to be attractive you need to think like an attractive man, and there is a huge difference between how an attractive man thinks and how a normal person thinks.

Why is it so damn important that you think like an attractive man?

By know you probably know the importance of though in your results in life, there have been thousands of books written on the importance of though in your life, every successful person in the world talks about the importance of controlling your thoughts to achieve success in any area of your life and now science is proving that though is the molder and creator of our lives, so is imperative that you begin controlling your thoughts.

Because right now you are not getting the results you want with women, you need to change your thinking and if you want to become attractive you need to start thinking more and more like an attractive man.

Many books have been written with hundreds of techniques for picking up women and you have probably read a couple yourself or maybe you have watched hundreds of videos on the subject but you probably haven’t seen much results this is because you cannot really change until you begin taking control of your mental capacity, that is why in this step I teach you the importance of controlling your self-talk and I tell you the exact self-talk that I have discovered every single attractive man has.

I know exactly what attractive men think all day long and I know exactly what attractive men think when they are talking to a woman, I know it and I use it for myself with amazing results.

When you start repeating to yourself the same things attractive men tell to themselves all day long you will start seeing the world through their eyes, through the eyes of an attractive man and if you continue with this process you will soon find yourself being perceived by everybody else as attractive because this process will naturally transform your subcommunications.

Perception is reality, and in order to attract women you need to perceive the world as an attractive man does and in order to perceive the world as an attractive man you need to think like one.

Now in order to accelerate the transformational process you really need to build a picture a mental image of the new person you are becoming and to do this we use step number three.


You’ve probably heard that visualization can help you transform your life, and this is 100% true visualization works amazingly well, it has been proven that visualization practice in athletes has almost the same effect as real practice.

But here we take visualization a step further because in this step I’m going to provide you with a modeling process that was used by the best NLP trainers in the world and is secretly used in places such as Olympic practices in China and the U.S. military.

In this step I explain to you a way where you can actually begin to download the skills that have taken the best in the world decades to achieve super-fast directly into your subconscious mind.

We operate in the world though a self-image this self-image is based on memories and ideas that you´ve collected and until now you have unconsciously assumed this is you, but now you are going to take conscious control of your self-image and you are going to build a super attractive self-image by feeding your minds pictures of you doing the things that you actually need to be doing to attract beautiful women.

So in this step I give you the modeling process that you can start using immediately to get the skills of the best in the world fast. This process will give you the mental map you need to start executing the techniques in real life to get real women attracted to you.

Everything happens inside the mind first and then it happens in the real world so put special care to this step to drastically accelerate the process of transformation.

But until know we have not taken real world action and this is the most crucial step because without real word action you will not see any real world results.

That’s why I present to you the fourth step


In this step I show a way for taking action that will help you overcome your deepest fears and insecurities in record time.

The most important aspect of mastering this process is to overcome fear.

Fear is holding you down is keeping you a prisoner where you are right now and unless you learn to deal with this fear you will never be free and you will never become the most attractive version of you possible.

So I can teach you all of the techniques in the world but until you deal with your fear nothing is going to happen.

That is why I created this step to help you overcome your fear specially your fear of approaching beautiful women.

Now I don’t want to promise anything here because this step will break 80% plus of people this is just the truth.

Not because this step doesn’t work but because taking real world action is fucking hard, no matter the teacher you get, no one can take the actions needed to actually produce results but yourself and taking this action comes with a lot of fear.

I know this because I understand that we all have a fear mechanism built in inside our brain that prevents us from doing anything outside our comfort zones and approaching beautiful women is one of those out of the comfort zone things so it’s going to be very uncomfortable to take action.

There is just no way around this fact you will experience fear you will be rejected.

I want to belief that you are smart enough and don’t fall for stupid marketing slogans such as the rejection proof method, if you actually belief or want that, then this is not for you, but if you are willing to accept this fact and you still decide to take the action then this step will give you some very powerful tools and a very powerful way of thinking about walking this path that can really accelerate the results you get.

If you follow the instructions I provide in this step you will start seeing amazing results.

You will experience fear again and again and again in fact experiencing fear will be our focus and you may think that this is a bad thing and in the short term in will definitely be a bad thing, it will be very taxing for your mind and body, you will feel like shit, but if you keep going in the long term you will develop an immense capacity not only to approach confidently the most gorgeous women in the world and even if they reject you be totally nonreactive grounded and cool and happy but will also teach you how to live a more fuller are richer life because now your comfort zone is not keeping you a prisoner anymore.

I’ve also included a manual, the manual contains 16 pages where you can read about the primal attraction mechanism in women and how to activate it, this manual contains the following…


  • Complete Understanding of how attraction works.
  • The most powerful attraction trigger ever found, once you know how to activate this attraction trigger, women will become attracted to you all the time, effortlessly.
  • Everything you need to know about status and why this is crucial to attracting women.
  • Powerful techniques that you can start using immediately to activate primal attraction in every woman you meet.
  • How to use teasing to get women attracted to you.
  • Examples of teasing and miss calibrated teasing.
  • Attraction creating, teasing lines done for you.
  • Ready-made lines that you can memorize and have them ready to pull out in any interaction with any women anywhere that work every time.
  • Exercise that if you practice it daily for at least a month your pull rate will sky rocket only with this one simple exercise that has been kept secret by instructors and it was stolen form the best in the world.
  • What you should be thinking when talking to a girl so that your subcommunications naturally and effortlessly become attractive.
  • The most powerful aphrodisiac for women.



I’ve also included a bonus, if you watched my videos on my YouTube channel you probably know that I’m good at breaking down the best in the world and reading all their subcommunications and pinpoint exactly what is happening at every moment and why a particular response is happening in a girl.

I like to understand perfectly what caused a specific reaction and I like to understand the why, the principle behind why this works and then I like to be able to apply this idea in real life to see if I can get the same results and see if it is repeatable.

Well as a very time limited bonus (I may have to remove these free videos in the future), but if you buy now this free video breakdowns are going to be available for your immediate watching when you order the Primal Attraction Activation System NOW.

This video breakdowns will provide you with lines, and moves you can start using right now to get incredible results with hot women, I selected each of this videos carefully to illustrate the concept so you have no doubt as to how to activate the primal attraction mechanism in every hot women predictably and consistently.

This videos are special, this videos are all linked to the concept that I talk all throughout the program this videos show you how all of the concepts that I explained to you and how they apply in real life, this videos were selected very carefully after searching through the whole internet for the best example that I could possibly find to better illustrate the concept of the primal attraction mechanism.


  • See how young Brad Pitt flirts with reporter and learn the subcommunications that make everybody watching think you are attractive.
  • See the exact gesture that will make women chasing you every time.
  • Watch how to use your eyes to make her chase.
  • Discover how to frame yourself as the buyer every time.
  • Learn the exact answer you need to give when women asks for any information about you, to get her even more attracted.
  • See how two alpha males George Clooney and brad Pitt interact together.
  • How do two alpha friends treat each other when they are hanging out? See the breakdown inside.
  • Understand how teasing should be done.
  • See the subcommunicationsyou should have when teasing, to make women attracted.
  • Understand the place where teasing should be coming from.
  • Learn why hank moody sleeps with a lot of women by understanding his sexuality.
  • Learn how to project a sexual frame all the time, to sleep with a lot of women.
  • Become the player and get how to be a ladies man all day long and learn how to tease high status women correctly to make them chase you.
  • Watch how to position your body when a cute girl Is talking to you to set the frame that she Is the one chasing you.
  • See how the self-talk of an attractive man looks like. Understand how attractive men think and act.
  • Get awesome lines that you can blurt out at any moment to establish a high status frame.
  • See the facial expression you can have to a pass any shit test.
  • Make girls horny by making them frustrated.
  • Get the belief system you need to be able to sleep with the hottest woman in the bar and understand the difference in beliefs between guys who get laid and guys who don’t.
  • Learn how to pass through the bitch shield of any women and watch how she opens up and accepts your frame in a couple of seconds.
  • See how to handle bitchy women in the first date and how to set the best frame for maximizing your chances of sleeping with the girl in the first date.
  • Learn how to handle shit tests and end on top every time, see the exact line that Ashton uses to make her date chase him and take her home and learn what to do when a girl wants to leave, or doesn’t want to go home with you, and make it work.
  • Learn how Ryan gosling sets a frame. Be considered attractive imposing your strong reality, and learn exactly how to do it.
  • Set yourself as a sexual treat so that women now you are going to have sex with them from the open.
  • See how an alpha male handles shit tests and know how unreactive men act around bitchy women.
  • See how role playing is used to create attraction and understand exactly how to act when you are in a frame battle with a women to win every time.
  • See the mistake Ryan makes and understand why and how to correct this common problem next time.



  • Advanced exercises to become good fast.
  • Master the attractive character.
  • Learn how to amplify attraction and get her addicted to you by becoming a challenge.

Unless somebody in the future alters the DNA of human beings so that this mechanism stops functioning then you can be sure that the information you are going to be receiving inside the primal attraction activation system will work in every healthy normal women you interact with because it is human nature.

So once you understand how to use the system you will be able to trigger attraction in gorgeous woman after woman until the day you die.

Get Primal Attraction Activation – Anonymous, Only Price $32

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