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Sonia Choquette - Ask Your Guides

Sonia Choquette – Ask Your Guides

We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the other side that oversees and helps guide our lives from the moment we’re born to the moment we leave our physical bodies and return to Spirit.

Not knowing this fact is a severe handicap, as the Universe is designed to care for and nurture all its creatures and help make our life’s journey easier and more successful.

When we learn how to connect with our angelic guides, our lives naturally fall into a pattern of ease and flow during which we grow our souls, fulfill our life’s purpose, and make our time on Earth endlessly entertaining.

This fascinating and inspirational online high definition course provides all the information you need to help you connect with your spirit guides so that you can enjoy all the love, abundance, and joy you’re entitled to.

We’re All Spiritual Beings With a Spiritual Support System on the Other Side

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You Will Learn…

  • How to recognize guides
  • Notice the different signatures of guides
  • How to create a more accepting space, within yourself, to feel guides
  • How to recognize and call in your helpers for support
  • How to tell the difference between guidance and wishful thinking or fearful thinking


I’m 54 and have been around the block with many self-help, self-awareness, spiritual, self-growth and human potential books, teachers and resources. This is a breath of fresh air! There’s a peaceful, joyful, loving presence that Sonia brings right into the videos. In this time of seemingly world-upheaval, this course and its message are a peaceful oasis. What a beautiful gift to the planet, Sonia.
Erica Ross-Krieger from SF Bay Area, CA

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Video Lessons

Watch 5 weeks of lessons (35 total videos).
Over 2.5 hours, yours for life!

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Lifetime Access

The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?

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Risk-Free Guarantee

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Three printable prayers.

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Visual Journey

Ask Your Guides visual wisdom journey.

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Guided Meditations

Two never before released 30 minute guided meditations.

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Lifetime Support

Lifetime membership in a private Facebook group where you can find support.

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Your Guide’s Name Emailed Directly to You! Only 20 8 Available!

Once enrolled in the course I will personally email you your spirit guide’s name! That is right, anyone that signs up today will get their spirit guide name directly from me!

The best course I have taken.

It gets in-depth as to what spirit guides are really about and how to reach them. I personally found this course extremely enjoyable and recommended it to a friend who was going through a rough time.


Incredible! I am loving this course and in fact have started over again after finishing the first time through. Listening to the day’s lesson has become an integral part of my morning quiet time ritual. I truly feel I have a new lease on life and am thriving these days on a whole new loving and supportive spiritual basis. Bless you, Sonia, you have made an incredibly positive difference in my life. Thank you!
Jackie B.

Easy and Fun!

I’m on day four, and really loving it so far. What I appreciate most,
is that it’s broken down into small enough pieces, so that I don’t feel overwhelmed or overloaded on any day. The assignments given our very easy to follow, and a real joy.
Laura D.

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