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The core part of the Seduction Roadmap is a series of five calls that Sinn recorded as a teleseminar with some of his students. They average out at about an hour each and you can listen to them purely as audio or as part of a PowerPoint presentation. With each lesson there’s also a written transcript of the call and an action guide that has a recap of all of the main points and exercises for you to do.

The focus of the material is on teaching you everything you need to know to get sexual with women, and is going to work best in bars and nightclubs. It’s based on a lot of knowledge that has been developed by pick up artists over the years, and in particular ideas from Mystery, Style, Tyler aka Owen Cook and Captain Jack.

If you don’t know how to sexualize your interactions with women, this will be a great product to help fix that. It’s also really useful to help fix any bad beliefs you have about sex and help you get past any barriers that may be holding you back.

To get the most out of this product though you really should have some experience with approaching women already. Sinn recommends that you need to be doing at least 20 approaches a week to get the full benefit from this course. This is because there are a lot of tactics and techniques here, and you will need to practice them frequently to properly internalize and understand them.

This product doesn’t focus on teaching you how to approach women (although there is bonus video on this) or the basics of conversation, it assumes you already have this covered. So if you’re not sure how to go out and meet new women, this course will be too advanced for you. It’s ideally suited to guys who can approach women but have trouble creating sexual attraction and taking things to a physical level.

Do You Suffer From Sexual Anxiety?

The first module of the Seduction Roadmap is all about sexual anxiety. Sinn goes into detail on what it is and signs that you might suffer from it. The way that he describes it, it would be fair to say that most guys suffer from sexual anxiety at least to some extent.

And he talks about how it can manifest itself in different ways and symptoms, including things you probably wouldn’t attribute to sexual anxiety. This can even include things such as approach anxiety which many people would think is unrelated.

So there’s a list of things that will help give you an idea if you suffer from this or not, and a systematic way to eliminate all of your sexual anxiety. This is a really important point, as Sinn talks about how you won’t ever get the kind of results you’re looking for until you can get past this issue.

He suggests four different books for you to read that will help with a range of bad beliefs about sex, as well as practical steps for you to take. Essentially you’re going to have to go out and talk to lots of women and build up new reference points, to the point where you can start to adopt the ‘beliefs of naturals’ that he talks about here.

Creating Sexual Attraction

The second module is all about sexual attraction and how to create it. Sinn breaks down attraction as either being value-based, emotional or sexual, and speaks about how most of what is taught in dating skills and PUA material is focused on value-based attraction and emotional attraction (sometimes referred to as buying temperature).

It’s is an important topic and one that many guys aren’t aware of when they first start going out and approaching women. A lot of advice out there is focused on making women laugh and pumping their emotional state, or on conveying what a cool guy you are. But this doesn’t always equal sexual attraction, and a woman may appear to be interested in you without really having intent of being sexual with you.

This is one of the reasons a lot of guys will get phone numbers that don’t go anywhere, or why girls will put guys in the friend zone. The guy might be cool and she enjoys his company, or she recognizes that he has some value to her, but she just doesn’t see him in a sexual manner. And for guys who go through this stage, it can be very frustrating, as to them it looks and feels like they have attracted the woman, only for it to go nowhere.

So Sinn talks about sexual attraction and how it’s the most powerful form of attraction and uses evolutionary psychology to back this up. He goes over the five triggers of sexual attraction and gives practical examples of each.

Where he really gets into the technique side of things though is with the 10 tools of sexual attraction. This gives you 10 different practical tactics you can use to sexualize your interactions with women and lead them in the right direction.

Overall this is a really solid lesson that will provide you with a ton of practical value. However there is one negative. In the first exercise for this lesson Sinn asks you to write down an example of how you normally approach a girl, and then rewrite it to include each of the five sexual triggers. Unfortunately he doesn’t give you any examples to model or to see how he does it himself.

So there’s no way of really knowing if the examples that you come up with are of a good standard or not. Of course you’ll need to go out and test them, but seeing Sinn’s own examples would likely reduce time spent on trial and error for many guys. This is another reason why having some experience under your belt already is desirable before you make your way through this product.

The Power Of Sexual Frames

One of the areas that Sinn was an early innovator of is that of sexual frames. He and Captain Jack would regularly go out together and test their theories and techniques and during this time they both had a lot of one night stands. The sexual frames that they were setting played a large part in their successes.

A frame, as Sinn defines it here, is the underlining meaning of the interaction. Frames are incredibly important when it comes to attracting and dating women, and here Sinn shows you how you can use them to accelerate the interaction and turn things sexual much faster.

There are 14 different sexual frames that Sinn teaches, as well as four different framing devices. He gives you examples of exactly what to say to set each sexual frame, but also encourages you to create your own. So if you were to apply each of the framing devices to every frame such as he suggests you do, you’ll essentially have 56 different routines you can use that will set a sexual frame.

This isn’t an area that’s easy to master, and it’s going to require you to put a decent amount of time out in the field talking to women. Sinn tries to give you as clear a guide as possible as to when to start setting these frames, but says himself that you’ll only really figure it out when you’re out applying it.

But once you get the hang of this it will be incredibly useful, especially if you’re trying to take a woman home with you the first night you meet her. The purpose the frames serve is to basically anticipate the different objections women have towards getting sexual, and removing them before they arise. There’s a lot of proven psychological principles at play here and when used correctly can help things progress much more smoothly.

Unleashing Her Sexual Side And Non-Verbal Seduction

Modules #4 and #5 are on unleashing her sexual side and non-verbal seduction. The material here is not as complicated as in the previous two modules and you may already be familiar with many of the ideas.

There’s three techniques that Sinn focuses on to unleash her sexual side, and the major one that he covers is cold reads. This is a technique that pick up artists have been using for a long time now, and it can be very effective. Rather than just making standard cold reads though, the ones taught here are sexual in nature.

He also talks about sub-personalities and sexualized self-images and how women will use filters to determine who they let see their sexual sides. He talks about how many of his students would tell him that they like a particular type of girl who they thought wasn’t really that sexual, but how this is faulty thinking as all women have sexual sides, they are just selective about who sees it. So there’s some really solid information here as this is an area that can cause problems for many men.

The information on non-verbal seduction is all pretty standard. The three tools here are body language, touching and spatial relevance, and Sinn shows you how to use each of these effectively depending on whether you’re in the attraction, comfort or seduction phases of the interaction. Again, the information here is pretty solid but you’ll need to really get a feel for it by putting it into practice.

At one point during this module Sinn talks about a particular body language trick that was developed by Captain Jack. He does his best to explain how it works and says you’ll get to see it demonstrated in the videos. I assume he was talking about the videos in the Master’s Academy (see below in Bonuses) but of the ones I had access to I didn’t see it included. It might be included in one of the videos that comes after the first month.

Things That Could Have Been Improved

A problem with the videos is that you don’t have much control over the playback options. They’re embedded in a video player that doesn’t let you fast forward the clip, so you have to watch it all the way through. If there’s something you wanted to go back and watch another time, you can’t jump forward to just that particular part. You also can’t download the videos from the site. While watching one of the videos I was three quarters of the way through it when the internet connection crashed, and I had to watch again from the beginning. Very frustrating.

There are written transcripts of the five main modules though, so you have the option to read through these instead of watching the video. However they have been transcribed by someone who clearly is not familiar with the dating advice industry and there are an incredible amount of mistakes throughout that it was tough to get through at times. There are many instances where they have not heard or understood what Sinn said and have written ‘inaudible’ to indicate this. It would have been good if someone went through and fixed all this up.

In terms of the content, while it is almost all good, some of the specific examples are unoriginal and weaker. Sinn gives credit where due in some cases to the originator, but in some instances there are routines mentioned that were popular 10 years ago and things have progressed since then. It would have been good to see some more original and modern examples.

Another thing that could be a negative is that if you don’t have experience with PUA material you might find a few things confusing. Specifically, there is a technique known as bait, hook, reel, release, rapport that is taught here. In some of the examples the release part of the technique might seem strange to some guys and they will likely have difficulty being congruent with it. If a girl calls them on it, there’s the chance they won’t know how to respond as they’re only saying it because they were told to and don’t really have an understanding of why they’re doing it. For more experienced guys this shouldn’t be a problem though.

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