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Stronger Immune Health and Living Allergy Free – 12 Week Guided Audio Program – Kimberlie Carlson


You know allergies, inflammation, and pain are holding you back from living life to the fullest. You feel drained and depleted ALL the time. You’ve tried drugs, prescriptions and natural remedies but nothing works, or if it does it’s minimal or doesn’t last for long.



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Stronger Immune Health and Living Allergy Free – 12 Week Guided Audio Program – Kimberlie Carlson Course of Author, Price $117$397

Living Allergy Free

Life-Changing Audio Healings for Lasting Health & Increased Energy

You know allergies, inflammation, and pain are holding you back from living life to the fullest. You feel drained and depleted ALL the time. You’ve tried drugs, prescriptions and natural remedies but nothing works, or if it does it’s minimal or doesn’t last for long.

You’ve resigned yourself to your fate – you’ll never get to experience true freedom from your health problems.

Well, I’m happy to say…you’re wrong!

Living Allergy Free is a 12-week self-paced healing journey that will give you complete freedom from an extensive list of allergies, calm down inflammation, discomfort and pain in your body, AND allow your immune system to reboot and begin rebuilding itself stronger than ever before, possibly stronger than it’s ever been!

This audio healing package is perfect for you if you are struggling with a variety of allergies, lack of energy, feeling run down, suffer from skin disorders, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, as well as seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, and environmental/chemical sensitivities.

The Living Allergy Free journey includes ALL healing recordings in one simple, powerful package. You’ll be able to heal the most common allergies, those that are not as common — and everything in between along with the inflammation and disease they have created in your body!

Here’s the transformational magic that you can look forward to when you participate in Living Allergy Free program…

Week 1 to 5

Powering Up Your Immune System With The Fundamentals

The brain recognizes an allergy as anything that causes immune reaction and inflammation in the body and this is the reaction that over-stresses and drains you of your life force energy. This means just one thing… A strong immune system is the solution. A strong immune systems protects you and drastically reduces allergies. This is why we’ll spend a substantial amount of time on what I like to call the “Fundamentals” because it’s SO important. During these first weeks, we will focus on strengthening and powering up your immune system.

We will do this by clearing allergies to vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, sugars, yeasts, molds, fungus, parasites, and MANY parts of the body.

You will begin to absorb and utilize vital nutrients to nourish your cells, glands, organs, and literally begin building a new higher functioning immune system!

You’ll release emotions and beliefs that are keeping you trapped in poor health. We will also experience transformational Feeling Downloads together so you’re ready to receive the full power of the healings throughout the course of this program.

Week 6

The Emotions

This week is all about the emotions! We can be and are allergic to feelings, to emotions, and these emotions in my work can be people, places, or even specific events. Healing allergies to emotions is a BIG deal! That is why we are doing them before we move onto the rest of the allergen groups we will be healing in these recordings.

Week 7


Everyone gets really excited about this weeks healing!!

Imagine fearlessly enjoying a delicious scoop of butter pecan ice-cream on a hot summer’s day because you no longer experience adverse reactions to dairy?

This is the week you’ll begin saying goodbye to the days of strict diet rules and saying no to foods you love. You’ll experience healing around an incredibly extensive range of foods. This includes everything from seafood and fats, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy, grains, spices, nightshade vegetables to beverages like chocolate, coffee, and alcohol. We will also cover all food chemicals, dyes, and preservatives.

Week 8

Environmentals – Part 1 – Chemicals, Toxic Substances & Agents

No more incessant sneezing. No more floundering blindly through a room as your nose and eyes drain uncontrollably because of a little dust!

This week, you’ll experience healing and allergy releases around all types of radiation, plastics, dust, pollution, smoke, industrial toxins, insecticides, fungicides, food and water chemicals and additives, detergents, cosmetics, adhesives and more.

Week 9

Environmentals – Part 2 – Environmental Factors, Agents, including insects and Your Pets

If you feel discomfort when you are in certain locations — maybe even your own home — you could be allergic to hidden substances in the floor, the carpet or the walls.

This will become a problem of the past when you heal and release allergies around environmental agents and chemicals in the home like insulation, drywall, carpet, heating and cooling systems, your mattress, bedding, fabrics and materials, fragrances and perfumes, and more.

We will also address pollens, trees, weeds, flowers, grasses in this week, so say goodbye to those antihistamines, no more hiding indoors when nature is in bloom!

Also included in this week are some of the most common insects, pets, and other animals.

Mosquitos don’t pay any attention to me anymore, and If you’ve always wanted a dog or a cat but felt you couldn’t have one because of allergies, you will start the work that will finally set you free to enjoy the companionship of a furry friend.

Week 10


Are you experiencing physical reactions such as inflammation to medications that you need, to control certain conditions?

During week 9, we will clear any and all allergies related to medications and drugs, immunizations, anesthesia, antibiotics, including narcotic/recreational drugs.

This will also help you to release the toxins and chemicals of these things from your body as well as allow the medications you do need to work better for you.

Weeks 11 and 12

Bacterias and Viruses

These last two weeks are dedicated to clearing all allergies related to viruses and bacteria. You may know these are living organisms but did you know that they carry belief systems and negative emotional energy just like us?

Health issues arise when we share the same beliefs and emotional patterns that they do. During this final week, we will do healing plus belief and emotion work, to release your energetic connections that contribute to repeated illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.

Bacterias and Viruses can be involved with many of the inflammation and pain patterns we experience. We can hold many of these pathogens in our bodies and we begin collecting these from the time we are born. Clearing them as allergies can release us from recurring infection patterns as well as resolve pain and dysfunction in our bodies.

Your Living Allergy Free: Life-Changing Audio Healings for Lasting Healthy & Extraordinary Energy package includes:

  • 12 x Allergy Healing recordings
  • 9 x Energetic Allergy Healing Activations to go deeper on clearing trauma
  • The 101 Feelings Download recording
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to receive the most from your healing journey
  • A Bonus Meditation to get you grounded, connected, and in your body and heart.

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